Rain, Rain, Go Away Edit

Rain has its perks! What µ's does when it rains.

Story 1

Honoka: Aww, no! It's raining again. BlueLinesUmi: That's 3 days in a row. The weather report said it would rain tomorrow, too.

Nico: We won't be able to use the roof again, with this going on.

Rin: So we're not practicing today either!? Oh, nonono! I wanted to keep moving around. BlueLines

Nozomi: I don't know, it's not bad to just take it easy and watch the rain sometimes.

Maki: Agreed. I'm disappointed we can't practice, but just grumbling about it is boring.

Honoka: Sigh... No no no no! BlueLines

Umi: Honoka, try to hold back the major grumbling right after someone says something like that.

Kotori: Thanks for waiting, everybody. MusicNote

Hanayo: What have you got there, Kotori?

Kotori: Hehe, it's the raincoats I mentioned before. I got a matching set for everyone. HeartBubble

Eli: A matching set? Oh, they're cute! MusicNote

Nozomi: These would even be cute to dance in. MusicNote

Kotori: Yeah, I thought about getting different colors for everyone, but I think matching is sometimes cute, too. HeartBubble

Nico: So a rainy day-themed performance at dusk, then. Good thinking, Kotori.

Rin: So let's put these on and practi-

Umi: No.

Rin: Why not? It's boring just sitting around and never practicing! BlueLines

Honoka: It really is. I'm so bored!

Maki: You two aren't elementary school students anymore... BlueLines

Rin: Hmph. I can't just sit around idle like this. I'm going for a quick run!!

Hanayo: Rin, wh-where are you going? Sweatdrop

Honoka: In that case, I'm going to go dance a little.

Nico: What does that even mean?

Nozomi: Haha, those two just have too much energy.

Eli: Well, they'll cause problems bouncing around inside the building! We've got to bring them back.

Umi: It has to be done. I'll go after them.

Kotori: Good luck, Umi.

Hanayo: Then I'll go look for Rin.

Maki: I'd worry if you went alone, Hanayo. I'll go with you.

Hanayo: Thanks, Maki. MusicNote

Maki: Just be careful not to trip.

Hanayo: Yeah. MusicNote

Hanayo: I'm back! I brought Rin.

Eli: Oh, good! Thanks, you two.

Rin: Whew. I feel a little better that run. MusicNote

Maki: Phew... Rin, you run too much. BlueLines

Honoka: Yargh...

Nico: W-What was that?

Nozomi: Some kind of undiscovered animal?

Umi: Hey, guys. I brought Honoka back.

Kotori: Ah, Umi? You don't have to crush her like that. Sweatdrop

Honoka: Brutawity... BlueLines

Hanayo: Umi, that's overdoing it. Sweatdrop

Umi: She keeps trying to escape, so I have to!

Honoka: But we can't practice because of the rain, and I'm bored. BlueLines

Eli: I know how you both feel, really. I've found something we can do today.

Honoka: Huh? QuestionMark

Nozomi: We hunted down an empty classroom.

Eli: The wind instrument club is traveling today, so we got permission to use the music room.

Nico: We got a chance to practice after all today, so show some appreciation.

Honoka: Wow! Thanks, you guys! HeartBubble

Nozomi: Nico-cchi actually went around checking each classroom one at a time. Right, Nico-cchi? MusicNote

Nico: Hmph. If there's a planning chart for all clubs in the student council room, say that first next time!

Rin: So we can practice today?

Eli: Since we'll be in the music room, we probably can't dance much. But we can go wild with the singing instead.

Kotori: And if that's where we'll be, Maki can play the piano. MusicNote

Maki: That sounds good. Everybody try to keep up with me, okay?

Honoka: It's special, so let's wear our raincoats. I might even start to like rain a little. MusicNote

Kotori: Okay. I want to see us all wearing them, too. HeartBubble

Umi: What a relief. We were on the verge of losing control over Honoka and Rin.

Maki: I like how energetic they are, but it makes you wonder if they're too energetic.

Eli: Hehe. Let's cheer up. Rain can't bring us down!

Story 2

Maki: Rain again...

Rin: Phew... Maki! Let me under your umbrella.

Maki: Huh? You've got one in your hand, though. Exclaimationpoint

Rin: I'd rather be under yours than mine, though.

Maki: I never understand you. BlueLines

Rin: Rainy days are boring, so I decided to hunt down fun things on my own.

Maki: I still don't get you. I'm using my umbrella on my own, so you use yours.

Rin: Fine, then I'm coming in, Maki!

Maki: No, wait, don't just get under here! Are you listening to me? Anyway, why don't you share with Hanayo? Sweatdrop

Rin: Hanayo said she'd be late because she had to help out a teacher.

Maki: Oh, whatever, just let go of my umbrella.

Rin: No way! Not going to.

Maki: Come on, I'm not giving up either!

