This Is Our Home Edit

House party on the roof! Some of our fondest memories.

Story 1

Nozomi: Eli, you mean we can use the roof?

ElI: Yes, I got permission.

Nico: Then it's settled. Let's do it today.

Nozomi: I can't wait!

Honoka: What is it? What are you going to do?

Nozomi: Well, with the tests finished, we wanted to throw a party for everyone on the rooftop! MusicNote

Kotori: Really!? That sounds great!

Rin: You mean to celebrate Honoka and Nico and I all passing?

Honoka: Aha! We did study really hard. MusicNote

Umi: I know what you mean... But it feels wrong somehow to just celebrate not failing...

Hanayo: A house party still sounds good, though.

Maki: It's not at a house, though, so I'm not sure we should call it a house party.

Rin: It's totally fine! You worry too much about details.

Nico: I agree. And also, this rooftop is like a home to all of us in µ's.

Eli: You look so happy, Nico.

Maki: Stop it! I'm getting embarrassed just looking...

Umi: Since we're calling it a house party, I assume there's nothing big involved, but do you need help anyway?

Hanayo: Are we all going to cook together, too?

Eli: Well, then let's divide into 3 groups: Preparations Team, Cooking Team, and Shopping Team.

Honoka: If we work hard preparing, we get a good party after. I'll do my best!

Nozomi: We're the Shopping Team, then!

Rin: Yeah! I can carry things!

Kotori: We'll get everything and divide it between us.

Rin: We'll want cola and orange juice and such to drink, too.

Nozomi: But drinks are heavy. Get paper cups and plates first. And I think we need party supplies, too.

Kotori: These paper napkins are cute! Nozomi, let's get these!

Rin: Look! These glasses have a nose and eyebrows and mustache. They're funny. Let's get them too, Nozomi! MusicNote

Nozomi: Are those Groucho glasses, Rin? Those are great! Let's get the paper items and these glasses! MusicNote

Kotori: Groucho glasses...? Haha, Rin, you look like an old man! It's kind of cute. HeartBubble

Rin: Ho ho ho! When I put on these glasses, I talk like an old man, too!

Nozomi: Okay then! 9 pairs if Groucho glasses!

Kotori: Don't you think that's a bit too many?

Nozomi: Is it? Then maybe 5 would be better?

Kotori: Yes, and for the other 4, don't these cat-ear hair bands seem purrrfect? HeartBubble

Rin: Whoa! Kotori, you're adorable with cat ears!! Now I'm not sure which to get for me-ow... HeartBubble

Nozomi: Either way is great! And we'll need confetti poppers to make it a party, too.

Kotori: Now we just need to but drinks and the ingredients for the Cooking Team, and we're all set!

Nico: Cooking Team! We're going all out on this!

Umi: Of course I don't mind cooking... But I've never made anything for a party.

Nico: Even things like sandwiches are cuter if you wrap them like this, and tie a ribbon around the edges.

Eli: That is cute! They turn into rolled sandwiches, shaped kind of like candy.

Umi: I see... Nico, you've got to teach me more!

Umi: Even if some of it's too advanced, I want to copy you as much as I can.

Nico: But that's backwards! The trick is to make it cute without trying hard. Work with me, and I'll show you.

Eli: We're not inviting any guests, so let's just make things simple and quick.

Umi: Now I see... I was clearly putting far too much thought into it.

Nico: Just make simple, tasty things. Oh, and foods that everyone likes.

Eli: Hehehe. That means I need to make rice balls for Hanayo.

Umi: It's time to show off the skills we learned at the rice ball cooking lesson the other day!

Nico: Then let's get some rice ready. She'll eat a lot, so we need a big batch.

Umi: Alright, I'll start getting the vegetables ready.

Eli: With 9 people, everything goes fast. I wonder how everyone else is doing?

Story 2

Honoka: Ok... Here we go...

Maki: Are you alright, Honoka? Let me help.

Honoka: Thanks, Maki. This should be enough desks, right?

Maki: Yeah. And after this, a house party needs... decorations, maybe?

Hanayo: What should we use? QuestionMark

Honoka: Umm, maybe we could try flowers?

Hanayo: But flowers are expensive. We might not be able to afford many.

Honoka: Then how about making an origami chain?

Maki: For decorations, we need something that says "µ's."

Maki: I hope we don't need to spend a lot or make it stylish. I want house parties to be relaxed!

Honoka: Decorations that say "µ's"...

Maki: Umm, Hanayo? Would you mind drawing us something?

Hanayo: Huh? What!? Me? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: I've seen you drawing, Hanayo, and you're really good.

Honoka: Oh, that's so cool! I want to see your drawings, Hanayo!

