A New Kind of Autumn Edit

Come join us in our search for a new kind of autumn!

Story 1

Hanamaru: I love the fall, zura! Tis the season for good book, and good food! MusicNote

Ruby: *Giggle* Fall is definitely your season, Hanamaru. And this Saturday is going to be a blast!

Yoshiko: Morning!

Hanamaru: Oh, Yoshiko! We were just about to come find you and ask for your help, zura.

Ruby: Do you like sweets, Yoshiko? You could help us throw our party!

Yoshiko: ...What're you talking about?

Yoshiko: You're having a sweets party on Saturday?!

Hanamaru: Yup! The idea is for the three of us to have a fun day and enjoy the flavors of fall together, zura!

Yoshiko: (A sweets party with girlfriends... Maybe, juts maybe, this could be it!)

Yoshiko: (A perfectly ordinary day off school, having fun just doing stuff with friends! My chance to be a normal girl has finally come!)

Hanamaru: Huh? Oh, don't tell me you don't like sweets?

Yoshiko: N-No! I love them! Let's have us a big, sweet bash!

Ruby: Yippee! I'm so glad we asked you.

Yoshiko: Heh... Ha, ha, ha...

Yoshiko: (Good! Good, Yohane! You can finally go down the path of enjoying a normal high school girl's life to the full!)

Yoshiko: (I'm gonna put in extra effort to look good for this party, everyone will heap loads of praise on me! I'm a school idol, after all.)

Yoshiko: (I can't wait for Saturday to come...) HeartBubble

Hanamaru: Good morning! Let's make today extra-fun.

Ruby: I'll do my Rubesty!

Yoshiko: T-Track suits...

Hanamaru: First up-

Yoshiko: H-Hold your horses! Why're you twi wearing gym clothes? This is supposed to be a fancy sweets party.

Hanamaru: We're tasting the flavors of fall, so the "sweets" was for sweet potatoes. Didn't we tell you?

Ruby: First we're gonna gather the potatoes, then roast them!

Yoshiko: Wha... That's not a sweets party! I can't believe you thought it was okay to call it that! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Yoshiko, I know digging up potatoes is hard work... But if you put in the work, they'll taste that much better when they're finally cooked!

Ruby: And I'm gonna buckle down and work hard so Hanamaru doesn't show me up. Don't be scared, Yoshiko. Join the fun!

Yoshiko: Ha, ha... Ha...

Yoshiko: (Danger, Yohane! The sweets party's turned into a potato harvest. The path to living a full-bodied life is closing, fast!)

Hanamaru: We brought a set of track suit for you, too. Go on and get changed, zura!

Ruby: Let's all work together and make our sweets party a big success!

Yoshiko: But...

Hanamaru: Yoshiko, may be you aren't into stuff like digging up potatoes? That's okay. Leave it to me and Ruby!

Ruby: Aww, I don't get to dig with Yoshiko? Will we at least get to roast them together if I dig up enough for her to eat, too?

Yoshiko: Th-That's not what I- Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: (It's not like that... Get a grip, Yohane! You've got higher priorities than enjoying a full-bodied life with a stylish party!)

Yoshiko: Zuramaru! Hand over that track suit! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Yoshiko! I knew you'd say that, zura. HeartBubble

Ruby: Yippee! This'll be so much more fun with all three of us working together. HeartBubble

Yoshiko: You two...

Yoshiko: Heh... A fallen angel has no need for an ordinary life with ordinary joys. I almost lost sight of what's really important.

Ruby, Hanamaru: .....................? QuestionMark

Ruby: Ooh! Yoshiko, you look good in those track suits! MusicNote

Yoshiko: But of course! Now, watch as Yohane digs up sweet potatoes from the deepest depths of Hell!

Hanamaru: This field always looks so beautiful. We really should be grateful that the owners are letting us do this, zura.

Hanamaru: The potatoes are buried under the vines like so. All you have to do is dig carefully, and then...

