Akira Kizaki
Kanji 鬼崎アキラ
School Shion Girls Academy
Grade Second
Gender Female
Birthday August 10
Blood type A
Height 164cm
Three sizes B84 / W56 / H81
Hobbies Servicing Bicycles

Akira Kizaki is a student at Shion Girls Academy.


Akira Kizaki (Normal #123)
91Akira Max Level: 40 91idolizedAkira
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 1630 PureIcon 610 CoolIcon 820
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Akira Kizaki (Normal #323)
323Akira Max Level: 40 323idolizedAkira
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 870 PureIcon 580 CoolIcon 1690
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Akira Kizaki (Normal #603)
603Akira Max Level: 40 603idolizedAkira
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 850 PureIcon 1730 CoolIcon 600
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Akira Kizaki (Normal #966)
966Akira Max Level: 40 966idolizedAkira
StaminaIcon 4 SmileIcon 1770 PureIcon 900 CoolIcon 550
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

SmileIconSelf-Introduction? (#123)

Akira: Huh? What is it? QuestionMark

Akira: Oh, your bicycle won't move anymore? Let me see.

Akira: ...I see... Your gears are jammed.

Akira: ...

Akira: All right! There.

Akira: If you're going to ride a bicycle for an long time, then you have to be sure to keep it maintained.

Akira: I'm Akira Kizaki. My family runs a bicycle shop. Stop by sometime.

Akira: I didn't mean it like that!

CoolIconBikes Are Great! (#323)

Akira: Oh, what a coincidence! You're heading home, too? Let's go partway together.

Akira: I ride my bike to school, since my house is pretty far. But this way I get to bike every day, which is great.

Akira: Riding bikes is fun, going to new places is fun, and experiencing the weather is fun, too. MusicNote

Akira: Yeah. Bikes are the best.

Akira: It's kind of embarrassing as a school idol, though, having such big, strong legs. Haha. BlueLines

Akira: Oh! We should go biking on our next break. Don't worry, though. We don't have to go far.

Akira: Believe it our not, I'm also a good cook. If you want, I could make your lunch, too.

Akira: Lots of care is the secret to both bike maintenance and cooking. I'll be in touch later! MusicNote

PureIconI'll Teach You! (#603)

Akira: Long day, huh? How've you been?

Akira: I'm heading back to school to practice this thing. You wanna come along?

Akira: Ohh, now we're talking. Let's roll! MusicNote

Akira: Turns out we're putting on a magic show for the next performance.

Akira: I can't exactly turn down the opportunity, so I'm practicing here.

Akira: Like so!

Akira: Hehe. This is actually going really well. Maybe I'm more suited to magic than I thought! MusicNote

Akira: Mikoto's been working on her skills too. Since you're here, do you wanna try? I'll teach you everything you need to know!

SmileIconNAME (#966)



Home ScreenEdit

  • 今日もいっちょ頑張るとしようか (Smile only)
    Let's do our best today too.
  • や!おっはよう (Smile only)
    Yo! Morning!
  • 浮かない顔してるね。なんかあったのかい? (Smile only)
    What's with the long face? Something bad happen?
  • ランニング? それなら、アタシが一緒に伴走してあげよ。がんばれ! (Cool only)
    Running? If that's the case, I'll run beside you. Keep it up!
  • 最近あっついなー。放課後、アイス食べに行こうよ。今日は豪華にトリプルで! (Cool only)
    It's been getting really hot lately. Let's go get ice cream. I'm gonna go all out and get three scoops!
  • 結架とさゆりと一緒に練習すると、生傷が絶えないんだよね。でも、燃えるよ (Cool only)
    There's no end to the bruises when I practice with Yuuka and Sayuri, but it gets me fired up.

Tapping the CharacterEdit

  • アタシを触っても面白いことなんてないよ?
    Even if you touch me, nothing interesting is going to happen.
  • なんだい、なんだい?
    What is it, what is it?


  • お、なんか面白い話があるみたいだよ (When there are unread stories)
    Oh, it looks like there are some interesting stories.
  • ようし、そろそろライブをやってみよう (When there are new live stages)
    Hey, we should try a live.

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