Mikoto Fukuhara
Kanji 福原命
Romaji Fukuhara Mikoto
School Shion Girls Academy
Grade First-year
Gender Female
Birthday November 5 (Scorpio)
Blood type A
Height 147cm
Three sizes B68/W52/H71
Hobbies Does not have the time for hobbies
Club Disciplinary committee

Mikoto Fukuhara is a student at Shion Girls Academy.


Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #89)
89Mikoto Max Level: 40 89idolizedMikoto
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2180 PureIcon 750 CoolIcon 1170
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #281)
281Mikoto Max Level: 40 281idolizedMikoto
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1240 PureIcon 2250 CoolIcon 650
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #630)
630Mikoto Max Level: 40 630idolizedMikoto
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 1220 PureIcon 670 CoolIcon 2290
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Mikoto Fukuhara (Normal #986)
986Mikoto Max Level: 40 986idolizedMikoto
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2330 PureIcon 1220 CoolIcon 670
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#89)

Mikoto: Hey you! Have you seen a couple of students acting suspicious? Exclaimationpoint

Mikoto: They're both wearing disciplinary committee armbands... Oh! I'm sorry, I haven't even introduced myself yet!

Mikoto: I'm Mikoto Fukuhara. I just started here, but I'm on the disciplinary committee.

Mikoto: Right now, I'm looking for the two black sheep of the disciplinary committee...

Mikoto: Those two... One just randomly hits people, the other hugs everyone... Seriously! They're the ones breaking the rules!

Mikoto: Have you seen them? If you find them, the disciplinary committee will give you this "Bottled Happiness 2014" as a toke of our gratitude.

Mikoto: If you see them, please let me know right away! Right away! I mean it!

PureIconUnacceptable! (#281)

Mikoto: Beep-beep! You there! Exclaimationpoint

Mikoto: Huh? I've met you before, right? QuestionMark

Mikoto: As part of my duties on the disciplinary committee, I'm giving information on traffic rules and manners.

Mikoto: That aside, the way you used that crosswalk was unacceptable. That angle... what did you think the white lines were for? Anger

Mikoto: Please cross in a straight line. And carry this flag as you do to be even more safe!

Mikoto: I'll lead, so follow me. This way, now!

Mikoto: Alright! Total compliance with traffic rules. Since you worked so hard, I have a present for you.

Mikoto: It's a "2014 Bottled Gratitude"! Don't ask what's in it. Please continue to follow traffic rules, and remember: safety first!

CoolIconA Bottle of Gratitude (#630)

Mikoto: This way, Mr. Pigeon!

Mikoto: Welcome, and thank you for attending the Magic Show! Today we're doing something different from our usual shows and putting on a spectacular magic performance! MusicNote

Mikoto: Huh? Oh, no, I'm just an assistant. Given how everybody in this club is so free-spirited, someone's gotta be the one to reel them in. Sweatdrop

Mikoto: Now Mr. Pigeon, Akira needs you for her next trick. Step out of your cage.

Mikoto: Ack! He flew away! Exclaimationpoint

Mikoto: Oh, no! We've gotta catch him before he gets out of the school building!

Mikoto: You'll give me a hand, won't you? I've got a bottle of "2016 Bottled Gratitude" as a reward.

Mikoto: You've got until Akira's show starts. Let's start with some bird calls! MusicNote

SmileIconNAME (#986)



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