µ's Without Umi Edit

Does Umi have enough time for archery, dance, and µ's?

Part 1

Kotori: OK, the last song is...

Eli: OK! This sounds like a good plan for our next mini Live Show.
Nozomi: Nicely organized!
Umi: Time for me to go make an appearance at archery club.
Honoka: OK, have fun!
Rin: It must be pretty difficult for Umi to do this and archery club too...

Hanayo: Does the archery club hold tournaments or anything?
Kotori: I'm pretty sure they do...
Nozomi: We're also going to get pretty busy soon... I wonder if she'll be OK?
Honoka: Umi will be fine!
Nico: It'll be pretty easy for her.
Kotori: I hope she doesn't push herself too hard...

Part 2

Nozomi: Honoka! Kotori!

Honoka, Kotori: ? QuestionMark
Nozomi: Look...
Kotori: A magazine? QuestionMark
Nozomi: This page... It's a little small though...
Honoka: It's Umi! Exclaimationpoint
Kotori: We visited the Sonoda family, who have been running a school for traditional Japanese dance for generations.
Kotori: Look, her aunts are there too...
Hanayo: So beautiful!
Rin: Amazing!
Honoka: W-wow. Umi even says, "I'm working hard every day, in hopes of taking over the family business someday."
Nico: Of course she'd say something like that. It was an interview, after all...
Honoka: Umi's practicing traditional Japanese dance too... That must be difficult.
Kotori: Yeah...
Honoka: Of course, with Umi's family teaching Japanese dance... That must take priority over µ's for her...
Kotori: Yeah... If anything happened, then she wouldn't be able to make it to the next Live Show...
Maki: Her sense of responsibility is too strong to let that happen.
Honoka: Yeah...
Nico: You're worrying about this too much... I mean, haven't you known her since you were kids?
Nozomi: That's probably why they're so worried...
Kotori: I wonder what Umi will do from now on...
Umi: Sorry I'm late!
Honoka: U-Umi! Exclaimationpoint
Umi: What is it, Honoka? QuestionMark
Honoka: I-It's nothing! Sweatdrop
Eli: We don't have much time before our Live Show. Let's get practicing.

Part 3

Honoka: Hey, Kotori! If you're going to ask, then now's the time to do it!

Kotori: Huh? Me? I think Honoka should ask...
Nico: Argh... I can't watch this any longer.
Kotori: Nico?
Nico: Hey Umi. Those two over there want to ask you what's up with this article.
Honoka & Kotori: H-hey! Sweatdrop

Umi: Oh, this thing? My mom begged me to do it.
Umi: It seems that her friend is the editor.
Nico: Really? Is that so.
Umi: That's right. And in exchange, they'll run an article about our next live show.
Eli: Great job, Umi! Pretty clever.
Umi: It cut into valuable practice time, so really, it was the least they could do.
Umi: ? QuestionMark
Honoka: But why? Why was it only focused on traditional Japanese dance?
Umi: Well, it was an interview about traditional dance, so why would it talk about anything else?
Kotori: And what the part where you talk about taking over the family business?
Umi: I'm not taking it over right now. There's no way I could take it over at this age anyway.
Honoka: Bu-but what about µ's?
Umi: I'm not sure what you're asking... QuestionMark
Kotori: Y-you're staying, right?
Umi: ? Of course. Why wouldn't I stay? QuestionMark
Kotori: Thank goodness...
Umi: Wait.. Did you two see this article and honestly think I was going to quit µ's?
Honoka: Eep.
Kotori: Ho-Honoka did it! Sweatdrop
Honoka: But you're also busy with the archery club! Sweatdrop
Umi: Honoka... Kotori...
Honoka & Kotori: Yeah...
Umi: As you two know, traditional Japanese dance and martial arts are two things that are very dear to me...
Umi: But for me... no, for all of us... µ's is something absolutely irreplaceable. You know that, right?
Kotori: Umi...
Umi: Hee hee.
Umi: And besides...
Umi: It's disgraceful for a warrior to give up on something they've started, so I could never quit that easily.
Honoka: Umi!
Umi: Hey, Honoka!
Honoka: Uh... Heh heh... Obviously, I'd be nothing without you, Umi. HeartBubble
Kotori: ...That's an odd way to phrase it, Honoka. Sweatdrop
Umi: ...Oh my.
Honoka: The three of us together, always and forever! I hope you'll be with me, together forever...
Maki: This is sounding like a wedding... BlueLines
Hanayo: Then it'd be a polygamous one... BlueLines
Rin: Hanayo and Maki, you two should be my brides too! HeartBubble
Maki: No, thanks!
Hanayo: Ha ha ha... BlueLines
Eli: Well then, that's settled.
Nozomi: I bet you feel better now, don't you, Eli?
Eli: Yeah...
Eli: Even just the thought of a µ's without Umi makes me shiver...
Nozomi: Ha ha ha... BlueLines



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