Welcoming the New Year! Edit

What new adventures will the new year bring to Aqours?

Story 1

Chika: Ahh, all done! Today's practice was phenomenal.

Dia: Yes! It was like a compilation of our whole year. Everyone's singing and dancing were top-notch.

Riko: Today will be our last meeting this year.

Chika: Oh, you're right! Wow, time flies.

Hanamaru: Especially during practice. It all seems to be over in the blink of an eye, zura!

Kanan: And when you're not at practice, you should be sleeping, eating, and playing! That's the way to be a good, balanced girl!

Chika: Hmm... Ellipses

Ruby: Sleep, eat, play... Tee-hee. I'll try to be a good girl, too!

Hanamaru: Ruby... You're as good as they come, zura. MusicNote

Yoshiko: Hmph. Yohane has no need for sleep, food, or play.

You: Hey, now. You don't want to end up as one of the bad girls, do you?

Yoshiko: Well, I AM a fallen angel.

Chika: We've got time until New Year's Day. I wanna practice more!

Mari: I sympathize, but we already came to an agreement. There's nothing more to be said.

Dia: There are a lot of time-consuming things to be done around the holiday.

Kanan: The Kurosawa family has all kinds of stuff going on at the end of the year. I'm always impressed with how you help out every single year.

Hanamaru: And I'mma be really busy working at the temple, so I probably won't have much time to practice, either.

Ruby: Hanamaru, can I help at the temple, too? Sweatdrop

Hanamaru: Thank you, Ruby. But I'd be happy if you slept, ate, and played extra for me, okay, zura? MusicNote

Ruby: Oh... You got it!

Dia: Why don't we just say that everyone is welcome to get together and practice if they can find the time?

Riko: Whatcha think, Chika?

Chika: I wanna practice so badly, but I also want everyone to be there for it. If Dia, Hanamaru, or anyone else can't make it, I guess I'll take a break, too. Exclaimationpoint

Mari: *Chuckle* It's not Aqours unless it's all nine of us. Everyone, take some time to relax and recharge during the New Year's holiday. MusicNote

You: So Aqours is on vacation too, huh? It kinda stinks, but I guess it's not so bad to take a break every once in a while.

Chika: Yeah. But once next year rolls around, we've gotta get together and eat some New Year's treats!

Kanan: Hey, I know. Chika, what say you and I do that thing tomorrow? It's been a long time. MusicNote

Chika: Huh? QuestionMark

You: Yes, the two of hearts. I'm out!

Chika: Whaaaaaaaaat?! *Sigh* I know I lost at old maid, but I thought for sure I'd win at sevens! Exclaimationpoint

You: Muhaha! I'm sorry, Chika, but when we play cards, we play seriously! So here it comes!

Chika: *Whine* I needed the two of spades, not the two of hearts! Kanan, do you have the two of spades!?

Kanan: Maybe, maybe not. I'm gonna play an ace of hearts.

Chika: Pass...

Kanan: Two of spades. I'm out! MusicNote

Chika: No, no, no! How can this be?! You could've played that so much earlier. That's cheating! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: It is not. I'm playing to win too, you know. MusicNote

Chika: Maybe I shouldn't have passed... No, wait, I had no other choice. Grrr, this is so frustrating! Ellipses

You: Hee, hee, hee... Wanna keep playing till you win?

Chika: Yeah! Yeah, but... This was supposed to be a day where we chilled out. I'm done for today. Let's just lay down and veg.

Kanan: You wanted to practice so badly, now you're totally in vacation mode.

Chika: Well, I did. But now I'm thinking maybe it's not such a bad idea to take a break once in a while!

Kanan: Heh, heh. You're so flexible, Chika.

You: Well, Chika's worked extraordinarily hard up until now. I say it's fine.

Chika: Hee, hee, hee. It used to always be like this.

Kanan: True. When we were little, we'd always be at someone's house, sitting around playing cards.

You: The three of us spent a lot of time together.

Kanan: Yeah, not much has changed there. You two are just bigger is all! MusicNote

Chika: I remember being shocked that we were in different grades when I started grade school.

You: Yeah.

Chika: We were neighbors, so I thought it was a given that we'd be in the same school. But I had no idea we were in different grades.

You: With my dad being a sailor, Chika living in a ryokan, and your family running a diving shop, we really did spend a lot of time together.

Kanan: Yeah, and I spent a lot of time hearing, "Stop playing and help out more around the house!"

Chika: Ah, ha, ha! I remember that!

Chika: Huh? Oh, shoot! Helping around the house! Exclaimationpoint

Together: I totally forgot! BlueLines

Kanan: Uh-oh. I was supposed to clean up the stockroom before the end of the year!