Hanamaru: Hee, hee, hee. Voila! The first sweet potato of the season has officially been harvested, zura! MusicNote

Ruby: It's so big! It looks delicious. Oh, I should get to work, too. I'll do my Rubesty! HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Hmph. I'll bring back a big harvest, too!

Hanamaru: Yoshiko, did you know that good soil is what produces healthy potatoes? There are lots of worms in the dirt, so I know we'll have a good crop this year. MusicNote

Yoshiko: Eek! Zuramaru, unhand that worm! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: Hanamaru! I got a massive potato too!

Ruby: *Screech* W... W-W-W-W-Worrrrm! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: *Giggle* Yoshiko, Ruby, you both look like you're enjoying yourselves, zura! MusicNote

Yoshiko, Ruby: Just put the worm down, already! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Ohh! Get a whiff of that. What a delicious smell, zura! HeartBubble

Ruby: And the crackle of the bonfire really makes it feel like fall, too. I'm so excited that we get to roast all these potatoes in this fire!

Yoshiko: The raging flames Yohane has conjured will burn those suckers to ash.

Hanamaru: We don't want to burn them to ash, zura! They've been on the fire just long enough. See?

Ruby: Ooh! That looks so yummy. MusicNote

Yoshiko: A golden orange sweet potato... Not bad. Not bad at all! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: It's hot, so blow on it first. Everyone ready? Let's-

Ruby: Aah! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Hmm? Ruby, what's wrong, zura? QuestionMark

Ruby: I just remembered... Yesterday, Dia warned me not to gain any more weight!

Yoshiko: Whaaaaaaaaaat?! It is beyond too late to be remembering something like that! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: I gain at least two pounds when I eat roasted sweet potatoes... What should I do?

Ruby: We're school idols, so we're supposed to be able to manage our weight by ourselves...

Ruby: I've been looking forward to our sweets party all week. What are we gonna do now?

Yoshiko: ................... Ellipses

Yoshiko: No one has the right to stop the flame-seared banquet of Hell.

Yoshiko: This is supposed to be the big party we all waited for so eagerly, right? We can't shut it down now!

Hanamaru: Whoa. Yoshiko, that was an awesome speech, zura. You're right. I was really excited for today. MusicNote

Ruby: Me too, me too! I was looking soooo forward to it! But...

Yoshiko: Are you going to turn back now, after all that work? All you need to do is get back to your original weight before you step on the scale again. Is that so hard?

Ruby: Yoshiko...! HeartBubble

Hanamaru: We'll work extra hard on our morning practices and dance lessons. Then we'll shed the extra weight and improve our dancing skills while we're at it, zura! MusicNote

Yoshiko: A fallen angel's lot in life is to be cast down to the deepest depths, only to crawl and claw her way back to the surface.

Ruby: Hanamaru, Yoshiko... Thank you. Let's go for it! MusicNote

Hanamaru: Heh, heh. Now it's time for the sweets party's main event, zura! Say it with me Ruby, Yoshiko! One, two...

Together: Let's eat!

Story 2

Chika: Fall mean food, sports... hmm. What'd be best?

Riko: What're you up to, Chika? QuestionMark

Chika: Miss Sakurauchi! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Y-Yes?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Tell me the first thing that pops into your head when you think of fall!

Riko: fall? hmm, let's see... The leaves falling from the trees, I guess.

Chika: Ahh, the foliage! That's definitely one thing you only see in the fall season.

You: I would've expected you to go with something artsy, since you're so good at painting and playing piano. Leaves is kind of a surprising answer!

Riko: Well, I might've said something more artistic before I moved here. But the trees in Uchiura really left a strong impression on me!

Chika: I see. Why's that, though?

You: Don't tell me.. they don't have trees in Tokyo?! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: What? Of course they do! It's just... I feel like the trees here look so much prettier.

Riko: every day I see more and more leaves on the ground on my walk to school. The views and landscapes I've gotten used to slowly start to change.

