Live Points or LP for short, is what you spend in the game to play songs.

Obtaining LP Edit

LP is generally obtained via passing time; 6 minutes will recover 1 LP (for quick calculations, if you need, just remember in 1 hour, 10 LP recovers.) Note: You will not recover LP by time if your bar is full or overflowed. Other ways of gaining LP are:

LP Reward
LP Reward
LP as a reward in a Challenge Festival.

Spending LP Edit

LP is spent to play songs that are not Token Event songs, which take tokens instead. To spend LP, you play a song, and it will drain it depending on it's LP requirement.

Easy Songs: 5 LP per song

Normal Songs: 10 LP per song

Hard Songs: 15 LP per song

Expert/Super Hard Songs: 25 LP per song

Master Songs: 25 LP per song

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