Enter the Festival! Edit

A huge turning point. µ's audience is about to expand.

Part 1

Nozomi: Elicchi... Elicchi...

Eli: What's up?
Nozomi: I told everyone's fortunes with the cards... But all the results were pretty bad.
Eli: Hmm...

Nozomi: For example, I drew the chariot in reverse position for Honoka . That symbolizes recklessness without fear of losing.
Eli: ...But isn't Honoka usually like that?
Nozomi: ...Well, yes.
Honoka: Oh! Eli! Nozomi! Oh! Um...
Honoka: Ha ha ha... I'll just go on ahead to the club room!
Eli: I-Is she going to be OK?
Nozomi: See you there!

Nozomi: Here, I'll just write out the results of my fortune telling...
Eli: ...You know, it looks like you're listing our personality flaws.
Nozomi: You don't really have to worry about it...
Eli: We've got to be ourselves, flaws and all.
Nozomi: But when we're all together in µ's, we make up for them.
Nozomi: But µ's is really lucky, you know.
Eli: ? QuestionMark
Nozomi: Right now is a fateful turning point! We we have to take any chance we get! ...Or something like that.
Eli: A fateful turning point, huh?
Nozomi: I'm sure an opportunity will present itself soon.
Eli: Well, then we have no choice but to practice and be ready for it then, right?
Nozomi: That's right. What are you going to do about practice today?
Eli: I need to stop by the student council office first. You go on ahead.
Nozomi: Ok. See you later.

Eli: Huh? A letter? Did someone in the student council drop this off?
Eli: Harasho, Nozomi... Your predictions are awesome! Exclaimationpoint

Part 2

Honoka: What's up, Eli?

Hanayo: We don't usually see everyone gathered together in the student council room...
Eli: Hee hee hee.
Kotori: Um, Eli? QuestionMark
Eli: Everyone! I've got good news!
Eli: µ's will be participating in the Love Live School Idol Festival!
Together: What?
Rin: What's that? QuestionMark
Eli: ... BlueLines
Hanayo: Love Live! School Idol Festival is a festival event that brings together school idols from all over the country!
Nico: They rent out this big auditorium, and a bunch of school idol groups put on a Live Show, one after another!
Hanayo: Yes! Last time, 12 groups performed, including A-RISE. It was a huge, huge, HUGE success!
Rin: Wow!
Nico: I was in the audience at the last one. Between the quality of the performances, and the audience's energy, it was amazing!
Hanayo: Yes... Amazing...
Eli: This one's supposed to be even bigger than the last.
Kotori: A-and we're going to perform there?
Hanayo: Oh man, I'm already nervous...Sweatdrop
Maki: No half-hearted performances allowed, I bet.
Honoka: We better start practicing!
Eli: I was thinking the same thing, so I went ahead and booked the auditorium. Let's practice our Live Show format today.
Rin: Great job, Eli!
Eli: In return... Let's show them our best performance!
Umi: I'm going to try my absolute best.
Honoka: With pleasure!

Part 3

Hanayo: Th-th-that was... a hard performance...

Rin: Bu-but didn't we just look amazing?
Maki: Eh, I think we were all right.
Nico: I'm sure I could work much harder.
Rin: Nico, you're sweating something fierce...
Honoka: This is really of surprising... I had no idea that this many people knew about µ's.
Kotori: Yeah... I had no idea it's be like this when we started...
Umi: Well, let's focus on performing a successful Live Show we sit here and bask in sentimentality.
Umi: We'll finally be performing for a large audience, after all.
Umi: We should do our best to project our feelings out to the crowd.
Honoka: Yeah!
Nozomi: Just as predicted... Right?
Eli: That's right... But the important thing is what we do from now on.
Nozomi: Yeah. I can't see whether or not we succeed.
Nozomi: Everything from now on depends on us.
Eli: Everyone!
Eli: There's still time before the School Idol Festival.
Eli: Until then, let's focus on putting together the best performance we can!
Everyone: Yeah!



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