Let's Cheer for Umi! Edit

Why's Umi been absent so much lately? A tournament?

Story 1

Honoka: Whew, what a fun practice we had today!

Umi: Honoka, can I talk to you?

Honoka: Hmm? What's up? QuestionMark

Umi: I'm terribly sorry, but I can't make Sunday's practice. I need to take the day off.

Honoka: You do? Sure, that's not a problem, but... Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: It's rare for you to miss even one practice, Umi.

Rin: Ah ha, I know! You wanna take Sunday off to go play somewhere! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: Oh, no, I'm definitely not just goofing off, I just...

Rin: You just what?

Umi: Err...

Umi: I-I promise I'll be there the rest of the week. Thank you again! Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: Umi, hold on!

Nozomi: Hmm... What's up with Umi today?

Hanayo: She was definitely acting a bit odd.

Nico: Very suspicious! Umi's definitely up to something.

Maki: It's not that suspicious. Everyone has one or two things they'd rather not tell other people.

Nozomi: Oh, yeah? What kind of secrets are YOU hiding, Maki? MusicNote

Maki: Quit grinning at me like that!

Nico: Wait... What if... Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: What's wrong, Nico?

Nico: What if she's being recruited by another school idol group!?

Kotori: Whaaaaaaat!? Exclaimationpoint

Honoka: No way! Umi's the last person who'd let that happen!

Honoka: Sure, I wouldn't blame other groups for wanting her. She's pretty, an excellent dancer, a wonderful songwriter...

Honoka: ...Oh my gosh! What if another group really is trying to recruit her!? Exclaimationpoint

Rin: No, I don't want her to leave!

Nozomi: I really don't think she'd do that.

Nico: You're too trusting, Nozomi. We live in an era of school idols, the headhunters could target any on of us at any time!

Honoka: But Umi's part of µ's. She'd never abandon us!

Maki: I don't think she'd leave µ's, but it is possible that she's meeting a recruiter anyway.

Kotori: No... Umi...

Nico: That does it. Let's tail her!

Together: Tail her!?

Nico: You heard me. Everyone put these on.

Rin: Sunglasses?

Hanayo: Nico, do you always have sunglasses on hand?

Kotori: She's got enough for everyone...

Maki: Forget tailing people, I'd be too embarrassed to wear these in public.

Nico: Quit griping and hurry after Umi! Anger

Hanayo: Nico seems like she's enjoying herself.

Nozomi: Hahaha... I think she just wanted to try shadowing someone.

Rin: I trust that Umi is loyal to µ's, but I also wanna know hat kind of secret she's hiding.

Nico: Come ON, let's go already! I'm not gonna wait forever!

Honoka: Ack! Wait up, Nico!

Kotori: Umi... What could she be up to?

Umi: ...And that's why I need to take Sunday's practice off.

Eli: That's fine, Umi... but are you sure you don't want to tell the others the truth?

Umi: I'm sure. I don't want them making a big fuss over me.

Eli: I honestly don't see what you're so worried about. Then again, I suppose it's rather like you.

Umi: I'm sorry.

Eli: There's no need to apologize! I promise I won't tell a soul. Best of luck, Umi!

Umi: Thank you. I'll be going now.

Eli: *Sigh* Umi's too considerate for her own good. She should let us be there for her a little more.

Story 2

Hanayo: *Pant* *Wheeze* Oh, it's Eli...

Eli: Umm... What's with the sunglasses, everyone?

Nico: Eli, have you seen Umi?

Eli: Hmm? Y-Yes, she was just here.

Maki: Did she tell you anything?

Eli: Err... Wh-What would she have told me about?

Rin: Like, if another school idol group's trying to steal her!

Eli: S-Steal!? Exclaimationpoint

Kotori: This all started when Umi asked to take off Sunday's practice. We got worried that maybe she was going to meet with another school idol group.

Eli: So, she already told you all about Sunday, then.

Hanayo: Hmm? Eli, do you know where Umi's going that day?

Eli: Huh? I, err... I don't know the p-particulars... Sweatdrop

Nozomi: *Glare* Ellipses

Eli: Wh-What!? Sweatdrop

Nozomi: Oh, nothing... I just thought you were more of the honest type. MusicNote

Honoka: Look, everyone, Umi's over there! Exclaimationpoint

Rin: What's the plan, Nico?

Nico: We follow here. Remember, this is a covert operation. Don't do anything conspicuous.

Nico: These are for you, Eli.

Eli: Sunglasses...

Hanayo: I think Umi's headed to the shrine.

Nico: After her!

Eli: I don't think we should be tailing Umi.

Eli: She's got her own reasons for not telling... And, of course, no one's listening. Sweatdrop

Umi: ........................

Kotori: Umi looks so serious...

Honoka: Yeah.

Hanayo: Maybe she's worried about something?

Nico: Shh! Umi's on the move!

Umi: *Chuckle*

Rin: She laughed! Exclaimationpoint

Umi: I guess I'll start from here.

Honoka: Is Umi... dancing? Exclaimationpoint

Maki: Wait, how's this different from a normal dance practice with us?

