Kanan Matsuura
Kanaan Matsuura
Kanji 松浦果南
School Uranohoshi Girls' High School
Grade Third
Gender Female
Birthday February 10
Blood type Type O
Height 162 cm
Three sizes B W H
Hobbies Astronomy and swimming
Kanji 諏訪ななか
Romaji Nanaka Suwa
Kanan Matsuura is a third-year student of Uranohoshi High School.

Background Edit

Kanan's parents own a diving gear shop.

Personality Edit

Cards Edit

Rare Edit

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Kanan Matsuura (Rare #788)
Kanan788 Max Level: 60 Kanan788+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1560 PureIcon 3310 CoolIcon 1000
Appeal: Rhythmical Charm
There is a 36% chance that your Score will increase by 200 when you get a 17 Combo.
Center Skill: Pure Power
Pure pts. up by 3%

Kanan Matsuura (Rare #912)
Kanan912 Max Level: 60 Kanan912+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 3390 PureIcon 1380 CoolIcon 1110
Appeal: Total Trick
For every 20 Rhythm Icons, there's a 36% chance that the timing window will ease slightly for 2 secs.
Center Skill: Smile Power
Smile pts. up by 3%

Side Stories Edit

PureIconGreetings (Rare #788)

Kanan: I'm Kanan Matsuura. I'm a third-year who just joined Aqours, and I'm currently studying up on how to be a school idol.

Kanan: I'm not sure if you need any qualifications to be a school idol, but I really want to help Chika. She's one of my best friends!

Kanan: At any rate, it's pretty amazing that we're starting a school idol group in a tiny school like this. Chika definitely thinks big! MusicNote 

Kanan: If you'd asked me whether or not I think I'd look good in frilly clothes, I'd probably have hesistated. Ha, ha! But when I actually tried some on, they weren't half bad!

Kanan: I know I could be a lot cuter if I tried, so I'm gonna work hard. I'd rather try and fail than regret not trying at all. I'm gonna face the challenge head-on!

Kanan: Every day used to be the same back-and-forth trip from beachside to school, but once Aqours starts having shows, things are really gonna pick up!

Kanan: Oh, I almost forgot. My family runs a diving gear shop. Buy something, will ya!? Ha, ha! Just messing with you. But do come and hang out, okay? Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: Whaddaya say to a dive with me? I can loan you the gear. I wanna show the people that the world's as vast underwater as it is on the surface.

Kanan: Hee, hee. Could my life be anymore grand? I spend every day with my beloved sea and my dearest friends!

Kanan: I'll do whatever it takes to make Aqours a household name. Can't wait to see you again! MusicNote 

SmileIconNo Getting Nervous! (Rare #912)

Kanan: Aqours' live show is about to start. We're all counting on you to support us!

Kanan: Hmm? Hey, are you getting anxious too? Your face looks all stiff. QuestionMark

Kanan: If you keep talking about how nervous you are, it's only going to make things worse. Let's try to relax.

Kanan: Take a few deep breaths, and let's do a few stretches. Holy cow, you're really tight!

Kanan: You're not even going to be able to enjoy the show in this state... Oh, I know! Sweatdrop

Kanan: From now on, the word "nervous" is forbidden. Only think happy, exciting thoughts. The next person to say "nervous" has to treat the other to a snack.

Kanan: Okay, that's much better. You're a lot cuter when you smile! MusicNote

Kanan: Of course, I understand. No matter what I say, at some point you're going to be a little nervous-

Kanan: Oops! *Laughs* I said the forbidden word without even thinking about it. Exclaimationpoint

Kanan: Laughter is the best way to calm the nerves, though. I guess I owe you a treat after the show! We'll have a snack together, okay?


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