We Can't Practice Today Edit

µ's can't use the roof today. What should we do now?

Part 1

Rin: Ah, this stinks...

Hanayo: We can't practice today because they're doing a rooftop inspection... I'm disappointed, too.
Rin: That's right! Can we just practice somewhere else? Exclaimationpoint
Hanayo: I asked that same question, but another club is practicing in the courtyard, so we can't use that either...

Rin: I see... So then what should we do to pass the day? BlueLines
Hanayo: I've only every practiced for µ's after school, so if we can't practice, then I don't know what to do...
Rin: That's because you love being an idol, Hanayo...
Hanayo: Uh... Heh heh... When I try to imagine what it would like if I had never joined µ's... It's kinda scary...
Rin: Huh? Scary? QuestionMark
Hanayo: When I first said "I'll do it," that was for µ's. If µ's wasn't around, then I don't know what I'd be doing now...
Rin: Hanayo...
Hanayo: I don't exercise, I'm an average student... All I did was check out idols.
Hanayo: I thought that there wasn't anything that I could do...
Hanayo: That's why I'm really glad that I can be a school idol with all of you...
Hanayo: ...Even so, I still can't quite bring myself to call myself an idol yet. Heh heh...
Rin: What are you saying, Hanayo? That's not true!
Hanayo: Huh? Rin...
Rin: You're not making any sense, Hanayo!
Hanayo: Hu-huh? ...Why? Why're you getting angry, Rin? Did I say something to make you mad?
Rin: It's because you're saying that you can't do anything! That's absolutely not true!
Rin: You are absolutely an idol, Hanayo! You're an idol, and you won't lose to anyone!
Hanayo: Rin!
Rin: You're cute, and you're awesome at making rice balls, and your glasses look good on you!
Rin: That's why I want you to stop saying bad things about yourself!
Hanayo: Ri-Rin... I'm so happy.. Thank you, Rin!
Rin: I'm not very good at giving compliments... But that's how I really feel!
Hanayo: Yeah... Yeah!
Hanayo: Back then... I'm here now because you and Maki cheered me on when it counted.
Hanayo: If you two weren't there, then I... I wouldn't have joined µ's... So thank you... Truly. Thank you.
Rin: If... If you weren't there, Hanayo, I wouldn't have become a member of µ's either!
Hanayo: But...
Rin: That's why I absolutely, positively need to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Hanayo!
Hanayo: ...Hee hee.
Rin: Uh... heh heh...
Hanayo: I'm so glad that we joined µ's! And I'm really glad that we became school idols!
Rin: Yeah! I think I'm incredibly lucky to be able to be with all of you and practice every day.
Hanayo: Yeah... I brought rice balls for today's practice... But now we can't practice, so maybe I shouldn't have brought them?
Rin: If you made the rice balls, Hanayo, then I'll eat them all!
Hanayo: Hee hee! Let's eat them together, Rin!
Rin: All right! I love you, Hanayo! HeartBubble
Hanayo: Om nom... They're delicious.
Rin: Om nom... I knew it, Hanayo. Your rice balls are the best.
Hanayo: All right, tomorrow we should work hard during practice. MusicNote
Rin: Yeah! If we practice hard, maybe we could be the top school idols in Japan someday.

Part 2

Nico: The weather is beautiful. HeartBubble

Maki: Yeah.
Nico: When the weather's this nice, you just want to get out and play with Nico, don't you? HeartBubble
Maki: I don't.
Nico: Geez,don't mince words or anything! It's a day off from practice! So why do we still have to study? Anger
Maki: Doesn't it make sense to study if you can't practice? And you spelled that word wrong there.
Nico: Um... I spelled it wrong on purpose, can't you see that?
Maki: Why would you make a mistake on purpose? I mean, if you want to play, why not finish your homework first?
Nico: What about you, Maki? You've just been sitting there reading a book this whole time.
Maki: I've already finished the homework I have right now.

