Setsubun and Valentine's Edit

Getting ready for Setsubun. Who's gonna be the demon?!

Story 1

Hanamaru: One horn, or two... Three might be kinda neat too! MusicNoteYoshiko: Zuramaru, what're you drawing? A-Are these...

Chika: What cute little demon faces! Hanamaru, what's the story behind these?

Hanamaru: Tee-hee. I'm designing demon masks for the Setsubun festivities, zura.

Yoshiko: I was wondering why you were drawing demon heads! So they're masks, huh?

Ruby: Wow, no kidding. You even put little holes by the ears for the straps! You're really talented, Hanamaru.

Hanamaru: Thanks! My family's temple is having a Setsubun celebration during our next break. HeartBubble

Hanamaru: We're inviting the kids from the local kindergarten and having a big bean-throwing party.

Hanamaru: It's nothing fancy, but we are going to have snacks with the children afterwards.

Chika: Wow, it's already time for Setsubun, huh? That all sounds really cool, Hanamaru!

You: Is there anything we can do to help, Hanamaru?

Hanamaru: Whoa, you're willing to help? That'd be wonderful, zura!

Riko: We don't get many opportunities to help with temple celebrations. I think we'd all love to give it a try, especially if it'll aid you.

You: What Riko said. I volunteer to help at the temple!

Hanamaru: Wow, thank you so much! I found myself some reliable helpers, zura. MusicNote

Hanamaru: One problem is that we don't have enough people to play the demons and wear these masks I'm designing...

Chika: I get to be the demon? Oh, boy. Now I'm getting excited!!

Mari: This all sounds very entertaining. Maybe I should be a cute little demonic wife, too! HeartBubble

Dia: Demonic wife isn't what we're going for here, Mari.

Dia: I think it'd be a great experience for Aqours to participate in a local event. Plus, it sounds like a good time.

Kanan: Are we all gonna be demons? Nine demons sounds a bit overwhelming. But at the same time, I know it'd be fun. Let me help, too!

Hanamaru: Wow! If everyone pitched in, this will be one of the most special Setsubun events we've ever had, zura. HeartBubble

Ruby: Okay, Hanamaru. What should we do first?

Hanamaru: I need to work on the masks a bit longer. In the meantime, you can get the beans for the bean throwing, and buy snacks for the kids to eat afterwards.

Yoshiko: We've already finished practice for today. Who wants to head down to the shops by the train station?

Chika: Me! Let's get some tasty treats! I'm starving!

Riko: Chika... You're going to buy snacks to eat today too, aren't you?

Chika: *Giggle* Am I that obvious? After all that practice, my body's craving something sweet. Sweatdrop

Ruby: Wow, look at how many stores are decorated for Valentine's Day! How cute... HeartBubble

Chika: The bakery, the florist, the general store... Valentine's Day is everywhere!

Dia: Well, it's that time of year. All the stores are running some kind of promotion with hearts and chocolates.

Mari: Will you be giving chocolates to anyone special, Chika?

Chika: H-Huh? I don't have anyone special in mind... That's part of the reason writing lyrics for our romantic songs is so tough. Sweatdrop

Chika: How about you, Mari? Do you have someone special in mind?

Mari: Indeed I do! Eight of them, in fact. HeartBubble

You: E-Eight?! That's way too many people! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: You're overreacting, You. She's talking about all of us.

Mari: Correct. You're as sharp as a tack, Kanan. Yes, this year I'm giving presents to everyone in Aqours! HeartBubble

Dia: My blood ran cold for a moment there. Thank goodness you're just talking about friends. Sweatdrop

Kanan: Oh, come on, Dia. You didn't seriously think... Exclaimationpoint

Ruby: Valentine's Day... I hope that someday I find someone I like enough that I'll want to learn how to make chocolates.

Dia: Don't put it off until then. You should start learning and practicing now.

Dia: The act of giving chocolates to a romantic partner is just a Japanese custom.

Dia: The original intent of Valentine's Day was to show your gratitude as well as love to anyone you want to.

Ruby: Oh! Then I wanna make friendship chocolate for everyone, too! Let's go buy some ingredients together! MusicNote

Yoshiko: F-Friendship chocolate! One of the most fulfilling real-life activities performed by normal high school girls...

Yoshiko: I must get on this band wagon and get a step closer to becoming a normal high school girl!

Kanan: Well, we've got our beans for throwing. Now we just need snacks for the kids.

Hanamaru: Kanan, I need you advice on something, zura.

Kanan: Hmm? What's up?

Hanamaru: Part of the event is teaching the kids about Setsubun customs, so we'd like to have them eat the same number of beans as their age.

Hanamaru: I'm worried they won't like the taste of roasted soybeans.

Kanan: Good point. I think they're tasty as-is, but kindergarten kids might not find them that tasty.

Ruby: Hanamaru, Hanamaru! I've got a great idea! Exclaimationpoint

Hanamaru: What's up? Whoa, that's a ton of chocolate! QuestionMark

Ruby: *Giggle* I wanna try a whole bunch of different things. Anyways, since both Setsubun and Valentine's are in February, why don't we combine the two? MusicNote

Hanamaru: Combine Setsubun... and Valentine's, zura?

Ruby: Yeah! I figure if we coat the roasted soybeans with chocolate, the kids won't have as much of a problem eating them.

Hanamaru: That's brilliant, Ruby! I bet they would love chocolate covered soybeans! Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: *Chuckle* Well, that's one problem solved. I'll go on and arrange for us to borrow a kitchen. MusicNote

Mari: Everyone! The wrapping mission is complete!

Kanan: And it looks like our present-wrapping team has just wrapped up, too.

Riko: Mari introduced us to a general store with the cutest stuff. We got all kinds of ribbons and bags that the kids are sure to love.

Chika: Yeah! I didn't know there was a store that sold such cute stuff.

Kanan: Hmm? Wasn't Yoshiko on the wrapping team, too?

Riko: Yoshiko went off on a detour. She said she had to buy supplies to, and I quote, "master the ultimate art of a fulfilling life, fallen angel-style."

Kanan: The ultimate art of a fulfilling life, fallen angel-style...? QuestionMark

Story 2

Chika: First, we roast the soybeans. You're up, Ruby!

Ruby: *Screech* Ch-Chika, soybeans don't explode like popcorn, do they? Is this safe? Exclaimationpoint

Dia: For shame, Ruby. Of course they're different. Soybeans don't explode when you roast them.

Ruby: I-I'm sorry, Dia. Since Chika's holding the pot lid up like a shield, I thought they might start flying everywhere.

Chika: Wait, they don't pop?

Dia: No, they don't pop! If they'd call it the Pop Bean festival, not Setsubun! Exclaimationpoint

Story 3


Story 4




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