Summer Festival Fortunes Edit

The summer festival rocks! / Fortunes are serious!

Story 1

Honoka: Today's the summer festival! What should I eat? What should I see? MusicNoteKotori: You look so happy, Honoka!

Umi: You look really happy, too, Kotori!

Kotori: Putting on a yukata makes me happy. Hee hee. HeartBubble

Eli: It's still early. I don't know about you, but it doesn't quite feel like a summer festival yet.

Nozomi: I think early festivals still have their own charm, though. There's so many cute little kids here. MusicNote

Hanayo: Oh, there you are! Hi, everyone!

Maki: What's up, Hanayo?

Hanayo: Over there, they have a place where you can draw on paper lanterns! Let's all go and do it!

Nico: Your own picture on a paper lantern, huh?

Umi: I'm really not very good at drawing... Do you think I can write everything down instead?

Nozomi: I don't see why not. It's your lantern, you can make it the way you want it. MusicNote

Eli: All right, let's go do it!

Eli: What do you think? Is everyone done? What did you draw, Maki?

Maki: This is mine.

Honoka: Oh! All the musical notes are all lined up, it's so cute! That's just like you, Maki, since you like music so much. MusicNote

Hanayo: This is mine.

Nozomi: That's a mountain of rice bowls. You never change, Hanayo.

Hanayo: Heh heh... What about you, Rin?

Rin: I drew a kitty cat! Meow!

Umi: Somehow that kind of looks like you, Rin... Especially the pose.

Rin: This Rin-cat is saying "Yay!" MusicNote

Kotori: I drew a little bird. Honoka, you wrote... "ho"? QuestionMark

Honoka: Yeah! It's the "ho" in "Honoka"! It match the T-shirt I wear when I practice.

Eli: What did you write, Umi?

Umi: This.

Eli: S... "Simple solutions for complex problems"? BlueLines

Nico: Um, please don't cut the poor lantern, OK? BlueLines

Umi: I won't. Exclaimationpoint

Rin: What did Nozomi write? Hug attack? QuestionMark

Nozomi: Yeah! It's cute, and it's very me.

Nico: That's a scary lantern... BlueLines

Nozomi: Really? I think it's cute. What did you draw, Eli?

Hanayo: µ's with 9 hearts around it? QuestionMark

Kotori: Adorable! HeartBubble

Umi: I see. So each one of those hearts represents one of us, then?

Nico: Hmmph. Everybody's so ordinary! All that stuff's pretty old-fashioned, don't you think?

Honoka: Huh? Old-fashioned? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: So then what did you write, Nico?

Nico: Hee hee. Read it and weep. Here's mine!

Eli: Nico Yazawa in the Roman alphabet...?

Nozomi: Huh... You just wrote your own name on it, Nico-cchi!

Maki: You don't have to write your name on your lantern to keep people from stealing it.

Rin: But if you lose it or something, then you can relax, because your name's on it. Pretty smart, Nico! MusicNote

Nico: Wha? N-no! You've all got it all wrong! You're wrong, you're so wrong! Anger

Kotori: What's wrong, Nico?

Nico: This! This is an autograph from the school idol Nico Yazawa! I'm not just writing my name on it to mark it as mine!

Honoka: Oh, it's an autograph! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: I wonder if we'll ever get the opportunity to give out autographs?

Nico: Of course we will. That's a give. That's why you should make sure you're prepared for when that day comes.

Hanayo: Wow, Nico. That was pretty cool.

Nico: Furthermore, early autographs are worth more since they're rare.

Eli: Really? So this is valuable?

Nico: Well, maybe not right now... But someday! It'll definitely be worth a lot more in the future!

Kotori: A lantern that you've signed yourself... Pretty cool.

Nico: Isn't it? I don't mind if you all want to copy me. MusicNote

Maki: Hey, it looks like it's gotten dark since we started drawing. The faint light from the lanterns is really beautiful.

Rin: This is exciting! This is when the real festival begins. MusicNote

Story 2

Rin: I can't eat anything more... My stomach is so full. This is happiness...

Hanayo: Are you two taking a break? Ok, then I'm going to go buy some more roasted squid and buttered potatoes.

