Event Pts
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Event Pts (Event Points) are points given in Events for doing things in them counting towards the goal of the SR card. For example, playing the event song in a Live Show Event.

Gathering Event Pts Edit

There are multiple ways for gathering event pts in an event, each event having different ways.

Live Show Events Edit

  • Tapping notes with tokens in them in live shows. (1 Token = 1 Pt)
  • Playing the event song.

Score Match Events Edit

  • Playing a score match.

Medley Festivals Edit

  • Playing a medley.

Challenge Festivals Edit

  • Playing a medley.

Rewards Edit


There are many rewards for getting pts in an event such as love gems, friend pts, scouting tickets, G, N cards, and SRs. Getting these are as simple as gathering the pts because you get them immediately once the amount needed for them is met.

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Event Pts are also used to rank you against other players and give you rewards based off of your rank once the event finishes.