Sakuya Kurobane
Kanji 黒羽咲夜
School Shion Girls Academy
Grade Third Year
Gender Female
Birthday September 9
Blood type AB
Height 160cm
Three sizes B84 / W58 / H83
Hobbies Reviewing foreign media

Sakuya Kurobane is a student at Shion Girls Academy. She is the sister of Sakura Kurobane.


Sakuya Kurobane (Normal #135)
Sakuya135 Max Level: 40 Sakuya135+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 680 PureIcon 1720 CoolIcon 440
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Sakuya Kurobane (Normal #348)
Sakuya348 Max Level: 40 Sakuya348+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2200 PureIcon 980 CoolIcon 510
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during the Just Between Us event.

Sakuya Kurobane (Normal #745)
Sakuya745 Max Level: 40 Sakuya745+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 540 PureIcon 950 CoolIcon 2240
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Medley Festival Round 7.

Sakuya Kurobane (Normal #1145)
Sakuya1145 Max Level: 40 Sakuya1145+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 540 PureIcon 2280 CoolIcon 950
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 27.

Sakuya Kurobane (Normal #1263)
Sakuya1263 Max Level: 40 Sakuya1263+
StaminaIcon 2 SmileIcon 2320 PureIcon 540 CoolIcon 950
Appeal: none
Center Skill: none

Initially awarded as a prize during Score Match Round 30.

Side Stories

PureIconSelf-Introduction? (#135)

Sakuya: Who are you? Are you with the Agency?

Sakuya: Oh, no? ...That's OK, then. I'm Sakuya Kurobane, I'm a third-year.

Sakuya: So you've noticed it too... Yeah, the wind seems to have changed. I fear it's a sign that the world is has begun to change, too.

Sakuya: Come with me. We'll watch the world be reborn together.

Sakuya: Wh-what'd you say? You want me to be a school idol!?

Sakuya: Hmm... Hmmmm... It wouldn't be too bad to expose corruption while being as a school idol, right?

Sakuya: Destroying their secret plans one by one while looking disarmingly cute... Not a bad idea. Not bad at all!

Sakuya: Well, if it's decided, then we better get to it. Hurry up, you!

SmileIconPracticing for What? (#348)

Sakuya: Ahhh... choo!!

Sakuya: Sigh... And it's cold! Why does it have to rain now? Oh no. Does this mean The Agency and its goons have developed rain-inducing technology?

Sakuya: Eek!? Y-You there, when did you sneak up behind me? Exclaimationpoint

Sakuya: And you're not wet from the rain? They have technology for avoiding rain, too!?

Sakuya: Huh? An umbrella? Oh, right. Now that you mentioned it, I borrowed one from Sakura. Such a handy tool.

Sakuya: I'm about to make contact with The Agency. Come with me. We'll confuse them by performing as school idols.

Sakuya: Let's practice before the real thing. First, turn like this, and brush your hair back with your hand. You there! Keep your fingers tense.

Sakuya: Then raise the edges of your lips and say, "Your scheme ends here! We'll protect our country ourselves!" Like that. Good, keep practicing!

CoolIconI Walk My Own Path (#745)

Sakuya: It's almost showtime... Argh, I've got some major butterflies.

Sakuya: Wh-What're you doing here?! Exclaimationpoint

Sakuya: Did you come to encourage me? No, never mind! I'm not sitting around here wrestling with stage fright. Don't make me laugh!

Sakuya: I deal with goons from the Agency on a daily basis. As if a little performance would give me butterflies!

Sakuya: Plus, we're doing a vampire-themed show this time. It's the perfect fit for someone like me, who constantly operates in the shadows. MusicNote

Sakuya: Anyway, I need to get going. Thanks all the same, but I don't need your encouragement. I'll walk my path, and you walk yours.

Sakuya: Hmm? I have to wait for my cue inside this casket?! QuestionMark

Sakuya: No! No way! Forget it! I'm scared of the dark! Save me, Sakura!



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