School Idol Festival Edit

Today's the Festival. Will all that practice pay off?

Story 1

Eli: OK, that's enough practice for today!

Rin: Phew... That was a workout...

Hanayo: Tomorrow is the big day. It's the School Idol Festival!

Umi: The new song that Maki wrote for us is really good, and it's so much fun to practice.

Nico: Are you talking about how energetic it is? I love that song. It has such a great feeling to it.

Honoka: I remember you asking us all about it before, Maki. Did you jus get a flash of inspiration for the song or something?

Honoka: Maki, what were you thinking of after that discussion that inspired you to write this song?

Maki: What? No-nothing in particular... Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: If you say "nothing in particular," then it must have been something, right?

Maki: U-umm... Sweatdrop

Kotori: You don't have to push yourself to come up with an answer. No matter what you say, it's still an amazing song.

Maki: Well, honestly... I think it was when we were all discussing school idols.

Maki: School idols don't really need special abilities, right?

Umi: ...What?

Maki: Please don't misunderstand. I'm not trying to put anyone down.

Maki: I was just thinking about how this is a field in which your success is in direct proportion to the amount of effort you put in.

Hanayo: Success based on effort...

Maki: I mean just looking at all of us in µ's, I don't think any of us were born with idol qualities.

Maki: And yet, we supported each other, we practiced together... We saw the results of our hard work because we did it together.

Umi: In the beginning, I had no idea how this would go... But lately, I feel more and more like we're idols.

Kotori: It really makes me happy to watch our rank climb higher thanks to our hard work. MusicNote

Maki: That's why it's not talent, it's how you feel that's most important...

Rin: That's right...

Maki: I want all the school idols across the country who are working hard, like us, to do the best they can.

Maki: No, I don't think it's just school idols. I wanted to cheer on anyone who is doing their best. I want the song to be inspirational.

Maki: U-umm... Anyhow! I wanted to reach out to anyone who's working hard toward something, so I wrote this song.

Honoka: Maki-chan... You're amazing, Maki!

Maki: Whoa... Wait! Honoka, you're heavy! Sweatdrop

Rin: Me too! Me too! MusicNote

Maki: H...h...heavy... BlueLines

Eli: Reaching out to anyone who's working hard... How wonderful.

Nozomi: I really get that feeling from the song. We should all do our best to convey that to the audience.

Nico: But, do you really think it's fair to say that nobody has any special talents? Do you think you can leave me out of that part?

Rin: Nico, you're special in a lot of ways.

Nico: What is that supposed to mean! Anger

Umi: Eli... Do you think we can practice it once more?

Eli: Sure... But how come?

Umi: I want to try putting more feeling into the song, to express myself like Maki was talking about!

Eli: I agree. All right, let's practice that one more time!

Kotori: Let's do our best to breathe life into Maki's song.

Maki: Everyone... Thank you.

Eli: OK, but just one more time. Tomorrow's the real thing, so today we should go home and rest up.

Umi: All right, this is the last practice. Let's go, Honoka!

Honoka: Yeah!

Honoka: A school idol's success is based on how much work she puts in...

Honoka: All right, let's do this! MusicNote

Story 2

Honoka: Everyone! Thank you so much for coming to see us today!

Honoka: How was my singing and dancing? Everyone in µ's has been working had and practicing...

Honoka: I hope we've made you happy... I know I am! I'm so happy. HeartBubble

Honoka: Hee hee... Ha ha ha...

Honoka: Huh? W-wait, don't tell me... Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Oh no! I overslept! Sweatdrop

Yuhiko: You're not up yet, sis? It's time to go already! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Wa-wait! Give me three minutes! No, make that two minutes! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Don't leave me behind!

Honoka: Pant... pant... Oh... I thought I was done for...

Yuhiko: Sis... You really shouldn't miss the show by being late. Not after you've worked so hard.

Honoka: Yeah... BlueLines

Eli: Honoka! Yuhiko! Good morning!