Hanayo: Um... OK! If it would make everyone happy... I'll try drawing something. MusicNote

Honoka: Yay! Thanks, Hanayo!! MusicNote

Hanayo: La la la... MusicNote

Maki: This is so cute! You drew all of our faces.

Hanayo: Yeah, we've all been through so much fun and trouble being school idols together, so I drew from memory. MusicNote

Maki: There are smiling faces and upset faces, all kinds of expressions since so much has happened.

Hanayo: A picture like this, it seems like a memorial. I'm not good at many things, but I can draw at least.

Maki: At least...? It's awesome! I think you're amazing. You know all kinds of things.

Honoka: That's right! You know about being a school idol, you make great rice balls, and your pictures are cute!

Hanayo: Hehe... You'll make me blush! HeartBubble

Maki: Maybe we should try making something with construction paper, too?

Honoka: Yeah! That's good, too, but there's another thing I want to decorate with. Maki, come here.

Maki: Hey... Honoka, that tickles!

Honoka: Well, you see...

Maki: ...! I see. You definitely can't have µ's without that.

Honoka: Right?! Let's start getting ready! Here goes!

Kotori: I'm back!

Eli: Welcome home! ....Huh?!? Exclaimationpoint

Umi: I-Is that Rin... with the Groucho glasses?

Rin: That's correct!

Nozomi: They're cute, huh?

Nico: What are you talking about!? They're not cute at all!

Nozomi: But it they're lying around, I bet you'll put them on, Nico-cchi.

Nico: Th-That's not true!

Kotori: Aside from the glasses, we also got ingredients for the Cooking Team!

Umi: Thank you. We're almost read here, too, so with these we're in the finishing stages.

Rin: Ooh, it smells nice.

Eli: Will you help too, Rin? You can wrap seaweed around rice balls, right?

Rin: Sure! I'll wrap them all up, one after the other after the other...

Umi: The roof preparations should be done soon, too.

Eli: Let's all head up there!

Rin: The party's starting!

Story 3

Honoka: Everyone's here! Good job getting everything ready!

Eli: Wow... There are pictures all over. MusicNote

Umi: Are these... us?

Maki: We had Hanayo draw everyone from µ's. I think she really got us right!

Kotori: Adorable! HeartBubble

Hanayo: Um... Hehe...

Rin: And I'm in the cat pose. Meow! MusicNote

Nozomi: Your mouth looks like a cat's, too. It's really cute!

Nico: The Rin over here is crying, though? I wonder why... QuestionMark

Eli: Nico, look below the crying Rin.

Nico: Th-There's a test form in the picture... BlueLines

Hanayo: Err, that's because I drew it while the test was still on my mind.

Umi: There's a shrine gate, and a rare expression on her face.

Nozomi: Yay, thank you! I've got to pray for you to make a lot of money, Hanayo. HeartBubble

Kotori: And Umi holding a bow alongside school idol Umi... Oh, they're so cute! HeartBubble

Rin: Hanayo's face is cute too! I'll draw a heart on here. HeartBubble

Hanayo: Hehehe... Thanks, Rin.

Honoka: Hey, Nozomi, let's draw graffiti on Eli's picture! Um... Eeeeek!? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: What's wrong?

Honoka: A mustache...! Nozomi, when did you grow a beard and start needing glasses!?

Nozomi: Haha, they're Groucho glasses. I'm gonna tickle you!

Nico: Never! You look weird! I'll never submit! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Groucho glasses are cute in a weird way, huh.

Umi: I'm not sure about that...

Kotori: Hey, Umi, I need a favor. I want to see you... wearing Groucho glasses!

Umi: Absolutely not!

Kotori: C'mon, Umi... If you wear them, I'm sure it'll be cute!

Umi: Oh... Kotori, you know how to persuade me... B-But no, I can't! Sweatdrop

Rin: Well... We also have cat ears. Would you try those on?

Umi: O-Okay. Let's try these...

Kotori: Hmm... Well, Umi, they do look cute on you! HeartBubble

Hanayo: I'll go with cat ears, too.

Maki: Me too!

Nico: Ugh, which is better...

Nozomi: Nico-cchi, if you don't hurry, you won't have a choice. Eli, do you want cat ears too? They're pretty big, and really cute!

Eli: I'm going with Groucho glasses! I'd never wear them otherwise, and it seems like a waste to miss a chance. Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Eli! That's good, you're cute even in these. MusicNote

Honoka: I'm going with glasses too. Do you want some, Rin?

Rin: Yep yep! MusicNote

Kotori: And Kotori too. MusicNote

Maki: When Kotori wears them, she has this aura that just makes them work somehow.

Kotori: Hehehe! I have a mustache! HeartBubble

Eli: And the last one is... cat ears for Nico, then.

