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Mountain hikes are fun! / Need some study tips?

Story 1

Honoka: Yoohoo!

Kotori: Honoka, we only just started climbing!

Rin: Mountain, mountain! It's tall and biiig! MusicNote

Hanayo: Let's all have rice balls together when we get to the top!

Maki: I didn't know Rin liked climbing mountains.

Umi: She even suggested we go this time, didn't she?

Rin: Yeah! I haven't been that many times, but shouting from somewhere high up up just looks like it would feel great! MusicNote

Honoka: Yeah! Let's hurry to the top! MusicNote

Nozomi: Mountains are really spiritual, it feels nice here. MusicNote

Eli: It probably feels nicer at the top. Let's keep at it! MusicNote

Nico: But it's just a mountain, why are you all so excited? BlueLines

Kotori: What? What do you mean? QuestionMark

Nico: You just climb down the same way once you're up, right? That's not exciting at all. BlueLines

Nozomi: So you don't think you'll maki it, Nico-cchi?

Nico: N-No, it's not about making it.

Eli: It looks like you can go part of the way up in a cable car... What do you say?

Maki: I might use it. I wouldn't have any fun if I were exhausted, after all.

Nico: I agree. We've got to use what on hand.

Honoka: Then let's go part of the way up in a cable car, then climb the rest!

Rin: Oh, nonono! I want to climb the whole way on my own two feet!

Rin: I'm going on ahead!

Umi: Rin! It's a mountain, you'll wear yourself out if you run!

Rin: It's a race to see who's 1st to the top!

Hanayo: R-Rin, hold on...! Sweatdrop

Nozomi: She's too far away already. Rin is really fast!

Eli: But that pace is too much. I hope she doesn't give out halfway through...

Umi: Anyway, let's head after her.

Nico: Phew... So why aren't we using the cable car?

Hanayo: Sorry Nico... I thought it would be easier to get everyone together if we went the way Rin did... Sweatdrop

Nico: It's not your fault, Hanayo. I've just got to have a talk with Rin later.

Honoka: Is Rin even further ahead now?

Kotori: Ah! Look, over there! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Rin!? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Everyone... BlueLines

Umi: Don't run off alone like that, Rin! Are you alright?

Rin: Yeah, I'm sorry. I wanted to climb fast, but I got tired partway up...

Rin: I wanted us to climb together so why did I run off alone? I'm sorry, everyone. BlueLines

Eli: It's not like you to be upset about that, Rin. Let's just all climb together now, okay?

Hanayo: It's okay, Rin. We can hold hands from here on up.

Rin: Hanayo... QuestionMark

Hanayo: Will you come with me? Then we can have rice balls when we reach the top.

Maki: And I'll hold your other hand.

Rin: Maki, you too...

Maki: Being sad like this doesn't suit you, Rin, and I don't want to see it anymore, so toughen up!

Rin: Hehe... Hehehe... Thank you, Hanayo! Thank you, Maki!

Rin: Somehow I feel better now that we're holding hands!

Kotori: Haha... I'm so glad for those three! HeartBubble

Eli: It's a relief, when you make it this far, you really want it to be a good memory.

Nico: To make this a good memory, I need a break... BlueLines

Kotori: And a break means eating candy! I brought some, so let's all share! MusicNote

Honoka: Oh, candy? I want some!

Kotori: Hehehe! I knew you'd say that, so I brought a lot.

Honoka: Yay! MusicNote

Umi: You need to pace yourself when climbing mountains, so let's try for the top again after resting a little.

Nozomi: Hmm... Yes, I can sense it! The mountain's power! HeartBubble

Story 2

Nozomi: And please continue to watch over everyone in µ's. Give them all reasons to smile.

Umi: Please keep everyone from µ's healthy.

Nozomi: Everybody, go pay your respects in the main hall.

Umi: I had no idea there was a temple around here.

Rin: I'm going to pray we all get to the top of the mountain alright! MusicNote

Hanayo: Me too!

Maki: Phew... Is this the top?

Nozomi: Maki, you made it too? But we're not at the top yet. We're still far away.

Maki: Oh, not yet then? I got my hopes up. BlueLines

Eli: But from the map, it looks like we've gotten a lot closer

Nico: Phew... We're finally at the top, then?

Honoka: They say it's farther ahead, Nico.

Nico: Nooo! We've climbed this long and we're still not there!? BlueLines

Hanayo: It's probably not much farther. I mean, look...

Kotori: Wow, the view is beautiful! MusicNote

Honoka: It really is! Well, mountain climbing isn't easy, but it's really exciting being up high! MusicNote

Umi: Let's head for the peak. It's just a little farther!