Alisa: Good morning!

Honoka: Oh! Hi, Eli and Alisa!

Alisa: Good luck today! I'm really looking forward to the µ's show. MusicNote

Honoka: Thanks! I'll do my best! Having you cheering for us, Alisa, is like having our own private fan club!

Honoka: There'll be a bunch of other school idols, too. So I think Yuhiko will enjoy it.

Yuhiko: What...? You just don't get it, do you, sis? Sweatdrop

Honoka: Huh? Get what? QuestionMark

Alisa: Hee hee... µ's is the only thing Yuhiko's been able to talk about for days. MusicNote

Honoka: I-is that so?

Alisa: She said that the µ's show is amazing! Yuhiko's a big fan!

Yuhiko: Alisa! They don't want to hear about that...

Eli: Haven't Alisa and Yuhiko even been practicing µ's songs?

Alisa: Aaah! Sis, that was supposed to be secret! Sweatdrop

Honoka: Wow... Is that so! I'm happy to hear that.

Honoka: Thanks, you two! Let's dance together sometime!

Yuhiko: N-no, that's not necessary. I'd be too embarrassed!

Honoka: Really? BlueLines

Eli: You're all so cute.

Honoka: Morning!

Umi: Honoka! Thank goodness you made it in time.

Honoka: Eep...

Kotori: Umi-chan was so worried. She was convinced that you'd oversleep and be late.

Umi: Looks like I was all worked up over nothing. I'm glad.

Honoka: Um... Ha ha ha... Sweatdrop

Nico: Pretty soon... we'll be standing on the stage of our dreams.

Rin: I'm a little nervous...

Hanayo: I-it'll be fine! We practiced so hard!

Rin: That's right! Thanks, Hanayo.

Maki: I really hope this song reaches everyone...

Nozomi: It will. I'm sure of it. HeartBubble

Eli: All right, let's go.

Alisa: Good luck, sis! Good luck, everyone!

Yuhiko: Although it's mostly my sis that I'm worried about...

Alisa: We should go find our seats!

Yuhiko: Yeah! Let's cheer them on together.

Story 3

Umi: We're up next, huh?

Kotori: Yeah!

Rin: I'm so nervous...

Nico: Don't worry about it. Wow, some of these other school idols are pretty amazing.

Hanayo: I've got to jot this down..

Maki: What are you doing, Hanayo? QuestionMark

Hanayo: I'm taking notes on all the cute things they're doing.

Maki: I agree, some of their vocals and dance moves are pretty cute.

Nico: You'd know, Hanayo. If you weren't in µ's, then you'd have been part of the Idol Study Club.

Hanayo: Heh heh... I'm like Nico. We both love idols. HeartBubble

Honoka: I saw this event in a magazine... There are so many idols here! It makes me really happy.

Rin: Everyone's an idol.

Kotori: These costumes are adorable! I should take some notes, too.

Eli: Almost time for µ's.

Nozomi: They're calling for µ's.

Eli: We're about to be standing on the School Idol Festival stage.

Hanayo: Th-that cheering's amazing...

Nico: That means they have high expectations for µ's!

Hanayo: I-I-I'm, oh... Oh gosh, I'm so nervous! Sweatdrop

Umi: Hanayo, are you OK? Your legs are shaking.

Rin: Are you all right, Hanayo? Here, you can hold my hand.

Rin: Squish! MusicNote

Hanayo: Aah! Rin! Your hand's warm. HeartBubble

Rin: Ha ha, got you to smile!

Nozomi: Everyone's just so cute, especially you, Hanayo. We'll be great onstage, I just know it. MusicNote

Hanayo: Hee hee... Thanks!

Umi: We practiced hard every day... This will be just like any other performance.

Kotori: I hope I don't make any mistakes. Sweatdrop

Eli: Small mistakes are fine, don't worry. Just keep your confidence up.

Kotori: A-all right!

Honoka: I want to treasure all the feelings that Maki put into this song.

