Scouting is a game mechanic used as one of the primary ways to get more club member cards.

Cards Edit

When you scout there are five different kinds of cards you can get:

  • Normal (N): cards that do not contain any of the µ's or Aquors girls. Require 25 points to bond not idolized and 50 idolized
  • Rare (R): cards that generally contain the main girls and have decent skills. Require 100 points to bond not idolized and 200 idolized.
  • Super Rare (SR): cards that have the main girls on them and have good skills. Require 250 points to bond not idolized and 500 idolized.
  • Super Super Rare (SSR): cards that have the main girls on them and have really good skills. Require 375 points to bond not idolized and 750 idolized.
  • Ultra Rare (UR): cards that have the main girls on them and have really good skills. Require 500 points to bond not idolized and 1000 idolized.

The better the cards you have your score will increase while playing a song. A team with all normals is likely to get a lesser score than a team with all Ultra Rares because the higher the rarity of a card, the higher the attribute points and the better abilities.

Attributes of cards Edit

When you scout cards there are three categories: pure, smile and cool.

PureIconPure is green

SmileIconSmile is pink

CoolIconCool is blue

Many people put cards with matching colors on teams (Pure, cool, smile) in order to increase a certain attribute. A pure team would be used for pure song, a smile team would be used for smile songs etc.

Types of scouting Edit

There are also four different types of scouting. Honor Scouting, Regular Scouting, Limited Scouting, and Coupon Scouting.

Regular Scouting is free once a day but requires Friend Points to scout again that day. You can scout once for 100 friend points or scout multiple times up to 1000 friend points. This scouting more often than not gives you normal cards, occasionally giving a rare card. 

Honor Scouting requires Love Gems or Scouting Tickets. You always get Rare or above cards from this scouting process. You can scout ones for 5 gems or eleven times for 50 gems, increasing your chance of getting higher rarity cards. A scouting ticket gets you one card. 

Limited Scouting is only around for a period of time, having only certain cards in the pool. Some examples of limited scouting pools is 3rd year scouting, allowing you to get only Eli, Nozomi, or Nico card; or pure scouting, allowing you only to get cards that have a pure attribute. 

Coupon Scouting can get you practice members or SR's and UR's. You need 5 Scouting Coupons to scout for SRs and URs which can be obtained from filling out the Honor Student Bonus bar, or once every 20 ranks. Alternatively, you may spend 1 scouting coupon for practice members that raise not only levels of cards by experience, but also skill, regardless of the card's skill level. Chances of getting a UR is 10%, SR is 30% and R is 60%.