Nico: Hold on! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Wha-? What's wrong, Nico?

Nico: A-Aren't you all tired? I really think you should rest a bit more!

Hanayo: Nico, are you okay? Getting worn out?

Nico: Ahh... I-I'm fine!

Eli: Come one! If you're tired, just be honest about it! Here, I'll carry your bag for you.

Nico: Sorry... and thanks.

Nozomi: Eli, you're so nice to her!

Eli: Actually, Nico, your bag is really heavy. What's in it?

Nico: A change of clothes, a mic, a camera... MusicNote

Maki: Why would you bring stuff you won't even need? BlueLines

Nico: You never know when you might need to do a photo-shoot or film a video, so...

Eli: That's fine, I guess... But carry it all yourself. BlueLines

Rin: Wow, we made it! This is the top of the mountain! MusicNote

Umi: The view is incredible!

Eli: It is... I didn't know all these mountains were connected like this.

Kotori: This is so cool... You can see Mt. Fuji, even!

Honoka: Where? Oh, you really can! MusicNote

Maki: This wind feels great.

Hanayo: Yeah... It's really nice.

Nozomi: Mountain tops are the best power spots. It's like you're being re-charged with energy, right?

Rin: Yahoooo!

Honoka: Yahooooo!

Nico: Nicoooo!

Kotori: Nico, your shout was really unique!

Umi: Too unique... Sweatdrop

Honoka: Hehehe... This is so much fun!

Rin: Now that I let out that yell, my stomach's all empty.

Eli: Haha, then it's time for a lunch break.

Hanayo: We have lots of rice balls!

Kotori: Kotori and Umi made us side dishes, too, so everybody eat up.

Rin: Yay! MusicNote

Nozomi: Exactly! The rice ball tastes even better on the top of a mountain. MusicNote

Maki: You're right. These are great!

Rin: Um... Hehe... HeartBubble

Hanayo: What's wrong, Rin? QuestionMark

Rin: I'm just so happy.

Rin: It's like in the song, but I don't have 100 friends, I have 8 friends who are super, SUPER important to me!

Eli: Oh, Rin...

Rin: Climbing a mountain and eating lunch with 8 close friends... This is just perfect!

Kotori: It really is. Rin said it perfectly.

Maki: I had fun too. Let's all do this again!

Hanayo: Yep!

Rin: I will. I love climbing mountains! MusicNote

Story 3

Kotori: Alright... Here goes!

Honoka: Sure!

Kotori: What country are macaroons from?

Honoka: Umm... I've never even thought about this! Sweatdrop

Kotori: You have 10 seconds left! 10-9-8-7...

Honoka: Umm... Ah! Okay. It's America! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Honoka! Wrong answer!

Honoka: Huh... well, there's Japan, and America... Then that leaves... Ah! Africa!

Kotori: Bzzzt!

Honoka: Wait, Kotori! Isn't this one too hard? Nobody know the name of foreign countries!

Umi: So there are only 3 countries as for are you care, Honoka!? BlueLines

Honoka: Well, I forget on the spot... And I bet Umi doesn't know what country macaroons are from, either! Sweatdrop

Umi: They're from France.

Kotori: Bingo, Umi!

Honoka: Argh! BlueLines

Umi: Honoka... Maybe you should focus on things besides just being a school idol?

Umi: I don't mean tests are the only important thing, but everyone should have some basic knowledge.

Honoka: I-I know... Sweatdrop

Kotori: It sounds like we should all study together!

Eli: ...

Maki: Look at this picture next. You recognize what's in it, right?

Rin: Yeah, it's a lot of ducks in a rice paddy!

Hanayo: Hmmm.

Maki: And do you know why a lot of ducks would be in a rice paddy?

Rin: Umm... QuestionMark

Rin: Why...? QuestionMark

Rin: Because ducks are... cute? QuestionMark

Hanayo: I don't think that's right, Rin.

Rin: Well, um, maybe it was a big family of ducks? MusicNote

Maki: Thats wrong too. They actually bring in ducklings born in other places.

Rin: Huh? Why? Are they there to play?

Hanayo: Rin, this is what we call rice duck farming.

Hanayo: The ducks eat insects that bother the plants, and fertilize the crops.

Rin: They do? Hanayo, you're a genius!

Hanayo: Hehe... I was researching rice once, and ended up reading about rice duck farming, so I just remembered. MusicNote

Maki: So this is one of your interests...

Maki: And the next problem. Future issues for rice duck farming are...

Rin: Oh... There's still more?

Eli: ...

Nozomi: Eli, were you checking in on everyone again?

