We Love Sweets! Edit

The girls try making their favorite Homura treats!

Story 1

Honoka: Good morning, everyone! Today's a beautiful day!

Umi: I've been looking forwards to helping make Japanese sweets at Homura Bakery today.

Rin: I'm still tired...

Eli: I feel great! The weather's so beautiful, how could I not? How about you, Alisa?

Alisa: Yeah!

Honoka: Whoa! Alisa's here today, too? Yukiho will be happy. MusicNote

Alisa: I'm looking forward to today, too! HeartBubble

Honoka: Oh? Speaking of... Good morning, Yukiho. MusicNote

Yukiho: You're up pretty early, sis... Oh! What are you all doing here? Alisa, too? Exclaimationpoint

Alisa: Everyone's here to help out at Homura Bakery today.

Yukiho: Really? Is that right? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: That's right. I'm looking forward to helping.

Nico: I'm not particularly excited...

Maki: So, you're going to head home early then, Nico? MusicNote

Nico: I-I didn't say that! I was kind of looking forward to it. And you'd all be sad without me here. Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Yes, yes. You never change, Nico.

Nico: What? I don't need to hear that from Ms. Hot-and-Cold!

Maki: What's that supposed to mean! Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Hee hee... Well, you two seem to be having fun.

Yukiho: But... it's a holiday. We shouldn't be asking all of you to help out. Right?

Honoka: What are you saying, Yukiho? It's fine, everyone's already here.

Yukiho: But... Sweatdrop

Hanayo: Yukiho, we're not here because we have to be. We're all here because we want to help.

Yukiho: Is that right? I don't really think it's much fun to help out. Exclaimationpoint

Umi: We all wanted to help because we really like Homura Bakery's Japanese sweets.

Kotori: We're all happy and looking forward to helping out at Homura Bakery.

Yukiho: Really?

Eli: It's not just that. We like Homura Bakery, but we also care about Honoka.

Yukiho: Huh?

Umi: It's perfectly normal to want to help someone you care about, don't you think?

Honoka: Hey, Eli and Umi. Cut it out, you're embarrassing me... HeartBubble

Hanayo: We all really care about Honoka, but we also care about you, Yukiho,

Alisa: Me too... I want to make Japanese sweets with you, Yukiho!

Yukiho: I see.. Thank you, everyone.

Honoka: Heh heh... I'm glad you're all here to help. I think my mom's going to give us a lot of work. Terrible, isn't it?

Honoka's mother: What'd you say, Honoka?

Honoka: Whoa! Where'd she come from? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Our mom can get pretty scary when she's angry.

Honoka's mother: Ahem...

Honoka: I-I didn't say anything! Sweatdrop

Honoka's mother: Thank you, everyone. Let's work together today.

Together: Yes, ma'am.

Nico: This is all great and everything, but can we hurry up and get inside? It's cold out here!

Nozomi: It's all right, Nico-cchi, you don't have to hide your embarrassment.

Nico: I'm not hiding anything! It's seriously cold... Ah-ah-achoo!

Nozomi: Wow, it must be cold! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Didn't I just say so? Ah-ah-achoo!

Honoka: All right then, everyone inside,

Story 2

Umi: Is everyone wearing an apron and a bandana?

Kotori: Yes! I'm wearing mine!

Honoka: Hey, Yukiho, can you make some tea?

Yukiho: Sis! Isn't everyone about to get started?

Hanayo: What are we going to make today? I hope I'll be helping with something I can actually do...

Nozomi: Agreed. Maybe we'll be making the Homura Bakery signature sweet buns?

Honoka's mother: I thought you could all help make New Year's celebration sweets.

Eli: New Year's celebration, huh?

Honoka's mother: I've made some already... Please take a look.

Together: Wow! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: They're so wonderfully delicate.

Kotori: The one with the small bird on a while rice cake is beautiful.

Honoka's mother: Today, you'll be making one of these. They're decorated with plum blossoms.

Umi: Can you eat the plum blossoms?

Honoka's mother: Yes, of course you can.

Eli: Harasho!

Alisa: This is the first time I've seen such beautiful sweets!

