Shrine Helpers Edit

Wedding at the shrine! We're helping with the prep!

Story 1

Eli: Good morning, everyone!

Umi: Good morning.

Nico: *Yawn* A meetup at 6 am on a Sunday... We are literally the only people in the world who're awake at this ungodly hour.

Hanayo: I'm pretty sure there are other awake people out there, but it is pretty early.

Honoka: Did you know that going back to sleep after being up for a bit feels even better than normal? *Yawn*

Maki: Honoka fell asleep!

Rin: Snxxzz... instant ramen...

Kotori: Rin, it's time to rise and shine! Sweatdrop

Eli: Geez... Come on everyone. get it together. BlueLines

Honoka: Don't tell me I feel back asleep? Exclaimationpoint

Nozomi: Heheh. Thank you all so much for coming this morning. Did I make the meeting a little too early?

Umi: No, don't worry about us. We're here to help at the shrine however we can.

Eli: You wouldn't know it with so many of them half asleep, but we've all been very excited for today.

Nozomi: There is going to be a wedding later today, so we're short-handed. You all are lifesavers!

Maki: Are we really going to be any help at a shrine, though?

Nozomi: You'll be fine! Everyone here's more than capable of doing the jobs we're in charge of.

Nozomi: Oh, wait.

Honoka: What is it?

Nozomi: We need to pay our respects first. C'mon.

Nozomi: Today I brought along some of my dearest friends to assist us. Please watch over them. Ellipses

Hanayo: Please watch over us.

Maki: It's a pleasure to work with you.

Eli: We'll do our best to make the gods proud.

Kotori: Since Nozomi introduced us to the gods, somehow I feel a lot more secure. I promise to work hard today!

Nozomi: All of you are my closest friends. I just wanted to make the introduction and let the gods know that too.

Eli: And we're grateful you did, Nozomi.

Nozomi: Don't get sentimental on me!

Maki: Hehe, I think Nozomi's gonna be a lot of fun today.

Rin: You look like you're having a pretty good time yourself, Maki.

Maki: R-Really? I don't think I'm acting any different.

Nozomi: Okie dokie, now that we've paid our respects, it's time for the FUN part.

Umi: Huh? What's the fun part supposed to mean? QuestionMark

Honoka: Breakfast? Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: Breakfast! Exclaimationpoint

Maki: You should've eaten breakfast at home. Actually, you already ate didn't you? BlueLines

Kotori: Then what could it be?

Nozomi: You'll see, you'll see. C'mon, everyone get moving! MusicNote

Kotori: You don't have to push. My legs work just fine. Sweatdrop

Nozomi: That should just about do it. It's not too tight, is it Honoka?

Honoka: Nope! It fits perfectly.

Hanayo: Nozomi, you're an excellent dresser.

Nozomi: I wouldn't go that far. I just wear it all the time, so I'm used to it.

Rin: Wait a sec, am I wearing this right? The skirt is wide open over here!

Nozomi: Shrine maiden skirts are supposed to be open there. It makes it easier to put your hands in!

Rin: EEK! Nozomi, get your hand out of there! Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: It's a different color than your usual skirt, eh Umi? MusicNote

Umi: Yes, I'm used to wearing these formal skirts, but the shrine maiden style has a totally different air about it.

Honoka: You do look good in your archery uniform, but the shrine maiden skirt makes you look very womanly. MusicNote

Umi: P-Please, you're making me blush...

Honoka: Why're you hiding in the corner?

Umi: Sorry, when people start heaping praise on me I just...

Nozomi: Hrmm... Now that everyone's changed, I've gotta say you all make gorgeous shrine maidens!

Nico: The Nico-Ni in a shrine maiden outfit! What a rare treat! A super-rare spectacle!

Eli: I suppose it is rare. Normally we'd never have an occasion to wear these outfits.

Honoka: I was about to fall back asleep a few minutes ago, but now I'm really excited!

Hanayo: Me too. I just hope we can cut it as shrine maidens. We'll need to do our best.

Eli: I think we'll all have a wonderful day thanks to Nozomi.

Nozomi: Heh... This is no joke. You're all getting put to work. Let's get to it!

Story 2

Rin: *Scrub* *Scrub* How's that?

Hanayo: Wow, the railing looks sparkling clean now!

Rin: I've been cleaning long enough that I'm really in the groove now! HeartBubble

Hanayo: Isn't it fun seeing everything all clean and pretty, especially when we're all working together?

Rin: Yeah! C'mon Hanayo, let's knock the next spot out!

Hanayo: Whoa, wait up, Rin!

Eli: Rin and Hanayo seem to be enjoying themselves. Maybe it's more fun because it's not the usual cleanup duty?

Maki: It's a beautiful day out. Maybe this isn't so bad.

Nico: .................... Ellipses

Eli: What's wrong, Nico. Are you in a bad mood?

Nico: Of COURSE I am.

Nico: We shouldn't be wasting our time cleaning when we could be putting on a performance. The Nico-Ni should be sparkling, not scrubbing!

Maki: P-P-Perfomance?

