Otonokizaka's Open Campus Edit

Come in and tour our beloved Otonokizaka High School!

Story 1

Honoka: Now let's have a great practice!

Kotori: Honoka, you set a great example with the way you always give it your all at practice. MusicNote

Nico: Hey, Eli and Nozomi aren't here yet. They must be slacking off.

Umi: The two of them are busy all day with student council business.

Maki: They told us yesterday, Nico. Don't tell me you forgot already?

Nico: Huh? I-I mean no, I didn't forget! Sweatdrop

Hanayo: I know it's only today, but it feels weird not having the whole group here.

Rin: Things don't click without Eli and Nozomi.

Honoka: Maybe we could help them with their student council stuff?

Kotori: Couldn't hurt to ask.

Umi: Let's just be careful not to get in their way.

Honoka: Okay!

Eli: Nozomi, can you take care of making the poster?

Nozomi: Can do!

Eli: Let's see... My first stop is to work out a schedule with the teachers.

Kotori: Hi hiiiii!

Nozomi: Huh? Oh, are you all here to check on us?

Nico: We got worried when you two said you couldn't make practice.

Honoka: Although to be honest, we really just missed you, hehehe.

Rin: You two look busy.

Eli: We really are, although I expect we'll finish today. I'm really sorry we had to skip practice.

Umi: What exactly is the student council working on, anyway?

Eli: We're getting ready for the upcoming open campus.

Honoka: Open campus? Like the day middle school kids come visit, or something?

Kotori: Yup, they take a field trip to learn firsthand what our high school is like.

Nico: Unpopular schools like Otonokizaka High have to work extra hard to entice people to apply.

Honoka: How the heck are we unpopular?!

Maki: I don't see how any school entices anyone. Don't they just sit in on lessons?

Eli: Well, we're trying to expand lately, like giving tours of the buildings and introducing them to clubs and sports teams.

Nozomi: We even made a video presentation showing all the school organizations! MusicNote

Rin: Ooh, do we get to watch it too?

Nozomi: Umm... I guess, if you don't mind cramming into a room full of junior high kids.

Rin: Oh yeah... BlueLines

Honoka: I know... What if we held a µ's performance?

Nozomi: That'd be fun, but it'd be unfair if we were the only club that got to do something.

Honoka: That's true. BlueLines

Kotori: Remember, it's not an excuse for us to have fun, it's for the middle schoolers.

Maki: The current plan sounds like a snoozer. I think fun is the way to go.

Umi: This is potentially the place where'll they'll be almost every day for three years. We don't want to put them to sleep on their first visit.

Nozomi: True... Eli, maybe we should think about this a little more?

Eli: Hmm... So open campuses are boring, huh?

Umi: Don't feel bad, Eli. That's just the kind of event it is.

Eli: Well, I agree it's worth trying something different if there's the potential to get prospective students more engaged.

Nico: Now you're talking! You can't decide what high school you want to attend just by sitting in on a couple of classes.

Eli: What do you think, Honoka?

Honoka: Me? QuestionMark

Eli: What would you say makes for a good open campus?

Honoka: Let me think... I guess I just wish they were more fun!

Honoka: Sure, checking the classes and touring the buildings is important, but there's so much more to Otonokizaka than that!

Honoka: Actually, I'd say classes wouldn't even crack the top ten.

Umi: Oh, Honoka...

Honoka: I'd want to show everyone just how much fun awaits them if they enrolled.

Hanayo: People would be so excited to see a big even before starting school!

Maki: I bet it would get more people to apply, too.

Nozomi: The more fun things are to tell people about, the better.

Kotori: I know I'd love to see more of the fun side of Otonokizaka!

Eli: That makes sense... Showing how much fun Otonokizaka can be would make our applicants happy too.

Eli: Give me some time to brainstorm. Everyone sit tight!

Story 2

Eli: So, I thought about it for a while and came up with an idea. Basically...

Eli: We'll add elements of a school festival to the next open campus.

Umi: But we'll still keep all the traditional elements of an open campus, right?