You: And I said I'd clean the house... Argh, how could I forget something so important!

Chika: And if I don't pitch in every so often, I'll get chewed out.

Chika: *Sigh* Here we are talking about how much we've grown, and we're acting the same way we did when we were little kids! Sweatdrop

Kanan: Ah, ha, ha. Well. it is what it is! People don't change that easily. MusicNote

You: What's that old saying? The child is father to the man?

Chika: ....................... Ellipses

Kanan: Huh? Chika, what's wrong?

Chika: We've known each other since we were kids...

Chika: We're not... We're never gonna get sick of one another, right?!

You: What?! Get sick of each other? Now way! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: We all get along so well, I think we'll always have fun whenever we get together.

Chika: Yeah. Right on! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: Things are gonna be even better for the nine of us in the days to come. *Giggle* So for today, we'd better buckle down and do our housework! MusicNote

Story 2

Riko: Err... Are we really going to do this? I thought we were going shopping.

Yoshiko: Of course we're doing this! Are you saying you're afraid of something Riri?

Riko: R-Riri? Did you just call me Riri? Sweatdrop

Ruby: Riko, I'm coming too. We'll be fine! HeartBubble

Riko: I suppose you're right. Hesitating now won't get me anywhere. Okay then, you two. I'll be following your leads.

Yoshiko: Heh. Onward, little demons!

Yoshiko: So what're you two gonna sing? MusicNote

Riko: What!? Oh I've never really done karaoke before, so I'm not so sure... You two can go first. Sweatdrop

Ruby: Okay, I've got my song. But since we're at a karaoke box, I wanna hear you sing a whole bunch of songs, Riko! HeartBubble

Riko: I'll... do my best. Sweatdrop

Yoshiko: A thought just crossed my mind. Even though this is just karaoke, we're still underworld-famous idols, aren't we?

Riko: Err, are we?

Yoshiko: Then what say we treat this more like a live show, and turn it into a performance? MusicNote

Ruby: Excited... So excited! Yoshiko, that's an awesome idea! MusicNote

Yoshiko: You hear that, Riri? Don't be timid just because it's your first time doing karaoke. Throw open the gates to the world of the fallen! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: N-No way! This is too much, too fast. Help me, Ruby! Sweatdrop

Ruby: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: Umm... Uhh... What should I do... *Whine* Sweatdrop

Ruby: Oh... Ah-ha! I've got an idea. Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: About our performance? QuestionMark

Ruby: Yup. I realized that Riko won't be able to perform well if she's anxious.

Ruby: Therefore. we should all hold hands and stand in a circle. Then singing would be more fun! Exclaimationpoint

Riko: Hold hands... and sing in a circle?

Yoshiko: Oh me, oh my...

Yoshiko: I love it! It's nice and sinister, as if we were going to cast a black magic spell. Excellent job, Ruby! HeartBubble

Ruby: Thank you, Yoshiko. *Giggle* I thought about it really hard! MusicNote

Yoshiko: The time is nigh for me to take the stage at Hell's next singing competition, with my legion of little demons by my side! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: They have singing competitions in Hell? Sounds scary... But kinda neat, too. HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Muhaha. You'll all be onstage with me! MusicNote

Riko: *Chuckle* This is so unexpected.

Yoshiko: What is? QuestionMark

Riko: I always thought you were such a loner, Yoshiko. But hanging out with you like this, I'm so happy I get to be a school idol with you.

Yoshiko: ...! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: My favorite thing about Yoshiko is how she has her own unique take on what school idols should be. MusicNote

Ruby: I hope I can find something that's uniquely mine someday, just like you. HeartBubble

Yoshiko: You two...

Ruby: I'll do my Rubesty to practice hard, research a lot, and make Aqours's shows the best they can be!

Yoshiko: Heh, heh. Way to show some initiative.

Riko: Ruby, you're oozing with your own unique charm.

Ruby: Really? Yay ♡ MusicNote

Riko: I think you two have given me the drive I need to try my best, too. C'mon, let's rock this karaoke... I mean, this live show!

Yoshiko, Ruby: Okay!

Dia: A-Are you sure about this, Mari? Please don't get hurt.

Mari: It's all good! Sit back and watch the master at work.

Hanamaru: I'm all set, zura. You're up, Mari!

