An Aqours Christmas 1 Edit

Can Aqours perform the holiday season live show?

Story 1

Chika: Mmm... mmmph. Ugh, morning already...

Chika: Oh... Oh, yeah! Today's Christmas!

Chika: Did Santa come? Did Santa come?!

Chika: Yes! Yes! Yes! He left presents in my stocking!

Chika: Hee, hee, hee. Santa came again this year.

Chika: Thank you, Santa!

Chika: Ah... Ah... ACHOO! Ugh, not another sneeze...

You: Are you getting sick? It's been pretty cold lately.

Chika: I'm okay. *Giggle* Thanks, though. My sister Mito said I'd be fine because apparently "fools don't catch colds." Isn't that mean?!

You: *Laughs* It's kinda true though, that you don't get sick often.

Chika: Hey! Don't you start too, You!

Riko: Winter already... I don't like when it gets too cold, but the air is so nice when it has a little bit of crisp in it.

Chika: You said it. I think winter is your season, Riko.

You: Because her skin's as beautiful and white as snow?

Riko: S-Stop it, you two. That's quite enough!

You: Hey, she's blushing.

Chika: It's so hard to dress for wither weather. Too many layers and you overheat, but too few and you freeze! In summer and fall you can get away with a t-shirt.

Riko: True. With these temperatures, a scarf should be enough, don't you think?

You: Hey, that reminds me. Wanna go shopping in Numazu after school today? I could use a new scarf. Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Scarf shopping! You think they have ones that are really warm and cute? MusicNote

You: Definitely! If we find a scarf we all like, then we should buy three, so we match!

Chika: Matching scarves! All right, let's find the cutest, prettiest scarf in the city! HeartBubble

Chika: Ahh... Nice and warm... HeartBubble

You: I'm so glad we found such lovely scarves. Now we all match!

Riko: Yes! Maybe now you'll stop sneezing, Chika.

Chika: *Giggle* I think I'll be okay now. Ooh! You, Riko, look over there!

You: What pretty decorations! MusicNote

Riko: They're Christmas lights. I guess it's that time of year when the Numazu high street gets lit up! MusicNote

You: Red and green... Christmas colors!

Chika: Isn't it a little early for Christmas decorations?

Riko: Maybe a little, but most shopping venues switch to the holiday season decorations as soon as Halloween is over.

Chika: People aren't even talking about it at school yet... Crazy.

You: Pretty soon they'll be airing shows with Christmas music on TV, too! I can't wait. MusicNote

Riko: Listening to music that's only played at a certain time of year leaves a strong impression.

Chika: Hee, hee, hee. I wonder what kinda presents Santa will leave for me this year. MusicNote

You: Does Santa visit you every year, Chika?

Chika: Yup! Waking up on Christmas morning is the most exciting moment of the whole year. Know what I mean? MusicNote

Riko: I still have a music box that Santa left for me when I was a little girl.

Chika: Aww, that's so cute. I bet it plays a beautiful melody.

Riko: It does. MusicNote

Riko: Ohh, a music box!

Riko: How do you make it play? DO you turn this little key back here?

Riko: Oh, what a pretty song... Thank you, Santa.

Riko: I'd get so giddy watching the gears turn. I can still see it... I'll have to show you two sometime.

You: Awesome! Actually, why don't you play it for us, too?

Riko: I'd love to! So what's your most memorable Christmas present, You?

You: Heh, heh, heh. A police officer costume I got when I was really little!

Riko: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: I remember that! We'd run around outside all over the place!

You: Officer Chika! The robber's getting away! After him!

Chika: Yeah! Catch the robber!

Chika: Waaah, stop! That's not a robber, that's my sister making a very scary face! Officer You, we have to retreat!

You: Huh? Chika, wait for meee!

You: Ha, ha, ha! I totally remember that! I was so excited that Santa brought me exactly what I wanted.

Chika: Santa was definitely watching us.

Riko: *Giggle* You both have some lovely Christmas memories.