Nico: Duh! We finally got our hands on these great shrine maiden stage outfits!

Honoka: Wait... These are costumes?! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Of course they are. Exclaimationpoint

Umi: They are not! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Hahaha... Oh, Nico!

Nico: We couldn't have gotten up at the crack of dawn just to clean. Think about it a little harder.

Nozomi: Shrines are a place to worship the gods. We don't want to offend them, understand?

Eli: Most people straighten up their houses before people come over to hang out, right?

Honoka: Ohhhhh... So the shrine's not just for people to visit, but also for the gods themselves.

Nico: B-But everything already looks nice and tidy. Sweatdrop

Nozomi: The gods don't get upset over little things like this. So yes, maybe a little straightening up would be fine.

Nico: ...........................

Nozomi: But this shrine is very important to ME. That's why I want every square inch to be immaculate.

Nozomi: If I did a half-hearted job, I wouldn't be being true to myself.

Nico: Nozomi...

Maki: I can picture Nozomi coming here to clean up every morning before practice.

Kotori: Seeing Nozomi every morning always puts me at ease.

Umi: This place really is important to her.

Eli: And if it's important to her, it should be important to us.

Maki: Now that you know how Nozomi feels, you aren't going to complain about cleaning up any more, right?

Nico: ...........................

Kotori: Huh? Where're you going, Nico?

Maki: You'd better not be going home.

Nico: I need to refill my bucket. I'm not done washing my spot yet.

Rin: We're all done with our side!

Nico: I don't think so, slackers!

Hanayo: Huh?! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Get over here, look at the streaks on this railing. Clean it again! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: What the heck, Nico suddenly turned into an overbearing mother-in-law type. Sweatdrop

Nico: Less griping, more wiping. And when you're done, get to work on this! Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo, Rin: Y-Yes, ma'am!

Nozomi: Thank you, Nico-cchi.

Nico: It's not like I'm doing it just for you I want to please the gods.

Honoka: We need to give it our all too. For Nozomi, and for the gods that are so important to her life.

Kotori: Yeah!

Maki: It's nice to hear what's on your mind, Nozomi. You never really talk about yourself.

Umi: You definitely are a very centered person, even if you don't show it much.

Nozomi: Aww, you're embarrassing me. It's really not that big a deal.

Eli: Nozomi's usually very calm, but when it's time to get to work she really buckles down. That's probably one reason we get along so well.

Nozomi: I think maybe you're buckled down a bit too often, Eli. Maybe you could loosen up a little every now and then?

Eli, Nozomi: Huh?! *Snicker*

Story 3

Nozomi: The last step is to open the door. Hanayo, can you grab that over there?

Hanayo: Got it. One, two...

Nozomi: Okay! I think that's about everything we can do. We'll leave the really important stuff to the fully-qualified shrine maidens. MusicNote

Eli: So there's going to be a wedding here soon. How romantic!

Nozomi: I bet it really is going to be the happiest day of their lives.

Honoka: Nozomi, I finished up with the hallway!

Rin: My area is spic-and-span!

Nozomi: Beautiful, beautiful. Honoka, Rin, you two did a great job. You're lifesavers. MusicNote

Honoka: Heehee. HeartBubble

Rin: Aww, shucks. HeartBubble

Maki: Don't the three of them remind you of a teacher and her two students?

Kotori: *Giggle* It's Nozomi-sensei. MusicNote

Nozomi: *Giggle* Aren't I a lucky teacher to have a class full of cute girls?

Eli: Nozomi, the attendants are arriving.

Nozomi: Thanks, Eli. Let's all move so we don't get in the way of the ceremony preparations.

Honoka: Thank goodness we got everything cleaned up before all the guests started showing up.

Nico: Wow, there's a lot of people coming in. Are they all here for the wedding?

Umi: There's a lot of people in street clothes. I guess there are a lot of people just coming to pray.

Hanayo: I'm sure everyone's got a prayer in their hearts.

Nozomi: The gods are kind and benevolent. Whether it's for better grades, a happy marriage, or healthy children, they'll always listen to your prayers.

Nozomi: When I'm a fully-fledged shrine maiden, I'll pray for your bust to grow a little. MusicNote

Nico: Quit staring at me! Anger

Kotori: Ooooh! Hey Honoka, check it out! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Hmm? Oh, the bride!

Eli: Harasho! How beautiful.

Nico: That's a special white kimono called a shiromuku.

Umi: It's gorgeous. It looks like a holy outfit.

Maki: This whole time I've been thinking about a traditional wedding dress, but the shiromuku is pretty too.

Kotori: Teehee...

Rin: What're you grinning about, Kotori?

Kotori: *Giggle* Trying to decide which one I'd wear if it was me. MusicNote

Umi: I can see why. That's a tough choice. I know either one would look good on you, Kotori.

Honoka: Yup! Someday you'll make a beautiful blushing bride!

Kotori: If I was gonna wear one, I'd have to at least try on the other.

Nozomi: I think I'd have to go with the shiromuku, although I'd definitely like to see how I looked in the wedding dress.

Eli: I'm sure either one would look good on you too, Nozomi.