Eli: Absolutely. People still need a chance to observe classes and tour the facilities, but this way they can have some fun afterwards too!

Nozomi: A school festival... including refreshment stands?

Eli: Yes. If we really buckle down and start working now, we should be able to finish in time.

Hanayo: Refreshment stands means there'll be plenty of tasty treats! MusicNote

Kotori: This sounds great! Honoka, do you think you can set up a Homura Bakery booth, too?

Honoka: Oh geez, red bean paste again?

Umi: Is it that big of a deal? BlueLines

Eli: There's no question it's important to visit the school before enrolling, but where's the fun if it's all lectures and complicated discussions?

Nozomi: Eli...

Eli: This is our chance to show people what Otonokizaka's really like in a way that no open campus has before!

Umi: You're right. If we're going to do this, we want to make sure it's for the good of the school.

Nico: I guess we should start figuring out what kind of shops we can put together?

Eli: Yes, and start rounding up other people who'd like to help as well.

Eli: I'm sure there are lots of clubs and teams who'll want to help make this the best open campus ever. MusicNote

Honoka: Okay, I'll start asking everyone I know!

Rin: I'll work with the sports teams!

Maki: Do you think a lot of people will want to participate?

Eli: I'm sure of it! Come on Nozomi, let's get done with the paper work first. We're making this happen!

Hanayo: La la la... "Come One, Come All! Local Residents Welcome Too!"

Kotori: Don't Miss the Otonokizaka Open Campus! And... done!

Umi: Normally only prospective students would be invited, but this is going to be a truly OPEN campus, huh?

Kotori: Yeah! I invited some of my friends and they promised to come!

Nozomi: Eli's intention was for everyone to have a good time, so the more the merrier!

Hanayo: I think it'll be a little embarrassing if people from the neighborhood come by, even though I'd be happy to see them.

Nozomi: Yeah, every school is built on the efforts of the parents, guardians, and local people.

Eli: I'm back from telling the health center about the event!

Hanayo: Great, then we're clear to serve food at the refreshment stands?

Eli: Yes, we may be short on time, but it looks like we've got all the permissions we need to proceed.

Umi: I'm impressed you convinced all the teachers, given how different this will be from a normal open campus.

Nozomi: They've known full well that Eli can deliver. Plus the presentation she handed to the school was perfect.

Eli: I wanted to make sure we wouldn't get shut down because we didn't have permission. Not after everyone was so willing to help.

Nico: Eli can do anything when she sets her mind to it.

Maki: Then why are you the one acting so smug, Nico? BlueLines

Eli: I think the teachers agreed because every student organization wanted to do it, not just us. Really, it's thanks to everyone.

Kotori: Then we should have enough people to take turns minding the shops that we'll be able to walk around too.

Rin: Hey hey, the volleyball team said they're gonna do an intramural game!

Honoka: I've got news too. The drama club promised to put on a show!

Nozomi: Volleyball and drama, huh? We're really getting a packed schedule now.

Hanayo: And Maki's holding a piano recital, aren't you Maki? MusicNote

Kotori: Huh? Are you, Maki?

Maki: Yes. Since there weren't many events, I didn't think many people would come. But if we've got so many other participating now, maybe I shouldn't bother.

Rin: Don't be silly!

Nozomi: Maki, don't talk like you're just filling out the schedule.

Kotori: I can't wait to hear you play. HeartBubble

Rin: We'll be there with bells on... all of us.

Maki: I get it, I get it! Now give me some air! Sweatdrop

Rin: Oopsie, I got carried away. HeartBubble

Honoka: Ooh, you think we can set up a venue for µ's?

Eli: Absolutely. Let's show everyone what we can do.

Nozomi: µ's was the first thing I put in the schedule.

Honoka: Awesome! We'll have to practice extra hard so we don't disappoint.

Umi: This is shaping up to be a really fun open campus.

Eli: I just want people to learn all about Otonokizaka and have a great time doing it.

Nozomi: Yeah, let's make this open campus a huge success!