Chika: We should try to make a whole bunch of new ones, too!

Chika: *Gasp* Exclaimationpoint

Chika: That reminds me. Remember what we were talking about the other day?

You: We were talking about something? What? QuestionMark

Riko: Uhh...

Chika: Christmas live show! Because Aqours is gaining some popularity now, someone might ask us to do a special live show for the holiday season!

You: Oh, now I remember! No one's asked yet, though.

Chika: Don't people want a special Aqours show?

Riko: Well, it's not like we've publicly announced that we are taking requests.

Riko: Maybe we've got an email waiting in the club's inbox? MusicNote

You: Oh, good call! Let's go ask Dia. MusicNote

Chika: Imagine if someone wanted us to perform... Hee, hee. "Aqours Christmas Special Live Show" We're totally gonna nail it! HeartBubble

Riko: *Giggle* Don't count your chickens before they're hatched, Chika.

Chika: I can't stand to wait another second. Let's hurry back to Uranohoshi! Exclaimationpoint

You: Aww, yeah! Full speed ahead!

Riko: Wh-What?! We're going back to school? Hey! Wait up! Sweatdrop

Story 2

Dia: Aqours Christmas special live show? I don't recall planning anything.

Chika: No, not making plans. I wanted to know if anyone's asked us to perform.

You: We figured that since we're starting to gain a little more popularity, it wouldn't be strange for requests to start rolling in.

Dia: I'm afraid there haven't been any.

Chika: Huh?! Dia, are you sure you checked the emails? Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Ch-Chika... Sweatdrop

Dia: Yes, I checked it! There are no new messages. There's nothing I can do about that. Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Aww, man... I guess Aqours isn't famous enough yet.

Hanamaru: If Aqours were more famous, do you think someone would have asked us to perform a Christmas special?

Ruby: Famous idol groups get asked to perform at all kinds of events. HeartBubble

Hanamaru: I see... That sounds cool, zura. MusicNote

Yoshiko: When will Aqours worshippers summon us forth from the depths?

Kanan: So the reason we aren't getting requests is because not enough people have heard of us?

Chika: *Sigh* How demotivating...

Mari: Surely that's not really true? I thought we've become known, at least locally.

Kanan: Same here. Lots of people who come into my dive shop say, "Hey, you're one of the school idols!"

You: You in your wetsuit does have extra-special appeal, Kanan.

Chika: Right, exactly. But I'm not just talking about around here. I want people all over Japan to know our names! Sweatdrop

Chika: And then, when we're world-famous, we'll hold a massive live show spectacular!

Chika: Think about it...

Chika: Welcome to the Aqours Christmas Special Live Show!

Chika: The chants for Aqours, filling the stadium... It will be unreal!

Chika: *Squeal* I'm so glad I lived to see the day. I could die right now and I'd still be happy! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Like that.

Riko: D-Do you think we could really do a show in such a huge stadium? Sweatdrop

Mari: We will someday... I'm sure of it. HeartBubble

Kanan: Aqours is the perfect group to put on a dynamic, large-scale live show!

Hanamaru: *Sigh* Us as a world-famous school idols, performing for a capacity crowd? I can't even picture it, zura. HeartBubble

Ruby: I can! I visualize it every night before I go to sleep. MusicNote

Yoshiko: Hmm... Well? How does it feel to be a world-famous school idol?

Ruby: Tee-hee. It's the best feeling in the world! MusicNote

Hanamaru: Ooh... I wanna experience that feeling! HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Famous school idols... HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Have all my little demons gathered together under this giant dome?

Yoshiko: Heh. Follow me to the endless expanses of out hellish live show!

Yoshiko: I bet all my little demos are on pins and needles waiting for us to hold a wild, dynamic event!

Chika: Totally! The little demons must be chomping at the bit for an Aqours performance. Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: *Giggle* We need to spread the word about Aqours all across Japan. MusicNote

Chika: Riko's written beautiful songs, You's created the most gorgeous costumes, and we've all worked tirelessly to get better.

