Alpaca Escape!/Nine Paths Edit

Lunch trouble. / Nico directs the first µ's movie!

Story 1

Honoka: Ahh, I'm hungry!

Umi: Honoka, you say that several times a day.

Kotori: Hey guys? It's nice and warm out today, so let's eat in the courtyard.

Honoka: Oh, nice idea! That sounds like good fun. MusicNote

Umi: I agree. Eating outside would be nice.

Honoka: Then let's go already!

Honoka: Huh? That's Hanayo and the others. HEYYY!

Hanayo: Wha-? Oh! Are you guys eating outside today, too?

Honoka: Yeah, let's all eat together!

Maki: It's nice out today, after all. We're all here now.

Rin: But Eli and the rest aren't here. I'll go and get them!

Kotori: Watch your step when you're in a hurry, Rin!

Umi: I'm always amazed at how fast she is.

Hanayo: I wonder if all 9 of us will make it?

Rin: I'm ba-ack.

Honoka: Whoa, that was fast! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Isn't this a beautiful day?

Nozomi: I'm glad we all get to have lunch together.

Nico: I don't know why it has to be outside, though.

Kotori: If you eat outside, bathed in natural sunlight, everything tastes better and you'll be happier.

Nico: Are you sure about that?

Umi: Shall we dig in?

Honoka: Yep! Here we go. MusicNote

Rin: Wha-!? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Ha-Hanayo, are you feeling alright today? Sweatdrop

Hanayo: Huh? There's nothing wrong at all. Actually, I feel pretty good.

Rin: B-But... That can't be right.

Maki: What's wrong? Actually Rin, you don't look so well yourself.

Rin: But Hanayo... There's a sandwich in your lunch today!? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: What!? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: There is? Already had a lifetime's worth of rice balls, then? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: N-No, that's not it. Sweatdrop

Honoka: It's not a side to the main course of rice balls, either?

Hanayo: No! It's just one of the rare days when I want a sandwich.

Rin: Oh, so you have days like that.

Honoka: I think I get it! Today was a rare day I wanted a lot of veggies, so I put extra into my lunch.

Umi: Honoka normally eats more meat. It's good to eat vegetables, though.

Nozomi: They help bring out the flavor of the meat, you know.

Honoka: Hehehe. I wanted to eat a lot of veggies, and get healthy.

Hanayo: Huh? Was that an alpaca I heard just now?

Eli: Aaah! Honoka, behind you! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: What? Ah! Ah... Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Alpaca!? Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Why are you here?! Does this mean you got out of your stable on your own?? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: It might be worked up. It's alright, you're OK... Don't be scared. Let's get you home.

Eli: We've got to let the students and teachers know. I'll head over there for a bit!

Kotori: Ahhh! It's getting away with Honoka's lunch!

Honoka: Hey, give that back! That's my lunch! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Honoka, watch out! Give up on the lunch, and let's just wait till it goes back home.

Honoka: No way! I'm the only one who will eat my lunch.

Honoka: Gimme back my lunch!!

Umi: Honoka, wait!

Story 2

Hanayo: Phew... Honoka and that Alpaca are too fast.

Rin: We've lost sight of them. Maybe they went in another direction?

Kotori: I hope Honoka's okay...

Nozomi: Relax, Kotori, I guarantee she's okay, so no need to worry.

Kotori: You're right. Thanks, Nozomi.

Umi: Yeah, but where did the two of them run off to?

Kotori: Oh, I know! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Kotori, you have an idea?

Kotori: In this situation, maybe we should try putting ourselves in that Alpaca's shoes?

Nico: Huh?

Kotori: Alpaca... I'm channeling Alpaca... Ellipses

Kotori: Hmph, I'm hungry, bahh.

Umi: Wh-What's going on? This makes no sense. Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Kotori's possessed by an Alpaca? Impressive, Kotori. Exclaimationpoint

Nico: What are you doing? You can't actually channel an Alpaca like that!

Hanayo: But it might lead to clues. Alpaca, where are you now?

Kotori: Hmm... Yeah, bahhh, you know. Ellipses

Kotori: I want to go somewhere without people, bahhh.

Nozomi: Yeah, it's never seen a car before, and all the people might have spooked it.

Maki: That Alpaca doesn't know traffic rules, either. I hope it doesn't get hit by a car or anything.

Rin: We need to find them both soon.

Honoka: Waiiiit!!

Umi: Honoka!? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Honoka must still be chasing that Alpaca.

Maki: Let's go after her.

