Round 2 of the Limited Scouting containing only the µ's members that are third year students will be available from 12:00 am on Friday, December 26 to 7:59 am on Wednesday, December 31 (UTC).

For more details on which members appear, please check the Details found in the Third-Year Student Scouting page.

We hope you continue to enjoy School idol festival.

December 26, 2014

Scouting Honor StudentsEdit

Rates by RarityEdit

  • UR 1%
  • SR 9%
  • R 90%


  • Rates are rounded to the nearest third decimal place, so there are cases when the total is not a perfect 100%.
  • A player may Scout the same Member more than once.
  • Characters previously distributed in events have low appearance rates.
  • (Distributed Characters have a blue color)

Scoutable Characters (36 total)Edit

UR (7 total)
Name Attribute
«Little Demon Girl» Nico Yazawa Smile
«Summer Glances» Nico Yazawa Pure
«Fruit of Summer» Nozomi Tojo Smile
«Your Heart is Mine» Eli Ayase Cool
«Partner of Destiny» Nozomi Tojo Pure
«A Present for You» Eli Ayase Pure
«Your Special Santa» Nozomi Tojo Cool
SR (20 total)
Name Attribute
«Spiritual Power» Nozomi Tojo Pure
«With a Smile» Nico Yazawa Smile
«Wonderful» Eli Ayase Cool
«Destiny Card» Nozomi Tojo Pure
«Bewitching Mermaid» Eli Ayase Smile
«Nico is Popular» Nico Yazawa Smile
«Eli's Confessional» Eli Ayase Cool
«Feigning Sheep» Nozomi Tojo Pure
«Festival Girl» Nozomi Tojo Cool
«Sun Shower» Eli Ayase Cool
«Apple Candy and You» Eli Ayase Pure
«Great Summer Break» Nico Yazawa Cool
«A Job Well Done» Eli Ayase Smile
«Victory Player» Nozomi Tojo Smile
«Hug Attack» Nozomi Tojo Cool
«Smile Support» Nico Yazawa Cool
«I'll Teach You» Nico Yazawa Smile
«Full Course of Luck» Nozomi Tojo Cool
«Autumn With Books» Eli Ayase Smile
«Good Girl Christmas» Nico Yazawa Pure
R (9 total)
Name Attribute
Eli Ayase Smile
Nozomi Tojo Smile
Nico Yazawa Smile
Eli Ayase Pure
Nozomi Tojo Pure
Nico Yazawa Pure
Eli Ayase Cool
Nozomi Tojo Cool
Nico Yazawa Cool

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