Star Festival Fireworks Edit

Kotori is Orihime, and Hanayo is Hikoboshi.

Story 1

Hanayo: Here we go... Is this enough bamboo?

Kotori: I think so. It looks good, right? MusicNote

Hanayo: Want to make decorations first? Or continue practicing from yesterday?

Honoka: Hanayo! Kotori!

Kotori: Hi, Honoka. MusicNote

Honoka: What are you two doing? Let me help too!

Hanayo: I'm heading to the nearby kindergarten with Kotori. We're helping prepare for the Tanabata festival.

Honoka: Wow! Tanabata is right around the corner. You're helping bring bamboo, then.

Hanayo: Yes. Then we're planning to read them then Tanabata story.

Honoka: Really? I want to hear it too...

Kotori: We've only practiced partway through, but if Honoka wants to be our audience...

Hanayo: Yeah!

Honoka: Yay!

Hanayo: Then I'll start.

Hanayo: A long time ago, there lived in heaven a beautiful girl named Orihime.

Kotori: Hi, I'm Orihime.

Hanayo: Orihime was a great weaver, and wove every day.

Kotori: Clatter clatter. I hope this cloth turns out well.

Hanayo: The god of heaven was looking for a husband for Orihime.

Kotori: You there, what's your name?

Hanayo: I'm Hikoboshi! If you need cows herded, leave it to me!

Kotori: The god of heaven really liked the hard-working cowherd Hikoboshi.

Hanayo: Alright, off to work again today!

Kotori: Aw, what a nice guy. HeartBubble

Hanayo: Eventually the two fell in love, and were engaged to be married...

Honoka: Wow!

Kotori: Hehe, now we're practicing the story after they get married. HeartBubble

Honoka: You're doing really well. It's easy to follow, and cute!

Hanayo: It is? I'm glad to hear that.

Kotori: We thought it might be hard for little kids to follow, so we decided to act out Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Honoka: Good idea. I want to see it again once you've practiced it all.

Kotori: Of course! MusicNote

Honoka: But Tanabata is the story of how Orihime and Hikoboshi were separated, right? Why did that happen?

Hanayo: Didn't they enjoy being together so much that they stopped working?

Kotori: Like failing a test because you spent too much time having fun?

Honoka: That sounds like first-hand experience!

Kotori: So then the god was angry, and separated the two of them.

Honoka: Really? He should've told them to go back to work before he did that! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: This god is kind of mean, for all that searching for a husband for Orihime.

Kotori: Well, yes, when you put it that way.

Hanayo: And now they can only see each other once a year.

Honoka: That's terrible! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Oh, I'm... sorry? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Sorry Hanayo, I'm not mad at you. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: Th-That's good. I knew, but I react like that without thinking. Sweatdrop

Kotori: I wish there was a story where they didn't get separated, like Honoka was saying.

Honoka: Right? But you can't do that, because then it's not the Tanabata story, huh. Hahaha.

Kotori: And the whole meeting just once a year is kind of dreamy and sweet.

Hanayo: I hope all the kindergarteners enjoy it too.

Kotori: Yeah! Hanayo, want to get back to practicing?

Hanayo: Okay.

Honoka: I can't wait to hear you read it all. I'll bring everyone to see, okay? MusicNote

Hanayo: Thanks, Honoka. We'll do our best to practice.

Story 2

Hanayo: And then came the night Tanabata. Magpies flew down to Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Kotori: We're magpies. From now on, we'll be the bridge that connects you both.

Hanayo: On order from the god of heaven, many magpies joined to make a bridge.

Kotori: We've got you, so relax and cross on over.

Hanayo: Oh, Orihime. HeartBubble

Kotori: Hikoboshi... HeartBubble

Hanayo: And that's how the two meet once a year on the night of Tanabata.

Honoka: Good job, you two!

Hanayo: Hi everybody! Thanks for coming.

Eli: You both did really well.

Nico: I'm absolutely sure I'd make a cute Lady Orihime, but you did really well as her too, Kotori.

Umi: Yes. You were yourself and it went really well, Kotori.

Kotori: Hee hee... Thanks!

Rin: And Hanayo's Hikoboshi was great. It was really cute.

Hanayo: Stop, Rin, I'll blush. I was really glad all the kindergarteners had a really good time. HeartBubble

Kotori: I'm glad you practiced!

Nozomi: I love how bittersweet the Tanabata story is. A couple who wants to meet but can't.

Eli: Yes. But I think it would be too much to handle, only being able to see someone you loved once a year.

Nozomi: It really would.

Maki: Well it's not actually possible, so everyone enjoys it.

Rin: Maki, you're so cool about it.

Maki: I-I am not. Don't say it like that.

Rin: Hehehehe.

Hanayo: Everybody! Let's all write our wishes on these slips of paper. The kindergarten principal gave me enough for all of us.