Hanayo: The plum blossoms are really pretty, don't you think, Rin?

Rin: I wonder if I'll be able to make these...

Hanayo: Hey, Rin?

Rin: ...Huh? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Are you OK? You're kind of spaced out.

Rin: O-oh, it's nothing. The sweets are really pretty, I was just caught off guard...

Hanayo: Really? Well then, that's OK. They really are pretty.

Honoka's mother: OK, how about I show you how to make them? First you...

Kotori: Once you do that, it becomes a plum blossom. It's so fluffy and pink and cute.

Honoka: This yellow fondant makes the stamen and pistil at the center of the flowers.

Umi: Wrap the sweet bean paste with fondant... Use a spatula to put in into the box...

Yukiho: Put the flower that Kotori made here, and... done.

Nozomi: Put this here and... It's hard to use this spatula...

Eli: But your flower turned out beautifully, Nozomi.

Nozomi: Yours looks great too, Eli.

Alisa: Hmm... Mine looks kind of lumpy and weird.

Hanayo: Hmm... Um... What if we do this? Is it OK now?

Honoka: Yeah, that's it!

Nico: ...Hey Maki, get over here and help me out.

Maki: Huh? I'm not really all that good at this, either!

Nico: Really? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Wait... Oh... Why isn't this working right?

Nico: Rin can't see to do it, either... Maybe I should leave making sweets to those who are better at it.

Maki: The right job to the right person. We should help clean up.

Rin: No... I don't want to! I want to finish this! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Just give me a minute. I'm sure I can get this if I just keep trying!

Alisa: Me too... I don't want to give up yet...

Umi: Rin... Alisa...

Rin: I know I'm bad at cooking... But I really want to try to make these beautiful sweets. I mean, look at how pretty they are.

Hanayo: Rin... It's all right, Rin! You can do it!

Honoka: All right, let's help Rin and Alisa!

Hanayo: Here, Rin, I'll help guide you. Let's work together.

Rin: Wait... Really? Thank you, Hanayo! I'll do my best!

Yukiho: I'll help you, Alisa. I'm sure you can do it!

Alisa: Thanks... I'll do my best!

Honoka: All right! Time for a crash course!

Story 3

Rin: Oh, I think I've got it! Now put the spatula into the bowl while I turn it. Exclaimationpoint

Umi: That's right! It looks great.

Alisa: Like this... Is this where the flower goes?

Nozomi: It looks really cute! You're doing great, Alisa!

Alisa: Heh heh...

Rin: OK, we take the base I made...

Alisa: And we add the flower I made...

Rin: Wow! We did it! MusicNote

Eli: Harasho... You two are amazing! It looks beautiful.

Alisa: I'm so happy... I made this beautiful confection!

Hanayo: I'm glad... You two worked really hard.

Rin: Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you, Alisa! Thank you, Hanayo! Thank you, everyone! HeartBubble

Kotori: All right, everyone! Let's channel this energy into making the rest of them!

Nico: Wait a minute! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Huh? QuestionMark

Nico: ...Please teach me, too.

Maki: I want to learn, too!

Maki: I feel really motivated after watching Rin and Alisa work so hard.

Rin: Wow! Here, I'll teach you.

Eli: Hee hee. Now Rin and Alisa get to make the model confection.

Alisa: Yep!

Rin: Time for Professor Rin's class to begin!

Maki: Done! Is this right?

Alisa: Perfect!

Nico: I did it! I call this a "Love Nico Flower"!

Rin: That's a cute plum blossom.

Maki: You two are great teachers. I did it with no trouble. MusicNote

Alisa: I really know which tasks are difficult...

Nico: You make a better teacher than I would have thought, Rin.

Rin: Professor Rin gives help to those who need it.

Honoka's mother: How's it coming along?

Honoka: We're almost done!

Nico: Maki and I will be making the last ones soon.

Honoka's mother: Wow! These all look beautiful!

Honoka: You've all done a great job making these for us.

Eli: Great job, Alisa.

Alisa: Heh heh... HeartBubble

Hanayo: Yours looks really pretty too, Rin!