Maki: Honoka...

Honoka: I want to cheer on other school idols.

Honoka: I want to cheer on everyone that works hard... No matter if they're studying, doing hobbies, or working...

Honoka: That... That will be my inspiration!

Umi: Honoka... I agree!

Honoka: We'll energize everyone in the audience. That's the kind of show we've got.

Rin: Energy, huh? I've got plenty of energy, so I'm sure I can spread it around!

Hanayo: What about me... I wonder if I could inspire anyone...

Nozomi: You worry too much, Hanayo! You've got so much energy. Don't worry about little mistakes!

Hanayo: I-is that so? But I'm still so nervous.

Rin: I could squeeze your hand again.

Eli: This is a festival for school idols. Everyone's here to have fun.

Hanayo: Th-that's right. I'm here to have fun, too.

Nico: On this stage... I'm going to be the best school idol I can be!

Honoka: Everyone! Let's have fun, and inspire this crowd!

Together: Yeah!

Honoka: All right. Here we go!

Honoka: µ's...

Together: Start the music!

Story 4

Honoka: Wow... Yesterday's performance was amazing!

Rin: That was so much fun... It's like we were real idols...

Nozomi: We were idols in every sense of the word.

Hanayo: I never thought we'd be onstage, giving a performance like that. It was incredible.

Kotori: It really was... It almost felt like a dream. MusicNote

Umi: That was an incredible experience... My heart was pounding!

Nico: Wow... I want to do it again.

Eli: He-hey! Everyone! It's already past time to start practice...

Honoka: It's OK, just for today... I'm feeling a bit fried... I'm kinda tired.

Rin: Me too... Yawn...

Hanayo: Maybe I should eat a rice ball and then take a nap...

Eli: Huh? If you want to take a nap, shouldn't you go home first and sleep there?

Nico: It's a rule that idols have to get enough sleep. Yawn... Now I'm getting sleepy, too.

Eli: Hey, is everyone going to sleep? Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Wait. Speaking of breaks, is Maki-chan out today?

Rin: Yawn...

Hanayo: She said she had something to do, so she's still in the classroom.

Nico: Yawn... Still in the classroom? Is she studying? She's such a bookworm.

Maki: What are we talking about?

Nico: Oh! You surprised me! If you're around, you should say something! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Sorry, I just got here. So, what are we talking about?

Nico: I was just saying how lonely I am without you around!

Maki: I'm not buying it. You were talking about me behind my back, weren't you?

Nico: Gulp... Sweatdrop

Maki: Eh, it's fine. Anyway, I've got something I want everyone to listen to.

Honoka: Something you want us to listen to?

Hanayo: Wake up, Rin! Get up!

Rin: Huh... What's up?

Umi: Is this about yesterday's performance?

Maki: Will you just listen already?

Honoka: Huh... What's this?

Eli: I've never heard this song... Does it belong to another school idol?

Nico: It's a beautiful song.

Maki: Truth is, I wrote it after the festival yesterday.

Kotori: What? You just wrote that between yesterday and today? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: You're amazing, Maki!

Nozomi: Wow... You must've been really inspired yesterday, huh, Maki?

Maki: Well... There were so many school idols yesterday, and so many people in the audience...

Maki: Once we finished our performance, I just felt this incredible surge of emotions, and the song kinda came to me...

Eli: You were that inspired, huh? Then again, yesterday's performance really was something else.

Umi: That's right. Well, since you went to all this trouble, how about we practice this new song right away?

Honoka: Yes, let's! I really feel like practicing now! MusicNote

Rin: Me too! I just love Maki's songs... Let's work hard today!

Kotori: Hee hee... Looks like nobody's sleepy anymore.

Nico: I want to be the first to master this new song!

Eli: That's great. It seems like everyone's back to normal.

Maki: Back to normal? Was everyone being weird?

Nozomi: No, no. It's just that µ's can't get started without you, Maki.

Maki: Stop it, all right? ...You're embarrassing me.



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