Nico: Pfft...
Maki: And I've already prepared for the next lesson...
Nico: Geez, you're like some kind of freak... Exclaimationpoint
Maki: You shouldn't say such mean things about people. Besides, if you did your homework every day like you should, then you wouldn't end up like this.
Maki: I bet you were the type of kid that started doing her homework the day before summer break ended, weren't you?
Nico: Sh-shut up! You're good at studying, Maki, so you can't possibly understand how I feel!
Maki: No, it's not that I don't understand.
Nico: Huh? You're not good at studying? Exclaimationpoint
Maki: I am great at studying. But that doesn't mean that there aren't things that I'm can't do. Sweatdrop
Nico: There are things you can't do?
Maki: Of course.
Nico: What can't you do?
Maki: That's... irrelevant to this conversation.
Nico: Once we've come this far you can't really say "that's irrelevant to this conversation..."
Maki: Ugh... I shouldn't have said anything...
Nico: So? What is it? What can't you do, Maki? MusicNote
Maki: You don't have to be so excited over this, all right?
Nico: I'm happy because I think I might be able to help you with something. So what can't you do?
Maki: That... You know, that "idol" stuff.
Nico: Huh? QuestionMark
Maki: I can't do that "idol" stuff you do! We should just drop the conversation right here.
Nico: Wait, are you saying... Are you saying that you want to do stuff like Nico-Nico-Ni? Exclaimationpoint
Maki: No! Well... No... More like those cutesy idol-type poses? And stuff.
Nico: Maki! HeartBubble
Maki: Geez... Stop giving me that excited look already! I just thought about it for a moment! Just a little bit...
Nico: Is that all? You should've just said so. I'd be happy to help you. MusicNote
Maki: Nico...
Nico: It's too bad we can't use the rooftop today, but we can still practice something else.
Nico: OK, repeat after me! "Nico-Nico-Ni! My name's Nico, and I love to study!" MusicNote
Maki: No way! And anyway, isn't it a blatant lie for you to say, "I love to study"?
Nico: You've got an awful lot of complaints... OK, how about I come up with one just for you, Maki. But this is a special, all right?
Nico: Maki Maki Ma! Even though I say mean things, I'm actually nice. I'm Maki!?
Maki: Grr! Are you kidding me? There's absolutely NO way I'd ever say something like that! Anger
Nico: Oh, don't get mad, Maki!
Maki: I thought you of all people would understand how I feel, Nico... But now I see how stupid it was to ask you in the first place.
Nico: Not at all. I do understand how you feel, Maki.
Maki: Liar!
Nico: I know all about all the cute little things you do, Maki.
Maki: ...Huh?
Nico: You may not notice them yourself, but you've got all kinds of cute little quirks.
Maki: N-no. Stop it, all right? ...It's embarrassing.
Nico: But that's why you should show everyone all your cute quirks, OK?
Maki: Nico... Um... Uh... Thanks.
Nico: It's fine. All right, let's get started practicing.
Maki: What kind of practice?
Nico: What? Don't play dumb. Repeat after me, all right? OK! "Nico-Nico-Ni!"
Maki: Ah... So it's come to this... "Nico-Nico-Ni!"
Nico: You need to be sweeter, and more charming! Again! "Nico-Nico-Ni!" HeartBubble
Maki: Nico-Nico-Ni!

Part 3

Honoka: Aww... I hate it when we can't practice...

Kotori: We were practicing every single day for so long... I think its good to take a break every once in a while.
Umi: That's right. Today's also a day off for archery club. Shall we go somewhere?
Honoka: That's right. I guess days like this are pretty good. How about we go shopping? MusicNote
Kotori: Let's do it! HeartBubble

Umi: I had no idea that there was a little shop in a place like this.
Honoka: Wow! That strap you're holding is really cute, Kotori! HeartBubble
Kotori: Hee hee. It's a cute and fluffy little alpaca. That stationery set you're holding is pretty cute too, Honoka. MusicNote
Honoka: I haven't seen many stationery sets with pictures of bread on them! And it looks so realistic too... (drool)
Umi: Honoka! Don't eat the paper!
Honoka: Ah! O-oops! I just started drooling when I saw that... Exclaimationpoint
Umi: Geez... You need to keep it together, Honoka. BlueLines
Honoka: Ha ha ha... Sweatdrop
Kotori: Hey, Umi, Honoka? How about we stop by that arcade next?
Honoka: Yeah! Let's go, let's go!

Honoka: This arcade is so clean and shiny! I'm going to go look for a dance game.
Kotori: I'm going to go look for a crane game...
Umi: ....I would be compatible with... Umm...
Kotori: Huh? Umi, are you doing a love horoscope?
Umi: Eek! N-No! Nat at all! That's um... It's a... Hmm... It's an alpaca! Exclaimationpoint
Kotori: What? QuestionMark
Umi: I um... wanted to see... if I was... If I was compatible with the alpaca... Ha ha ha! Yeah, that's it! Sweatdrop
Kotori: Umi, do you really like alpacas that much? Let's get matching alpacas then! HeartBubble
Umi: I-I'll think about it... Sweatdrop
Kotori: All right! I'll get two stuffed alpaca, then. One's for me, and the other one is for you.
Kotori: But wait! If I can get one more for Honoka, we can all have matching alpacas!
Kotori: I'm headed off. We can get stuffed animals as souvenirs.