Honoka: Whoa... You can still eat, Hanayo? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: That's Hanayo for you... She's always so full of energy.

Honoka: The best thing about summer festivals has to be the delicious food stand everywhere. Oh, I'm so full!

Kotori: Hee hee. Honoka loves summer festivals.

Nozomi: Shall we join in the Bon Dance?

Kotori: Sure. I'd love to join in.

Umi: Is that so? I'll wait for you all here.

Nozomi: What are you saying? You're dancing too, Umi.

Kotori: Hurry up!

Umi: Oh! All right, don't push me... Sweatdrop

Eli: I'm glad it looks like everyone is having fun. Summer's the season for festivals.

Maki: Yeah, it's great.

Eli: ...You don't seem to be having any fun?

Maki: That's not it. Well... Really... I never know what to do at events like this.

Eli: Oh, I know how you feel. I don't know about you, but I think it was much easier to relax and have fun when I was a kid. Maybe?

Nico: Ahh! I knew it! I'm the strongest!

Nico: Adorable Nico basks in the limelight wherever she goes!

Maki: I have no idea what you're talking about... But at least you seem to be having fun.

Eli: Nico, why are you the strongest?

Nico: Because at the target stand I won a stuffed animal, and the manager said, "You're cute, so I'll let you take another shot."

Nico: Oh, is my beauty that disarming? Maybe go just favors me? HeartBubble

Maki: Or maybe he was just treating you like a kid?

Nico: I know, it's not very fair. Here, I'll give you my stuffed animals... Here, Eli. Here, Maki. HeartBubble

Eli: Huh? This stuffed lion is adorable.

Maki: Hey... Why'd you give me the gorilla? Didn't you have anything cuter? Anger

Nico: Gorillas look like they'd be really good at studying, don't they? So I thought it would fit your personality.

Maki: ...I guess so.

Nico: More importantly, you two should be having fun. Why bother coming to a festival if all you're going to do is watch?

Eli: You're right... What do you want to do, Maki? It's OK to just try things out and see, too.

Maki: I don't really need to do anything...

Eli: Really? We're at a festival, so go ahead and open up. OK?

Maki: ...Umm... Then... I kinda want... a balloon yo-yo...

Nico: All right, we'll go get one! What about you, Eli?

Eli: Hmm... Let's see... I think I'd like a candied apple.

Nico: OK. After we get a ballon yo-yo, then we'll get candied apples! All right, if you're going to make me look after you two, then the least you could do is hurry up!

Maki: What about you, Nico? Isn't there anything you want to do?

Nico: Me? I want to look at the masks!

Maki: Really? You're just like a kid.

Eli: Let me guess, you're going to get a warrior mask? The you can be "Nico Ranger"?

Nico: It-it doesn't matter what kind of mask it is! Come on, let's go already!

Maki: If you insist...

Eli: Maki's so bad at expressing her feelings.

Eli: Then again, I'm the same.

Eli: Nico! Maki! I want to go see the shrine next!

Story 3

Hanayo: You know, you know, she guessed exactly what I want the most right now...

Kotori: Wow, amazing! She always helps me when I'm having a hard tim.

Hanayo: She's got some power! MusicNote

Kotori: I agree, that's incredible! MusicNote

Honoka: What's up? What power are we talking about? QuestionMark

Hanayo: Nozomi's tarot reading power. She's always right!

Kotori: I want a consultation with Nozomi the next time I have a problem...

Nozomi: Sure, anytime. I'll tell everyone's fortunes. HeartBubble

Umi: Seeing a person's desires or futures in cards... It's pretty hard to believe.

Eli: But she does get it right, so there has to be something to it, right?

Umi: Well, yes. There certainly are a lot of things in this world that can't be explained with science.

Rin: There's a lot of things I don't know, but I know that Nozomi is amazing.

Nozomi: There's an incredibly strong power hidden inside my cards. MusicNote

Nico: Huh? Then can you tell me what kind of questions are on my next test?

Maki: You're asking her for help, even though you're looking down on here for it?

Nozomi: Do you want to know what will happen if you waste my power on trivialities?

