We are Aqours! Edit

Introducing the nine girls of Aqours!

Story 1

Chika: Hey, over here! Hee, hee. Thanks a lot for going along with us earlier. MusicNote

You: Welcome to Aqours' room!

Riko: This is where we do all our school idol activities.

You: I can tell you're going to give Aqours world-class support. It's such a relief to have you around!

Chika: Yup. And I bet we'll become really great friends, too!

Riko: I'm sorry things got so hectic earlier.

Chika: Let's start over and introduce ourselves properly.

You: Okie-dokie! I'll go first! MusicNote

You: I'm You Watanabe! I'm a second-year and I love boats and sailing. I also love wearing uniforms, like police uniforms and firefighter suits. MusicNote

Riko: People look really cool when they're hard at work.

You: I know, right? One of my hobbies is making and wearing uniforms for the jobs I like best.

Chika: Or to put it in simpler terms, she like to cosplay.

Chika: But it's awesome that she makes them herself! You is also in charge of creating Aqours' costumes.

Riko: You can't help but feel like you're a real school idol when you're wearing an Aqours outfit.

You: Heh, heh, heh. If nothing else, I'm very meticulous about the fine details! MusicNote

Riko: Okay Chika, you're up!

Chika: I'm Chika Takami! I'm a second-year student, and a member of Aqours. I...

Chika: Wait a sec...

Riko: What is it? QuestionMark

Chika: Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I have any reason to re-introduce myself. Aww, man! I don't know what else to say! Exclaimationpoint

You: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Hmm... Oh, my house is a ryokan inn. I guess that's something.

Riko: It's an old, historic ryokan. There's a wonderful air about the place. I envy you!

Chika: You do? It's not like a five-star hotel or anything. I don't think it's all that special.

You: You don't think that beautiful place is special?! Geez, Chika. You don't know how good you've got it. Exclaimationpoint

Chika: But it's not like I get served my meals or waited on like a guest.

Riko: Well. given that you aren't a guest there, that makes sense.

Chika: *Laughs* I suppose so.

You: We have a lot of Aqours meetings at Chika's house.

Chika: Yup. It's a little tight to have dance practice there, but it's great for thing up song ideas and stuff!

Chika: Come hang out with us next time. We can take a long soak in the hot spring afterwards! MusicNote

Chika: Well, this wasn't much of an introduction, but I hope eventually we'll become good friends and talk about all kinds of things!

You: And last but not least is you, Riko.

Riko: I'm Riko Sakurauchi. I'm also a second-year here at Uranohoshi Girls' High School, like Chika and You.

Riko: I... just moved here recently. My family doesn't have its own business like Chika's, and I'm really rather boring and plain when you get right down to it.

Riko: But regardless, I look forward to working with you. Sweatdrop

Chika: Riiiiiiiii-koooooooo!

Riko: Wh-Wh-What?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: What're you talking about? You brighten everyone's day every time you come by!

Riko: I... I do?

Chika: Everyone was so excited when you moved here. It was like a famous supermodel from the big city had arrived!

You: That's right! This is a small school, and all the days kinda run together. When you showed up, it gave us all hope! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Wow... I had no idea.

You: Speaking of which, Riko here came from the holy land of school idols!

Riko: It's true. Have you heard of µ's? Before I moved here, I attended the same high school as µ's.

You: µ's is that popular school idol group that won the Love Live! tournament aren't they? That's so cool.

You: Hey Riko, did you ever meet any of the girls in µ's and like, shake hands or anything? Oh, since you were in the same school, maybe you had a class with them?

Chika: *Sniffle* W-Waaaaah!

Riko: Ack! Ch-Chika, why're you crying all of a sudden? Exclaimationpoint

Chika: I can't believe you went to the same school as µ's! I love them so, so much. I'm beyond jealous!

Riko: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: It's not fair, Riko! Your,,, Your body got to walk the halls of Otonokizaka High!

