Winter Wonderland Edit

Time for snowball fights and hot-pot parties!

Story 1

Honoka: That's it... I'm sick of this...

Maki: What's up?

Honoka: Argh! It's so cold!

Maki: What? What was that all about? Do surprise me like that. Sweatdrop

Honoka: Oh, hi, Maki. Aren't you sick of the constant cold every day? It just doesn't end!

Maki: Yeah. This kind of relentless cold is pretty rare. I wish spring would hurry up and get here already.

Honoka: I want it to be spring right now!

Maki: Hey! Spring's not going to come any faster just because you shouted at it. Just calm down, please. Sweatdrop

Honoka: Oh! That's it! Do you think anyone knows any special tricks to chase away the cold? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Let's go ask everyone! Hurry up, Maki! Let's go!

Maki: I don't really want to... What? Hey, Honoka! Let go of my hand! BlueLines

Kotori: How do I keep warm?

Honoka: Yeah! Do you have any good ideas, Kotori?

Maki: Pant... pant... Slow down, Honoka! BlueLines

Kotori: I haven't even tried anything special myself... But I do know of at least one technique.

Honoka: What is it? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Your style is out of date! If you wear warm, fashionable clothes, then you'll be warmer.

Maki: S-seriously? QuestionMark

Kotori: A petticoat under the skirt... Knee-high boots, That kind of thing. It'll be great.

Maki: But we have to wear our school uniforms. I don't really think a petticoat or knee-high boots would look good with them...

Kotori: Well, how about a cute jacket then? You'd at least feel happier.

Honoka: I probably would be happier, but we're not allowed to wear them in school...

Kotori: You're right... Warm, fashionable clothes could be difficult...

Umi: What's up? Everyone's got this look of concentration on their faces...

Honoka: Umi! Umi always has a solution at times like these. Exclaimationpoint

Maki: We're discussing ways to stay warm when its cold outside.

Umi: I see... But the cold sharpens your senses, so I don't think it's really necessary...

Honoka: Oh... You just don't get it, Umi! I'll just have to ask someone else!

Umi: I don't get it?

Maki: Hey, Honoka! Wait up!

Umi: ...Sigh. BlueLines

Hanayo: I don't really mind the cold weather... So I don't really have any ideas. Sorry.

Honoka: I see...

Rin: That's it! I just had a great idea! If you move your body, you'll warm up! MusicNote

Honoka: Move your body, huh? But I just ran here, and I don't feel warm at all.

Rin: You'll have to keep running until you feel warm. All right, Honoka, Maki, go go go!

Honoka: H-hey! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Why do I have to go, too? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Pant... pant... So tired... Does Rin always run like that?

Maki: Pant... pant... As soon as I stop running, I just feel cold again...

Nozomi: What's going on? Are you two holding a private practice session?

Honoka: N-nope... We're trying to combat the cold, but we're not getting anywhere.

Eli: Really? But it's not really that cold out.

Nozomi: I'm used to getting up early and cleaning so it just doesn't seem that cold to me.

Honoka: Ha... Ha ha ha... Ha ha ha ha... BlueLines

Nozomi: Ah! Honoka fainted! Quick, wake her up! If she falls asleep, she could die! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: ...

Eli: Oh, she opened her eyes.

Honoka: That's it. I'm done... I'm going to just curl up and hibernate now... Maki, thanks for everything...

Maki: Hey! Stop being so melodramatic. Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: But I haven't found a way to combat the cold yet... And now I'm tired...

Nico: Combat the cold?

Maki: Oh, hi, Nico...

Nico: I con't believe you don't know of a way. Here, I'll show you one. The perfect way to combat the cold is...

Honoka: Is what? QuestionMark

Story 2

Rin: Here I am!

Honoka: Come on it, everyone! Let's get this party started!

Umi: A hot-pot party with everyone... What a great idea!

Nico: Isn't it? I mean, winter is the perfect time for eating hot pot!

Kotori: Hot pot is delicious... But I still like my idea of cute jackets...

Eli: What are we talking about?

Hanayo: Everyone brought their favorite hot-pot ingredients. But what do we do with them?

Eli: We put them in the pot in order, of course.

Kotori: Wait... Favorite hot-pot ingredients?

Umi: Kotori, did you forget yours?

