Sachiko Tanaka
Kanji 田中さち子
School Seiran High School
Grade First
Gender Female
Birthday September 3
Blood type Type AB
Height 156cm
Three sizes B83 / W59 / H82
Hobbies Visiting abandoned buildings

Sachiko Tanaka is a student at Seiran High School.


Sachiko Tanaka (Normal #21)
21Sachiko Max Level: 40 21idolizedSachiko
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 820 PureIcon 580 CoolIcon 2220
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Sachiko Tanaka (Normal #398)
398Sachiko Max Level: 40 398idolizedSachiko
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 490 PureIcon 2300 CoolIcon 870
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Sachiko Tanaka (Normal #568)
568Sachiko Max Level: 40 568idolizedSachiko
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2340 PureIcon 510 CoolIcon 850
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Sachiko Tanaka (Normal #893)
893Sachiko Max Level: 40 893idolizedSachiko
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 570 PureIcon 790 CoolIcon 2380
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Sachiko Tanaka (Normal #1173)
Sachiko1173 Max Level: 40 Sachiko1173+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 790 PureIcon 2420 CoolIcon 570
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Side StoriesEdit

CoolIconSelf-Introduction (#21)

Sachiko: I am the Wizard of the Abyss... My true name will not will not be revealed for reasons unknown.

Sachiko: Is that so? You have also realized the truth about this world?

Sachiko: Very well... I have fallen from the sky, and require a vessel... May I test you for compatibility?

Sachiko: Heheheh... Now kneel before me and writhe!

PureIconThe Time Has Come (#398)

Sachiko: The time has come to release the seal on the forbidden power...

Sachiko: Is thou prepared to stand in the center of the spell glyph?

Sachiko: Oh, no, wait! Exclaimationpoint

Sachiko: Will we be able to control this power shouldst we release it?!

Sachiko: Nay, it's not a question of can it be done or not, but a matter of believing we can. That's the key. *Chuckle* How couldst I have been so careless...

Sachiko: I shall accompany thee. I simply cannot in good conscience allow thee to travel alone.

Sachiko: Hmm? Sachiko? Such a name is unfamiliar to me. QuestionMark

Sachiko: Hast thou forgotten? Verily, my name is... The Wizard of the Abyss. Together we shall create a new legend! MusicNote

SmileIconYour Seat Is This Way (#568)

Sachiko: Welcome!

Sachiko: Let me show you to your seat... Oh!

Sachiko: Wh-what are YOU doing here!?

Sachiko: N-no!!! That's not right! Aya asked me to help out at the maid cafe, that's all!

Sachiko: So this is my secret identity. My real identity is... Do-don't look at me any more!!!

Sachiko: ...Sorry I got so worked up just now.

Sachiko: I'll give you this to make up for it. Place this skull in a magic circle and chant the spell. The skull may be a carved apple, but the results will be excellent.

Sachiko: And you know what happened just now is a secret, right?

CoolIconSchool Idol Obsession (#893)

Sachiko: Leg of spider and thistle's thorn, boiled in dew of full moon's morn... Hmm. I can't find a spider's leg, so maybe this string will do instead.

Sachiko: Meheheh! Approach, the one who seeks my power! Exclaimationpoint

Sachiko: If this magic is complete, the world will be transformed.

Sachiko: Yes, this is the School Idol Obsession Potion! MusicNote

Sachiko: Muhahaha! Our group's domination of the world is inevitable. This is destiny!

Sachiko: I can't guarantee how this concoction will taste... but I'm going to drink it anyway. *Gulp*

Sachiko: *Cough* *Hack* ...Well, I guess this will have to do. BlueLines

Sachiko: Heheheh! Everyone will tremble in fear at our sudden rise to fame! I can't wait to see the results of my magic!  

PureIconSachiko's Leg Cramp (#1173)

Sachiko: Well, this is totally wrong! It's not what I expected at all!

Sachiko: I mean, you saw it, right? My potion to make everyone obsess over school idols went off without a hitch!

Sachiko: Where our fame would sky rocket until it becomes a massive explosion! You know what I'm talking about, it will be an absolute phenomenon.

Sachiko: The ritual went just as planned, yet I don't feel any effects...

Sachiko: My leg did cramp up when I was practicing. Maybe that was a sign I was almost consumed by the underworld.

Sachiko: Huh? You are asking me if I stretched properly?

Sachiko: Now that you mention it...

Sachiko: Would you mind helping me stretch a little? Thanks muchly.


Home ScreenEdit

  • 夜明けか……漆黒を好む我が身には少し辛いな
    Daybreak, huh... It's a bit tough on my body, which prefers the darkness.(Cool)
  • この右腕の封印だけは……解くわけにはいかないんだ
    Under no circumstances... can I undo the seal on my right arm.. (Cool)
  • 我に声を掛けたこと……後悔はさせん
    You won't regret... talking to me. (Cool)

When TappedEdit

  • 私に触れると……ただでは済まんぞ
    I hope you know... the consequences of touching me..
  • きゃっ!?…コホン、何かあったのか
    Kyaa!? ...Ahem, I mean, did something happen?



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