Akemi Kikuchi
Kanji 菊池朱美
Romaji Kikuchi Akemi
School Chitose Bridge High School
Grade 3rd Year
Gender Female
Birthday October 30
Blood type B
Height 160 cm
Three sizes B 88, W 60, H 84
Hobbies Daydreaming
Club Photography Club

Akemi Kikuchi is a delusional girl who the driving force of the Photography Club at Chitose Bridge High School. She works together with Nanaka to get all the scoops.


Akemi Kikuchi (Normal #9)
9Akemi Max Level: 40 9idolizedAkemi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 750 PureIcon 510 CoolIcon 1680
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Akemi Kikuchi (Normal #411)
411Akemi Max Level: 40 411idolizedAkemi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1760 PureIcon 420 CoolIcon 800
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Akemi Kikuchi (Normal #734)
734Akemi Max Level: 40 734idolizedAkemi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 460 PureIcon 1800 CoolIcon 760
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Akemi Kikuchi (Normal #1067)
1067Akemi Max Level: 40 1067idolizedAkemi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 460 PureIcon 760 CoolIcon 1840
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

CoolIconSelf-Introduction (#9)

Akemi: I'm Akemi Kikuchi. I'm the third-year student who's always running around the school with a camera in her hand.
Akemi: Photographs are amazing, because they can capture a single moment in time...
Akemi: I should be able to get some photos of school idol activities, but why am I getting up on the stage? QuestionMark
Akemi: Ah, it's fine. Just do long as I can capture beauty on this film...
Akemi: Wait! If I'm on the stage, then I won't be able to take pictures! What am I going to do? Exclaimationpoint

SmileIconMutual Benefits (#411)

Akemi: Gotta hurry, gotta hurry!

Akemi: Uh-oh, are you... Are you going to check out the big scoop too?! Exclaimationpoint
Akemi: Nanaka just gave me a hot new tip about our school idols.
Akemi: I'm the ace photographer for the school photography club. Nanaka feeds me all her latest info, and in return I supply her with pictures.
Akemi: My disguise is perfect and all set for my recon mission. You wanna come with me? MusicNote
Akemi: Whoa! They're dazzling... School idols are dazzling! School idols working in a maid cafe, it diesn't get better than this.
Akemi: Oh man, my photographer blood is pumping now!
Akemi: This is the perfect scene. I have to snap the perfect photo or my name isn't Akemi Kikuchi! MusicNote

PureIconCameras Can Tell Stories Too (#734)

Akemi: Oh, ho, ho, what have we here? A treasure trove of silver and gold?
Akemi: Heh, heh... How do I look? We're doing a photoshoot in advance of our next show. MusicNote
Akemi: I've been put in charge of the overall look and feel this time, so I got my hands on a load of silver and gold to make everyone look filthy rich!
Akemi: Thus, this gorgeous dress. You need a solid background story for every picture!
Akemi: Hmm? The glasses? QuestionMark
Akemi: The glasses, they're... you know... part of my identity.
Akemi: ............ Ellipses
Akemi: Okay, fine I'm embarrassed to be seen without my glasses, okay? YOu can wear glasses with a fancy dress, can't you? Sweatdrop


Home ScreenEdit

  • シャッターチャンス! (Cool only)
    A photo opportunity!
  • なるほど、これは…ヤバイわね! (Cool only)
    I see. This is... extremely bad!
  • 一瞬の美しさ……それを私はこのカメラに留めておくの! (Cool only)
    The beauty of a single moment... I want to capture those with my camera!
  • あら……あなたってもしかして、かわいいんじゃない?写真撮ってあげようか? (Smile only)
    My... You're pretty cute, aren't you? Do you want me to take a picture of you?
  • どんな環境下でも美しい写真を撮るために、受け身の練習中なの。はあーっ!! (Smile only)
    I'm learning how to be passive in order to take beautiful pictures in any environment. Haaa!!
  • うちの校内新聞は素晴らしいわよ。私が写真提供してるしね~ (Smile only)
    Our school newspaper is amazing. After all, I'm the one taking the photos for it~
  • あなたもカメラ持ってみない? 一眼レフもオートモードあるし、怖がらなくて平気だって! (Pure only)
    Why don't you try holding a camera too? SLRs have an auto mode too, so there's nothing to be afraid of!
  • 運動部の撮影に行くと、応援してる咲ちゃんが目に飛び込んでくるの。チアっていいよね~ (Pure only)
    When I go to photograph the sports clubs, Saki-chan's cheerleading always catches my eye. Cheerleaders are just so great~
  • キョロキョロしすぎ? だって、いつどこにシャッターチャンスがあるか分からないもの (Pure only)
    I'm glancing around too much? You never know when a photo opportunity will show up.

Tapping the CharacterEdit

  • カメラ貸してほしいの?だーめ!
    You want to borrow my camera? No can do!
  • 今いいところなんだから邪魔しないでね!
    I'm at a good part right now, so don't bother me!


  • さあ、ストーリーを見るわよ! (When there are unread stories)
    Come on, let's read the story!
  • ライブ?写真なら任せて! (When there are new live stages)
    A live? Leave the photos to me!




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