The Tastiest Season Edit

Fall is the season of food.

Story 1

Honoka: Hee hee...

Honoka: Hee hee... Heh heh...

Kotori: Huh? What is it, Honoka? QuestionMark

Honoka: I, um... Hee hee...

Umi: If she's giggling this badly... Then it must be something to do with food.

Honoka: Ha ha! You're right, Umi! Take a look at this! MusicNote

Umi: This... This is a stamp card for that bread shop you always go to, isn't it?

Honoka: That's right! It's a stamp card, and I only need one more stamp to fill it!

Kotori: Wow, that's great, Honoka!

Honoka: Finally! I've been going there every day.

Umi: Mind if I take a look at it?

Kotori: Wow, that's a lot of stamps!

Umi: Y-you have to eat 300 pastries to fill that card?! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Yeah, I've been working hard! MusicNote

Umi: It says, "Customers who fill this card will receive a very special gift."

Kotori: A "very special gift," huh? I wonder what it could be?

Honoka: I have no idea what it is, either. I've asked the staff at the bread shop, but they won't tell me.

Kotori: Maybe it's a special plate for serving bread? It'd be really cute if it had a picture of bread on it.

Umi: It could be a coupon of some kind.

Kotori: But if it were me, I'd be hoping it was material with a bread pattern on it. Then I could make a bread outfit! MusicNote

Honoka: That would be great, Kotori! You could make an archery uniform for Umi out of it... That'd be so cute.

Umi: No, thanks!

Honoka: I-I was just kidding. What kind of prize would you want, Umi? Sweatdrop

Umi: That's a good question... I'm not really interested in prizes, so another loaf of bread would be enough for me.

Honoka: I see! I'm sure there isn't anyone who wouldn't be happy with more bread!

Kotori: Hee hee. Honoka really loves her bread, doesn't she?

Umi: Well, you'll find out the next time you go to the bread shop, won't you?

Honoka: That's right! Ooh, now I really want to know what the prize is!

Honoka: That's it! I'm headed to the bread shop right now!

Kotori: Huh? You're going now?

Honoka: I'll be right back. See you later!

Kotori: Well, she left...

Umi: Ignoring the fact that she was motivated by a prize, there's something to be said for her level of enthusiasm.

Umi: Honoka's been gone for a while now...

Kotori: I wonder what she got. I'm all excited to find out!

Honoka: Hey! Umi! Kotori!

Umi: She's back!

Honoka: Sorry I ended up taking so long. I was talking about the prize!

Kotori: Show us what you got, Honoka! MusicNote

Honoka: Oh, yeah... It was this!

Umi: That's just a plain white piece of paper... QuestionMark

Honoka: It's great! It's really amazing! It's the biggest news ever!

Honoka: They're going to let me come up with my own original bread, and then make it for me! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: You're going to come up...

Umi: ...with an original bread?

Story 2

Eli: So, you're going to come up with a design and flavor, and the bread shop is going to make it for you?

Honoka: That's right! Isn't it awesome? MusicNote

Maki: That's pretty awesome. So, what kind of bread are you going to ask them to make?

Honoka: That's the thing... I like so many different kinds of bread, it's hard to choose. Sweatdrop

Kotori: She's been focused on it since yesterday. We should help her.

Hanayo: If that's the case, then everyone should name their favorite bread. Maybe that'll give us a clue.

Honoka: That's it! I need your help, everyone!

Nozomi: Oh, well, mine is definitely pork buns. Stuffed full with double filling, please.

Maki: Come to think of it, pork buns aren't really bread...

Nozomi: Well, they're just like bread.

Umi: I also like Chinese steamed buns. I think it's better to go with something not too sweet.

Nozomi: What about pork buns without the pork... Then again, the pork's the most delicious part, isn't it?

Eli: I like Russian fried buns called piroshki. I've made them myself, too. But they take a while to make, so I don't do it often.

Kotori: Piroshki handmade by Eli. Sounds delicious! HeartBubble

Nico: I like custard brioche, because it's just like me. Sweet and fluffy! It's the best. HeartBubble

Rin: You know, I've never looked at a custard brioche and thought it was like you, Nico.

Nozomi: I would've guessed you're more like a meatball sandwich.

Nico: No way! I'm a custard brioche! Anger

Hanayo: I'd like to try bread made out of rice.

