Fun at the Pool! Edit

When you just can't beat the heat, it's pool time!

Story 1

Honoka: *Groans*

Eli: Honoka, what's wrong? Feeling bad?

Honoka: It's the heat. I can't take it anymore.

Eli: Seriously? Just a second ago you were saying how fun summer was.

Honoka: There's heat I can put up with and heat that I just can't.

Nico: That's right. You said it, Honoka. There's only so much one can take... Phew, it really is hot!

Nozomi: Hmm. You girls can't handle winter or summer!

Umi: If this is what you're like before we even start practicing, things don't look good.

Eli: I thought if we came in the morning, it wouldn't be so hot. This is a problem.

Nozomi: It's true we've had nothing but hot weather lately. Can't we skip today?

Honoka: What? Skip practice?! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Count me in. One day off won't hurt and who can practice in this heat?

Honoka: Out of the question! No, no, noooooooooooo!

Nozomi: Seriously, it's way too hot to practice.

Honoka: Weather and practice are two separate things! We practice together no matter the weather!

Nico: Honoka, you traitor...

Maki: Honoka's dedication to practicing is winning out over her low heat resistance.

Rin: Well, I totally get it. It's like how there's always room for dessert even if you're stuffed. Two separate issues.

Kotori: I'm with you. Sometimes I eat so much cake I think I'm gonna explode, but a minute later I start craving macaroons. HeartBubble

Umi: What are we talking about here, anyway?

Honoka: Come on, Nico. Come with us!

Nico: You all go ahead. I'll be lying right here.

Umi: Come on, lazybones. Here, take my hand. I'll pull you up. BlueLines

Nico: Neverrrrrrr... Umi, stop, you're gonna rip my arm off!

Umi: No amount of whining is going to save you.

Rin: I know, why don't we make the most of the heat and change into our swimsuits? Exclaimationpoint

Eli: What? As in we'd practice in them?

Rin: Yeah, it'll be more fun that way, like a mini summer vacation.

Maki: No thanks, I'd be way too embarrassed.

Nozomi: What if we make it interesting; whoever gets through practice gets to go to the pool.

Nico: The pool...?!

Honoka: Practice and then the pool? Sounds awesome! MusicNote

Hanayo: It doesn't get more summery than that. I'm in! HeartBubble

Eli: Okay then, we'll go with Nozomi's suggestion. Remember, you only get to come along if you participate in the practice.

Nozomi: That covers us, but I don't think Nico-cchi will make it.

Rin: Aww, Nico's going to miss the pool? Poor thing.

Nico: Excuse me, I've been ready to start for like, five minutes. Can you all please get into position?

Hanayo: Looks like the pool revived Nico.

Umi: Honestly... Well, at least now we'll be able to get a good practice in.

Kotori: Yeah, we'll work hard, then we'll play hard at the pool! MusicNote

Honoka: Woohoo, the pool on a hot day! I love the heat! MusicNote

Eli: You'd never imagine she was so exhausted just a little while ago. *chuckle* Now she's raring to go!

Nico: This midsummer heat just makes the pool that much more refreshing.

Eli: Sorry, Nico... I simply don't get it.

Umi: The pool really motivated everyone at today's practice.

Rin: Oooh! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Whooooah! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: That swimsuit looks great on you, Hanayo. HeartBubble

Hanayo: Oh? *Giggles* You're embarrassing me, Rin.

Nozomi: You two always get along so well.

Kotori: I wanna hit that pool over there.

Honoka: Sounds good! I'll come with you.

Nozomi: I think I'll go over there.

Rin: I'll come too, Nozomi.

Maki: ...I just want to rest.

Nico: We just got here. It's too early to rest. Come on, hurry up!

Maki: Quit yanking my arm!

Umi: All this enthusiasm is contagious. I'm ready to go!

Hanayo: This is so exciting. Where should I go?

Eli: *Chuckle* Looks like it's going to be a great summer day. MusicNote

Story 2

Eli: So, what does everyone want to do first? MusicNoteMaki: You look like you're having a blast, Eli.

Eli: Of course I am! We're at the pool. Who wouldn't be excited?

Maki: I don't think it's that big a deal... Although I'm not opposed to chilling out poolside.

Nico: Hrrrmmmm.

Maki: W-What?

Nico: Nothing, nothing... I was thinking that's quite a sexy swimsuit for someone who supposedly doesn't care.

Maki: Err, this? Just a coincidence. I saw this in the store and thought it was cute, that's all. Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Well it was a good choice. There's something about the water that just makes you feel free, don't you think? HeartBubble

Nico: Both of you get your hands off there, before you set something else free that you shouldn't! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: That wasn't what I was doing. Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Look, there's a big crowd over there. What's going on?

Maki: There's a watermelon splitting game today. I saw a sign at the entrance.