Kotori: Actually, now that I look at her... Exclaimationpoint

Hanayo: She's doing the choreography we came up with the other day.

Kotori: Perhaps she's trying to make up for the time she's going to miss on Sunday?

Honoka: I guess no one's trying to recruit Umi after all.

Hanayo: I think you're right.

Nozomi: So we got all worked up over nothing?

Nico: Then why's she keeping secrets from us? I'm gonna go ask her myself!

Eli: Wait! Exclaimationpoint

Nico: Eli?

Eli: Everyone... Listen.

Eli: I wasn't supposed to tell you this, but the truth is... Umi's got an archery tournament on Sunday.

Honoka: She does!? Why wouldn't she want us to know about that? Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Because she didn't want us wasting time that could've been spent practicing. She's afraid she'd be holding the group back.

Honoka: Ah ha... Now I get it...

Eli: So, please, let's all respect Umi's wishes.

Kotori: I had no idea Umi felt that way... Now I feel bad.

Honoka: But... but Umi's got it all wrong.

Maki: She does? How?

Honoka: I'd rather go to the tournament to cheer her on!

Hanayo: Honoka...

Honoka: I would never consider supporting her a waste of time! I'm going to the tournament and that's that.

Kotori: Honoka... I couldn't agree more. MusicNote

Honoka: Right? Let's all go to the tournament and cheer our hearts out for Umi!

Nozomi: Okay, count me in!

Nico: Yeah! Let's give Umi a big surprise.

Eli: All right. I can tell there's no talking you all out of this.

Honoka: Sorry, Eli!

Eli: It's fine. Honestly, I'd rather go and support Umi, too.

Honoka: Thanks, Eli! *Giggle* Umi's gonna be speechless!

Story 3

Hanayo: All right, everyone. Let's make Umi a special bento lunch for her big day!

Honoka: Okay!

Maki: Did you wash your hands, Rin?

Rin: Of course! I don't wanna make a lunch that'll give everyone a stomachache.

Kotori: Hanayo, you cooked a ton of rice. MusicNote

Hanayo: Yup, enough for all nine of us.

Eli: What should we make first?

Kotori: I'll make little octopuses out of hot dogs.

Honoka: Sounds good. I'l start grilling them now!

Kotori: Okay! And, for a final touch, we'll put two little sesame seeds on for eyes. MusicNote

Nico: I'll make an omelette, and make it extra sweet, just like me! HeartBubble

Eli: I'll help you. So, you like your omelettes extra sweet, Nico?

Nico: It's because I'M sweet, not because I have the palate of a little kid. Is that clear?

Nozomi: You're making rice balls, right, Hanayo? I was thinking of making some, too.

Hanayo: You bet! You need lots of stamina to get through a long tournament, and rice balls are packed with energy! MusicNote

Maki: Obviously you were going to make rice balls, with or without a reason.

Hanayo: Hehe... Let's make a wide variety of them.

Rin: Whoa, Nozomi! What're you doing with the seaweed?

Nozomi: Making some of those deco-rice balls that are so popular these days.

Eli: Deco-rice... Is that short for decorated rice? I've never heard of that...

Maki: Nozomi, won't Umi be embarrassed if she has to eat a rice ball with UMI written on it in seaweed letters?

Nozomi: *Chuckle* Oh, ye of little faith. A slight feeling of embarrassment is actually a good thing. HeartBubble

Kotori: Maybe so. She'll be a little embarrassed, but happy at the same time!

Hanayo: Once you finish making your rice balls, bring them over here so I can wrap them in aluminum foil.

Rin: Okay! Ooh, look at the cherry tomatoes and apples. Now I'm starting to get hungry. MusicNote

Hanayo: I can't wait for lunch. Rin, I have some extra apples if you want one.

Rin: Yay! I love you, Hanayo! HeartBubble

Honoka: *Cheeeeeer*

Kotori: Honoka, why are the octopus hot dogs holding their hands up in the air? QuestionMark

Honoka: Because they're cheering for Umi!

Kotori: Oh! Well then, I'll need to make mine do the same. *Cheeeeeer*

Nico: All done! One big extra sweet omelette, ready to eat!

Hanayo: That's the last piece. Looks like our lunch is all put together!

Kotori: We should bring a big blanket to lay out, too.

Eli: Hehe... It'll be like a mini picnic.

Maki: I know it's kinda early, but should we head over now?

Honoka: Ooh, wait a sec! First, let's make a big banner!

Rin: Nice! If she sees us cheering and waving a big banner, it'll definitely get her pumped up.

Maki: Don't you think that would make her mad? I'm pretty sure people who go to an archery tournament don't do a lot of yelling and flag-waving.

Nico: How about I just make some pom-poms instead? MusicNote

Maki: Pom-poms are out of the question. BlueLines

Nico: Out of the question!? Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Yes. We don't want to disturb the competitors when they're trying to concentrate. Let's forgo the banner.

Nico: Aww man, no pom-poms... BlueLines

Rin: Don't be sad, Nico! After the tournament, we'll sit down and make some pom-poms together.

