A special "Printemps" members only scouting will be available from 0:00 am on Saturday, January 10 to 11:59 pm on Monday, January 12 (UTC).

For more details on which members appear, please check the Details found on the scouting page.

We hope you continue to enjoy School Idol Festival.

January 10, 2015

Scouting Honor StudentsEdit

Rates by RarityEdit

  • UR 1%
  • SR 9%
  • R 90%


  • Rates are rounded to the nearest third decimal place, so there are cases when the total is not a perfect 100%.
  • A player may Scout the same Member more than once.
  • Characters previously distributed in events have low appearance rates.
  • (Distributed Characters have a blue color)

Scoutable Characters (120 total)Edit

UR (6 total)
Name Attribute
«Love for an Idol» Hanayo Koizumi Pure
«Stage of Smiles» Honoka Kosaka Smile
«An Angel's Voice» Kotori Minami Pure
«Cool Evening Breeze» Kotori Minami Cool
«Cheering You On» Honoka Kosaka Pure
«Happy Servings» Hanayo Koizumi Cool
SR (25 total)
Name Attribute
«Full Smile!» Honoka Kosaka Smile
«Goddess of Healing» Kotori Minami Pure
«It's Piping Hot Rice» Hanayo Koizumi Pure
«Heart of Fire» Honoka Kosaka Smile
«Here You Go!» Hanayo Koizumi Pure
«Sheep's Feelings» Kotori Minami Pure
«Sun on the Seashore» Honoka Kosaka Cool
«Lovely Marine Girl» Kotori Minami Smile
«Queen of the Shore» Hanayo Koizumi Cool
«I'm Gonna Eat It!» Honoka Kosaka Smile
«Everyone's Festival» Honoka Kosaka Pure
«Night Stall-Hopping» Hanayo Koizumi Smile
«Strange Sympathy» Hanayo Koizumi Pure
«Wonderful Candy» Kotori Minami Pure
«Full Hearted Support» Hanayo Koizumi Cool
«Angel's Whistle» Kotori Minami Smile
«Blissful Snacks» Honoka Kosaka Cool
«Open Wide!» Kotori Minami Smile
«Angel? Nurse?» Kotori Minami Cool
«Gandle Night» Honoka Kosaka Pure
«White Christmas» Kotori Minami Cool
«My Christmas Treat» Hanayo Koizumi Smile
«Homura's Star» Honoka Kosaka Pure
«New Year's Dream» Kotori Minami Pure
«Elven Ties» Hanayo Koizumi Cool
R (9 total)
Name Attribute
Honoka Kosaka Smile
Kotori Minami Smile
Hanayo Koizumi Smile
Honoka Kosaka Pure
Kotori Minami Pure
Hanayo Koizumi Pure
Honoka Kosaka Cool
Kotori Minami Cool
Hanayo Koizumi Cool

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