The Festival Begins! Edit

Everything's ready. The school idols are here!

Story 1

Rin: Where is everyone?

Hanayo: Seems like Eli and Nozomi are working on student council duties.

Hanayo: Stare...

Nico: Honoka and Umi are helping Kotori make costumes.

Rin: But... You'd think that Maki at least...

Nico: She said she needed to put the finishing touches to the song for the festival.

Hanayo: The School Idol Festival's almost here, huh? It seems everyone's busy getting ready.

Rin: Ugh... It's no fun when everyone's busy! BlueLines

Nico: Yeah, it looks like just the three of us are coming to practice today.

Hanayo: What kind of practice can we do with three people? Should we sing? Or dance?

Rin: It doesn't matter! How about we dance for now?

Hanayo: Yeah! All right. Let's start our warm-ups.

Nico: No good. You two are no good! If I had to give you a score for your attitude, it'd be zero!

Hanayo: Zero? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Bu-but why? We're trying to practice, so why would you give us a zero?

Nico: When you say "I guess we should practice," then there's no sense of purpose. There's no feeling in it.

Hanayo: No sense of purpose... QuestionMark

Nico: That's right! Every school idol in the country is preparing for the festival. They're constantly improving their technique. We need to step up our game!

Rin: Improving every technique... You mean they're working hard on their singing and dancing?

Nico: Of course singing and dancing are important, but they're not everything. There's still one area where we're lacking.

Hanayo: An area where we're lacking? What is it? QuestionMark

Rin: I've got it. I think it's funny faces! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Whether or not we make funny faces has nothing to do with being a school idol! Anger

Hanayo: Should we make scary faces, then?

Nico: That's not it, either! Anger

Rin: Oh! I've got it. We need to make strange faces, right? I'm the master of strange faces, you know. Watch.

Hanayo: Ah... Oh! Rin, you really shouldn't make that face in front of other people... Sweatdrop

Nico: Hey, stop it! Knock it off! Rin, if the public saw that strange face, it would ruin our image! Anger

Rin: But isn't it good to have one member of the group be a little unpredictable? HeartBubble

Nico: Rin, you're totally predictable! Anger

Rin: No, I'm not.

Hanayo: If it's not funny faces, or scary faces, or strange faces at all, then...

Rin: Angry faces!

Nico: Like I said, you're wrong! Get off the subject of faces already! What I'm trying to say is, it's our posing! Anger

Rin: When you say "posing," you mean striking a pose, right? Don't we already do enough of that during dance practice? QuestionMark

Hanayo: I wonder if we should pose like models.

Nico: Got it? The live atmosphere is very important to school idols!

Rin, Hanayo: Live atmosphere? QuestionMark

Nico: That's right! We school idols don't appear on TV, so when people come to our shows, they meet us for real. Exclaimationpoint

Nico: That's why when you're in a Live Show where anything can happen, you have to be able to react quickly and cutely.

Hanayo: That's right... Of course, you know just about everything about school idols, Nico!

Nico: Make sure you write this down.

Hanayo: OK! React quickly and cutely... MusicNote

Rin: It's OK to make strange faces and poses in front of the other members of µ's, but you don't really want to be strange in front of fans.

Nico: You've got it. During the School Idol Festival, I'm sure we'll be asked for many interviews, so now is the time for special training.

Hanayo: Special training? I'll do my best!

Nico: Today's mission is posing. Pose prettily at all times! Let's learn some school idol poses!

Together: Yeah!

Story 2

Rin: Speaking of posing, what kind of pose is good? QuestionMark

Nico: First, you should think about the situation you're in. If you do that, you should find it easy to move.

Rin: Huh? I don't really understand... Can you show me what you mean, Nico? QuestionMark

Nico: The roar of the waves... The smell of the sea... I've been walking on the beach.

Nico: Walking barefoot on the sand... It's just a little prickly on the bottom of your feet... But that gentle stimulation feels lovely... Hee hee.

Nico: Just then, on the other side of the beach... I see an outline of you. Is this what they call "fate"?