You: I know what you mean. I start looking forward to crunching all the leaves on my morning jogs! MusicNote

Chika: Interesting! So Miss Watanabe's first thought is leaves, too. Ellipses

You: .................? QuestionMark

Riko: *Giggle* You and I both thought of leaves, but your image is sporty, not artsy! MusicNote

Chika: Uh-huh. So it's a sports and arts collaboration! Ellipses

You: Chika, what is it that you keep writing in that notepad every time we say something?

Chika: Tee-hee. I've been thinking lately that we should write a new, autumn-themed song.

Chika: So, I figured I'd ask everyone what they associate with the season.

Riko: Oh, I see. *Giggle* That's a neat idea! You could've just came out and said that to begin with, though.

Chika: I figured you all might get nervous or feel pressured if I said I was gathering ideas for a song, though. That's why I kept it casual!

You: I wouldn't exactly call that acting casual... Sweatdrop

Chika: No way! I thought I was being totally smooth.... Did you suspect something was up?

You: Heh, heh. Just a little! But regardless, I love the idea of a fall song!

You: Kanan showed me a new jogging path the other day. It's a tiny little mountain, but at this time of year, the leaves are the most brilliant colors.

Riko: Oh, I'd like to go running with you! I bet the leaves look lovely. MusicNote

Chika: You get to exercise and enjoy the season all at once. Count me in!

You: Awesome! Okay, we'll go for a run this Saturday! I bet it'll be three times as fun with all of us together!

Chika: Hoo... Haa.. Huff... Geez, You's still way ahead of us!

Riko: Haah... Haah... You's a real speed demon.

Chika: *Sigh* maybe we're just really slow? Running in a group might not have been for the best... BlueLines

You: Huh?! QuestionMark

You: Oops, I'm sorry! Was I running too fast? I should've dropped my pace a little.

Riko: No, no. I'm sorry we couldn't keep up.

Chika: You and Kanan have always been fast runners.

You: We have not. When I first started, Kanan would leave me in the dust every time.

Riko: Really? So you're this fast because you run every day!

Chika: Well, we decided to go running today. Let's push as hard as we can and try to keep with You!

Riko: Yeah!

You: Wrong! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Huh?! Wh-Why?

You: If you push beyond what you're capable of and hurt your legs, you won't be able to exercise OR be a school idol!

You: The most important rule is to train within your own personal limits. For today, just try to keep it to a brisk walk.

Riko: Thank you, You! But a brisk walk won't be much exercise for you, right?

You: Hey, now. Don't worry about me! We agreed to train as a group this morning.

You: Besides, slowing down will give me more opportunities to enjoy these beautiful fall colors. Now c'mon, let's go for a walk! MusicNote

Riko: Okay! HeartBubble

Chika: Okay, You. If you insist. Let's mosey! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Wow... We mad it! This is the summit, right? It's completely buried in fallen leaves. How gorgeous!

You: And the trees are amazing too, aren't they? Plus, you can see the sea from up here! MusicNote

Riko: Incredible...

You: Riko? QuestionMark

Riko: This view is incredible! I can't believe I'm seeing such a wonderful sight... In my wildest dreams, I'd never have imagined anything like this!

Riko: Even the sea looks different now that everything around it has changed colors. This... this is fall!

Chika: Riko... You get a lot just from looking at the scenery, don't you?

Riko: Y-You think so? I definitely feel like I've come to appreciate the sea's appeal since I moved here, but the autumn sea definitely has a different kind of charm. MusicNote

You: Well said, Riko! You definitely understand the sea's charms. MusicNote

Riko: *Giggle* The fall foliage and the sea are both dazzling. I think I'm falling in love with Uchiura all over again! HeartBubble

Chika: Really? Yay! I'm so happy! MusicNote

Riko: Yup! And somehow... I think I'll be able to write a fall-themed song.