Mari: Here goes... HI-YA! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Wow, you split the bamboo clean in half, zura! Mari, you're incredible! MusicNote

Dia: Thank goodness... I'm glad no one got hurt, but maybe we should leave making kadomatsu decorations for the New Year to professionals? Sweatdrop

Mari: Mais non. DIY, Dia! These things always feel more special when you do them yourself. MusicNote

Hanamaru: We can prepare everyone's kadomatsu decorations in one go, so it's more efficient, zura.

Mari: After we make the big kadomatsu, we'll make miniature versions to give as gifts! MusicNote

Dia: Hey, you two! Don't leave me behind! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Mari, Dia, we've got all the bamboo we need, zura.

Mari: Okay. Now we just spread these pine tree sprigs all around the base. MusicNote

Dia: We could make a cute little arrangement and put one in the club room, too.

Hanamaru: Kadomatsu pine arrangement? QuestionMark

Mari: How about this? A red camellia here, with a black ribbon tied around the outside.

Dia: Also, let's keep the stems at different lengths. The asymmetry will give it a more interesting vibe.

Hanamaru: Wow! That's such a pretty arrangement, zura.

Hanamaru: It makes mine look really plain in comparison. I guess that's because you study the art of floral arrangement, right, Dia?

Dia: *Chuckle* Hanamaru, I think yours are splendid. They're perfect examples of the traditional style. MusicNote

Mari: Today, we'll have Dia teach us the heart and soul of floral arrangement! MusicNote

Hanamaru: Okay, zura!

Hanamaru: *Giggle* HeartBubble

Mari: Hmm? Did you think of something funny, Hanamaru?

Hanamaru: Yup. Just thinking about how, as an only child, I never really played much with any of the kids in other grades.

Hanamaru: This get-together made me feel like I had two wonderful big sisters, and I guess I got so happy I just had to giggle, zura! MusicNote

Mari: Aww. That is so adorable! HeartBubble

Dia: *Chuckle* Apparently I've got another little sister in addition to Ruby!

Mari: Hold on, there. hanamaru plus the other freshmen and sophomores makes six little sisters total. And the two of us and Kanan are their three big sisters!

Dia: R-Really? I guess we're just one big happy family. Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: *Laughs* Yay! I'm so happy, zura. HeartBubble

Mari: Once we finish the decorations, it'll be time to move on to the food.

Hanamaru: Prep work is the most important part. If you don't get everything just right, you won't receive all the blessings the new year brings.

Dia: Indeed. If we're to greet the new year properly, and take Aqours to new places, we'll have to put forth our best effort!

Hanamaru: Every family does something different for their Hew Year's feast, but we should be able to get all the prep work done together.

Mari: Today's effort will determine the flavor of our New Year's feast!

Dia: Yes. Just think, a new year is right around the corner. I can't wait to see what it brings! MusicNote

Story 3

Chika: The new year has arrived!

Together: Happy New Year!

Chika: *Giggle* It feels like it's been ages since all nine of us got together. MusicNote

Riko: It hasn't really been that long, but I'm still glad I get to see everyone again!

You: Maybe everyone's been excited for today! Hey, what the-

Dia: Mari! Hanamaru! Time to pound the mochi. Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Leave it to me, zura! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: Hi-yah!

Mari: Hah! Hyah! Hrah! Shiny! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: Heave-ho! Heave-ho! Exclaimationpoint

You: Wow, they are totally synchronized! Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: Amazing... Hanamaru's really good at flipping over the mochi. MusicNote

Chika: Everyone should try their hand at it. At my house, we always pound our own mochi for New Year's.

Kanan: After we've pounded the mochi, let's all make ozoni soup with that mochi!

Yoshiko: Sounds like a blast. Count me in! MusicNote

Riko: Wow, look at all these ingredients! It's like a TV cooking show!

Ruby: Mari, Dia, and Hanamaru have been making all sorts of preparations since the end of last year. It's amazing!

Yoshiko: And now it's time for Yohane and her little demons to take the stage, right?

Kanan: They say every locale has a unique flavor to its New Year's ozoni soup. What's it like in Tokyo?

Riko: Hmm, let me think... I feel like Shizuoka and Tokyo are pretty close...

Mari: That's right! That's a very important point, Kanan. Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: Wh-What's very important? Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Forty-seven prefectures, each with its own unique flavor of ozoni soup?

Yoshiko: Heh. I get it now. Yohane sees all!

Yoshiko: This means we must aim to become the 48th flavor! Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Good idea! Well said, Yohane. HeartBubble

Chika: Yeah! Aqours ozoni soup. This sounds like so much fun. Let's make it together! MusicNote

Hanamaru: We've got broth, shiitake mushrooms, parsley, wheat gluten, spinach, the works! We're all set, zura!

Dia: All right everyone. Shall we get started on making ozoni a l'Aqours?