Rin: Oh, I get it! Hey, I've got one. Hanayo, pose like you just dripped broth from some soup on your clothes! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Hey! I'm not finished yet! Anger

Hanayo: Um... A pose like I've just dripped soup broth on my clothes... All right!

Hanayo: Oh... The soup broth dripped... BlueLines

Rin: Hanayo, you're so cute! The way you grabbed the hem of your skirt is just adorable! HeartBubble

Nico: The pose itself isn't bad, but we need to prepare some situations that are more appropriate for school idols.

Rin: I thought that was a more school-like situation than walking on the beach...

Hanayo: You're up next, Rin. Um, how about trying to drink water after practice?

Rin: Huh? But, wouldn't I just look like I was drinking water?

Rin: G-glug, glug? Sweatdrop

Nico: That just looks forced.

Rin: Fine, you try it then, Nico!

Nico: Oh, you're done practicing? Surprisingly, I just finished too... I think I need a drink of water or something... HeartBubble

Nico: If you'd like... You could join me... at the faucet... HeartBubble

Hanayo: Nico, that's... BlueLines

Rin: That looks unnatural in a different kind of way...

Nico: Th-that's not true! Anger

Hanayo: Oh, what if we use a camera to take pictures of these poses?

Rin: That's a great idea! Then we can study the pictures to improve. Nico, you go first.

Nico: Sure! Make sure you watch and use me as an example.

Hanayo: OK, I'm taking pictures!

Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni! I'm your eternal idol, Nico Yazawa. HeartBubble

Nico: Having so many people taking my picture. I'm a little nervous. But if it makes you all happy, then I'll do my best. HeartBubble

Hanayo: All right! Great job, Nico!

Rin: Hee hee... I bet that Nico looked very cute.

Nico: Hee hee... I bet you're right. MusicNote

Rin: Show us the photos, Hanayo!

Hanayo: Sure, just a moment... OK... Oh! I'm sorry... I don't think I'm very good at taking photos... Sweatdrop

Rin: Oh... They're all blurry...

Nico: Wh... Ah... It's fine. It may not stay on the camera, but at least my cuteness will stay in your memories.

Nico: Thinking of the photographer's skills, maybe I should move just a little slower during the festival.

Hanayo: You were really cute, Nico! Hmm... Rin, you should go next!

Rin: Um... OK, be myself... Jump!

Rin: Let's work hard together at practice today! Yeah!

Hanayo: That was great! Very refreshing! MusicNote

Rin: Heh heh... I'm blushing... HeartBubble

Nico: It was all right. You need to project cute, right down to your fingertips. Put some effort into it, and get cuter and cuter.

Rin: Get cuter and cuter? Um... Is it even possible to become that cute?

Nico: Don't ask "is it possible?" Just be cuter! Have some confidence in yourself, already.

Rin: OK, got it! Next time, I'll try harder!

Nico: Last one left is Hanayo.

Hanayo: Pl-please be nice.

Nico: It's not just standing up straight; you also need to twist your back more!

Hanayo: Like this...?

Rin: Hanayo, that pose is really cute! HeartBubble

Hanayo: Wow... Thanks! I'm really happy, but I'm also a little embarrassed. HeartBubble

Rin: You're even cute when you're embarrassed, Hanayo. HeartBubble

Nico: This isn't really a situation where you can be embarrassed. At the School Idol Festival, we'll have a bigger crowd than we've ever had before.

Hanayo: Oh... Um, I'm sorry... BlueLines

Nico: ...It's fine. You can take that shyness and turn it into a weapon, Hanayo. Have some self-confidence.

Hanayo: Yeah... Nico.. Thank you.

Hanayo: I wasn't aware just how important a pose can be. Practicing posing is important, huh?

Nico: You can change an impression with just one pose, you know. I want us all to be a little cuter, and we'll take another round of photos.

Rin: All right! Next, let's try a bigger variety of poses!

Hanayo: Yeah! I'm going to try lots of poses and do my best!

Story 3

Hanayo: Is everyone busy again today? It's almost time for practice...

Rin: I'm already sick of posing with Nico...