Chika: It'd be a shame if we didn't get any request to perform a special live show.

Yoshiko: That's the understatement of the year. We should be flooded with requests from the ten million little demons living in this country. Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Getting Aqour's name out there will totally be a challenge to come... It won't happen overnight, that's for sure.

Ruby: Getting our name out there means advertising Aqours, right?

Yoshiko: What if we put a curse on the people who haven't heard about us yet? That'd get people talking.

Kanan: Ah, ha, ha... Maybe not in the way we want, though. Sweatdrop

Dia: I'm afraid that being asked out of nowhere to perform in a huge venue is just a dream.

Chika: Maybe so, but don't you want to sing on the dream stage, Dia?

Dia: Well... sure I do.

Hanamaru: I'm satisfied with the status quo. Just being a school idol with all of you is enough for me!

You: That's just like you, Hanamaru.

Hanamaru: Even if it ended with us remaining complete unknowns who no one else knows about. Ellipses

Riko: I-I think we're a bit more popular than that... Sweatdrop

You: Yeah! After all, we put out a music video, and we cheered at the big sports meet!

Kanan: There has to be more than a few people who would recognize Aqours.

Mari: Yes! Even the greatest journey starts with a single step. HeartBubble

Kanan: We're definitely moving forward. Eventually, we'll reap the rewards.

Dia: Ea-EEEEEEEEKKK!!! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: *Gasp* Exclaimationpoint

Dia: S-Something absolutely impossible just happened! Is... Is this real life?! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: Dia, are you okay? Did you see something on the computer? Exclaimationpoint

Dia: We... We just got a request.

Dia: To perform in the... School Idol Festival!

Chika: Wh-Whaaaaaaaat?!

Together: The School Idol Festival?! Exclaimationpoint

Story 3

Dia: The email was an inquiry to ask... if Aqours wants to take part in the School Idol Festival that's being held in Tokyo this December.

Chika: Yes, yes, yeesss!!! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Wow! This is great, Chika! MusicNote

Kanan: Dia, are you okay? You're trembling.

Dia: I'm finding it difficult to contain myself... Sweatdrop

Ruby: The School Idol Festival, a.k.a. Sch-Fes, is the best school idol live show there is! Every idol in the country dreams of being on the stage.

Mari: Marvelous! This is a huge step forward for Aqours! HeartBubble

Hanamaru: How'd the School Idol Festival people find out about us? QuestionMark

Ruby: Maybe they saw our music video? Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Talk about shiny. I bet we were so dazzling, they could feel it! MusicNote

Yoshiko: *Chuckles* The School Idol Festival must have more than a few little demons in its ranks.

Kanan: Maybe our video was so great they had no choice but to reach out to us.

You: Because we looked like we were having such a good time dancing by the pool!

Chika: We owe it all to director Mari!

Mari: Yes, indeed! HeartBubble

Dia: Regardless of what brought it on, it's an honor to be viewed so favorably!

Chika: The same School Idol Festival where µ's performed... This is like a dream come true! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: We even get to go to Tokyo. I'm so excited! HeartBubble

Hanamaru: I can't wait to show everyone there how all our work has paid off, zura. MusicNote

Yoshiko: We'll bring an Aqours performance to the little demons of Tokyo! MusicNote

Chika: We'd better start packing!

Dia: W-Wait a second! We've got a much more important task than packing! Sweatdrop

Chika: We do? QuestionMark

Ruby: Everyone who performs at the School Idol Festival songs a brand new song.

You: Oh, cool! All the groups show up with new material. That's exciting!

Kanan: No, no, she's saying that Aqours needs a new song, too! Right? Sweatdrop

Chika: Oh... Ohhh, I see! A new song from Aqours...

Mari: We'll be making our debut performance in front of a gigantic crowd. We need an extraordinarily special song to really knock their socks off! HeartBubble

Dia: Yes! We've got a few days until the performance, but we should settle on a theme as quickly as possible. MusicNote

Ruby: It's our first big show, so maybe we should do something to introduce ourselves?