Riko: *Squeal* Why are you touching me?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: I just want a little whiff of Otonokizaka. *Sniff* *Sniff* MusicNote

You: Cut it out, Chika! That's perverted! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: I'm not a pervert! You wouldn't be saying that if you knew µ's like I do! Exclaimationpoint

You: Well, I guess µ's must be something special if they're able to get you worked up into such a frenzy.

Chika: Exactly! I idolize µ's. They're my dream, and at the same time, a kind of unattainable ideal.

Chika: Okay, that settles it! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: We're spending the whole day watching µ's DVDs! Everyone, meet up at my house! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: We're binge watching from morning till night... and maybe even until the next morning! MusicNote

Riko: An all-nighter?! Are you serious, Chika? Exclaimationpoint

You: I'm in. I wanna see µ's perform! MusicNote

Chika: Okay, everyone hurry to my house! Let's move! MusicNote

You: Lead the way! We'll research µ's till the break of dawn! MusicNote

Riko: You can't be serious... Uh-oh, they're already gone. Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Umm... I promise we'll all work really hard. We'll be counting on your support.

Riko: Chika! You! Wait for us! Sweatdrop

Story 2

Yoshiko: Hello! Are you finding the fallen angel's school comfortable, little demon? MusicNote

Yoshiko: While there are nine members of Aqours, if we all came at you at once, I wouldn't stand out... Err, I mean, you'd get confused, wouldn't you?

Yoshiko: So we decided to introduce ourselves three at a time, by grade.

Yoshiko: *Squeal* I'm such a genius. HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Now then, we first years are ready to introduce ourselves.

Yoshiko: ..................... Ellipses

Yoshiko: Hey, no one else is here! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: ..................... Ellipses

Yoshiko: Quit it, you two! You're making it seem like Yohane is all alone out here!

Yoshiko: Ruby! Zuramaru! Get out here this instant! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: Are they really not here? C'mon, don't leave me all by lonesome! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: *Sniff* *Whimper* *Shiver*

Yoshiko: Wow, you're trembling like crazy! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: C-Cuz I can't greet someone in front of other people.

Yoshiko: If you can't even say hello, you'll never be able to survive onstage as a school idol!

Ruby: *Whimper* B-But...

Ruby: Eek! I'm sorry! I know, I'm a useless nervous wreck! Sweatdrop

Yoshiko: Fine, I give up. Where's Zuramaru? I know she's not a fraidy-cat. Get out here!

Hanamaru: Huh? You called me, zura?

Yoshiko: Whew... Good, you're here. Everyone in Aqours is introducing themselves, grouped by grade.

Hanamaru: Introductions, huh? Guess you gotta at least say hello.

Yoshiko: Exactly. And today I'll give you the privilege of going first. MusicNote

Hanamaru: Whattup? I'm Hanamaru Kunikida. Nice to meet'cha, zura!

Yoshiko: Too short! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Aight, I'mma get going,

Yoshiko: W-Wait! Oh geez, I'm all alone again! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: ...Ahem. It appears we're in need of a new direction.

Yoshiko: All right! Was it you who asked for an audience with Yohane, my little demon? HeartBubble

Yoshiko: At this moment, the only people in this world are you and I. And since we're alone, I will reveal my deepest, darkest secret.

Yoshiko: The truth is... I'm a fallen angel who was cast down from Heaven.

Yoshiko: Don't tell a soul, okay? You see, I was cast out because the denizens of Heaven were so jealous of my incredible beauty.

Yoshiko: Through Aqours, I plan to amass a legion of little demons who wish to fall with me to the deepest, darkest depths.

Yoshiko: Basically, juts by cheering for Aqours, you'll automatically join Yohane on the journey to the pits of He-

Hanamaru: Yoshiko, that's not true.

Yoshiko: Z-Zuramaru! How long have you been listening? Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: It's okay if you want to be a fallen angel, Yoshiko, but Aqours has nothing to do with such things.

Yoshiko: You too, Ruby?

Yoshiko: Oh, come on! You've been missing the whole time. Why'd you have to come back right as I was introducing myself! Anger

Yoshiko: ...Ahem. Please don't misunderstand them. This "Yoshiko" they speak of is another person, completely unrelated to me.

