Forever Friends
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Start Wed, 16 Sep 2015 09:00:00 +0000
End Fri, 25 Sep 2015 08:00:00 +0000
B-Side Song Yuki no Reason
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2 (Easy)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3 (Normal)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3SongStar3 (Hard)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3SongStar3SongStar3 (Expert)
Token Token Wing Wing
Main Prize
Other Prizes

Forever Friends EventSplash

Forever Friends is the upcoming Live Show Event.

Event RulesEdit

Token Wing

A Wing, the token for this event.

  • A Live Show Event where you use Wings, gained from normal Live Shows and daily Live Shows, to play in a special event Live Show and collect Event Pts to earn various Rewards.
  • Collect lots of Event Pts in a Live Show event.
  • Live Show events cost Wings to play. These can be earned in normal Live Shows and daily Live Shows. (Live Show events do not consume LP.)
  • Total Event Pts are calculated from the number of Wings collected and the bonus Event Pts collected when a Live Show event is successfully cleared. The Wings paid to play the Live Show event will not be deducted from the overall Event Pt total.
  • Live Show events can be found by touching the "B-Sides" button in the upper-right corner of the Live Show selection screen. (Special daily Live Shows can also be selected from here.)
  • If an event finishes while a player is playing a Live Show, they will not gain Event Pts, so please keep this in mind. (EXP, G and Club Members are still rewarded.)
  • Make sure you collect Token Wing!

About the RewardsEdit

  • There are three types of Rewards: "Event Achievement Rewards," "Event Ranking Rewards," and "Song Ranking Rewards."
  • "Event Achievement Rewards" are given during the duration of the event, immediately upon collecting a set total of Event Pts.
  • "Event Ranking Rewards" are given to the players who collected the highest total Event Pts, and are rewarded after the event is complete.
  • "Song Ranking Rewards" are given after the event is complete, to the players who achieved the highest scores on songs during the Live Show event.
  • "Event Ranking Rewards" and "Song Ranking Rewards" can be found in the Present box on the Home screen.
  • Honor Students and Regular Students given as Rewards can be Scouted through the Honor Student Scout and Regular Student Scout screens after the event is complete.

Event Point RewardsEdit

Total Event Pts Reward Qty
10 G 5000 G
50 Friend Pts 100 Pts
200 Love Gems 1 Unit
500 G 5000 G
1000 Love Gems 1 Unit
1500 Friend Pts 200 Pts
2000 N Isabella (#416) 1
3000 G 10000 G
4000 Love Gems 1 Unit
5000 G 15000 G
6000 R Alpaca (#83) 1
7000 Friend Pts 300 Pts
8000 R Kyoko Sasahara (#148) 1
9000 G 20000 G
10000 Friend Pts 400 Pts
11000 SR Umi Sonoda (#417) 1
12000 Friend Pts 500 Pts
13000 G 25000 G
14000 Friend Pts 500 Pts
15000 Love Gems 1 Unit
16000 G 30000 G
17000 Friend Pts 750 Pts
18000 Love Gems 1 Unit
19000 G 40000 G
20000 Friend Pts 750 Pts
21000 Love Gems 1 Unit
22000 G 50000 G
23000 Friend Pts 1000 Pts
24000 G 60000 G
25000 Love Gems 2 Units
27500 Friend Pts 1000 Pts
30000 Love Gems 2 Units
35000 Love Gems 3 Units

Event Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Reward Qty
1 - 900 SR Umi Sonoda (#417) 2
R Nanako Yamauchi (#147) 1
901 - 4500 SR Umi Sonoda (#417) 1
R Nanako Yamauchi (#147) 1
4501 - 9000 R Nanako Yamauchi (#147) 1
Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
9001 - 20000 Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
20001 - 37000 Love Gems 3 Unit
37001 - 59000 Love Gems 2 Unit
59001 - 90000 Love Gems 1 Unit