Hanayo: Ah, weren't you two going home ahed of me?

Rin: Oh, Hanayo!

Maki: Eek! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Hanayo, listen.

Hanayo: Um, what? Sweatdrop

Maki: Rin! Don't just let go suddenly like that! Anger

Rin: I wanted to get under Maki's umbrella, but she wouldn't let me.

Hanayo: O-Okay?

Maki: Nobody tried to share and umbrella when they have their own, right? Anger

Hanayo: Well, do you want to get under mine, then?

Rin: Thanks, Hanayo. You're always so nice. HeartBubble

Hanayo: Nobody wants to get wet, after all.

Rin: Hanayo's so nice, but Maki's just a total greedy-pants.

Maki: Greedy-pants?

Hanayo: Rin, that's not nice. Sweatdrop

Rin: Huh. A brat, then?

Maki: I'm not greedy or a brat.

Rin: Then why won't you let me under your umbrella?

Maki: Hmph. Fine, then, get under mu umbrella.

Rin: But I'm using Hanayo's umbrella.

Maki: Sigh... Anger

Hanayo: Hmm. Maybe I should get under Maki's umbrella?

Rin: Aw, but then I'd be all alone.

Maki: It'll be fine. I'm heading home with Hanayo.

Rin: No way!

Maki: Er, Rin, could you let go of my hand? Sweatdrop

Rin: Maki's picking on me! I want to go home with you both, too...

Hanayo: Wh-Whoa...! Don't pull on the umbrella, I'm losing it! Whoops... Exclaimationpoint

Rin: It's okay. I'll get it for you!

Hanayo: Thanks, Rin.

Rin: You're welcome. I didn't want you to get soaked, Hanayo.

Hanayo: It might be a bit late for that, though.

Rin: What's a bit late? QuestionMark

Maki: Haven't you noticed, Rin? We're all soaked already! Sweatdrop

Rin: Oh, we really are. I wonder when that happened? Splish-splash!! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Ah, don't spray water on me! You really are like a cat. Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Splish-splash, meow.

Hanayo: Eek, Rin, that's cold!

Rin: Hehe, for a rainy day, today has been fun.

Rin: Then let's head home already.

Hanayo: Oh, you're heading home?

Rin: Yeah! Well, I live over this way. See you tomorrow!

Hanayo: Wow, I've already lost sight of her.

Maki: Rin is pretty odd, really.

Hanayo: But that's just who she is. Days like this are fun once in a while, too.

Maki: I don't like getting soaked, but the whole effort to find her own fun is really Rin, and it's a good thing.

Hanayo: Oh, Maki.

Maki: What?

Hanayo: It's fun walking home together as a group.

Maki: Yeah, in its own way.

Story 3

Eli: Achoo!

Nozomi: Eli, are you okay? It looks like rain, and it's gotten cool lately.

Eli: I just hope it's not a cold... Achoo!

Nico: Eli, are you sick? You're a mess.

Eli: Hi... Nico...

Nozomi: You look lively as ever, Nico-cchi.

Nico: Naturally. The universe's number one school idol doesn't go to the bathroom or catch colds. MusicNote

Nozomi: Of course. It's good you're tough, at least.

Nico: No, seriously, listen! Anger

Nozomi: I'm listening. You're the cutest in the galaxy, right Nico-cchi?

Nico: Well, hmph. Just so long as you understand.

Nozomi: Hehehe, and cute as always, today. MusicNote

Nico: I hope you're not being sarcastic. Anger

Nozomi: Of course not. right, Eli?

Eli: ...

Nozomi: Eli, are you alright?

Eli: Yeah, sorry to worry you.

Nozomi: You don't look well. I'll get you home, so let's finish up for the day now.

Eli: Hey, Nozomi, am I a mess?

Nozomi: Huh?

Eli: Like Nico was saying, I catch colds because I'm a mess.

Nozomi: Hahaha, of course not. That's how she jokes.

Eli: While I tell everyone to study and practice all the time, maybe I'm the real mess...

Nico: ...

Nozomi: Well, Eli, if you were a mess, Otonokizaka might not be open, and you certainly wouldn't be a school idol.

Nozomi: It's thanks to you that we have Otonokizaka High and that µ's gets to do anything.

Eli: I don't know how much credit I can take for that, but I do always give my all.

Nozomi: Right? Everyone knows how hard you work, Eli.

Eli: Thank you... I'm terrible; I feel a little off and then let it discourage me.

Nozomi: Everyone needs to let a little "terrible" out sometimes! Don't keep it in, okay?

Eli: Hehe, you're right, Nozomi.

Nozomi: We're not really helpful, I know, but you can count on us if you need to. You feel the same, right Nico-cchi?

Nico: You leave me no choice.

Nozomi: Ah, Nico-cchi, why are you taking off clothes!?

Nico: My cardigan. I'm loaning it to Eli.

Eli: Oh... You don't mind?