Nico: You're sick of it? Looks like I'll have to be a bit more strict in teaching you, then. Anger

Rin: Hey... I don't want to be the only one working overtime! BlueLines

Honoka: Phew, I'm beat!

Rin: Hi, Honoka! Hi, Umi!

Hanayo: Are you done helping Kotori with the costumes?

Umi: Well, we're done with our part, but...

Hanayo: But? QuestionMark

Umi: Kotori's still working hard. She said there's some unfinished business she has to take care of herself.

Nico: Unfinished business? I bet she's raising the hemlines again. QuestionMark

Umi: I don't know... There's a lot we don't really know about making costumes.

Rin: We always leave most of the costume creation to Kotori.

Honoka: Kotori's amazing! She can do such detailed work. I still can't even thread a needle...

Rin: Hey, you should practice with us!

Umi: Haven't you already started practice? QuestionMark

Nico: We did some posing lessons.

Honoka: Posing? QuestionMark

Hanayo: Like this pose...

Rin: And this pose... It was a lesson on poses.

Honoka: Oh... Hanayo and Rin, you two are adorable. So cute! HeartBubble

Umi: But, Hanayo... Why do you look so troubled in that pose?

Hanayo: Oh, this? This is my "I dripped soup broth" pose...

Umi: Why would you... BlueLines

Honoka: Of course, in a school idol Live Show, and in photos, everyone will be able to get into a perfectly cute pose.

Hanayo: Well, Nico said we should work on expanding our repertoire for the School Idol Festival.

Rin: You can't be unprepared. You have to be perfect, right down to your fingertips.

Hanayo: School idols should always be able to get into a cute pose at any time.

Nico: Sounds like you two have learned the secrets of posing.

Honoka: I get it, I get it! So we should practice this too... Oh, but I think Umi's already set.

Umi: Why do you say that? QuestionMark

Honoka: Because you're always looking in the mirror and secretly practicing your poses by yourself.

Umi: Y-you saw that, Honoka? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Umi practices idol poses in secret? I want to see that!

Umi: Not a chance.

Honoka: But your poses are always so cute, Umi! You should show them off. Especially the one that's like, "ka-bam!"

Umi: Honoka!

Honoka: Eep!

Umi: You can't say anything more about it. Got that?

Honoka: A-all right! All right... Please, just stop making that scary face at me, Umi! Sweatdrop

Umi: Well... It's because you keep talking...

Nico: You may be embarrassed now, Umi, but you're in high spirits during a Live Show, so I don't think you'll be so worried about posing.

Hanayo: That's right! I'm sure that during our Live Shows, your poses and facial expression are perfect, Umi!

Umi: That's... But... I'm a school idol... It's only natural... Sweatdrop

Honoka: Yeah, that's it! We're school idols!

Rin: ...Hmm? ...Huh? I hear footsteps. I think someone's coming. Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Sorry to keep you waiting!

Rin: It's Eli and Nozomi!

Nozomi: Sorry we're late. Our student council work is finally done.

Eli: All right, let's get this practice started!

Nozomi: Wait... Maki and Kotori aren't here yet? QuestionMark

Maki: I'm sorry, did I keep you waiting?

Umi: Maki!

Nico: Are you done with the finishing touches for the festival song?

Maki: Yeah. The song's complete. Now all that's left is for everyone to song and memorize it.

Rin: I want to hear it now!

Maki: I really want you to hear it now, too. Is everyone here?

Eli: Um... Kotori's not here yet. It's past our start time, so maybe she's not coming?

Kotori: Pant... pant...

Honoka: Kotori!

Kotori: S-sorry to keep you waiting...

Story 4

Eli: Great. You're just in time, Kotori. We were just about to start practice.

Nozomi: What's in the paper bag, Kotori? Let me guess, is it our School Idol Festival costumes?

Kotori: Yeah. Thanks to Honoka and Umi's help, I've finished all of our costumes. Here. MusicNote

Rin: Whoa! HeartBubble

Hanayo: S-so cute!

Maki: These costumes fit the song perfectly! MusicNote

Umi: Kotori, are all the finishing touches complete, too?