You: H-Holy smokes... is this spiny lobster?! This is ikura salmon roe, and that's Hida beef?!

Mari: Indeed, indeed! It'd be a shame to let any of it go to waste, so let's make sure we use it all.

Riko: You've got to be kidding me... those are all world-class gourmet ingredients. Exclaimationpoint

Chika: This is gonna be the soup dreams are made of. Oh, I have an idea. Let's garnish it with mikan orange peel instead of yuzu.

Kanan: Good idea! Chika is the face of Aqours, and when you think of Chika, you think of mikan. MusicNote

Yoshiko: Heh, heh, heh. And it'll need lots of Yohane's magic if I'm to invite those who partake of this dark feast to the underworld.

Dia: That sounds suspicious. Very suspicious. BlueLines

Ruby: Get a whiff, sis. The colors are a bit wild, but it smells delicious. HeartBubble

Mari, Yoshiko: It's done! MusicNote

Chika: Wow! I wonder if our Aqours ozoni will be super tasty. Exclaimationpoint

Chika: If you please, Hanamaru. Exclaimationpoint

Mari: Chef Hanamaru! Please do us the honor of taste testing our ozoni a l'Aqours! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: *Stare* Ellipses

Yoshiko: Th-This is kind of tense... Sweatdrop

Hanamaru: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. Well, it has a grotesque look unbecoming of ozoni, but it has a rich, full-bodied aroma, zura.

Hanamaru: Well then. Let the tasting commence, zura. MusicNote

Mari: *Gulp*

Hanamaru: *Chew* *Chew* Ellipses

Yoshiko: What's the verdict, Zuramaru?! Your poker face is completely unreadable! Sweatdrop

Hanamaru: Whew...

Ruby: *Buh-dum* *Buh-dum* This is so tense, my heart feels like it's gonna explode.

You: Chef Hanamaru. Please grade the ozoni a l'Aqours!

Hanamaru: It's marvelous, zura. This is an incredible dish, with a flavor only Aqours could have produced, zura! HeartBubble

Together: Hooray! MusicNote

Yoshiko: I predicted this from the beginning. *Snicker* Feel the power of Yohane's dark magic!

Dia: Seriously?

Mari: What a shiny soup. Tee-hee. We've created a whole new class of culinary delight! MusicNote

Chika: Aaaah... It's so good. Mmm... Absolutely delicious. HeartBubble

Kanan: It totally is! This might be enough to put our town on the map as the home of the 48th ozoni soup flavor! MusicNote

Riko: Put the town on the map? I think you're getting a bit too grandoise.

Chika: Nothing wrong with that! If our soup made Uchiura, Uranohoshi, and Aqours world-famous that'd be awesome.

Ruby: But a soup this good... I'm not sure even my holiday gift money would be enough to afford a bowl.

Hanamaru: That's true... With so many gourmet ingredients, we could never get our hands on this with our own money, zura.

Mari: *Giggle* Please. The dish will have spiny lobster, Hida beef, Silkie chicken, eel, and all kinds of top shelf ingredients. And the cost will be...

Kanan: Will be...?!

Mari: Zero yen! MusicNote

Ruby, Hanamaru: Wow! Awesome! MusicNote

Yoshiko: Heck yeah! We can totally sell ozoni a l'Aqours! Exclaimationpoint

Dia: We can't sell this! Even if we did, we wouldn't make a single yen. You do realize that?! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: You'll change your tune after you try this shiny ozoni a l'Aours, Dia. Open wide, zura! MusicNote

Dia: Aah... Oh! I can't believe something that looks so awful could taste so good!

Yoshiko: From a fallen angel's perspective, it looks as good as it tastes! MusicNote

Riko: *Giggle* Ozoni a l'Aqours turned out to be a huge hit.

Kanan: After we've finished our soup and the rest of the osechi food we brought, let's go out for our first temple visit of the new year.

You: I second that! MusicNote

Chika: Argh, I can't take it any more! I can't sit and stare at this scrumptious soup for another second!

Mari: Yes, yes. All right everyone, bon appetit! MusicNote

Together: Yeah! MusicNote

Story 4

Chika: Ahh, that soup was out of this worl. I'm so full, I just wanna lie down and go to sleep. HeartBubbleYoshiko: Ozoni a l'Aqours... Tee-hee. Forget being the 48th national flavor. We could take the top spot.

Dia: Putting the town on the map might not be so far-fetched after all.

Riko: *Giggle* I see you really took a liking to ozoni a l'Aqours, Dia.

Dia: Y-Yes, somewhat...