Kotori: Um, no... I brought something, but... Sweatdrop

Honoka: Here, I'll go first! If you're going to make hot pot, you have to have meat! MusicNote

Rin: This meat's for barbecue!

Eli: I brought salmon. Later on, I'd like to add some miso flavor to the soup.

Nozomi: Great job, Eli! I brought tofu.

Nico: I brought fried tofu and shiitake mushrooms! They make a great soup base!

Nozomi: How fancy, Nico-cchi!

Hanayo: I brought rice and eggs. When we're done, we can add them to the leftover soup to make gruel.

Umi: OK, we'll save your ingredients until last then, Hanayo. I brought green onions, mustard greens, and spinach.

Rin: You only brought green vegetables, Umi?

Umi: If you don't like vegetables, try eating them with the ingredients you like. It works for me.

Rin: You're right... Good idea, Umi!

Maki: OK, I'm next. I brought tomatoes.

Hanayo: What? When you say "tomatoes," you mean actual tomatoes? Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Can you even put tomatoes in hot pot?

Nico: Hmm, it seems things have taken a dark turn... BlueLines

Maki: Not particularly.

Nozomi: Hmm... I think I saw a cooking show about tomato hot pot once... It should be fine.

Honoka: Yeah, it's totally fine! What about you, Kotori?

Kotori: What? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: What? Did I say something wrong?

Kotori: No! No, it's just that... Sweatdrop

Nico: I know! You brought the same ingredient as someone else, right?

Umi: Don't worry about that. If there's extra, we'll just divide it up among everyone.

Kotori: N-no, it's just that...

Rin: Is it in this box here?

Kotori: Oh! Don't open that, Rin! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Hey, what are you doing? Add it to the soup already! Different types of food have different cooking times, you know...

Nozomi: You're like the hot-pot dictator, Nico-cchi.

Kotori: um... I'm sorry, everyone! Aaaah! Sweatdrop

Umi: Wait... What is this? It's sort of triangular shape...

Maki: It's shaped kind of like a piece of cake, isn't it?

Hanayo: H-hey! It isn't just shaped like a piece of cake! It is a piece of cake! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Whaaaat? Why in the world would you want to put cake in hot pot, Kotori? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: You said to bring something we like to eat with us, and I really like cheesecake... So... I, um... BlueLines

Kotori: Oh, I'm so sorry! Sweatdrop

Honoka: Oh, right! I didn't say, "Bring your favorite hot pot ingredients," I said, "Bring your favorite food," didn't I?

Kotori: I'm sorry, Honoka... I'm sorry, everyone...

Honoka: I'm sorry too, Kotori!

Nico: Do that later, you two! Right now we've got to get this cake out of the pot! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: I brought cup ramen! It's perfect for hot pot! I brought one for everyone, so we have nine!

Eli: Wait a minute, Rin! If you put in a bunch of dried noodles... Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Oh no... That absorbed all the soup pretty quickly...

Rin: What? Did we not put in enough soup stock? Someone get some water! QuestionMark

Maki: Oh no! The cheesecake has melted!

Umi: Um... BlueLines

Nozomi: How about we just call this a practice run and try again? BlueLines

Story 3

Honoka: Oh, that was delicious! I am so full!

Eli: I thought it was ruined, but we were able to start over.

Hanayo: Too bad about the cheesecake...

Nico: That's right!

Kotori: I'm sorry... I couldn't think straight to respond, and before I knew it, the cheesecake was already in the hot pot.

Nozomi: What's done is done. Don't worry about it. We still had a delicious meal in the end.

Umi: It's probably time to head home.

Eli: Hey, look! The snow's starting to pile up...

Honoka: Ah! There's enough snow out there to play in! HeartBubble

Rin: All right! I love playing in the snow! MusicNote

Maki: weren't you complaining about how cold it was earlier?

Honoka: Uh... Heh heh... But now I've eaten hot pot, so my body's all warmed up!

Hanayo: Wait... What are you making, Nico?

Nico: Just take a look. I'm making a snowman.

Rin: Nico, your snowman seems to have hands growing out of his head... Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Th-those aren't hands! They're my pigtails! I mean,they look just like me. Anger

Rin: Oh, these things growing out the top are supposed to be hair! That's new. And kind of cute. MusicNote

Umi: Yeah, your snow Nico is pretty cute.