Chika, You: Woo-hoo! MusicNote

You: Nothing will inspire a fall song more than experiencing the season directly. I'm so glad we all decided to come up here.

Chika: Me too! I feel like I learned about different kinds of fall from the two of you.

Riko: Let's take all the different kinds of falls we find in Uchiura and put them into our song.

Chika: *Growl* Ellipses

Chika: H-Huh? I guess I'm getting a little hungry. Good thing I brought lunch! Sweatdrop

Riko: What? Chika... I can see the appeal of sitting down for lunch up on a mountaintop... but it's only nine o'clock! Sweatdrop

Chika: Bwuh?! Nine? It's still morning! Exclaimationpoint

You: Ah, ha, ha! I guess our morning training was just that effective.

Chika: Yup! Next time we have a day off, we should take everyone else up here.

Riko: Good idea! Maybe eventually we can step up from a brisk walk to real jogging. Someday we might even catch up to You! MusicNote

You: Mwa, ha, ha. You think you've got what it takes?

Chika: I'll work just as hard as you, You! And I'll be sure to bring a lunch and a picnic blanket, too!

You: Huh?! Well, now I don't know whether to prepare for exercise or a picnic, but either way, it sounds fun! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: *Chuckle* It's just more to look forward too. Let's all work hard to get the most out of our new training program.

Together: Yeah!

Story 3

Dia: When I think of autumn, I think of art! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: I can see why. Fall is such a shiny, romantic season.

Kanan: I know what you mean! Err, I think? Hee, hee, hee. I'm so glad you called us over today.

Kanan: Dia and Mari, you two know a lot about art, don't you? I can't wait to sit down and hear everything you have to say. MusicNote

Dia: Well, we think it's important to experience art hands-on in our home.

Dia: Museums and art galleries are certainly fine, but we think it's better to enjoy art in a more intimate way. So I brought along a few of my favorite pieces.

Kanan: Oh, neat. So these little accessory cases you brought are works of art, Dia?

Mari: My... They're beautiful! I love the round shape. HeartBubble

Dia: *Chuckle* This is called Suruga bamboo lattice ware. It's one of the Shizuoka's well-know craft products. They make it by weaving together thinly-sliced bamboo. MusicNote

Kanan: I love the nostalgic feel they have about them. I'll bet something that delicate is hard to make!

Dia: Yes. When I was young, I saw one of the artisans weaving a piece together by hand. That image has always stuck with me.

Dia: Gosh, it's been years since that day. Anyways, this little beauty is something I really cherish.

Dia: I think I always will. The texture may be starting to change a little, but the memory of that moment hasn't faded a bit.

Kanan: Wow... What a beautiful story. The fact that it's a Shizuoka original makes it even better! MusicNote

Mari: Wonderful. The craft and Dia's memory are both so shiny!

Kanan: Dia, your home also has a nice character to it too. I wonder if there are other kinds of art out there that we just don't notice?

Mari: Shiny art that's also close by... Oh, I know! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: I also remembered my art! Dia, Kanan, can you two come with me?

Dia, Kanan: ...? QuestionMark

Mari: Dia's story reminded me of a wonderful piece of art that my father gave me. Now I want to share it with you two!

Kanan: Wow.. Is that a music box? MusicNote

Dia: There's a little porcelain girl on the top! *Chuckle* I think she looks a bit like you, Mari.

Mari: Oh... I see it! Now that you said it, I think I love this little music box even more. MusicNote

Mari: But it's not just nice to look at. Watch carefully as I open the lid... Ta-da!

Kanan: Wow. candies! They look so yummy too!

Dia: That's so cute that it has candy inside. So, you say your father picked this out for you?

Mari: Yes. Father's so busy with the family business that he's not home that often...

Mari: He could see that I was getting lonely. That's why he gave me this as a present.

Mari: The sweet taste of the candy perks me up, and it makes it feel like father's right here next to me, no matter how far his travels take him.