Nozomi: It looks like she went into Kanda Shrine.

Honoka: Got you! You're not getting away again!

Umi: There she is! It's Honoka. Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: And it looks like that Alpaca's over there, too.

Nico: Both of them are such a pain! Let's finish this here.

Honoka: Gotcha!! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Now give back my lunch... Um. Oh! You're eating it! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Phew... There you are.

Hanayo: Phew... And with that Alpaca. Oh, did it eat your lunch, Honoka? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: All those greens in Honoka's lunch today must've looked irresistible, bahhh, haha! MusicNote

Honoka: Ohhh... My lunch...

Nozomi: It was bad luck, but I'm sure Alpaca here didn't mean any harm. Can you forgive it?

Honoka: I suppose...

Honoka: E-Eeep!? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Aw, he's licking your cheek, Honoka!

Hanayo: I think this is his way of thanking you for the lunch.

Honoka: I still miss it, but I'll cope, if it means the Alpaca's this happy.

Eli: Good work, everyone. That was crazy.

Nozomi: It was crazy, but pretty fun. Did everything go alright for you, Eli? MusicNote

Eli: Yes. Apparently the kid on caretaker duty forgot to lock them up.

Hanayo: So that was it. We've got to think up another way to check to be sure nobody else forgets.

Eli: I'm really glad everyone's okay, though.

Rin: In the end, only the contents of Honoka's lunch were harmed.

Honoka: Ohhh, it's always shocking to have to miss lunch. BlueLines

Umi: It's alright. We'll all share ours with you, okay?

Kotori: That's right! So sheer up already, Honoka.

Honoka: Oh, thank you, guys!

Honoka: I'm sad my lunch got eaten, but everyone's so nice and Alpacas are so cute, I forgive it all.

Eli: Hehe, you've earned it. I got a little extra lunch time today, so let's eat now.

Honoka: Yah!

Kotori: I feel like I know Alpacas better than before. This was fun!

Story 3

Eli: Argh...

Nozomi: What's up, Eli?

Eli: Well, I want even more people to know about what we do in µ's.

Nozomi: Yeah, not just the kids that come to see us. People with no interest in school idols, even.

Nozomi: And spreading news by word of mouth seems to have limits.

Eli: You've shot a club introduction video before, right Nozomi? How about doing it again?

Nozomi: I don't see why not. And maybe go a little deeper this time?

Nico: Heh heh heh. Time for the school idols specialist to go to work, then.

Nozomi: Nico-cchi!

Eli: Yes, Nico, we might need you for this too.

Honoka: Wow! So Nico's making us a movie now.

Kotori: Sounds fun!

Hanayo: So what will we focus on now?

Umi: Our key player Nico is the only one missing.

Eli: She looked pretty intense, I wonder where she went.

Maki: Oh, there she is.

Nico: We're rolling!

Rin: We may be, but we're waiting on you, Nico.

Nico: Avoid calling me Nico for a while, starting today.

Rin: What?

Nico: Call me "Director". Got it?

Nozomi: Ahh... Some bizarre switch flipped in Nico-cchi's head, then.

Nico: We all want people to know about µ's, right? Well, we've got to go all out.

Kotori: Just acting normal seems alright to me...

Rin: This is scary. I want to go home.

Nico: Come on, get ready!

Honoka: O-Okay.

Nico: Today, as usual, Umi Sonoda contemplates what it means to be a school idol as she writes lyrics.

Umi: You're filming me brainstorming!?

Nico: Songwriting is an important school idol activity, right? Show me how you normally do it.

Eli: I'm really curious about Umi's songwriting, too.

Umi: It's completely normal. I write down words that come to mind in a notebook, and then it's like organizing it. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: When do you usually get ideas, Umi?

Umi: Hmm, well, in the bath, and maybe when talking with everyone?

Rin: Wow, Umi, you're thing even in the shower and while you're talking.

Maki: Can I see your notebook?

Umi: N-No, definitely not!! If people saw that, my life would be over. Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: So it's life-threatening!? Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Adding some action. So you don't yell lyrics during archery, or try to show off anywhere?

Umi: I'd never do that!!

Nico: And here, Maki Nishikino lowers her hands to the piano. Composing can be a solitary battle.

Maki: Please stop with the creepy narration!

Honoka: Do you compose in front of the piano? Or on paper until you finish?

Maki: I write down ideas in a notebook first, like Umi. Then I just suddenly sing the overall idea sometimes.

Nozomi: Whoa, I kind of suspect that suddenly bursting into song is part of your genius, Maki.