Eli: Yes, I was worried... They seem like they're trying, but it looks like it'll be rough this time, too.

Eli: I think they'll all see to it that the club sticks around, but...

Nico: What? Talking about being a school idol?

Eli: No. It's almost time for tests already.

Nico: Eek... Exclaimationpoint

Nico: It... It is?

Nozomi: Did you forget, Nico-cchi? You're in the worst position of all the third-year students.

Nico: Um, ah, I'm not... in a bad position, that's just...

Nozomi: True?

Nico: Umm... Sweatdrop

Eli: And if someone fails this time, then...

Nico: Then...?

Eli: Morning practice! Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: You mean morning practice for classes?

Eli: Yes, they'd have to come to school an hour early every day for extra review time.

Eli: We've got to meet basic study levels; this is a school, after all.

Nozomi: Yeah! And it would be bad if there were students failing in the club the student council president is in.

Nico: ...

Nozomi: Huh? What's wrong, Nico-cchi?

Nico: It-it's nothing! Nothing... Exclaimationpoint

Story 4

Umi: And so, discovery of a route through the Indian Ocean around the Cape of Good Hope greatly changed trade.

Honoka: Ah, umm...? QuestionMark

Kotori: Don't give up, Honoka!

Umi: Here, let's go over the map together. First, put your finger here.

Maki: We'll start from the important parts. Just keep going over the basics until you know them.

Rin: I'm not sure I can do it...

Maki: You can do it! We'll hammer physical memory into you, kind of like the sports you love.

Hanayo: Don't give up, Rin!

Rin: Okay! I'll give it a try!

Maki: Once you get the basics, it gets easier, so keep at it! Let's start from this vocabulary notebook.

Eli: Looks like Maki and Umi are taking good care of the 1st and 2nd year students.

Nozomi: Then we should learn from Eli! Right, Professor Eli?

Eli: That's fine, but study on your own as well, okay?

Nozomi: I know, I know!

Eli: Nico, you're always just barely scraping by... You've studied this time, right?

Nico: Hehe...

Nozomi: Actually, you need to get to the student council, Eli.

Eli: Oh, how did it get this late?

Nozomi: Eli, why don't you go on ahead? I've got something left to do.

Eli: Okay, I'm heading off now.

Nico: Whoo... It's always awkward before a test. BlueLines

Nozomi: And you can't tell Eli you haven't studied at all for your tests, right?

Nico: They're already so close... I want to study, but there's no way to do enough.

Nozomi: Feel like you're grasping at straws? If that's it, then you could try... using my power.

Nico: Oh, that sounds suspicious! Really suspicious, but... Sweatdrop

Kotori: Everyone, congratulations on the test!

Honoka: I was so relieved I passed!

Umi: It's all gone from my mind already. But it was worth the effort.

Rin: Me too, me too! I learned a lot, and my head was packed with information, but it all worked out somehow!

Hanayo: You really worked hard.

Maki: You're right. Getting results on the real test is impressive, too.

Honoka: I hope the 3rd years are all okay.

Umi: I think Eli and Nozomi will be alright, but...

Nico: Sorry to keep you waiting!

Kotori: Nico! You look really happy.

Honoka: So that means... nobody failed!

Nico: Of course not! Actually, it was really easy!

Umi: It was!? You must have studied hard, Nico.

Eli: I was wrong about you... You did better than I was expecting.

Nozomi: My powers are unstoppable, as expected!

Nico: Nozomi! Don't mention that in front of everyone!

Maki: ...This is suspicious. Nozomi, what did you do?

Eli: You were involved? What did you do? No injustice will go unpunished!

Nozomi: Nothing bad! I just gave her my pencil.

Hanayo: Pencil? QuestionMark

Nico: ...Yeah, this. I have Nozomi's three-sided pencil.

Umi: A three-sided pencil... Those are rare.

Rin: I think I used one as a kid, learning how to write.

Honoka: So, um... How did this pencil raise your test scores?

Nozomi: Hehe. It's loaded with my power, so it solves multiple choice questions when you roll it!

Eli: Multiple choice... No way! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Whoa, this pencil has a 1, 2, and 3, written on the sides.

Nico: I rolled this and used numbers it gave on multiple choice questions, and it helped me get them all right!

Eli: Ah... You're crazy. You really did that? BlueLines

Nozomi: Results are results. It's fine!

Honoka: Nozomi! Make a pencil like that for me, too.

Rin: And me!

Nozomi: Okay! I'll make pencils loaded with my power for both of you? MusicNote

Honoka: Yay! This should cover my studying!

Umi: You can use them, but be sure to study, too! Sweatdrop



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