Kanan: Mari...

Mari: To me, this music box, the candy, and father's love are all works of art!

Mari: Seriously, these candies are to die for. Kana, Dia, go on and try one! MusicNote

Kanan: I couldn't! They're like your own personal treasures.

Dia: Exactly. If you start felling lonely, then realize you gave away all your candy, you'll be even sadder.

Mari: I couldn't disagree more! Us three coming together and sharing this moment is more important! Now come on, eat up! MusicNote

Kanan: Oh my gosh. This is so good!

Dia: It really is delicious. The lemon flavor is very refreshing. It tastes like real fruit!

Mari: I'm so glad you like them! They're wonderful, no? HeartBubble

Dia: *Chuckle* Mari, you've got a big grin on your face, you look like a little kid on her birthday. MusicNote

Mari: D-Do I?

Dia: Thank you for the scrumptious candy, and for a wonderful new memory. I think we're all much happier now.

Kanan: I can definitely feel the love, Mari!

Mari: *Giggle* That's all I wanted. MusicNote

Kanan: When you said art, I pictured giant paintings. Just thinking about it made me nervous. I didn't realize there were so many different kinds of art.

Mari: Hearing Dia's story got me thinking, too.

Mari: The price tag doesn't determine what is and isn't art. What matters is that someone put their heart into it and made it shine!

Dia: *Chuckle* Perhaps anything that you like, or that moves you, can be considered a work of art.

Kanan: Eureka! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: What?! QuestionMark

Dia: Wh-What is it, Kanan? Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: I know where to find art, too! Come with me!

Dia: Kanan, your work of art's at the top of a mountain?

Mari: Oh, I bet I know! Is it some kind of rare flower?

Kanan: Nope! The work of art that I love more than anything is the view from up here.

Mari: I see... Kanan's favorite piece is the ocean view!

Dia: You can see both Mt. Fuji and the sea from up here. What gorgeous scenery!

Kanan: I guess... guess I just love the sea a whole lot.

Kanan: I come to see it whether I'm happy or sad. No matter what I'm feeling inside, the sea's there for me.

Kanan: It definitely speaks to my heart. The Uchiura sea is a work of art in my eyes.

Mari: Amazing! What a wonderful epiphany, Kanan. I think we've made an incredible discovery today. MusicNote

Dia: The Uchiura sea as a work of art... I think you may be on to something, Kanan.

Kanan: I had a work of art right by my side the whole time. I think we've learned a lot today!

Dia: Indeed! Art is in the eye of the beholder. I'm sure everybody has their own opinion.

Mari: You know what? We school idols may very well be works of art, too. HeartBubble

Kanan: Ah, ha, ha. We're not inanimate objects, Mari.

Mari: Who cares whether you're animate or not? Art is art!

Mari: I hope Aqours can touch people's hearts, too.

Kanan: Yeah!

Dia: In that case, we're going to have to be diligent and always be trying to raise ourselves higher at all times!

Dia: Let's do some really intensive training starting tomorrow. Maybe I should come up with a whole new regimen? Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Intensive training... That sounds scary. Sweatdrop

Kanan: *Giggle* We should seize the opportunity. Let's give it everything we've got! MusicNote

Story 4

Kanan: One, two, three, four... Five, six, seven, eight...

Mari: Great moves today, ladies! Something sparkly going on in your lives?

Chika: Hee, hee, hee, The three of us have been going running every morning. It's a blast!

Riko: We couldn't keep up with You in the beginning. It was more like brisk walking when we started.

You: You two have gotten a lot faster, though! You should be proud of yourselves.

Kanan: Wow, cool! Can I tag along next time?

Chika: Sure! It'd be awesome if we all did our morning workout together.

Riko: *Giggle* Are you sure it's not the post-workout meal you look forward to, Chika?

Chika: Th-They're both special in their own way!

Dia: My new training regimen has us doing a lot more exercise, but it looks like we won't have any trouble handling the increased workload.