Umi: It's so special occasion, so let's all write down our wishes.

Nico: I wish all the Nico fans around the world could be bathed in Nico's love... HeartBubble

Kotori: Wha-? Nico, what were you just saying? QuestionMark

Nico: Hehe. It's a really, really important wish. HeartBubble

Eli: Maybe I'll wish... for Otonokizaka High to keep making history from now on.

Nozomi: You don't need to write anything for µ's to keep going?

Eli: Right. I want to make µ's succeed with just our efforts.

Maki: Eli, that's another way you're really grounded.

Hanayo: I wonder, how many bales of rice is a year's worth?

Nozomi: You're wishing for a year's worth of rice? Sounds like a prize reward.

Kotori: Hey Umi, what did you go with?

Umi: I wish Honoka would stop oversleeping.

Kotori: Hahaha. Then I'll wish for Honoka to stop oversleeping, too. I wonder if that doubles the effects?

Eli: Honoka? Aren't you going to write anything?

Honoka: I wrote mine at home!

Eli: Honoka, you always get a head-start on things... Wait, hold on.

Honoka: What's wrong? QuestionMark

Eli: Did you write all of these yourself? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Yep!

Hanayo: Um, but... there's a whole lot of them!? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Will they all fit on the bamboo??

Umi: Why so many?

Honoka: Hehehe, I really want it to come true! So I concentrated and kept praying as I wrote it, then suddenly there were a lot of them.

Umi: Honoka, that's greedy. It's also really you, though.

Maki: And? What did you wish for? Are they all different?

Honoka: No, they're all "I wish the day of Tanabata would be clear, so Orihime and Hikoboshi can be together!"

Kotori: That's sweet, Honoka. You were saying you hated how they couldn't be together before.

Honoka: Yeah. I actually wanted them to be together every day, but since it's a promise and all...

Honoka: I just want to be sure they can see each other on Tanabata! And that's why I wished for them to definitely be able to meet once a year.

Hanayo: Huh? This is the only one with a different wish on it.

Honoka: Oh! I did write one with "I wish for µ's to keep doing lots of things" on it.

Honoka: It's kind of greedy to want Orihime and Hikoboshi to meet, and all of us to do well, I guess. Hahaha.

Umi: I think those are good wishes, Honoka.

Kotori: I hope everyone's wishes come true! MusicNote

Story 3

Nico: *Groans*

Rin: Huh? Nico is groaning.

Eli: What's wrong? Are you feeling bad?

Hanayo: Maybe you ate too much?

Nico: No... I didn't overeat.

Kotori: Then what's up?

Nico: Uuurrggghh! It's just too hot! There's bugs out and everything! I can't take it! BlueLines

Nozomi: You really think so? Shall I spray water around again?

Umi: You know, it's only going to get hotter, so best to start getting your body used to it now.

Kotori: Honoka, are you OK?

Honoka: It may be a bit hot, but I'm still OK. It's summer time, and I want to make the best of it!

Nico: Are you serious, Honoka?

Honoka: What? Why do you say that? Come on! Let's have some summer time fun!

Rin: Yeah! Summer time fun!

Hanayo: Woah! Rin! You sound funny talking into the fan like that.

Rin: Hehe. Yeah, my voice is all waveeeey.

Honoka: Oh yeah! That's the summer time fun I'm talking about! Good job!

Umi: I see. By speaking into the fan, you can both talk funny and cool off at the same time. Very logical!

Honoka: Let me try it!

Rin: OK, here you go!

Honoka: Oh! Weee are the school idol group μ----'s

Nico: Humph. I-It's my turn.

Rin: Of course.

Nico: Niiico! Niiico Niiico Smiiile! I never forget to smiiile. I'm Niiico Yazawa! HeartBubble

Maki: Can everyone stop with the fan voices? I can't even understand you.

Nozomi: Don't be a spoilsport. Just try it! You know you want to!

Maki: Uhh. No, it's weird and I'd rather not. Umi, by all means.

Umi: I'm good, thanks.

Maki: Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't summer be full of fun, not lame like talking into a fan?

Eli: Yeah, it seems like something elementary school kids would do for summer fun.

Nico: She gets it. We're grown up now!

Umi: Seemed like you were having fun just a second ago, though.

Nico: N-No I wasn't.

Honoka: We've gotta find something fun for Nico to do so she doesn't die from the heat!

Nico: I'm not dying! Anger

Maki: I'd say you're already dead...

Nozomi: Nico-cchi really hates to lose.

Nico: Ahem. The heat hasn't killed me, but please find me some place cooler.

Rin: Someone's getting a bit bossy.

Eli: The summer heat's not going away anytime soon. Wouldn't a summery place be better than somewhere cool?

Kotori: Somewhere summery...

Hanayo: Wait a minute! Now that you mention it, wasn't there going to be fireworks today? Exclaimationpoint

Eli: That's right!

