Emma Verde
Kanji エマ
School YG International Academy (formerly)
Nijigasaki High School
Grade 3
Gender Female
Birthday February 5
Blood type O
Height 166cm
Three sizes B92 / W61 / H88
Hobbies Quilting

Emma Verde is a student at Y.G. International Academy. In 2017, it is confirmed Emma Verde now attends Nijigasaki High School along with Shizuku Osaka and Kanata Konoe.



Emma (Normal #156)
156Emma Max Level: 40 156idolizedEmma
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2270 PureIcon 950 CoolIcon 780
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Emma (Normal #459)
459Emma Max Level: 40 459idolizedEmma
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1000 PureIcon 2350 CoolIcon 690
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Emma (Normal #739)
739Emma Max Level: 40 739idolizedEmma
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 970 PureIcon 720 CoolIcon 2390
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Emma (Normal #1061)
1061Emma Max Level: 40 1061idolizedEmma
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2430 PureIcon 720 CoolIcon 970
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

SmileIconSelf-Introduction? (#156)

Emma: Hello! Can you hear the voice of the mountains, too? MusicNote

Emma: I'm Emma. I come from a country full of mountains and nature!

Emma: There's not a lot of nature around here, but Japan has a lot of beautiful mountains.

Emma: And the school idols are all so adorable! Japan's such a wonderful country. Yeah. MusicNote

Emma: Oh, that's right! Japan also has all these wonderful hot springs. My hometown also had a hot spring. It makes me nostalgic...

Emma: After we were done having a good, long soak in the hot springs, then we'd climb up to the top of the mountain and sing. We should all go to the hot spring sometime.

Emma: When I'm doing school idol activities, it makes me happy that the fun of singing is the same worldwide.

Emma: Nice to meet you! Let's both do our best! MusicNote

PureIconThe Water of Life (#459)

Emma: Thanks for coming to see us today. You're the best.

Emma: We're going with a zodiac motif this time. I'm an Aquarius, so I get a water jug! I even filled it up. Want a drink?
Emma: The water where I come from is beautiful, so it makes me feel extra special to be an Aquarius. Japan also shares the image that it's full of beautiful water.
Emma: We take water for granted. We don't think about it much, but there are places where it barely rains and every drop is precious.
Emma: We should always be grateful we have clean, fresh water. Now c'mon, drink up! MusicNote
Emma: I know it's a zodiac-themed show, and maybe I don't have to be so obsessed with how to handle water, but...
Emma: As an Aquarius school idol, I think having some gratitude towards the life-giving water will give off a great vibe!
Emma: First up is our photo shoot. If you want, you can help me think up some good poses! MusicNote

CoolIconOn Nights Like Tonight (#739)

Emma: Good evening. It's been so cold lately. You're not sick, are you?

Emma: I'm here to rehearse for our next show. When I heard we were gonna sing on Christmas night, I was thrilled. MusicNote

Emma: But for some reason... I'm just not in a good mood today.

Emma: Actually, I think I know why... Seeing this beautiful starry sky and the town all lit up is making me miss my hometown.

Emma: Ha, ha, ha. It's not like me to be homesick, is it? I try so hard to be cheerful and carefree every day. Sweatdrop

Emma: I wonder how my grandma and grandpa are doing...

Emma: Hmm? I should write them a letter? QuestionMark

Emma: Yeah... good idea! I shouldn't just sit around moping. Heh, heh, heh. I'll head back right away and get started on that letter! MusicNote

SmileIconMultinational Girls (#1061)

Emma: Wow... Look, look! Lot's of people!

Emma: Thank goodness. Last night, I had this horrible nightmare. Not one single person showed up!

Emma: We practiced really hard so that people would come watch us perform, but maybe I was still a little uneasy deep down inside? Sweatdrop

Emma: Good thing we kept up with our practices... Yes indeed. MusicNote

Emma: Since our group's composed of lots of different nationalities, we all want to make good use of the traits that make us unique.

Emma: When we have to be in formation, we'll snap into position. And when we get to a free-dancing part, everyone gets to do their own thing!

Emma: Sounds cool, right? Believe me, everyone's got their own special appeal. It's gonna be awesome!

Emma: *Snicker* I wonder how our performance will go? Enjoy the show! MusicNote


Home ScreenEdit

  • 私とラクシャータはよく裸足でレッスンしてるんだ。いいでしょ、裸足組♪ (Smile only)
    Rakshata and I usually practice barefoot. We have our own little barefoot group. ♪
  • よしよし。今日も一緒にがんばっちゃお! (Smile only)
    Okay, let's do our best today too!
  • うーむ……スカートはやっぱり長い方が落ち着くかも? (Smile only)
    Hmm... I guess I'd feel more relaxed wearing a longer skirt?
  • 日本語はいろんな言葉があるから、いろんな表現が出来るんだね! (Pure only)
    Japanese has a lot of different words so you can also show a lot of different expressions!
  • 今日も裸足で頑張るぞ! ほらほら、あなたも靴ぬいじゃいなよ (Pure only)
    I'll give it my all barefoot today too! Come on, you take off your shoes too.
  • イザベラには会った? うちの学校で一番の、クールビューティだよ (Pure only)
    Have you met Isabella? She's the epitome of a cool beauty.

Tapping the CharacterEdit

  • うわっ、誰かと思った~
    Uwah, look who it is~
  • ん?もう温泉行きたくなっちゃった?
    Hmm? Do you feel like going to a hot spring now?


  • 次のストーリーはどんなお話かなあ? (When there are unread stories)
    I wonder what the next story is like.
  • ライブだよ。ほらほら、一緒に踊ろうよ~ (When there are new live stages)
    It's a live. Come on, let's dance together~



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