Kotori: OK! Stuffed alpacas! This one's yours, Umi.
Umi: Thank you. You're really good at the crane game, aren't you?
Kotori: Hee hee... I really wanted it, so I did my best!
Kotori: This alpaca's outfit is adorable! Maybe our next µ's costume should look something like this. MusicNote
Umi: Why is an alpaca wearing clothes...? QuestionMark
Umi: Umm... That reminds me. Where did Honoka go?
Kotori: She said she was going to look for a dance game. Shall we go look for her?
Umi: The dance games are over there, I think. ...Huh? There's a crowd over there.
Kotori: There's... Don't tell me, is that Honoka? Oogh... Umph... Excuse me... Please let me through...
Honoka: Yay!
Honoka: And turn!
Honoka: Jump... And a big finish! MusicNote
Umi: Honoka! Exclaimationpoint
Kotori: Whoa! That was amazing, Honoka!
Honoka: Hi, Kotori! Hi, Umi! Did I keep you waiting? Sorry about that. I'm done now.
Umi: More importantly, that was amazing, Honoka! The was an impressive crowd, too... And you're even at the top of the rankings?
Honoka: Hee hee... Since I've started being a school idol, my dance game score just keep going up and up. MusicNote
Kotori: That's amazing! You've become pretty popular at the arcade, Honoka!
Honoka: Ha ha ha. That makes me happy, but...
Umi: But? QuestionMark
Honoka: Of course, I'm finding that it's much more fun to dance with the rest of the group!
Kotori: Honoka!
Umi: All right, tomorrow we can practice.
Honoka: Yeah! Tomorrow we should work hard! I'm looking forward to practice!

Part 4

Eli: ...Sigh.

Nozomi: Eli, I'll leave these documents here.
Eli: ...Oh, sure... Thanks, Nozomi.
Nozomi: Hee hee. You're pretty easy to read, Eli. MusicNote

Eli: Huh? What do you mean by that... QuestionMark
Nozomi: Eli... it's not good to be impatient, right?
Eli: Wow... You saw right through me, Nozomi.
Eli: I'm just feeling down because µ's can't practice today.
Nozomi: µ's has become a really big thing for you, hasn't it, Eli?
Eli: Yeah. It really... seems that way.
Eli: But for some reason... it's strange.
Nozomi: What is? QuestionMark
Eli: Until recently, I always just spent my time after school on student council work... It was just a habit.
Eli: But now my habit is to practice until late up on the rooftops.
Eli: If I hadn't joined µ's, I think I would've just been content with student council work.
Nozomi: You would've been content with student council duties?
Eli: Yeah. I think so, up until now.
Nozomi: I see... But I don't think that's right.
Eli: How come? QuestionMark
Nozomi: It's fate that we joined µ's. Both yours and mine.
Eli: Fate?
Nozomi: Yeah, this may all have been decided from the start. The possibility of "if I never joined µ's" just doesn't exist.
Nozomi: To say that you would've been content with student council duties is just kidding yourself.
Nozomi: If you hadn't joined µ's... I don't think you would have been content with anything.
Eli: I see... I think you're exactly right, Nozomi.
Eli: I don't think that I ever really had the option not to join µ's in the first place.
Nozomi: Yeah. MusicNote
Eli: It felt noble to do everything that I could as part of student council, in order to try to stop the school from closing.
Eli: But working hard towards that same goal as a member of µ's is much more fun.
Nozomi: In µ's, you only worked hard for the school's sake?
Eli: Hey, Nozomi... You're don't have to tease me, OK? You already know. I really love µ's, and being a school idol.
Nozomi: Hee hee. I just wanted to hear you say that.
Eli: You feel the same, don't you, Nozomi?
Nozomi: Of course. But for me, the most fun is... watching you enjoy yourself. MusicNote
Eli: Hee hee. That's hoe you are, Nozomi. You're like a mother figure to us all.
Eli: Oh, the phone... Hello? This is Eli Ayase speaking.
Eli: The roof inspection is complete? Thank you very much! I'll be sure to let everyone know. Thank you very much. Exclaimationpoint
Nozomi: That's great! All right, tomorrow we can practice. MusicNote
Eli: What about today? We can still get today's practice session in!
Nozomi: But it's already evening.
Eli: I'm sure everyone else will want to practice too! I'll get the key for the roof, you go gather everyone!
Nozomi: OK! Hee hee, looks like you're all fired up? I'll do my best in practice, too. MusicNote



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