Hanamaru: It's like how I'm Hanamaru Kunikida, but I go by Maru. Ruby Kurosawa goes by Ruby, and Yoshiko Tsushima is Yoshiko.

Yoshiko: Don't reveal my full name! Anger

Ruby: Umm... I'm Ruby Kurosawa. Nice to meet you.

Yoshiko: Don't introduce yourself in the middle of all this madness! Anger

Hanamaru: Yay! Ruby, you said hello! MusicNote

Ruby: Th-Thank you!

Hanamaru: So my house is a temple, but Uranohoshi Girls' High is a Catholic school.

Hanamaru: God takes many forms. So Yoshiko's whole fallen angel shtick actually works out just fine.

Yoshiko: Don't call it a shtick! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: *Pant* Can I please stop playing the straight man now? This is exhausting. BlueLines

Ruby: I've also got an older sister. Her name is Dia Kurosawa.

Ruby: We're polar opposites. She's a smart, talented, raven-haired beauty. Please be good to her, as well. MusicNote

Hanamaru: Ruby's cute, but her sis is a whole different type of beautiful.

Yoshiko: Now they're introducing Dia, too...

Yoshiko: See? You're capable of introducing yourselves. Though, as members of a demon army, they were a bit off.

Ruby: Oh, I just remembered! We're all supposed to go to Chika's house to watch µ's DVDs!

Hanamaru: Myooze is Chika's favorite school idol group. I'mma watch really close and learn all about them, too, zura! MusicNote

Ruby: Anyone would become a fan after seeing µ's perform. You're gonna love them, Hanamaru. HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Hmm... This doesn't sound like something a fallen angel should concern herself with.

Yoshiko: Even though I really wanna see...

Yoshiko: I'm afraid your beloved fallen angel Yohane is much too busy to watch DVDs with the rest of you.

Ruby: C'mon Yoshiko! I wanna watch µ's. MusicNote

Hanamaru: Yoshiko, if you're not ready to go home I'll help you get your stuff. Gimme your bag.

Yoshiko: *Gasp* Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: F-F-Fine, if you insist!

Yoshiko: I'm extremely busy, but if you're both that desperate for my company, I'll come with you. Lead the way! HeartBubble

Hanamaru: *Giggle* Now you've met the Aqours first-years. Welcome to the gang!

Ruby: W-Welcome!

Story 3

Dia: What exactly were you thinking, Mari?

Mari: Hmm? About what? QuestionMark

Dia: This is supposed to be Aqours' initial introduction. We should be doing it in the club room, shouldn't we?

Mari: Oh, really? But the view here is to die for. MusicNote

Dia: That's not an answer.

Kanan: Is it that big of a deal?

Kanan: When you think about it, both the club room and the sea are part of Uchiura! MusicNote

Mari: Indeed, indeed! MusicNote

Dia: Dear me... You two are incorrigible.

Kanan: Ha, ha, ha. Dia, you overthink things. The place doesn't matter as long as we introduce ourselves.

Mari: Exactly! Now, let's move on and tell our new supporter about the Uranohoshi senior class! MusicNote

Kanan: Mind if I start?

Mari: Be my guest. MusicNote

Kanan: I'm Kanan Matsuura. I love the sea, I love Uchiura... I guess I'm just your typical Uchiura girl.

Kanan: I'm also a diver. I want everyone in the world to learn about the joys of the sea... I get that from my grandfather.

Mari: Kanan's also the main attraction at her grandfather's diving shop. MusicNote

Dia: Don't let her looks fool you. She's quite a shrewd businesswoman.

Kanan: Ha, ha, ha! I'm not in it to drum up business. I honestly just want to increase awareness about the sea.

Kanan: I think I'm more suited to swimming underwater than being a school idol, but I'm not one to turn down a challenge just because I'm not naturally good!

Kanan: School idols treasure their friends above all else. I think being an idol will become very important to me in time.

Kanan: I hope that by working together, we'll all walk away from this with memories that last a lifetime. Glad you're with us! MusicNote

Mari: Oh, I'm not planning on stopping with just a few happy memories.