Umi: Can you even make bread out of rice? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: I'm not sure how you'd make it, but it seems like it would be chewy and delicious. HeartBubble

Eli: That sounds just perfect for you, Hanayo. What about you, Maki?

Maki: I like sandwiches. You know, a little tomato and chicken seasoned with basil would be perfect.

Kotori: That sounds delicious. And quite stylish!

Rin: I want ramen bread! They make bread stuffed with other noodles, so ramen wouldn't be too hard, right?

Nozomi: That's a great idea! And if you added barbecued pork, it'd be really nutritious!

Hanayo: What about you, Kotori?

Kotori: Everyone's favorite breads sound so delicious... I can't decide...

Honoka: Um... Hmm... Let's see...

Umi: It looks like Honoka still can't decide. Maybe this backfired...

Honoka: All of your ideas really match your personalities... But I can't come up with anything that's like me.

Nozomi: Something just like you... It's hard to think of a bread that's as energetic as you.

Eli: What if you went home and asked your parents?

Honoka: Hah! That's it! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Whoa... Take it down a notch! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Ooh! Ooh! I've got the greatest, most amazing idea ever!

Rin: What is it?

Honoka: Bread, with Homura Bakery's red bean paste inside!

Hanayo: Huh... Ellipses

Honoka: It's like East meets West! Oh, I think I've finally got it. It's like my greatest invention!

Umi: Honoka... You know about sweet bean bread, right?

Honoka: Huh! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Honoka...

Eli: I wonder what happened with Honoka's bread?

Nozomi: She was really worried...

Honoka: Hey! Everyone! Here it is, the Honoka bread!

Kotori: Ah! Let me see! Let me see!

Rin: Is it ramen bread?

Umi: Wh-what's this? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: The bread... It has everyone's faces on it!

Hanayo: S-so cute!

Honoka: Heh heh. And inside is my family's red bean paste.

Nico: They made nine of them? Wow, this is amazing!

Honoka: Of course! I thought it would be a waste to just make bread for me...

Honoka: So I told the baker about you all, and they made these! They said we should call them the next time we have an event. MusicNote

Eli: It started out as just Honoka's bread... But it ended up being everyone's bread.

Kotori: Honoka's face looks so cute! Everyone's bread is cute! They look just like us! HeartBubble

Honoka: Yeah! Bread is the best! MusicNote

Story 3

Umi: How about we stop practice for a quick break?

Honoka: Great. I was just thinking I could use a break...

Kotori: Yeah. Practice is really fun, but taking breaks is important too.

Nico: So tired...

Hanayo: Om... Om nom...

Rin: Oh, you're eating a rice ball, Hanayo... Wish I had one...

Honoka: It looks delicious. Gulp...

Hanayo: I made a bunch. Please, everyone, help yourselves.

Honoka: All right! Thank you! MusicNote

Rin: You'll make a good wife!

Hanayo: Eep... Rin, you're embarrassing me!

Nozomi: Hanayo, your rice balls really are delicious!

Eli: Yeah, there's just the right amount of salt in them.

Kotori: Thank you for the food. I feel like I'm really ready to practice. MusicNote

Maki: Yeah. The second half of practice can be tiring, but after eating that rice ball, I feel revitalized.

Hanayo: That's right! Rice balls are great when you're exhausted from practice.

Hanayo: They're a good pick-me-up when you're tired in the morning. MusicNote

Hanayo: They're filling, so you don't get hungry in the middle of class...

Hanayo: The point is: I really recommend rice balls! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: That's amazing, Hanayo! You're like the rice ball master! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Uh... Heh heh...

Umi: Do you have any secrets to making your rice balls, Hanayo?

Nico: Oh, I want to know, too! Mine are pretty good, but yours are even better!

Hanayo: I'll teach you all everything I know!

Honoka: All right! Let's have a rice ball class! MusicNote

Kotori: I'm looking forward to the rice ball class!

Eli: Ha-ha! Today, Hanayo's the teacher.

Hanayo: Good morning!

Honoka: Good morning! Let's do our best today... Whoa! You carried all that rice here, Hanayo? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Yep! It's the rice for the class today. I figured we could split the leftovers... Ha ha.

Umi: But... That's over 20 pounds of rice!

Honoka: We already got rice. You didn't have to bring so much...

