Koyuki Shirase
Kanji 白瀬小雪
Romaji Shirase Koyuki
School Touou Academy
Grade 1
Gender Female
Birthday February 23
Blood type B
Height 147 cm
Hobbies Ballet, Making mascots

Koyuki Shirase is a student at Touou Academy. She has a meek and modest personality. She is close friends with her childhood friend Ryou.


Koyuki Shirase (Normal #140)
140Koyuki Max Level: 40 140idolizedKoyuki
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 550 PureIcon 2070 CoolIcon 780
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Koyuki Shirase (Normal #310)
310Koyuki Max Level: 40 310idolizedKoyuki
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2160 PureIcon 800 CoolIcon 480
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Koyuki Shirase (Normal #748)
748Koyuki Max Level: 40 748idolizedKoyuki
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 500 PureIcon 760 CoolIcon 2220
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Koyuki Shirase (Normal #836)
836Koyuki Max Level: 40 836idolizedKoyuki
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 740 PureIcon 2260 CoolIcon 520
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

PureIconSelf-Introduction? (#140)

Koyuki: I'm Koyuki Shirase. Most people call me Yuki or Shirayuki, but I'm not such a cold of a person. [1]

Koyuki: I've been doing ballet forever, but I just started being a school idol with Ryo.
Koyuki: As a school idol, I've got a lot of different people cheering for me. It makes me nervous, and a bit excited.
Koyuki: It's a bit embarrassing, but I'm happy. I get so happy, that I want to do everything I possibly can.
Koyuki: Speaking of... Are you also a school idol? Cute.
Koyuki: That's right! I'm going to go look for Ryo now. Do you want to come with me?
Koyuki: Ryo looks amazing and dignified when she's on stage.
Koyuki: I wanted to ask her if she has some trick for not getting nervous, or making her voice louder. I think she could teach me a lot. Are you coming?

SmileIconTogether Soon (#310)

Koyuki: Alright, that should do it for preparations.

Koyuki: You came to watch, too? How do you like the costume? QuestionMark

Koyuki: I got a chance to appear on stage with Ryo.

Koyuki: I've been practicing every day for the last month, but everyone else has been practicing forever. l just don't want to throw them all off.

Koyuki: Sigh... I was really nervous just now, and seeing you helped. Thank you.

Koyuki: I miss you, Ryo!

Koyuki: We see each other all the time, but I think seeing each other on stage will be different. It'll definitely be more exciting.

Koyuki: But I'd better focus more on making the show go well, instead of missing her. Here goes! MusicNote

CoolIconKoyuki's Happiness (#748)

Koyuki: Fa-la-la-la-la... Our Christmas show is just around the corner!

Koyuki: We're having a big Christmas party afterwards. Be there or be square!

Koyuki: Hmm? Oh, you like my boot? QuestionMark

Koyuki: It's not part of my costume. It's actually a present for Ryo! MusicNote

Koyuki: Ryo looks really good in aqua-colored stuff, so I got her an aqua checkered scarf.

Koyuki: I hope she likes it. This year I'm Ryo's personal Santa.

Koyuki: Hee, hee. It's nice to have people you love, isn't it? HeartBubble

Koyuki: Okay, I've gotta go give Ryo her present. I hope you have a very merry Christmas, too!

PureIconWon't You Join Us? (#836)

Koyuki: Whew! That's it for today's practice.

Koyuki: Himeno, Fuu, and I were working on some new choreography today. We're trying to think of moves that combine cuteness with kindness.

Koyuki: Hmm? Ryo's not around. She's got drama club rehearsal today. QuestionMark

Koyuki: Hey, now... Ryo and I aren't joined at the hip. Why, I spent yesterday with Misaki. She taught me how to play pool.

Koyuki: Of course, whenever I talk with anyone, it seems like I never fail to bring Ryo up. MusicNote

Koyuki: I've thought about why that is, and I think I have an answer.

Koyuki: Ryo introduced me to a whole new world.

Koyuki: Ryo is very, very dear to me. She's like my angel. Tee-hee. See? I ended up talking about her again. Oh well. That's fine by me! HeartBubble

Translation noteEdit

  1. "Yuki" means "snow". "Shirayuki" means "white snow". The names come from taking the last kanji of her name and the first and last kanji of her name respectively.



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