Honoka: Really?! Isn't that awesome, Nico? We can have all sorts of summer fun! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: What? I'd rather have fun in my nice air-conditioned room.

Honoka: I'm heading home to change into my yukata real quick! See you later!

Nico: Honoka! Did you hear a word I just said? ...I didn't know she was so fast!

Kotori: Maybe I should change into mine too? It's a great opportunity! HeartBubble

Eli: Gotta wear them as much as you can, since it's summer!

Nico: *Sigh* You guys must really wanna see me in my yukata.

Maki: Nobody said that.

Nico: I guess since everyone is dying to see me in a yukata, maybe I should grace the fireworks scene with my presence.

Hanayo: I want to see how you look in a yukata, Nico!

Nico: Hee-hee. I know, right?

Eli: Great! Let's all meet at the display, then!

Umi: Okay. See you later.

Maki: Hmphf...

Maki: ...*Sigh*

Maki: Looks like everyone left.

Maki: I actually did want to play with that fan over there...

Maki: Teeesting... Teesssting. I aaam, Maaaki Niiishikiiino!!

Maki: I actually kinda liked that.

Story 4

Nozomi: Oh, here they come!

Honoka: I'm back! Wow, everyone's in yukata. Nice!

Nico: School idols gotta wear yukata!

Nozomi: Unlike school uniforms, yukata have a kind of wholesome sex appeal.

Umi: S--Sex appeal?

Hanayo: Hm? Honoka, what's with all the stuff?

Honoka: My mom asked me to bring this watermelon. She even cut it into slices, look!

Eli: Wow! That looks good! MusicNote

Rin: Watermelon is totally a summer food! Honoka, your mom is awesome!

Kotori: I brought a big picnic blanket!

Honoka: OK, we're off to find the perfect spot to watch the fireworks!

Honoka: *Om nom nom*

Hanayo: This watermelon is so sweet and yummy! HeartBubble

Rin: *Chomp*

Eli: Watermelon is the fruit of summer!

Nozomi: Can't go wrong with fresh fruit. They're tasty and full of vitamins!

Honoka: *Om nom nom*

Nico: Hold up! Honoka, Rin, you two are eating too fast! You'll finish all the watermelon before the fireworks even start!

Kotori: Yeah, there still is a bit of time before the show.

Honoka: Well, why don't we play a word game?

Eli: I wouldn't exactly call that summer time fun... But I suppose it wouldn't hurt every now and then.

Umi: Seems like it would be a nice brain exercise. Let's do it.

Honoka: OK, let's start with... µ's-whiz! Maki, say a word that starts with "Z"!

Maki: Me first? Z... Z... That's a hard one to start on, Honoka.

Nozomi: Giving up already, Maki?

Rin: Are you really giving up?

Maki: No way! Hmm. Okay, Zushi-o! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: What's a Zushi-o? QuestionMark

Honoka: Zushi... Sushi? QuestionMark

Maki: You know, that story by Mori Ogai. The one with Zushio and Anju? Sansho the Bailiff!

Rin: Mori Argyle? QuestionMark

Honoka: Sancho? QuestionMark

Maki: A--Anyway, it's a person's name! Next is "o". Your turn, Umi.

Umi: Ok... I'll go with the word "orientation". Nico, you're next with "N".

Nico: Nico is the cutest.

Hanayo: Huh? QuestionMark

Nico: Yep, "Nico is the cutest." Nozomi, you're next. "T"

Eli: That's the first time I've seen someone use their own name in this game.

Nozomi: Well, can't say I'm surprised with her choice! "Timid." You're up, Rin.

Rin: D... I've got it! "Denim!" A new pair of jeans would be nice. Kotori's next!

Kotori: M, is it? How about "marjoram"?

Honoka: What's marjoram?

Kotori: It's a herb that goes into beef stew and other dishes.

Honoka: Wow, I didn't know that. You're so good at cooking, Kotori.

Kotori: Heh-heh. Next is Eli! MusicNote

Eli: OK, I guess I'll go with food, too. Mushrooms! Hanayo, you're next.

Hanayo: Sushi! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: What?! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Huh? What?

Rin: That's like what Maki said! You looose.

Hanayo: Really? Oh, OK, I just kind of said it.

Maki: You sure do love your rice Hanayo, and that's a big part of sushi.

Honoka: Hanayo knows what she likes. It's cute. Oh! The fireworks!

Kotori: Wow, so pretty! MusicNote

Umi: All nine of us dressed in yukata, watching fireworks. This is going to be a wonderful summer memory.

Nozomi: What do you think, Nico-cchi. Maybe you're beginning to enjoy summer?

Nico: It's hot and that hasn't changed. But I agree it is fun!

Honoka: Summer sure is a blast! Let's enjoy it while it lasts!



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