Story 3

Honoka: We got a beautiful day for the open campus!

Umi: Yeah, I'm sure we'll all have a blast today.

Hanayo: Ah, Maki!

Umi: Are you headed to the auditorium already?

Maki: Yes, it's a little early, but I wanted to get some hands-on time with the piano before the recital.

Honoka: We're all gonna be there!

Maki: Promise? I'll be checking the seats to make sure no one's missing.

Umi: Best of luck, Maki.

Maki: I shan't disappoint. See you later.

Hanayo: Is it just me, or was that a really cool exit line?

Honoka: Maki really is a virtuoso on the piano. Let's grab the front row seats so we can see her up close!

Honoka: Oh my gosh. Kotori's shop. Multicolored. Chocolate-covered. BANANAS. Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: Teeheehee. Welcome one and all to Kotori's Choco-Banana Stand! HeartBubble

Hanayo: These are adorable. They're all chocolate-covered bananas?

Kotori: Yup! That's mint chocolate, that's strawberry, and that one's green tea! MusicNote

Umi: I see you've got no shortage of topping too.

Kotori: Yeah, little chocolate flowers, tiny birdies... I made tons of them.

Honoka: Gimme gimme gimme gimme GIMME! MusicNote

Kotori: Care for a banana, young lady?

Honoka: No need to talk, just take my money! MusicNote

Kotori: Thank you very much. Would you care for a milk tea with tapioca to go with that? HeartBubble

Honoka: Would I ever! HeartBubble

Kotori: Thank you. Come again. Teehee! MusicNote

Umi: Kotori's a heck of a saleswoman... And lucky for her, she's got a huge crowd of potential customers.

Kotori: It's not just middle schoolers, I see people I know from around town and kids from other high schools, too.

Rin: Hey everybodeeeeey!

Hanayo: Rin! How was the volleyball game?

Rin: A lot more heated than I expected. People were cheering so loudly I think it really fired everyone up. MusicNote

Rin: It even made me want to get in there and play. I think next time I'll sign up for the volleyball team too!

Nico: Your flower hairpin is cute, but it lacks impact.

Nico: I think this unicorn brooch would really suit you.

Nico: See? Adorable. Now get out there are show the world what a cutie pie you are! HeartBubble

Honoka: Huh? Hey, that's Nico over there.

Nico: You over there, let's bring out your natural beauty with this stunning pearl bracelet...

Nico: A deep pink lipstick... Oh my, a looker like you will be fighting the fans off with a stick!

Rin: Ooh, Nico looks like the ladies on the shopping channel!

Hanayo: She's offering people fashion advice.

Nico: Oh, you're here, huh? Can I offer you some advice as well?

Rin: Nico, you cut such a dashing figure.

Honoka: So you're selling accessories as well as advice?

Nico: Yes. They're handmade by Eli herself.

Hanayo: Whoa, Eli made all of these?! They look like something you'd get in a real store... Maybe even prettier! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Why thank you. You can also make yourself a custom piece out of whatever parts you like. MusicNote

Kotori: I am SO in. You gotta teach me how, Eli. HeartBubble

Nozomi: Huh? Is everyone here? Make sure you all come by my fortune-telling booth after you're done here.

Rin: Oh boy, a fortune by Nozomi... Holy smoke, look at that line! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Oh yes, the line for Nozomi's booth goes on forever!

Nico: She's giving me a run for my money.

Nozomi: My predictions are VERY accurate.

Nico: Are they, or are you just taking people for a ride?

Nozomi: Oh mighty spirits of the great beyond... Make Nico Yazawa's grades sink a teensy bit.

Nico: H-Hey, cut it out! That's such a mean thing to pray for. Sweatdrop

Hanayo: Clearly Nozomi's powers are not too be trifled with. I think I'll get in line, too.

Umi: Same here. And after we'll have to go see Maki's piano recital.

Honoka: An after that is Umi's kendo demonstration!

Kotori: A bunch of people from your dojo are here to aid you, right Umi?