You: It's a delicious cause for celebration for celebration... We're setting sail for the new year on a high note. Let's keep up this momentum up all year!

Ruby, Hanamaru: Yeah! MusicNote

Kanan: Hey, now. You're not planning on stopping the celebrations after some soup and osechi dishes, are you?

Mari: Don't you dare say you forgot about the first shrine visit of the new year.

Chika: Oh, good call!

You: I think Chika was about to settle down for a nap.

Chika: N-No way. I'm not gonna start this year off like that! Sweatdrop

Ruby: My belly's so full, I dunno if I'll be able to fit into my kimono for the shrine visit...

Hanamaru: Kimono belts can always be loosened around the waist. Don't sweat it, zura! MusicNote

Kanan: What say we all get changed and head over to the temple?

Dia: It's sure to be crowded, so everyone take care not to get separated.

Chika: Okie-dokie!

Chika: Oops! Exclaimationpoint

You: What's wrong, Chika? QuestionMark

Chika: I think we should definitely get to the big shrine at some point, but there's somewhere else I wanna visit with you all first. Exclaimationpoint

Riko: ............................? QuestionMark

Kanan: Wait... Chika, are you talking about what I think you're talking about?

Chika: *Giggle* What do you think, Kanan? It's all right, isn't it? MusicNote

Kanan: Yup, I think so. All right, we'll head over there first and then get changed later. MusicNote

Mari: Hrmm... I see you two have something special in mind. We'll all follow your lead!

Riko: Hey... Isn't this the road...

You: It's the road we take for morning practice... That must mean...

Chika: *Giggle* Hurry up, everyone!

Kanan: Too late. I'm going first!

Chika: Hey, no fair, Kanan! I want to be in front!

You: If we're racing, no one's gonna beat me! Runner You Watanabe is entering the fray!

Dia: Oh... We can't go down without a fight, Mari. Shall we go? MusicNote

Mari: Sure! MusicNote

Riko: *Pant* *Gasp* Everyone... wait up! Sweatdrop

Hanamaru: *Huff* *Huff* These stairs go on forever, zura...

Yoshiko: At least we're burning the calories... from the soup and osechi dishes, right?

Ruby: Good point! I'll try to climb these as fast as I can.

Chika: Hey, everyone! Over here!

You: Great job, girls! Have some water and take a break.

Ruby: *Wheeze* *Wheeze* We made it...

Yoshiko: Argh... How can you all be this fast? We're not even running on flat ground.

Chika: Look. This is the place I wanted to take everyone.

Dia: I see... So this is the shrine we're visiting first this year.

Mari: I suppose this is the shrine that holds the most meaning for all of us.

Chika: It may not be a big, extravagant shrine that you'd normally bother to put on a kimono for, but we've been coming here since we were kids, right Kanan?

Kanan: Yup! We've climbed these stairs more times than I can count.

Riko: There was a huge, marvelous shrine near Otonokizaka, but Uchiura has an even better place, I see.

Chika: Uh-huh! MusicNote

You: If you've been coming here since you were kids... Then this shrine has watched over us all this time.

Yoshiko: Maybe it's even watched me fall from grace...

Ruby: I'm sure they've watched over you to ensure that every step of your journey downward was epic! MusicNote

Chika: I wonder if the gods were surprised to see us become school idols?

Hanamaru: You think they're cheering for us, too?

Dia: *Chuckle* Let's pray that they continue to watch over us in the days ahead.

Kanan: We've had lessons here a bunch of times, too.

Mari: I thought it was nice place to practice in private, but now I realize we might've had people watching us up close the whole time.

Chika: Yeah! I say we show our gratitude by singing a song right here and now! Exclaimationpoint

You: Yeah! And then let's have a full practice! MusicNote

Hanamaru: I'm in, zura. It's been days since we're all practiced together! MusicNote

Dia: W-Wait just a minute! We agreed to take a break from practice over the holidays.

Ruby: Dia, you have a really happy look on you face right now. MusicNote

Dia: Urk! I, err... I suppose I do, but... MusicNote

Yoshiko: What's the big deal? Too much self-deprivation is poisonous to the body. Of course, I've got maximum poison resistance. MusicNote

Chika: *Inhale*...

You: Chika?

Chika: I promise to practice hard, have lots of live shows, and be the best school idol I can be! Exclaimationpoint

Chika: So please continue to watch over us this year as well! MusicNote

Mari: What a great way to greet the gods in the new year. We could all take a lesson from you, Chika! MusicNoteChika: *Giggle* Let's make this the best year ever for Aqours!

Together: Yeah! MusicNote



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