Nozomi: Geeeeeez, you know all this praise won't get you any prizes, right?

Eli: Hehe, I'm not trying to get anything out of it. MusicNote

Hanayo: I bet a cute wedding dress would look perfect on you, Nico.

Nico: I'd love to wear a wedding dress someday, but I'm not opposed to the shiromuku either.

Kotori: Hey, for our next show we should do a wedding theme with our outfits!

Hanayo: Oh, what a great idea! HeartBubble

Nico: Okay, so I'll be the bride and you all will be the bridesmaids, right? MusicNote

Maki: Nico... Don't be stupid. BlueLines

Nico: Oh, come on! It was a joke. I thought it was funny...

Hanayo: You'd make a beautiful bride too, Rin.

Rin: You think? I feel like you'd look better in a wedding outfit, Hanayo.

Maki: Oh please, you'd both look beautiful. In fact, I can't wait to see you in costume on stage! MusicNote

Rin: I'm not wearing wedding stuff unless you and Hanayo wear it too, Maki!

Maki: Okay, okay. If the time comes we'll all coordinate our outfits.

Rin: Yaaaaaaay! MusicNote

Nozomi: Didn't the bride look stunning?

Nico: I guess it's okay that she was the center of attention, just this once.

Rin: Nico, were you treating it like a competition? QuestionMark

Eli: I think the smiling faces of the wedding party put all of us in a good mood.

Umi: The happy couple and every single guest all looked so happy!

Honoka: No one was smiling more than me. I felt like I was sharing the bride's happiness!

Story 4

Umi: Welcome to the shrine.

Hanayo: The consecrated area is this way.

Kotori: Allow me to escort you.

Rin: Nozomi, I finished wipe down the sign.

Nico: There's still a smudge in this corner.

Rin: *Moans* Nico's still in mother-in-law mode... Sweatdrop

Nico: Don't worry... I'll get this one for you.

Rin: *Gasp* Nico, I'm so happy! HeartBubble

Nico: Ack! Rin, get off me! Exclaimationpoint

Eli: After just one day they're almost like real shrine maidens.

Nozomi: I can't believe how quickly everyone picked it up, but then again, they've been giving it 100 percent since this morning. Now we're almost done!

Honoka: Huh? But there are still worshippers coming in. We've still got work to do.

Nozomi: Hehe, I appreciate the enthusiasm, but that's enough for one day. I don't want to upset the gods by pushing everyone too hard!

Honoka: Oh, cool!

Eli: That's a wrap, then?

Nozomi: Thank you all so much for all your hard work today!

Together: You're welcome!

Honoka: What a great day!

Maki: It really was fun, and I'm not just saying that.

Hanayo: I've never worn a shrine maiden outfit, much less done the job! I was so excited the whole time.

Kotori: Almost makes you want to become one for real.

Umi: Agreed. You don't get to have these kinds of experiences often.

Nico: Maybe we weren't the stars of the show, like when we do our school idol performances, nut it still wasn't too bad.

Nozomi: I'm so happy to hear that! Maybe we can do this again someday?

Honoka: You bet! We'll all be here to help whenever you need it.

Eli: Aah...

Honoka: Eli? What's wrong?

Eli: Nothing. Just marveling at how people are still showing up.

Honoka: I guess a lot of people come to the shrine every day. I just never thought about it since we live so close by.

Eli: I know this is obvious, but even though our jobs are done, the shrine and the gods continue to do their work without ever stopping.

Nozomi: Yeah... The shrine is such a special place.

Rin: You know, for having worked nonstop early in the morning, I'm really not too tired.

Umi: I think the fun cancelled out the exhaustion.

Honoka: Maybe it's the spiritual power Nozomi's always going on about?

Rin: Huh?! Wait, so I have spiritual powers now?

Nozomi: Actually, it was one of my goals to get you all to feel a sense of spiritual power, but...

Eli: But what?

Nozomi: Somehow, with all of you working so hard to help, I think I felt it more than anyone. I had so much fun!

Eli: We did too, Nozomi. Truly.

Nico: I hope you're grateful!

Nozomi: I am. Thanks a million!

Nico: W-Wow, she's being really honest today.

Kotori: You could learn from her, Nico.

Eli: I wish we didn't have to give back the shrine maiden outfits just yet.

Nozomi: Everyone looks so cute in them.

Hanayo: Why don't we take a picture before we change back?

Honoka: Yeah! Let's do it! Let's do it!

Nico: Oh, fine.

Maki: Nico, you brought a camera and a tripod, right?

Eli: Since you originally wanted to perform this morning.

Nico: Oh, be quiet... Timer's set. Everyone squeeze in!

Hanayo: Over here, Nico. Over here!

Kotori: Honoka, you get in between me and Umi.

Umi: Nozomi should be in the center today, no?

Maki: Nozomi, get in here.

Nozomi: Y-You want me right in the middle?

Eli: Absolutely! Now stop looking around at us. Look into the lens and smile.

Nozomi: Hehe... Got it.

Nozomi: I can't imagine anything better than being here with all of you.



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