Part 1Edit

Characters:Honoka Kosaka,Umi Sonoda,Kotori Minami, & Maki Nishikino

Honoka: Hey there, Maki!

Maki: Hey, what's up?

Kotori: Guess what, Maki! We found someone to help us out!

Maki: That's great! I'm Maki Nishikino, a first-year student. Nice to meet you!

Honoka: Maki always gives off this cool and mature vibe. But she's really nice!

Maki: I-I'm not really...

Anyway, what are you helping with?

Umi: We thought we'd ask for help with Practices and Live Shows.

Kotori: Is there anything else you'd like to ask for help with, Maki?

Maki: Let me see, since you're helping... I think we should decide on our Goals together as a group.

Honoka: Goals?

Maki: That's right. We can set our own Goals as high as we want!

But if we set the Goals too high, then we'll just end up getting worn out, right?

So we need to set Goals that are just above our level, so we can take things one step at a time.

Umi: That's right... No matter what you're trying to improve, it's important to set your Goals effectively.

Honoka: I kinda get it... But I kinda don't...

Maki: Don't think about it too hard.

Goals will come naturally. Think of it like this.

Once you've completed a Goal, a new path will open up.

Honoka: I see. That's the main point!

Kotori: We're going to keep looking for other members of μ's. What are you going to do, Maki?

Maki: Is that so? Well, I'll come with you then.

Hanayo was here just a minute ago... But I don't see her right now.

Umi: I wonder where she went...

Maki: How about Rin? I think she's near the school gates. Wanna head over there?

Honoka: Oh!

Part 2Edit

Characters : Rin Hoshizora, Honoka Kousaka, Maki Nashikino, Kotori Minami, & Umi Sonoda

Rin: Would you like to join the Idol club?

Honoka: What are you doing Rin?

Rin: Hey Honoka! I'm scouting new members!

These days, you have to diversify your assets

In other words, our Idol club needs to discover new talent.

Maki: That's surprisingly logical, coming from Rin.

Honoka: That's right! New talent!

Kotori: We found someone to help us with our idol activities.

Rin: Oh! I'm Rin Hoshizora, a first-year student. You can call me Rin.

Are you going to be a school idol with us?

Maki: They're not a school idol. They're just helping us with our idol activities.

Umi: ...Yeah, we really need help in that area.

I mean, there is a possibility that you could be a school idol, too.

Kotori: Umi...

Rin: If you're going to be helping us out, then you could also help us Scout.

Kotori: When you're Scouting, you'll be able to make a bunch of new friends.

Honoka: Yeah! That's really important, too. All right, let's do this!

Part 3Edit

Characters: Honoka Kousaka, Umi Sonoda, Rin Hoshizora, Kotori Minami, Maki Nishikino, & Hanayo Koizumi

Honoka: I see! This way, we can Scout all kinds of people!

I wonder if we'll meet someone who's really good at singing and dancing, and who will do my homework for me everyday?

Umi: Not a chance.

RIn: What kinds of people we'll meet... I can't even imagine.

Honoka: I wonder if there's some kind of trick to Scouting?

Rin: That's right... Maybe if we shouted like this...


If we do that, then maybe someone good will come!



Umi: Let's leave them be.

Maki: I agree.

Kotori: Ha ha ha...

Hanayo: Haaa... Haaa... Finally... Caught... Up...

Maki: Oh! Are you okay, Hanayo?

Rin: A-are you all right?

Hanayo: I saw you just now... So I ran to catch up...

Honoka: Sorry, Hanayo! We didn't notice...

Hanayo: It's fine... More importantly! Um... You're here... to help us out, right?

I'm Hanayo Koizumi, and I'm a first-year student!

Kotori: Hanayo knows an awful lot abou school idols.

Honoka: Hanayo, is there anything you'd like help with?

Hanayo: Th-There is!

With school idols, the Team you've put together for the song is essential.

What kind of group would be best? I think you have to look at it from the outside an think of all the variables.

Umi: That's right. It might be easier to create a group if you look at it from the outsider's perspective.

Hanayo: I'm sorry for asking you to do something so complicated, all of a sudden...

Honoka: But I'm sure you'll be fine!

Umi: Well, now you've met all the first-year members.

Honoka: Yeah! Let's go look for the third-year students now!

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