Nico: Isn't it?

Maki: Why are you making a snowman? You're not a kid.

Nico: What did you say? If you're going to have that attitude, then fine. Take this!

Maki: Eek! Don't throw snowballs at me! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: You don't like it? Try throwing one at me, see what happens! MusicNote

Maki: You bet I will. Take that! Anger

Nico: Eek! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Me too! Me too!

Nico: Boof! Y-you got me. Anger

Honoka: All right, a snowball fight! Count me in!

Rin: Everyone in!

Hanayo: Aaah! Hee hee. Cold! Here goes!

Kotori: Aah! Cold! All right, I'm in too.

Honoka: Wow, Kotori. That went off in a bizarre direction.

Nico: You know, a snowball fight isn't just some game! Got it? This is war!

Maki: Hey! Gi-give me a second to catch my breath! Anger

Hanayo: Hee hee. Snowball fights are so fun.

Eli: It looks like everyone's enjoying themselves.

Umi: Aren't you going to join in, Eli and Nozomi?

Nozomi: I prefer to watch. How about you join in, Umi?

Umi: No, I prefer to watch, too...

Honoka: Here goes!

Umi: Aaah! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Oh, sorry, Umi!

Nico: Nico-Nico-Ni Attack!

Nozomi: Eek! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Aaah! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Uh... Um... Sorry. But we couldn't just let you stand there and not join in. Sweatdrop

Umi: ... Ellipses

Umi: You realize that we cannot leave this challenge unanswered. This means war! Time to take up arms!

Nozomi: I agree, we need to teach them what happens when they make us angry!

Eli: Everyone... Brace yourselves for my power shot!

Together: Oh, no! BlueLines

Story 4

Nozomi: Take my spiritual power attack!

Maki: Ow! Wow, Nozomi, you really put some power into that. Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Didn't I hear someone say that this snowball fight was a war?

Nico: Eek! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Hah!

Honoka: Oh! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: What an arm! Figures that would come from "Team Immature"!

Eli: Why not come at us with all you've got?

Nico: Waaaaah! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Oof... Umph...

Kotori: Oof... Umph...

Hanayo: Oof... Umph...

Maki: ...Huh? I wonder what's going on?

Nozomi: Don't look away...

Maki: Aah! So cold! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: If things keep up like this, we're going to lose! We have to seize any chance we can to turn the tables! Sweatdrop

Eli: Huh? There's a giant snowman here. Was this here before? QuestionMark

Nozomi: I guess I shouldn't really worry about it. It's just a snowman.

Umi: But snowmen don't usually get this big, do they? Wait, is it moving...?

Rin: Boo! I am the abominable snowman!!

Eli: Eeeeeeeeek! Monster! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: The snowman can talk? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Look, everyone! It's Rin! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Here comes the abominable snow-Rin! MusicNote

Umi: I've been tricked!

Nozomi: That's pretty amazing...

Eli: Harasho!

Honoka: Yeah! We win!

Hanayo: You did it, Rin!

Rin: Here comes the abominable snow-Rin!

Honoka: Oh!

Hanayo: Ah! So cold...

Kotori: Rin...

Nico: Wa-wait, Rin! It's fine! Let's talk! Sweatdrop

Rin: Here comes the abominable snow-Rin!

Nico: Eek! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Hey!

Rin: The abominable snow-Rin is the strongest! MusicNote

Eli: Hee hee... Ha ha ha!

Honoka: whoa! Rin, you're amazing!

Umi: I can't believe you could become a snowman like that... Wow, Rin.

Nozomi: That's right.

Eli: Snowball fights are so much fun!

Nico: I had a lot of fun, but I'm completely white from the snow!

Kotori: Wow, that was a good time. MusicNote

Hanayo: It was! And I feel so warm now, like I've eaten hot pot. HeartBubble

Honoka: That's right! Hot pot and a snowball fight... Winter got really warm and fun!

Rin: I had so much fun, you wouldn't believe it.

Maki: I was wondering what those three were up to, and when they got all serious... That was fun.

Umi: OK, let's take a 15-minute break, then we'll have another snowball fight to settle the score.

Honoka: What? You want to keep playing, Umi? Exclaimationpoint

Together: Ha ha ha...



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