Rin: Aw, shucks... HeartBubble

Umi: The ones Nico and Maki made look very elegant as well.

Nico: Don't they? My Japanese confections just exude elegance. HeartBubble

Maki: I was sure I couldn't do it... But I'm glad I tried. MusicNote

Honoka's mother: You've made a lot of them. so you can each eat one.

Nozomi: Really? That's really lucky! MusicNote

Yukiho: I've made tea.

Eli: Mmm... This is so delicious!

Kotori: It just slowly melts in your mouth! It's amazing how delicious this is!

Alisa: Harasho!

Yukiho: Homura Bakery may be famous for our steamed buns, but our fresh sweets are delicious, too.

Honoka's mother: Would you all like to place the sweets you've made today out for sale to the customers?

Kotori: I'd love to!

Nico: I'll help! Everyone will be delighted!

Honoka: Let's all head out to the storefront and see if we can call in some customers! I'm sure we'll be able to sell lots!

Story 4

Honoka: How about some sweets from Homura Bakery?

Umi: New Year's sweets, available for a limited time only!

Maki: Why...? Nobody's buying our sweets...

Hanayo: But they're so cute...

Honoka's mother: How's it going? Have we gotten any customers?

Kotori: Well...

Honoka's mother: I see. How are you calling out to customers?

Hanayo: We said, "We're selling New Year's sweets for a limited time, so please by them."

Maki: We're being vert polite to the customer's we're serving.

Rin: The sweets are cute, and pretty, and really delicious... I wonder why...

Umi: They look brilliant, they're delicious... I think they're perfect for New Year's...

Nozomi: A sweet that's this delicious and pretty... I'd want to eat it all year long, not just New Years.

Honoka's mother: Heh heh... Isn't that what you should be telling the customers?

Honoka: Huh?

Eli: That's right... A shop saying "please buy" just sounds desperate.

Hanayo: I see... We weren't recommending the sweets.

Alisa: I get it!

Umi: We didn't think about that.

Kotori: We already know how delicious these sweets are. We know we'd recommend them.

Rin: I really love these sweets! That's the message we need to spread!

Eli: I get it! Everyone, let's try this again!

Together: Yeah!

Honoka: We did it! We sold every last one of them! MusicNote

Honoka's mother: Splendid! Everyone, thank you for your help today.

Rin: I wonder if everyone who bough the sweets I made will be happy with them?

Nozomi: Of course they will! They were so cute!

Rin: Heh heh...

Alisa: I had so much fun today! And I got to spend the day with Yukiho!

Yukiho: I had fun too! Usually chores aren't very enjoyable, but today was a lot of fun!

Rin: Phew... Now that we're finished, I'm feeling pretty tired...

Hanayo: Rin, you were pretty focused today.

Maki: I'm pretty tired, too.

Kotori: I'm as tired as I usually am after our school idol practice.

Eli: Making sweets, then selling them... That's really no small feat.

Alisa: Honoka, you and your family are amazing for doing this every day!

Honoka: That's right...

Yukiho: Mama works very hard every day...

Honoka's mother: Heh heh... I'm glad you understand.

Honoka: Maybe I should skip the bread once in a while and eat Japanese confections instead...

Rin: That reminds me, while we were selling sweets, an older gentleman said, "Today's sweets are wonderful!"

Hanayo: Really? Was it one that we made?

Rin: Yeah. He was really happy, and he even shook my hand. I was so incredibly happy!

Hanayo: That's great, Rin!

Umi: It's great that the sweets we made could make customers that happy.

Honoka: Heh heh, that's great. It's like when we're school idols.

Maki: Like when we're school idols? What is? QuestionMark

Honoka: Whether working hard at practice, or making delicious sweets, we make people happy.

Honoka: People are happy, just like when we sing as school idols.

Kotori: I see... MusicNote

Nico: Japanese sweets and idols... Those two things are completely different.

Eli: Are their foundations really that different?

Rin: Today was so much fun... I want to come and help again sometime.

Honoka: Please, by all means! Let's work hard as school idols... and at making sweets!

Rin: All right! I love sweets, and being a school idol! HeartBubble



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