Umi: Yes. We spent a lot of time training together for today. I hope everyone enjoys the demonstration.

Rin: You bet! Maki's piano recital, Umi's kendo demo, this is gonna be a great day!

Story 4

Kotori: Maki played the piano so beautifully.

Honoka: I'll say. It reminded me of the day we first met.

Maki: You really threw me for a loop, asking me if I wanted to be an idol out of nowhere.

Honoka: Hahaha. Yeah, I remember thinking the whole idea might've been completely crazy.

Honoka: But I thought your piano playing really was splendid. I remember being moved.

Maki: I... I know. You don't have to say it out loud.

Honoka: Maki...

Maki: I feel the same. While I was playing today, it took me back to the day we first met, Honoka.

Maki: Like I said, you threw me for a loop back then. But now, I'm really glad you asked me.

Honoka: Heehee. And I'm glad I asked!

Rin: µ's might never have made it without Maki's piano, you know?

Eli: And Umi, your kendo demonstration was thrilling. I'm so happy for you.

Nozomi: I thought the way you and all the other kids fought so hard was pretty cute.

Umi: Thank you all so much. Seeing you all there inspired me to do my best.

Nozomi: Now I want to see you dance too, Umi. MusicNote

Umi: Eep! Umm, sure, perhaps one day. Sweatdrop

Kotori: Hey, something smells GOOD. MusicNote

Umi: Very good, kind of like soy sauce.

Honoka: Grilled rice balls!

Hanayo: Welcome!

Rin: I've been waiting for this!

Honoka: Hi Hanayo, hi Rin.

Umi: There must be hundreds of rice balls here. Hanayo, did you make all these yourself?

Hanayo: No, you can't do that at a small stand like this. I just asked one of the local businesses for help.

Rin: And I asked a ramen shop too.

Honoka: So the two of you teamed up?

Rin: We're serving a special ramen designed for girls. It's packed with veggies and other healthy ingredients.

Hanayo: But the rice balls are for everyone. We've got a wide variety of flavors.

Kotori: Yum yum! HeartBubble

Maki: I love how you're serving mini portions. That way you don't end up stuffing yourself.

Hanayo: Our shift is up in a few minutes. Once we're done, let's all go help out at the Homura Bakery stand.

Honoka: Get your Homura steamed buns here!

Kotori: Nothing's sweeter than Homura Bakery's steamed buns! MusicNote

Umi: Here are your three buns. Enjoy!

Kotori: A half dozen? Certainly, let me go box those up for you.

Rin: Wow, they're making a killing.

Umi: You had a huge supply this morning, but it looks like they're almost sold out.

Honoka: Yup! Once we sell the rest, let's get the stage ready.

Rin: I wonder if everyone will be there.

Honoka: I guarantee it. I included a flyer about the show with every order. MusicNote

Rin: Oh yeah, and I told everyone who got a bowl of ramen to come see µ's live on stage.

Nozomi: I told my customers the µ's show would bring them good luck.

Honoka: That's the last one. Thank you!

Kotori: Well Honoka, you sold every last steamed bun.

Eli: Congratulations on a job well done, everyone!

Maki: Eli, it must've been a rough day for you, having to go around checking on everyone.

Eli: Not at all. Everyone here thrived and we didn't have any real problems.

Umi: Seeing the people from around town having a good time really put me at ease.

Nozomi: In other word, it was a huge success!

Eli: Maybe if the even was flashier, more people would've come, but you know...

Eli: This just seems more like Otonokizaka's style... Hehe!

Honoka: Yeah! Today represented everything I love about our school. MusicNote

Nico: And the last event is out µ's stage show.

Kotori: Whoa, take a look at our audience!

Hanayo: Holy cow! It's still a while before the show starts, but almost every seat's taken!

Eli: Everything else today went so well, we have to make the grand finale extra special!

Nozomi: Please let our power touch the hearts of everyone who came to visit Otonokizaka!

Honoka: Come on, let's give the crowd a song they won't forget!



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