Hanayo: Of course I did, Honoka! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Huh?

Hanayo: The ingredients you use are the soul of rice balls! I brought the absolute best rice for making rice balls!

Honoka: Oh, I see! Ha ha ha... Sweatdrop

Hanayo: First, we have to prep the kitchen! Please wash your hands, everyone! Don't forget to clean under your nails too!

Together: Yes ma'am...

Nozomi: Hanayo's in serious teacher mode!

Rin: She's pretty cool like that! MusicNote

Nico: Heh, heh, heh. Challenge accepted!

Kotori: Um... So, let's work together and start making rice balls. Sweatdrop

Story 4

Honoka: OK, my hands are clean.

Nozomi: The rice looks like it's almost ready, so we can probably get started.

Umi: Even the water used to cook rice is important, huh? Looks like I'll be learning a lot today.

Kotori: It's all you, hanayo.

Hanayo: Ye-yes! Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Wha... Hanayo, your voice is shaking!

Hanayo: Th-thank you ev-everyone for co-coming today... Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Calm down, Hanayo...

Maki: I know how she feels. It can be pretty nerve-wracking to be the center of attention.

Eli: Even though we're school idols?

Maki: But that's completely different. Right, Hanayo?

Hanayo: E-Exactly! Someone help me...

Kotori: It's all right, Hanayo! Here, I'll help you out.

Nico: I can help yo too. With my adorable face up here, it'll draw everyone's attention off you.

Umi: That sounds like Nico's logic.

Hanayo: Thank you, Kotori and Nico. With you at my side, I'm sure to do great!

Honoka: Oh! It looks like the rice is ready.

Hanayo: Let me see... Aah! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: What's wrong, Hanayo? Did you not cook it properly? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: It-it's beautiful... And the smell... Yum! Today's rice ball class is sure to be a... success... HeartBubble

Eli: Is cooking the rice properly something to get surprised about?

Rin: Well, Hanayo really loves rice...

Kotori: Hanayo, I'll put the rest of the ingredients you brought over here, OK?

Nozomi: It looks like we're going to make some delicious rice balls today.

Hanayo: Today I brought salmon, pickled plums, seaweed, and leaf mustard. We're going to start by making plan rice balls.

Honoka: You say "plain" rice balls, but they still look really delicious.

Hanayo: Hee hee... The type may be plain, but that doesn't mean the flavor doesn't matter.

Umi: ...Om nom...

Maki: Hey, Umi! Why are you sneaking food?! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Huh? Sorry about that. They looked so good... I didn't even... Exclaimationpoint

Nico: I can't believe this! They're so delicious! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: You two are sneaky! I want to eat one, too...

Eli: So, the secret to making delicious rice balls is the ingredients, then?

Nozomi: It seems that way...

Hanayo: It's important to be particular about the rice and other ingredients, but that's not the most important part.

Kotori: Is that so? Well then, what is the most important?

Hanayo: The most important part is the emotion you put into making them. You need to think, "This will be delicious."

Hanayo: Just focus on those feelings, then channel them into the rice balls! HeartBubble

Honoka: These rice balls will be delicious!

Umi: I want the people that eat them to think they're delicious.

Hanayo: Heh heh. I don't think we really needed the rice ball class. Anyone can make them.

Maki: But, I've never thought about it that way.

Nozomi: So, what's really inside these rice balls is our feelings, huh?

Honoka: That's amazing, Hanayo! You're like the rice ball master!

Hanayo: That's a bit much, but thank you. Heh heh, shall we keep making rice balls together?

Together: Yeah!

Nico: Done! I made a "Love Nico" rice ball!

Rin: I'm done, too. It's not really triangle-shaped like it should be, but... it's full of my feelings!

Umi: Well then, shall we get to eating?

Eli: Yeah... But shouldn't we swap our rice balls first, so they taste eve better?

Honoka: Great idea, Eli! Time for a rice ball exchange!

Nozomi: Rin, your rice ball's delicious! It's full of love.

Rin: Kotori, the grains of rice in your rice ball are so fluffy!

Maki: Hey, Nico! Your "Love Nico" rice ball doesn't have anything in it!

Nico: That's because plain rice balls are the most delicious!

Maki: Really? ... I guess it's pretty good. BlueLines

Honoka: So yummy! This is the first time I've ever had such a delicious rice ball!



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