Nico: Really? If we've already got an audience, I say we go show them what we can do! MusicNote

Nico: Umm...

Eli: Nico, this way!

Nico: Here?

Maki: No, no, THIS WAY!

Nico: I heard you. The watermelon's over here!

Nico: I've got you now, watermelon! Nico smash! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Hey, where is it? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Way over here. How on earth did you end up so far off?

Eli: I wish I could say you were close, but you really weren't.

Nico: It was hard to tell where your voices were coming from with your eyes blindfolded. Laugh while you can. You'll see when it's your turn! Anger

Maki: I'll go next, then.

Nico: *Giggle* I'm gonna get a shot of Maki totally missing. MusicNote

Maki: Hrmm...

Eli: Maki, this way!


Nico: She's... doing it.

Eli: Good, just a little more towards me.

Maki: Right about... here?

Maki: One, two...

Nico: Whoa! BlueLines

Eli: That was amazing, Maki! You split the watermelon right down the middle! HeartBubble

Maki: Thanks, but it's really not that hard if you listen to everyone.

Nico: Don't be so casual. It's totally hard! No normal person is that accurate!

Maki: Wh-Why are you so mad? It's not that big a deal.

Nico: Cuz I wanted a picture of you missing by a mile, but you nailed it dead center.

Nico: I bet Eli's going to be perfect too... This stinks.

Eli: Hey Maki! Nico! Is the watermelon over here?

Maki: You already started?

Nico: And you're already heading in the wrong direction!

Eli: So, it's this way then?

Nico: Nope, more towards me!

Eli: Um... This way?

Maki: No! Turn around!

Eli: I'm completely confused... Sweatdrop

Maki: Follow my voice, Eli. Walk towards me, slowly.

Eli: Got it!

Nico: You're way off!

Maki: It's kind of cute how bad Eli is at watermelon splitting.

Eli: Nico! Maki! Where is it? Sweatdrop

Nico: Teehee... Well, this was a nice surprise. I'd better take lots of pictures so we never forget.

Eli: I've had enough wandering. It's time for action!

Nico: Whoa! Not that way. Watch out! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Huh? Eeek!!! Exclaimationpoint

Story 3

Rin: I love the pool. Nothing beats a nice cool dip! MusicNoteNozomi: You said it! It's a great reward after a long hard practice!

Rin: I'm really gonna cut loose today!

Umi: I'm with you, Rin! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Huh? Umi, why're you shaking my hand? QuestionMark

Umi: Swimming is an excellent strength training exercise.

Nozomi: Strength training? But we're here to pla-

Umi: First, we'll do 10 front crawl laps for a quick warmup.

Rin: Wait, what?

Umi: After that, 20 laps of breaststroke should do the trick.

Umi: We get to cool off in the pool and get a great workout while we're at it. You couldn't ask for a better summer afternoon! MusicNote

Nozomi: Intense training is NOT relaxing, Umi!

Umi: Huh?

Nozomi: Now she looks sad...

Rin: There are other ways to have fun at the pool besides swimming.

Umi: I say we head over there right away!

Nozomi: Hold on! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Umi, just listen to me for a second. Sweatdrop

Umi: What's the problem, you two? I want to hit the pool already.

Nozomi: Did you check out what kind of pool this actually is?

Umi: You mean the equipment?

Nozomi: Exactly! We've never been to this pool before. Shouldn't we at least know where we're going swimming?

Umi: Hmm... I suppose you've got a point. All right, let's check out the facilities.

Nozomi: Sounds good! Psst... Rin, we have to keep Umi distracted so she doesn't go into training mode. Ellipses

Rin: *Whisper* Roger that. You can count on me! Ellipses

Umi: Interesting, so they circulate the water every 24 hours for sanitary purposes.

Rin: Hmm...

Nozomi: *Whisper* Rin, act like you're enjoying yourself! Ellipses

Rin: *Whisper* Oh, right! Ellipses

Umi: And they keep the water at a constant temperature so the swimmers don't get exhausted.

Rin: Oh yeah? I know long swim sessions have their place, but I'd rather play around instead!

Umi: No need to worry. I'll make sure to take plenty of rest breaks.

Umi: Everyone ready to swim?

Nozomi: Wait! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Come on Nozomi, I already waited for you once.

Nozomi: No, look, I brought a beach ball! How about we play with this instead?

Umi: That's great, we'll definitely bounce it around AFTER we exercise.

Rin: Umi's a tough nut to crack. Ellipses

Nozomi: With that intense a routine, she'll pass out before we get to play at all. There's gotta be a way tp talk her out of it. Ellipses

Umi: Rin, Nozomi, the two of you are acting very strange. Is everything okay?

Nozomi: Actually, I've got something REEEEALLLY important on my mind, Umi. Exclaimationpoint

Umi: All right... What might that be? QuestionMark

Nozomi: I, umm, can't stop thinking... About how good you look in your swimsuit.