Kotori: Well... Honestly, not quite yet. But they're almost done. I thought I could just be the official cheerleader for today's practice. Sweatdrop

Honoka: So, you're not going to practice in practice today?

Kotori: Right. I thought I'd put on the finishing touches while cheering everyone on.

Eli: Kotori... That's unacceptable.

Kotori: I'm sorry, Eli. I really thought I'd have these completely done for today's practice...

Maki: ...That's not it. That's not what Eli's talking about.

Kotori: ...Huh? QuestionMark

Eli: I wasn't saying it's unacceptable that the costumes aren't done yet, I was saying that you not practicing with us is unacceptable.

Eli: It's not an issue of practice running late, it's an issue with the overall mood. Shouldn't we start a new song with every member together?

Maki: That's right. It's the song that I just finished. Won't you please sing it with us?

Kotori: Yes... Definitely!

Nozomi: Besides, if Kotori isn't here, then µ's is down one cuteness supervisor, isn't it?

Nico: Huh? But... I think I have more than enough cute to make up the difference. When it comes to cuteness supervisors, I should be more than enough. HeartBubble

Hanayo: Nico... Sweatdrop

Nico: I'm just kidding! Kotori and I are different kinds of cute, after all. Without Kotori, we'd be in trouble. Sweatdrop

Kotori: Everyone... I think everyone's much cuter, but hearing you say that makes me happy. Hee hee... HeartBubble

Kotori: Thank you. I'll jin everyone from the start of practice.

Umi: That's great. I'm relieved.

Honoka: Hey, Kotori, you said that the costumes were finished, so what part of them isn't finished yet? QuestionMark

Kotori: Well... On the backs of the costumes, this part right here... I haven't finished it on everyone's costume yet. Sweatdrop

Honoka: The backs of the costumes... QuestionMark

Maki: Is that... everyone's... names? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Yes. In order for the festival to be a success, I thought I'd embroider everyone's names here as a sort of good luck charm. But it's taking longer than I thought it would.

Nozomi: That's wonderful! Of course, the embroidery is great, but it's the thought there that makes me the happiest.

Kotori: And above the names, I was going to add "µ's." I think I could have it finished in another hour.

Eli: All right, how about we all work on embroidery before practice, then?

Kotori: What? ...Really?

Eli: If we all work on it, then it shouldn't take an hour, right? That would be more efficient.

Nozomi: That's right. Then we can sing our new song in our new song in our new costumes.

Maki: I agree. I can help with embroidery.

Rin: I really want to help... But I want Hanayo to help me. It looks difficult.

Hanayo: Hee hee, that's fine. We'll work on it together, Rin.

Nozomi: Eli, be careful not to hurt yourself with the needle like you did last time.

Eli: I-it's fine! Sweatdrop

Nico: If you're having trouble, I can help you out.I'm always sewing little things, I like hems.

Nozomi: Hee hee. I wouldn't have expected that to be one of your skills, Nico-cchi.

Umi: Let's get started.

Honoka: Yep!

Honoka: Now they're all finished!

Kotori: Thank you, everyone! It was just a random idea, but in the end, everyone helped.

Kotori: But I think that everyone helping with the embroidery will help strengthen the good luck charms. MusicNote

Eli: Being a school idol isn't something that's done alone, after all.

Nozomi: I think these costumes should also be blessed as good luck charms.

Nico: Nozomi's always carrying things like that.

Nozomi: It has a divine blessing.

Maki: That's right. If Nozomi says it, then I'm sure it has to have a divine blessing.

Eli: Maki... has gotten quite honest lately. MusicNote

Maki: I-I was just saying what I was thinking. It doesn't mean that I've changed at all. Sweatdrop

Umi: Hee hee. That's so you, Maki.

Honoka: Song is ready, costumes are ready... The only thing left is for us to practice! Right?

Nozomi: Just a little longer until the School Idol Festival. I'm nervous, but I'm also excited.

Hanayo: We have to work hard on our singing and dancing...

Eli: I agree. Let's practice hard and finish this up.

Eli: ...All nine of us, of course.

Kotori: Yes!



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