Hanamaru: We'll keep up too, zura! Tee-hee. Our separate practice sessions must be working.

Ruby: Yeah, really! I was worried about what would happen if I gained any weight. I'm so happy!

Yoshiko: The ebony wings gently wrap our bodies to lighten our burden... Fallen angels aren't completely heartless.

Yoshiko: I mean, we worked our tails off trying to get you back to your original weight!

Dia: Original weight? I know I didn't mishear that. Explain yourself, Ruby.

Ruby: Eek! I, umm... Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: There's no problem here. Try as she might to fall into the abyss, her true value shines through.

Dia: Don't tell me there's no problem! I warned you over and over to watch your weight. Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: I-I know, but...

Chika: Did you gain weight, Ruby? Was it from, like... an all-you-can-eat buffet?

Hanamaru: Nope, we had a sweets party, zura! We dug up a whole ton of sweet potatoes, roasted them over an open fire, and ate until our bellies were stuffed! HeartBubble

Mari: That's great! A buffet at mother nature's table.

Riko: It sounds wonderful. That's definitely a fall flavor.

Ruby: Umm, Dia... I'm sorry I put on a little weight!

Ruby: But I did lots of extra dance lessons to swear it off. And look, I even kept up with everyone today!

Ruby: Being with you guys makes everything even better. I wish you all could've been there for our party.

Dia: Oh Ruby... Alright, I understand.

Ruby: Thank you, Dia! HeartBubble

Yoshiko: We sacrificed our waistlines to learn a valuable lesson!

Kanan: You said it. Things are better with friends!

Chika: Things are better with friends... Tee-hee. I agree!

Mari: I think this is a key part of being a school idol. If we want to move someone else's heart, we first need to enjoy being with each other!

Kanan: Aqours is like... a work of art that touches people's hearts, right? MusicNote

Hanamaru: Aqours is a work of art? That sounds neat, zura.

Dia: We had our own autumn experience where we learned the true joys of art.

You: Nice. Did you go to a museum or something?

Mari: Nope! Some of the shiniest, most beautiful art is right under your nose.

You: Really? Where? Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Anything that touches your heart. Even the scenery in Uchiura is a type of artwork.

Yoshiko: Th-That's deep...

Chika: Things that touch people's hearts are works of art... I see!

Hanamaru: Chika, what do you keep writing down?

Chika: Oops! You got me. *Giggle* Actually... Sweatdrop

Together: A fall song?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Yeah! Riko, You, and I have been researching what makes it feel like the season's arrived.

You: And Riko composed an amazing autumn melody for us! MusicNote

Riko: Hee, hee, hee. I'm still working on it.

Mari: Really? Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Oops! S-Sorry! Did I take things too far without asking first?! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: You most certainly did! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: That sounds like such a great time... We want to join the fun, too. Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Huh?

Ruby: Us, too! We wanna help with the new fall song! HeartBubble

Mari: *Giggle* You three aren't allowed to keep all the fun parts to yourselves. Let's make this new fall song... Together! MusicNote

Chika: Really? Hooray! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Isn't this great, Chika?

Chika: Yup! I see now there are many ways to enjoy the fall. Good food, exercises, beautiful sights...

Chika: All your stories showed me there's plenty to fall that I never noticed. I'll have to work all this into the lyrics.

Yoshiko: For the fall costumes, I suggest going with a fallen angel motif.

You: Costumes with warm color gradations should look nice and seasonal.

Hanamaru: What about skirts of fallen leaves? They'd be all fluffy and warm, zura.

Yoshiko: Hey, I'm talking! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Since we can handle more dance lessons now than we could before, perhaps I can introduce moves that are a little more advanced.

Ruby: I wonder how the song will turn out... I can't wait to sing a song that we've all worked on together! HeartBubble

Chika: Hee, hee, hee! Tell me more about your autumn adventures, everybody! Let's write the best song ever. MusicNote



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