Umi: Huh!? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: I keep picturing you striking different poses and it makes my heart all fluttery.

Rin: Hey, I wanna see too! You always nail the poses just right, Umi.

Umi: Oh, umm, I wouldn't say I... Sweatdrop

Nozomi: I'd rather you train me to be a better school idol than a swimmer! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: M-ME? You want me to teach you how to improve as an idol? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Not just me. I bet Rin feels the same way.

Rin: Yeah! I'd much rather work on being an idol than on my swimming strokes. Teach us your secrets, Umi! MusicNote

Umi: R-Really? Well, if you insist... HeartBubble

Rin: I wanna see that pose where you spread your arms really wide, then snap them back in.

Umi: Th-This one?

Rin: That was great, Umi! I especially love the way you tighten your hips up at just the right moment.

Umi: Eek! Rin, don't touch me so much! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: Wow... Your belly's so soft and smooth. MusicNote

Umi: Ack! Let go of me. That tickles! Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: This is so great. Say cheese! MusicNote

Umi: Nozomi, cut it out and come help me! Sweatdrop

Story 4

Kotori: Ta-da! Check it out. I got us a boat! MusicNoteHanayo: Whoa, it's huge. I do like the pink roof, though. It's pretty cute.

Honoka: Looks like there's plenty of room for all three of us.

Kotori: Everyone grab a spot. Let's get this in the pool.

Honoka, Hanayo: Okay! MusicNote

Together: One, two... One, two...

Kotori: Let's get this thing floating. Push!

Honoka: Yay, this looks fun! Everyone hop on!

Kotori: Yippee! MusicNote

Hanayo: You're sure it won't capsize if we all try to ride at once? Sweatdrop

Kotori: We'll be fine. Give me your hand, Hanayo.

Hanayo: Okay.

Kotori: Just get on slowly and you'll be fine.

Hanayo: Eek! Whew, thanks, you two. It's a little unsteady, but I think we'll be okay. HeartBubble

Honoka: You can't help but feel relaxed sitting on a boat.

Kotori: It's like our own secret hiding spot.

Hanayo: Yeah, it feels extra special with just the three of us.

Honoka: I know, why don't we swap some juicy secrets? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Secrets? QuestionMark

Honoka: Yeah, like we'll reveal a few choice secrets about one another, but we have to promise that nothing leaves this boat.

Hanayo: So whatever we reveal here stays between the three of us... I'm a little nervous but it could be fun. I'm in.

Kotori: I'll start... My secret is about Hanayo here.

Hanayo: Me? What is it? Sweatdrop

Kotori: You know how Hanayo seems to have an endless supply of rice balls?

Kotori: One day, I saw her eating one before first period, and then another one before third period!

Hanayo: You saw both of them?! I was being so stealthy, though. I was sure no one saw... Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: It was pure luck, but you were so adorable trying to hide it, it made me want to burst! HeartBubble

Hanayo: They were really tiny rice balls. I figured they were at least healthier than candy.

Honoka: No argument there, and they probably kept you full for longer too.

Hanayo: Okay, now it's my turn. A few days ago I saw Honoka doing squat jumps up the temple stairs...

Kotori: What, that's amazing! Honoka, you did squat jumps up all those stairs?

Hanayo: Actually, she couldn't do them right at all and quit after the first step.

Honoka: Urk... I figured I could handle it, but I guess it was way beyond my level. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: I was really impressed by your determination though. I totally respect that.

Honoka: Ahaha... Well, thanks Hanayo. And for my turn I've got a secret about Kotori.

Kotori: Uh-oh... I'm so nervous.

Honoka: The other day I saw Kotori opening up a little bag of sweets during class.

Hanayo: Uh-huh...

Honoka: So she pulls out a macaroon and starts to eat it...

Hanayo: Uh-huh...

Kotori: Oh no, please don't... Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Then out of nowhere she screams that it wasn't food, it was bath salts!

Hanayo: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: You saw that, Honoka?! Sweatdrop

Hanayo: So you almost ate bath salts? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Yeah... They were macaroon-shaped bath salts, and they looked sooooo yummy, but I didn't realize what they were until I almost had them in my mouth! BlueLines

Honoka: I wouldn't have expected that either.

Kotori: Augh, this is so embarrassing! Remember, that's a secret! No telling anyone! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Wh-Whoa! Easy! Kotori, sit down. You're rocking the boat!

Together: Eeeeek! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: The boat flipped over... That was scary.

Honoka: Kotori got too worked up.

Kotori: *Giggle* I was just really embarrassed.

Hanayo: Let's all promise to keep each other's secrets safe.

Honoka: Yup, I promise.

Kotori: Swapping secrets was kind of nerve-wracking, but it was fun too. MusicNote



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