Reine Saeki
Kanji 佐伯麗音
School Chitose Bridge High School
Grade Second-year
Gender Female
Birthday June 16th
Blood type A
Height 155cm
Three sizes B75 / W55 / H78
Hobbies Fashion

Reine Saeki is a student at Chitose Bridge High School.


Reine Saeki (Normal #13)
13Reine Max Level: 40 13idolizedReine
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1900 PureIcon 790 CoolIcon 500
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Reine Saeki (Normal #244)
244Reine Max Level: 40 244idolizedReine-
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 820 PureIcon 2000 CoolIcon 450
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Reine Saeki (Normal #596)
596Reine- Max Level: 40 596idolizedReine-
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 800 PureIcon 470 CoolIcon 2040
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Reine Saeki (Normal #800)
800Reine Max Level: 40 800idolizedReine
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 2080 PureIcon 490 CoolIcon 780
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

SmileIconSelf-Introduction (#13)

Reine: I'm Reine Saeki here! What's up! MusicNote

Reine: I'm really good at dancing, so I'm pretty confident in my abilities as a school idol.

Reine: What do you think? Pretty cool, huh? QuestionMark

Reine: ...Well, that was a terrible reaction. BlueLines

Reine: But it's all right! I'll change your mind. MusicNote

Reine: Until then, I'd appreciate your guidance when I practice, OK?

PureIconI Thought We're Close (#244)

Reine: I'm Reine, hehe! Remember me? MusicNote

Reine: What, you forgot? That's not very nice. I though we were close. Exclaimationpoint

Reine: Huh? You came to get Valentine's Day chocolate? QuestionMark

Reine: Oh, so you did remember me! Don't scare me like that. MusicNote

Reine: Anyway, you came all this way just to get chocolates from me, right?

Reine: Haha, you're very honest. That's actually pretty cute! MusicNote

Reine: I hope you can watch my performance, too. I'm doing a special Valentine's show today.

Reine: Watch first, then I'll reward you with chocolates. Okay? Then it's decided!! Cheer from the front row, okay? You've got to!

CoolIconCyberspace! (#596)

Reine: Yo, over here! I knew you'd come to see me perform!

Reine: Cyberspace is the theme this time.

Reine: You know what cyberspace is, right?

Reine: Fumie is alway like, "The era of cyberspace is upon us!" and stuff.

Reine: I don't get it myself, but I'm crazy psyched about our costumes this time.

Reine: They're not just cute, they're cool too.

Reine: The crowd wouldn't be as excited if we wore the same kind of costumes every time.

Reine: I hope I look cooler than usual. Thanks in advance for cheering for me!

SmileIconSchool Idol! (#800)

Reine: Brrr, it's so cold! I don't like the cold weather. What about you?

Reine: You're not fond of the cold either, huh? *Laughs* We're two frozen peas in a pod, then. Here, I'll share my pocket warmer with you.

Reine: It's all good! I have warmers, one in each pocket. MusicNote

Reine: Oh, but weather aside, this winter really hasn't felt all that cold to me. Exclaimationpoint

Reine: Maybe it's because I've caught fire as Reine, the school idol!

Reine: At first I was just hoping to be able to dance well, since dancing's my specialty. But now I find my self wanting to be an all-around school idol.

Reine: Like how I really want to share the whole experience with the audience. You think they can tell how I feel?

Reine: Oh, you're gonna come see our show after school, right? I'll be waiting for you, so make sure you're first in line! HeartBubble



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