Ayumi Torii
Kanji 鳥居歩美
School Seiran High School
Grade 2
Gender Female
Birthday March 8
Blood type A
Height 154cm
Three sizes B77 / W56 / H76
Hobbies Making Candy

Ayumi Torii is a student at Seiran High School.



Ayumi Torii (Normal #14)
14Ayumi Max Level: 40 14idolizedAyumi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 590 PureIcon 1900 CoolIcon 670
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Ayumi Torii (Normal #466)
466Ayumi Max Level: 40 466idolizedAyumi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1980 PureIcon 720 CoolIcon 500
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Ayumi Torii (Normal #767)
767Ayumi Max Level: 40 767idolizedAyumi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 540 PureIcon 680 CoolIcon 2020
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Ayumi Torii (Normal #896)
896Ayumi Max Level: 40 896idolizedAyumi
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 690 PureIcon 2060 CoolIcon 530
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

PureIconSelf-Introduction (#14)

Ayumi: I'm Ayumi Torii. I'm only going to say it once, so you better remember!
Ayumi: Hobbies? I like making sweets... QuestionMark
Ayumi: Oh, that reminds me. I baked some cookies, would you like some?
Ayumi: Hah? No, I didn't bake them just for you! Exclaimationpoint
Ayumi: Anyway, cookies come later. Right now, it's time for practice!

SmileIconBe Honest (#466)

Ayumi: Hrmm, I recreated the fairy outfit perfectly, but I'm not sure it befits me.
Ayumi: Stop staring. Don't bug me. Exclaimationpoint
Ayumi: ............
Ayumi: Does this suit me?

Ayumi: I'm asking you if I'd look goof as a fairy.
Ayumi: Whatever, I already know the answer. You don't think it'd look good on me at all, do you? Sweatdrop
Ayumi: Huh? You do? Wow, it doesn't take much to please you, does it?
Ayumi: Well, if you wanna see me in it that badly, I guess I'll try it on. I warn you, if you say it doesn't look good after all this effort, I'm gonna clobber you. MusicNote

CoolIconMatching Outfits (#767)

Ayumi: This one's kinda meh... This one doesn't match...

Ayumi: Whoa. When did you get here? I've told you numerous times to let me know beforehand if you're going to come to the club room. Exclaimationpoint

Ayumi: Well, since you're here, help me think. I chose some new outfits, but I'm worried they're missing the mark.

Ayumi: Our next show is circus-themed, and the costumes have a nice, classic circus feel. Cute, right?

Ayumi: But I feel like I can add some smaller touches to really punch it up, giving it a more lighthearted ambience. Maybe I'll ask Akiru and Shizuku for their opinions. QuestionMark

Ayumi: Hmm? What kind of performer am I dressing as? The most illustrious role in the circus, obviously. The lion tamer!

Ayumi: Lion.. tamer! That's it! I need a lion tamer's whip! Exclaimationpoint

Ayumi: Perfect! It completes the look and sets the right tone. Heh, heh. Nice job. MusicNote

PureIconA Secret Letter (#896)

Ayumi: Huh? There's a letter in my desk...

Ayumi: *Gasp* Exclaimationpoint

Ayumi: C-Could this be a l-l-love letter?!

Ayumi: W-Wow, I'm flattered, but I can't return the sentiment! This is nothing more than an annoyance! Err... I guess.

Ayumi: You know why I can't reciprocate, right?

Ayumi: Really? *Sigh* All right, listen carefully. Sweatdrop

Ayumi: We are school idols. There are huge swaths of people who love us and consider us dear to their hearts. We can't give ourselves to just one person!

Ayumi: Now wipe that smirk off you face! This is really embarrassing. Don't tell anyone else about this, or I'll never forgive you.


Home ScreenEdit

  • ほら、さっさとする! (Pure only)
    Hurry up and get a move on already!
  • ま、今日は特別に付き合ってあげるわ (Pure only)
    Well, I'll make an exception today and come with you.
  • ……余計な気遣いはいらないわ (Pure only)
    ...I don't want your unnecessary concern.
  • 邪魔しないで。今朝作ったマドレーヌをあげるから、向こうに行ってちょうだい (Smile only)
    Don't bother me. I'll give you some of the madeleines I made this morning, so go away.
  • ……悪かったわ。ちょっとキツく言い過ぎちゃったみたい (Smile only)
    ...Sorry. I guess I went overboard when I said that.
  • 亜矢は緊張しすぎなのよ。もっと自分らしさを押し出せばいいのに (Smile only)
    Aya's way too nervous. All she has to do is highlight more of her own character.

Tapping the CharacterEdit

  • …なによ?
    ...What do you want?
  • うっとうしいわね!
    You're so annoying!


  • ストーリー、見てないのがあるみたい。 (When there are unread stories)
    It looks like there's a story you haven't read.
  • ほら、ライブするんでしょ? (When there are new live stages)
    Come on, aren't we doing a live?



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