Event Song Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Reward Qty
1 - 900 N Isabella (#416) 1
Scouting Tickets 2 Ticket
901 - 4500 N Isabella (#416) 1
Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
4501 - 9000 N Isabella (#416) 1
Love Gems 3 Unit
9001 - 20000 N Isabella (#416) 1
Love Gems 2 Unit
20001 - 37000 N Isabella (#416) 1
Love Gems 1 Unit
37001 - 59000 N Isabella (#416) 1

Final ResultsEdit

Event RankingsEdit

Rank Event Points
1 456789
900 27967
4500 20607
9000 13706
20000 11134
37000 4436
59000 1158
90000 116

Event Song RankingsEdit

Rank Song Score
1 426312
900 329623
4500 309009
9000 297153
20000 270462
37000 227033
59000 127151

Event StoriesEdit

Story 1

Umi: (Did the doorbell just ring? Who could it be at this hour> Just when I was relaxing in my room, too).

Umi: Honoka?! It's really late, is something wrong?
Honoka: I ran away from home!
Umi: You ran away? I don't know what to say.
Honoka: Don't worry. I'll tell your mom I'm over to get help with my homework.
Umi: But it's after 8. There's really not any time left for that.
Honoka: *Sniffle* Don't worry about it. Anyways, I'm coming in!
Umi: (All I can do is watch Honoka waltz in like she owns the place. I can see her eyes are still a bit red.)
Umi: (Here we go again. *Sigh*)
Umi: (Honoka only lives a couple houses over. Now that I think about it, she hasn't done this running away from home act in a while.)

Story 2

Honoka: Umiiiii! I'm all done with the bath. That was just what I needed. Oh, thanks for letting me borrow your pajamas.

Umi: I didn't have much choice. Do you want to sleep in my room tonight?
Honoka: Yeah! Hehe, we haven't slept together in your bed in ages. Don't get me wrong, I love futons and all, but your bed is the best.
Honoka: It's also pretty fun to put together the sofa beds and sleep together too!
Umi: I see you have no intention of actually doing any homework.
Honoka: H-Huh? Err... Hehehe. It's too late now, right?
Umi: Dear me... Fine, hurry up and get in bed. I'm going to turn the lights out.
Honoka: Y-Yes ma'am. I forgot the Sonodas go to bed early because of lessons in the morning. Let's hurry and sleep!
Umi: Don't snuggle so close to me. It's too hot.

Story 3

Umi: (In an instant, darkness and silence envelop the room.)

Honoka: Hey Umi! You haven't asked my why I ran away.
Umi: Oh? No, I suppose I haven't.
Honoka: Waah, I ran away from home and you don't even care!
Umi: (*Giggle* that's not exactly true, but...)
Umi: Honoka, you've been doing this since we were kids. It's like, the moment I kill the lights, I switch on your mouth and you turn into a chatterbox.
Honoka: Huh? Wow, really? I never noticed.
Umi: Well, I'm listening now. Why'd you run away?
Honoka: Get a load of this. My dad is such a meanie!
Honoka: When we started μ's he was fine with it and said I could do whatever I wanted. But all of a sudden...
Honoka: He goes on and on about how if I'm going to spend all my time with μ's, he's going to pick Yukiho as the heiress of the Homura Bakery! Waaaaaah!

Story 4

Honoka: You understand me, don't you, Umi? I give my all to μ's to protect Otonoki, and I protect Otonoki to protect all of you.

Honoka: It's exactly the same thing as caring for the Homura Bakery, and even caring for the town itself.
Umi: (I sit there listening to Honoka as she sniffles and her tears well up a bit.)
Umi: (To be honest, I think I understand how her father feels.)
Umi: (I'll bet he's feeling a bit lonely.)
Umi: (Honoka truly is focused solely on μ's. She tries so hard, and gives it everything she has.)
Umi: (Before μ's, I imagine she was focused only on her family. A good girl. Vibrant and innocent - yet equally naive.)
Umi: (But because of μ's she's changing little by little.)
Umi: (That's probably making him jealous. Like his precious little girl has fallen in love and is slipping away.)
Umi: (For some reason, I completely understand.)
Umi: Honoka, remember how you'd run away from home like this all the time back in grade school?
Honoka: Huh? I did?


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