Nico: Even I feel weird when you're like this, Eli. Keep warm and get back to normal soon.

Eli: Nico, that's sweet. Thank you.

Nozomi: Hehehe.

Nico: What are you smiling about, Nozomi?

Nozomi: Oh, nothing. I just realized how close you two are, is all. HeartBubble

Nico: Close? We're just in the same club and the same year.

Nozomi: Right, of course.

Eli: Hehe. I'm so lucky, I've got Nozomi, and Nico, and everyone from µ's.

Nico: Exactly, you have no idea how lucky you are just to share a school with Twinkle Angel Nico. Ah...ah...achoo!

Eli: Nico! Now you're sneezing, too.

Nico: No, that wasn't a sneeze, it was a sneeze-style idol pose! Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Don't be silly! I'm going to loan you my scarf.

Nico: Thank you...

Eli: Let's all head home early today.

Nozomi: Let's. And since we're all here, we can even hold hands.

Nico: What? All three of us holding hands? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: You don't want to? Fine, then Eli and I will go as a pair.

Eli: Come on, Nico. Join us.

Nico: Oh, fine. But just today, okay? Next time, clear all contact with my agent or whomever.

Eli: Sure, will do. MusicNote

Nozomi: And off we go! The weather's bad, but I feel good. MusicNote

Story 4

Kotori: Sew sew...

Honoka: Urgh... Ellipses

Umi: You're great at sewing by hand too, Kotori.

Kotori: Hehe. The trick is to sew really rhythmically.

Honoka: Urgh... Ellipses

Umi: Honoka, what's with the face you keep making?

Honoka: Well, its raining again.

Kotori: And there weren't any other club rooms open today, right?

Honoka: Once again, we can't practice. Rainy days are so boring.

Umi: I know it's not fun, but just sitting and moaning about it only makes it worse.

Kotori: I've got it. Maybe if we sang quietly in a normal classroom you'd feel better? MusicNote

Honoka: Oh, that sounds good! Let's call everyone and practice singing secretly. MusicNote

Umi: But I don't think we're supposed to do that.

Kotori: It's just for today, okay, Umi? HeartBubble

Umi: Ohh....! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: C'mon Umi. Just today. HeartBubble

Umi: Ahh....! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: N-No! You might think you can convince me, but we shouldn't do things we're not supposed to.

Kotori: No matter what?

Umi: Yes, no matter what. Since we're a school club, we have to follow the rules.

Kotori: Right, we don't want to cause everyone else problems.

Umi: Everyone always says rainy days are boring, but if we look, there's bound to be something fun to do.

Honoka: Do you like rainy days, Umi?

Umi: Yes, I do, actually.

Honoka: Really? Why? QuestionMark

Umi: Well, I like the splashing sound as raindrops hit the window. It's rhythmic, like Kotori's sewing.

Honoka: That sound, huh?

Kotori: Umi, you think about me on rainy days? That's sweet. HeartBubble

Umi: And when it rains hard, the pouring rain sound muffles everything else, and it's easy to think.

Honoka: Hmm.

Umi: And individual raindrops, too. I think it's neat to watch when raindrops flow and drip from leaves.

Kotori: Umi, you think of all kinds of things. That's so cool. MusicNote

Umi: I don't know if it's cool or not, but I do think rainy days are fun in their own way.

Honoka: Umi, you're amazing!

Umi: Amazing? I don't think I'm amazing. QuestionMark

Honoka: But you are! All I was thinking was about whether or not we could practice.

Kotori: Rainy days suit you, Umi. It even makes my heart beat a little faster to imagine your bittersweet expression in the rain. MusicNote

Umi: I'm not planning on doing that, though.

Kotori: Haha, well, since you're kind of a romantic, it just seems to suit you. MusicNote

Umi: Romantic? You think so?

Kotori: You think about all kinds of things, like rain sounds and raindrops. So I bet you'd be good at songwriting.

Honoka: You would! We're the same age, and we've mostly lived similar lives, so why are we so different?

Umi: Hehe, but just being the same age and having similar lives doesn't mean you think or act alike.

Kotori: Honoka, it's fine for you to be yourself. I think it's good we all think differently.

Honoka: Huh. Do you think that it's fun to talk because we all think differently?

Umi: Right. I enjoy talking with you and Kotori, too.

Kotori: Me too. MusicNote

Honoka: Umi, tell us more about the rain.

Kotori: I'd like to hear more too, Umi.

Umi: Oh, of course.

Umi: Oh! But look. Outside, it's...

Kotori: Yay, it looks like the rain stopped.

Honoka: Look over there! There's a little rainbow.

Honoka: There really are fun things about rainy days. MusicNote

Umi: Now you see, Honoka.

Honoka: tell me more about rain after practice, okay Umi? It's a promise, so you've got to!

Kotori: Honoka's really fast. Let's head up to the roof, too.

Umi: Okay.



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