Mari: A romantic love song... How about it?

Yoshiko: It's in December. Why not a winter song?

Hanamaru: A song about doing year-end cleanup! MusicNote

Riko: Wouldn't that be a little dull? Sweatdrop

Hanamaru: Oh, yeah... Sweatdrop

Mari: Girls, be ambitious! Let's us this once-in-a-lifetime live show to make ALL our dreams come true at once! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: What do you mean? QuestionMark

Mari: Don't you remember what you said earlier, Chika? You were lamenting how no one had requested Aqours for a Christmas performance.

You: Ah... Wait, are you thinking we should do a Christmas show at the School Idol Festival?!

Chika: Whoa! That's brilliant! Mari, you're a genius! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Hee, hee, hee! You're a good judge of talent. What does everyone else think? MusicNote

Dia: A Christmas show... I like it. Tis the season! MusicNote

Ruby: The Christmas live show you always wanted... Chika, your dream's gonna come true! HeartBubble

Chika: Yeah!

Chika: *Gasp* Hey... Maybe this is a present from Santa. Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: The Christmas show?

Chika: Yup! Like a reward for everyone in Aqours working hard and being good all year.

Kanan: Huh? Chika, you're hysterical.

Ruby: I wonder if Santa's watching us now...

Yoshiko: *Chuckle* This world is full of marvels. It would be the least bit odd if he were watching us from somewhere.

Chika: I know, right? We need to make sure Santa's Christmas present to us is a huge success!

Chika: First, we need lyrics! Great lyrics! Hanamaru, I need your help. Come with me!

Hanamaru: R-Right! Chika, wait up, zura!

You: Ah, ha, ha. She's raring to go. We can't let her show us up! MusicNote

Mari: A present from Mister Santa Claus himself... This is going to be something special.

Kanan: Let's get to preparing for the School Idol Festival!

You: Yoshiko, what do you think of this design for my costume?

Yoshiko: It's cute! But maybe it should have something a bit more special in addition? I mean, we wouldn't want our costumes to be too similar to the others.

Ruby: I think the current design's just the cutest. What if we added a little accessory... here? QuestionMark

You: Ooh, that could work! Let's run with that idea... Whatcha think?

Yoshiko,Ruby: Perfect! MusicNote

You: Tee-hee. Okay, I'll get cracking and finish these as quick as I can! MusicNote

Kanan: So this is a present from Santa, huh? *Chuckle* That's definitely something Chika would say. I love it.

Kanan: Hey, Mari. We need to work hard, too. I want our choreography to be the best it's ever been!

Mari: Agreed! Tell me, Kanan, do you think our moves need more "oomph," more "punch," or more "zazz"?

Kanan: H-Huh? They all sound pretty fun, so whichever.

Mari: What? Bzzzz! Shame on you, Kanan. The fine details are what make the difference! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: I see... All right, let's go with something that has enough "oomph" to give it real "zazz"!

Mari: Okay! Let's translate all that "oomph" and "zazz" into body language! HeartBubble

Riko: *Giggle* Mari and Kanan seem to be enjoying themselves.

Riko: And I need to write a Christmas song to match their dance moves.

Dia: I'll be there to help, Riko. Christmas song or not, let's experiment with a wide variety of melodies.

Riko: Excellent! I've got a lot more confidence knowing you're going to help, Dia.

Dia: We're ending the year at the School Idol Festival... This is going to be the hottest winter on record! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: It'll be because of the fire lit under you, Dia. I'll work hard and get the flames burning in my heart, too! MusicNote

Story 4

You: Ooh... Is this your song, Riko?

Riko: Yes. It's not finished yet, though. Does it sound Christmassy enough?

Chika: It sure does! It's very festive!

You: You're like a professional composer already, Riko! And we get the honor of singing this beautiful song!

Riko: Y-You're making me blush... but thank you. HeartBubble

You: Hmm... Uh-oh, look at the time! It's really late.