Kanan: Mari...

Mari: I'm Mari Ohara. You can just call me Mari! HeartBubble

Mari: Have you taken a good look around town? Uchiura is such a beautiful place.

Mari: My father runs an international hotel chain, so I've travelled all over the world.

Mari: The second I set foot in this little port town, my antennae perked straight up! MusicNote

Kanan: Wow, really?

Dia: Mari, you're exaggerating again.

Mari: I would never! I knew right away I'd enjoy day of my life in this wonderful, shiny town. I felt it deep in my heart!

Mari: And we've gathered a bevy of beauties in Aqours that even the town itself can't outshine.

Mari: I'm sure there are lots of incredible school idols in places like Akihabara, Tokyo, but our idols can compete with anyone! MusicNote

Mari: My dream is to take us higher and higher!

Mari: Someday I'll sail across this sea and make a big splash in Tokyo! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Sail... You know you can get to Tokyo from here without a boat, right?

Mari: No, I meant a big splash, like with a big boat! I'm just trying to show my spirit. MusicNote

Kanan: *Chuckle* Sounds fun. MusicNote

Kanan: So, you're not just here to make happy memories... I could learn a thing or two from you.

Dia: It's a good point. You'll never get anywhere if you give up before you even get started.

Mari: Starting right now, all the days ahead are sure to be shiny and sparkly. Let's charge forward together! MusicNote

Dia: Ahem. Moving on...

Dia: I am Dia Kurosawa. I'm a senior here at Uranohoshi Girls' High School, and the student council president as well.

Kanan: She's smart, beautiful, and a natural leader!

Mari: Dia and Ruby shine every bit as brightly as the jewels they're named for. In fact aren't you two quite famous for being so pretty? MusicNote

Kanan: Probably. They're both very beautiful, even if their personalities are completely different.

Dia: Originally, I was opposed to the whole idea of Aqours.

Kanan: Oh no, not this again. You're into it now, so what different does it make?

Mari: I agree. There's no need to dredge up the past as long as you're amenable to it now.

Mari: Honestly Dia, it's not cute at all.

Dia: Wha-Wha... Exclaimationpoint

Dia: I'm perfectly aware that I'm not cute! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: I know... that I'm not like Ruby.

Mari: Huh?

Kanan: Dia, that's not what she meant.

Dia: .................. Ellipses

Kanan: If you don't show hoe you feel right now, it'll seem like you're the only one who isn't motivated.

Dia: That would... be regrettable. You see, at first I was opposed to Aqours, but now...

Kanan: *Chuckle* But now what?

Dia: Now, I approve! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Pfft! Ha, ha, ha! You approve? Oh Dia, you're serious to a fault.

Dia: What?! That wasn't supposed to be funny.

Mari: Loosen up a little. Just say something casual, like how you really like Aqours now.

Dia: But...

Mari: You do like Aqours, don't you?

Dia: Of course I do. I just need some time to prepare myself before talking about the things I love.

Kanan: *Giggle* Dia, you're adorable. MusicNote

Dia: Please stop teasing me.

Mari: So, as you can see, Aqours is very near and dear to all three of us.

Kanan: Hopefully we'll all learn and grow together. MusicNote

Dia: Indeed. And I'm sure the other six members feel the same way.

Mari: Oh, I just remembered. Exclaimationpoint

Mari: After we're done here, we're all supposed to go to Chika's house for a µ's DVD viewing party!

Dia: That's right. As the old saying goes, you must know yourself as well as your enemy.

Dia: Learning about your enemy is the first step.

Kanan: µ's isn't our enemy... Well, whatever. I'm excited to watch their performances! MusicNote

Mari: I hope we'll all become wonderful friends. Shall we go? MusicNote

Story 4

Chika: It's Muse! Just look at them go! MusicNote

Kanan: Chika, you've said that a couple of hundred times already.

Dia: I can't believe we actually stayed up all night watching DVDs... *Yawn* This isn't good for my skin.