Nico: Oh, fine... Ellipses

Rin: Ah, Nico, you're disappointed? Maybe you would've preferred Groucho glasses instead?

Nico: Either one is fine! Anger

Maki: Everyone has Groucho glasses or cat ears... This is pretty surreal.

Honoka: Want to have a game, cat ears versus Groucho glasses?

Nico: No! The food's going to get cold, remember? Anger

Hanayo: That's right! Then let's start eating.

Story 4

Umi: Now, I'd like to take the lead with a toast.

Kotori: Clap clap clap

Honoka: L-Lead...? Are we... dancing? QuestionMark

Eli: Umi, it's a house party, so keep it short.

Rin: om nom nom...

Hanayo: I can't wait to see what Umi and everyone made for us.

Rin: nom nom nom...

Hanayo: Wh-Whoa! Rin, did you already start eating?!? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Come one! We are all going to eat in a second. Couldn't you have waited that long?

Rin: Heh heh... The food was calling to me, though.

Nico: Somebody always eats before everyone else. They just can't help themselves.

Honoka: It really looks goo, too! Maybe I should get started...

Nozomi: Umi, you might want to start already.

Umi: I see! Then... Cheers!

Together: Cheers!

Honoka: Gulp... mmm, it's great! This is just tomato and cheese, so why is it so good!?

Maki: It is, though. You can really taste the basil and olive oil in the salad!

Nozomi: And the sandwiches are cute, and delicious!

Kotori: Nozomi, the stew is great! The potatoes are so fluffy. MusicNote

Hanayo: Oh! And there are stickers all of the wrapper on this rice ball! HeartBubble

Rin: Hanayo, let's eat our rice balls together.

Hanayo: Ohh... So good... These rice balls are perfect, Rin!

Eli: Hehe, I'm glad everyone's enjoying it.

Nico: Fresh-cooked food with friends is always delicious.

Umi: It is! Let's eat while it's still hot.

Kotori: Whew... I'm stuffed!

Nico: There's plenty left, so we can eat more later. ...Er, are the rice balls already gone?

Hanayo: Yes! MusicNote

Eli: Want to just take it easy and chat now?

Honoka: Heh heh heh... It's too early to rest yet!

Maki: Actually, there's another thing here I want you to see.

Rin: What is it?

Hanayo: I'll pull back this cloth. And...!

Umi: This is...!

Kotori: Whoa, you decorated with µ's costumes!

Honoka: That's right, I decorated with the costumes Kotori made for us.

Maki: Honoka mentioned that these costumes probably held the most µ's memories for all of us.

Kotori: Oh, Honoka! Thank you! HeartBubble

Eli: It looks like there are comments on each. Let's read them.

Umi: µ's began here. It was rough sometimes with just 3 of us, but I haven't forgotten the feeling, even now.

Umi: Honoka... I made up my mind on stage that time, too.

Kotori: When I'd look at you, Honoka, I knew I couldn't give up...

Honoka: I couldn't have been on stage alone. I really want to thank Umi and Kotori for that.

Hanayo: I... I want to thank Rin and Maki for being there for me. I'm so glad you let the 3 of us into µ's!

Rin: Hanayo...

Nozomi: Which now...? "It made us all more confident when Nico the idol expert joined µ's."

Nozomi: I hope she'll continue to teach me all kinds of things in the future, too, it says.

Nico: !! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: I-It was rough for me too... I was so happy when I joined µ's.

Nico: I was already kind of thinking I wanted to join, sort of... And... so... well... sniffle.

Eli: Nico... are you alright? Do you need a tissue?

Nico: N-No, I'm fine! Hey Rin, lend me your Groucho glasses.

Rin: Huh? Why?

Nico: I don't think my face suits heavenly "School Idol Nico"... And I don't want people to see.

Rin: Nico... you're fine. Your face is cute like always.

Maki: These costumes are from the set when Eli and Nozomi joined.

Eli: They are!

Maki: At first we didn't want to overdo it with expanding... But now I'm glad they're both with us.

Honoka: We all bonded because Eli joined us? I don't know if you'd call it a bond, but I feel like µ's got stronger.

Kotori: If Nozomi weren't here, µ's might have a different name... And I'm glad µ's is µ's!

Eli: Thank you... I'm glad I'm in µ's, aren't you, Nozomi?

Nozomi: Yeah.

Honoka: Hehehe... I'm kind of blushing.

Honoka: I'm blushing, and all this talking has made me hungry again!

Umi: Honoka, you do love to eat. I could go for a little more, too, though.

Eli: Hehehe. We still have plenty, so be sure to eat up today! MusicNote

Maki: Looking back on things one at a time together... It's kind of nice.

Hanayo: Yeah! I'm so glad we got to have a house party together today.



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