Nico: Huh? Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Tickle attack! Tickle attack! Tickle attack!

Nico: Eeeeeeeeeek! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: I wonder if Nozomi gains some kind of power from her tickle attack? BlueLines

Hanayo: Why don't you get your fortune told next, Maki? She's really good at it, and you'll get some advice out of it.

Maki: I, um...

Nozomi: You're welcome to it anytime.

Kotori: Is there anything bothering you right now, Maki?

Maki: Well, yeah. There's some stuff...

Kotori: Yeah. MusicNote

Maki: Bu-but it's not really something I can talk about.

Kotori: Huh?

Maki: I don't really believe in unscientific things like fortune telling, anyway.

Nozomi: ...

Hanayo: Bu-but she's always right! Sweatdrop

Maki: But... There's no reason for it to be right. It's silly.

Nozomi: What? You don't believe in my power, Maki?

Maki: Well...

Maki: Sorry. I-I have to go.

Rin: Where are you going?

Maki: Does it matter? See you tomorrow.

Kotori: Maki...

Eli: I don't think she was trying to criticize you, Nozomi. I think she just didn't want to talk about it.

Nico: Well, don't let it get you down, Nozomi... Wait, whoa! You really look like you're scheming something! Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: She won't be able to understand my fortune-telling abilities until she experiences them for herself.

Nozomi: You're all going to help out, right?

Rin: S-she's scary... Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Hee hee... Hee hee hee...

Story 4

Maki: It doesn't matter if you tell my fortune, Nozomi... I just don't believe in your cards.

Nozomi: Huh... Maki Nishikino...

Maki: ...Wh-what?

Nozomi: On today's tests, you got a 98 in math, a 99 in English, and a 92 in literature. Pretty close to perfect scores.

Maki: Wha...? How did you know that? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: The new swimsuit you bought yesterday is a bikini with tropical print. MusicNote

Maki: Huh? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Rin has invited you to go to a ramen shop after school. MusicNote

Maki: Wait a minute! How did you know all that Nozomi?

Nozomi: Oh, I know all of this because of my spiritual powers, of course!

Maki: Scary... Why do you know this?

Nozomi: And because you still don't believe in spiritual powers, Maki Nishikino, I will tell you what color panties you're wearing today...

Maki: Hey! All right! All right, already! I believe! Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Hee hee... Really?

Maki: Really! I believe, so stop already...

Rin: Hey, Nozomi!

Rin: I asked Maki out to a ramen shop, just like you asked! Oh! Ma-Maki... Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Oops...

Maki: What... What's the meaning of this? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Ha ha ha... Just a little more, and it would've worked.

Kotori: So, the reason that Nozomi asked everybody about their conversations with Maki today was...

Honoka: surprise Maki by showing her just how great her fortune-telling skills were?

Maki: In other words, she was saying, "My fortune-telling skills are great," while making all these arrangement on the side...

Nozomi: Ha ha ha... That was your punishment for making fun of my fortune-telling skills.

Maki: Well, it wasn't very nice of me to call it silly in the first place. Sweatdrop

Eli: But... You could've predicted Maki's troubles without going to all this trouble, right, Nozomi?

Nozomi: I already know what's troubling Maki, yes.

Maki: Wh-what? I haven't told anyone... about my troubles... Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: You still haven't come up with a new song for the festival, right?

Maki: Ho-how did you know that? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: And you really wanted to ask all of us for help, right?

Maki: Well... Yes, but...

Honoka: Huh? Really?

Kotori: I see... You should've said something earlier.

Maki: The School Idol Festival's getting closer, but I haven't been able to make a new song yet... And everyone's already so busy...

Maki: But no matter how much I think about it, I just can't come up with anything good...

Umi: Well then, we should all think about what kind of song we want to perform...

Eli: We could all think about lyrics, too.

Rin: Performing together at the School Idol Festival... A song that we wrote together...

Maki: Everyone...

Nico: Maki, you need to have more faith in us... I'll come up with the perfect song for us. MusicNote

Maki: That actually makes me a little nervous...

Maki: ...Thank you, Nozomi...



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