Hanayo: Maybe we can't bring them to the tournament, but we can use them onstage.

Nico: Hehe, very smart, you two! Okay, after the tournament, I'll pitch in and help you make pom-poms! MusicNote

Nozomi: Other way around, Nico-cchi. They're helping you.

Nico: I suppose you could put it that way.

Honoka: What about a headband?

Kotori: That's a good idea. I've seen Umi wearing a white headband before. MusicNote

Hanayo: I guess we can't write or draw pictures on it, can we?

Eli: No... Unless... we only write on the inside? If we're going to the trouble to make one, we should at least write SOMETHING.

Maki: What should we write? "Win the championship"?

Honoka: I think Umi's probably already decided what her archery goals are.

Honoka: We ought to just put, "We love you Umi"! There's no way to misinterpret that, and it's absolutely the truth.

Nico: Don't you think she'll be embarrassed if the message is so direct?

Maki: For someone as oblivious as Umi, I think that's perfect.

Nozomi: Okay, let's make her a headband that's full of love!

Kotori: I hope it looks cute on her. Once it's finished, let's head over to the tournament to cheer her on! MusicNote

Story 4

Umi: Whew...

Honoka: Umiiiiiii!

Kotori: Umi!

Umi: Huh? What're you all doing here? Exclaimationpoint

Eli: Sorry, Umi. I spilled the beans about the tournament.

Umi: Oh Eli... Well, now it makes sense.

Honoka: Umi, you're gonna get it! How could you keep a secret, something as important as this tournament, from us?

Kotori: We all came to cheer for you. Honoka put it best when she said it would never be a waste of time to support you.

Maki: rushing over to watch a fellow member take on a big challenge is the natural thing to do.

Umi: Kotori... Maki... Everyone...

Nozomi: We made this for you, too. It's overflowing with the power of love. Here!

Umi: A headband! Thanks so much. I can definitely use this.

Kotori: *Snicker* HeartBubble

Hanayo: *Giggle* HeartBubble

Umi: Wh-What? What's everyone grinning about? Sweatdrop

Eli: Umi, look at the inside. MusicNote

Umi: The inside? Oh my... Exclaimationpoint

Eli: We made it for you. We thought that maybe you could wear it for the tournament.

Umi: W-We love you, Umi... I've never seen such a flamboyant headband.

Hanayo: I guess we put a few too many hearts on there. Don't worry, the outside is totally blank.

Nico: The perfect headband for Umi Sonoda, the school idol.

Rin: C'mon, Umi, c'mon! Let's have lunch now!

Hanayo: We made a big bento lunch, too, Hopefully it'll give you the strength to keep up the good work this afternoon.

Umi: Thank you so much. A new headband, a big lunch... I'll definitely give it everything I've got.

Kotori: Great job out there, Umi!

Honoka: The runner-up in single competition! Umi, you're awesome!

Umi: Thank you! It may have been a small tournament, but it's definitely a good feeling to have won a prize.

Eli: I've always wanted to see you fire an arrow. I had a great time today.

Nico: I think we can all agree it was our cheering that got you to the runner-up spot. MusicNote

Umi: Yes. I truly appreciate your being here today. But to be honest...

Nozomi: Yes?

Umi: I... I really didn't want you all to come.

Hanayo: Huh?

Umi: You all are so good to me. You take care of me like you would take care of yourselves.

Umi: Everyone's so dedicated to their dream of being the best school idol they can be. I felt awful about taking you away from that for my own selfish reasons.

Maki: ...............................

Umi: But, now I've changed my mind.

Umi: I was delighted to see you all today. I guess I really wanted everyone to be here after all!

Kotori: Aww, Umi... MusicNote

Eli: Hehe, I'm glad to hear you say that. There was never any need for you to feel like you were holding us back.

Honoka: That's right! Besides, I hold everyone back enough as it is!

Nico: Honoka, that's not something to be proud of! BlueLines

Umi: Hehe... Oh, Honoka...

Honoka: Huh?

Umi: That spirit of yours is exactly what pulls is all along no matter what happens.

Honoka: ...........? QuestionMark

Umi: Dear me... I'm no match for you, Honoka. You're a force of nature.

Honoka: Huh? I'm... I'm sorry, Umi.

Umi: *Giggle* I'm not mad! Just the opposite. I'm overjoyed!

Kotori: Umi, Honoka...

Hanayo: I'm glad we came to cheer for you today.

Maki: I guess we'll call practice off then, huh? I'm sure we're all worn out after today. Especially Umi.

Umi: No, I'd really like to continue if we could.

Kotori: But aren't you exhausted from the tournament?

Umi: I am tired, but I'm also in the mood to dance!

Eli: Hehe... I guess that settles that.

Umi: Oblivious and ignorant as I am, I'm in your care, everyone!

Rin: Umi, you're so silly. MusicNote

Maki: That was a weird thing to say. It sounded like a wedding vow. Than again, who really cares?

Honoka: Okay, let's hurry back and start practice!

Together: Yay!



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