Chika: Oops, you're right! Just when we were making really good progress on the lyrics, too.

Riko: Tomorrow's a day off, so we'll meet up again then?

Chika: Aww c'mon, let's work a little longer. I'll get my sister Shima to drop you off when we're done.

Chika: Wait, forget that! Why don't we have a sleepover? Exclaimationpoint

You: R-Really? On such short notice? Exclaimationpoint

Chika: It's all good! Then we'll be able to refine the lyrics even more!

You: Hunh... All right, let's do it! You in, Riko?

Riko: Umm... I live right next door, so I'll just go home when we finish.

Chika: Pretty, pretty please, Riko? Let's have a sleepover, just the three of us!

Riko: Well... Okay, I'm in. I'll impose on you tonight. MusicNote

Chika: Hee, hee, hee! MusicNote

Chika: Whew... I think our lyrics are finally done!

You: Oh, lemme see, lemme see!

Chika: Nope, not yet! Tee-hee. I need to sleep on it, then go over them one more time tomorrow with Hanamaru.

You: Oh, that's right. But I'll get to see them then, right? I can't wait!

Riko: *Chuckle* You look like you've made a lot of headway on the costumes, You.

Chika: Aww, how adorable! And very Christmassy, too! HeartBubble

You: Heh, heh. Really? I'm glad you think so.

You: When you said that this live show was a present from Santa, I thought about going with costumes that look like present boxes instead...

Chika: I-I see... Well, I'm glad you went with this design! Sweatdrop

Riko: They definitely speak to the fact that Christmas is a special day.

You: Hee, hee, hee. Thank you both.

Chika: Christmas at the School Idol Festival, where we'll all be performing together... Special doesn't even begin to describe it.

You: I was shocked when you said you wanted to start a school idol group, Chika. I had no idea what amazing adventures and experiences we'd have!

Riko: Yes! This was all your doing, Chika.

Chika: H-Huh?! What's I do wrong? Exclaimationpoint

Riko: I-I didn't mean it in a bad way.

You: Yup. Now I've been a school idol and made some wonderful friends. It's all your fault, Chika! Hee, hee.

Chika: Riko, You...

Riko: My life's been forever changed because of you all.

You: Your life?!

Riko: This is going to be a Christmas unlike any other.

Riko: i keep thinking about how I'll get to make all these wonderful Christmas memories, and it's all because I joined Aqours. I'm so excited!

You: Aww, Riko...

You: And when I think about it like that, I really do feel like my life's been changed.

Riko: I hope the nine of us continue to shine even brighter from here on.

Chika: Yup! And if we can communicate our feelings to the audience, it'll be even better!

Chika: I just hope we help someone cheer up. If even one person walks away happier, that's enough for me!

Riko: Yes. Aqours is supposed to give people that little push that they need. It's a beautiful thing.

You: We'll give the gift of courage to the people watching our show!

Together: ................... Ellipses

Together: Ah-ha! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: We did say the show itself was a gift from Santa...

Chika: But isn't it also a gift from Aqours to the people who come to cheer for us?

Together: Ooh...

Chika: We have to tell everyone else tomorrow!

You: The thrill of receiving a gift, and the joy of giving one at the same time. This is incredible!

Riko: I can't wait to tell everyone about this tomorrow. And since it's getting late, maybe we should get to bed.

Chika: *Squeal* Now I'm really pumped up! I'm gonna be firing on all cylinders until the School Idol Festival! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: I'm gonna go over the lyrics one more time! I thought I had them done, but maybe I'll come up with something even better!

You: Same here! I'm gonna sew until the sun comes up. I want to see everything finished tonight!

Chika: Let's do it, You!

You: C'mon, Riko! We're pulling an all-nighter!

Chika, You: Yeah!

Riko: U-Uhh, guys? Are we really staying up all night? Sweatdrop

Riko: *Sigh* I wonder when we'll get to sleep... BlueLines

Riko: Oh, well. I guess I can work a little bit longer, too! MusicNote



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