Hanamaru: I'mma fall asleep sitting up...

Ruby: Mmm...

Yoshiko: *Snore*

Ruby: *Snort* Bwuh? I'm awake! I'm not asleep! Exclaimationpoint

You: That's it! I've got an idea for a new costume! Exclaimationpoint

You: *Snore*

Riko: Is You talking in her sleep?

Mari: Wow, look outside! The sun's coming up.

Chika: Really? Let's check it out.

Chika: Holy smokes, it is! Look, everyone! The sunrise! MusicNote

Riko: The sky's such a vivid orange. It's beautiful.

Dia: It's a sight I'd rather see after waking up early instead of pulling an all-nighter, but it really is pretty.

Ruby: I'm so glad we could all see it together. MusicNote

Yoshiko: Ungh... The morning sun's light is really harsh on a fallen angel.

Hanamaru: You okay, Yoshiko? Here, hold my hand.

Yoshiko: Th-Thanks...

Mari: What a gorgeous view. It's almost like the sun is here to celebrate our ship setting sail. MusicNote

Kanan: Ha, ha, ha. The good ship Aqours, huh?

You: Full speed ahead! Unfurl the sails! Aqours is heading out to start its journey. Aye aye! HeartBubble

Riko: Maybe I shouldn't say this so plainly, but...

Riko: Right now, I'm really glad that I joined Aqours, and that I'm sharing this morning with all of you.

Riko: How about you, Chika?

Chika: Yeah!

Chika: I started a school idol club because I love school idols so much, but the truth is, I barely know anything.

Chika: Even right now, I feel like I'm just having fun watching µ's perform, rather than researching how to put together live shows.

Dia: Perhaps we need to have more discussions on what concrete actions we should be taking.

Chika: I understand that we'll have to work our tails off or we'll never get anywhere.

Chika: But I have faith that the nine of us will make it work somehow!

Ruby: You know...

Ruby: I used to think I'd never be a school idol. Now that I'm with all of you, I feel like I can do it.

You: Yeah, me too! MusicNote

Dia: It's not based on anything, but I feel the same way.

Hanamaru: We've got a lot to look forward to.

Mari: I agree with everyone, but we can't get by on confidence alone. We've got to buckle down and press forward.

Chika: Yes!

Kanan: I'll do whatever I can to support all of you.

Chika: Working hard without ever slacking off... That's kind of a difficult for me, but I'll try my best! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: We haven't come up with anything for our live show, but I know there are lots of little demons out there who can't wait to see us. HeartBubble

You: Yeah. So if we're gonna do a live show, what kind of vibe should we be going for?

Riko: We'll have to gradually settle on the music and get the costumes together.

Dia: We should probably go with something close to a traditional Japanese dance, don't you think?

Mari: Oh, no. Wouldn't rock music be a better choice?

You: Like riding on a big wave, and crashing into the shore? Sounds cool!

Ruby: I like cute things... What do you think, Hanamaru?

Hanamaru: I really don't know what to say... Ellipses

Riko: Well, for example, what kind of music would sync up with the things you like to do?

Hanamaru: Things I like... Great authors?

Chika: Great author music? QuestionMark

Dia: Come one. There's no such thing

Yoshiko: Forget that! Yohane's presence demands a hellish score. MusicNote

You: We need originality. I vote for a sailor song! MusicNote

Riko: Hellish... great authors... I can't imagine what that would sound like.

Kanan: Ha, ha, ha. It's a nine-way split.

Chika: Maybe, but I think that individuality is a good thing!

Riko: Yeah. It keeps things interesting. I'm starting to get excited! MusicNote

Mari: *Chuckle* We've got some fun days ahead of us. MusicNote

Chika: Umm... As you can see, Aqours is finally about to get started.

Chika: Everything might not go according to plan, but I'm not going to give up, no matter what.

Chika: µ's taught me that.

Riko: Let's all do our best.

You: With your support, I just know we'll be able to go the extra mile.

Chika: I guess what I'm saying is, the nine girls of Aqours...

Together: Are counting on you!



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