Maki: I-It's not like that.

Nico: Right, right. So, Maki, put this on.

Maki: What is it? A spring? QuestionMark

Nico: It's a strength training tool for your arm. This will add something to the movie, too!

Maki: Are... Are you insane? There's is no way I'm doing that.

Nico: Hmm.

Nozomi: How's it going, Nico-cchi? Does the movie look good so far?

Nico: Well, it's short on action, but it's not bad.

Rin: I wonder if Director Nico is filming it weird.

Hanayo: The narration is out there,, but it shows that you're very passionate about being a school idol, Nico.

Nico: Hanayo...

Hanayo: So I want to be able to make the kind of movie you want to. We're with you, Nico.

Nico: Thank you, Hanayo! I won't let any of you regret this. Exclaimationpoint

Story 4

Nico: To manage the punishing rehearsals required of a school idol, today, as always, Hanayo Koizumi eats rice.

Hanayo: Um, Nico, it's kind of hard to eat to that narration.

Nico: Eat the rice! More!' screams Hanayo. Her passion for rice touches our hearts, as well.

Hanayo: I never said that. Sweatdrop

Eli: Dance lessons are next.

Rin: I finally get to move! MusicNote

Honoka: Nico, the movie will be finished soon, right?

Nico: Right. Everyone's rehearsals are getting more boring than I imagined, so I'm about to wrap up.

Nozomi: Nico-cchi's really trying hard.

Eli: So, for Director Nico's sake, let's all do a song together today.

Umi: Hanayo, you're a little late.

Hanayo: Okay.

Maki: Honoka, can you breathe a little longer at the end?

Honoka: I think so. I'll try again.

Nico: ...

Eli: Everyone, try to smile a little more next time. And again!

Rin: Don't give up!

Nico: ...

Nico: Hey... this is pretty good!

Kotori: What's up, Nico?

Nico: I thought up all kinds of things, trying to make a flashier movie. But µ's is just amazing.

Nico: Looks like I don't need to make it any flashier. I think I've been charmed by everyone's rehearsals.

Hanayo: Oh, Nico.

Nozomi: It's fine! Seeing Nico-cchi moved by µ's working hard makes a beautiful scene.

Maki: Nozomi! You've been recording a movie too!?

Nozomi: Yeah, secretly. MusicNote

Nico: Why? Don't you trust my camera work?

Nozomi: That's not it. I wasn't at all worried about how you'd do.

Nozomi: But if you were directing, there wouldn't be anyone to film you, Nico-cchi. So I just took care of that.

Nico: Now I understand, Nozomi. Thank you.

Nozomi: I'll set up the camera, so at the end all 9 of us can rehearse together.

Eli: Haha, good idea. Let's get started, Nico!

Nico: Yeah, I'll give it my all!

Nico: At last, the movie I've been working on is finished!

Honoka: Ooh, show me, show me! MusicNote

Nico: Watch carefully and appreciate it, okay? I'll start it up. MusicNote

Kotori: Oh, this is Umi writing lyrics, right?

Umi: After that, she eventually got a shot of me writing lyrics in my notebook.

Hanayo: It's so cool how there are lots of words I'd never think to use!

Rin: And here we have Maki singing.

Eli: Wow, it's neat to get a chance to hear a song in the making!

Maki: S-Stop it... Anyway, nobody wants to see me. Let's skip this part.

Nozomi: Next is a lunch break she filmed.

Hanayo: Heyy, "eat the rice: narration is still there!

Rin: Your love of rice is in its own league, after all.

Nico: Don't worry. These kinds of things bring your character to life.

Hanayo: Are you sure? If you say so, I do kind of believe it.

Kotori: I think the contrast between Hanayo always being cute and nice, and the forceful "eat the rice" part is adorable. MusicNote

Hanayo: Thanks, Kotori. Hehehe. HeartBubble

Honoka: And last is where we all danced together.

Eli: ...

Umi: Eli, what's wrong?

Eli: When you were filming before, Nozomi and I weren't there.

Eli: I'm just glad we all got to appear together, and got to say we're µ's.

Nozomi: I know. We're really part of the team, huh?

Nico: Well, I've been in µ's forever, but leaving behind a record in a movie like this is important, too.

Maki: Watching something like this really touches my heart.

Honoka: Thanks, Nico! It's a great movie!

Nico: Right? I'll do another for you all eventually.

Umi: With this, whoever sees it will really understand µ's well.

Eli: Yes. It's the perfect movie, for us and for the people that come to see us.



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