Characters: Honoka Kosaka, Umi Sonoda & Kotori Minami
Unlock condition: Pre-unlocked from start

Part 1Edit

Honoka: Nice to meet you! My name's Honoka Kosaka. I'm a second-year student at Otonokizaka High.
I'm a school idol and a member of the group μ's (Muse). I'm training to become a school idol right now!
Being a school idol can be pretty tough, so there's something I'd like you to help me with...
Actually, my friend Eli should probably be here for this. Who's Eli, you ask?
Umi: Honoka, explain the situation from the beginning.
Honoka: Hey look, Umi's here!
Umi: Nice to meet you! I'm Umi Sonoda.
I'm sorry to call you out here on such a short notice.
Honoka: Umi's also a member of μ's. She's my childhood friend.
We're waiting for one more member...
Kotori: Hi Honoka!
Honoka: Oh, over here Kotori! Kotori's also a childhood friend, and a member of μ's.
Kotori: I'm Kotori Minami. Nice to meet you!
Honoka: It hasn't really been all that long since we started μ's together.
Lately we've become pretty popular. It's pretty shocking!
Kotori: You're really that surprised, Honoka?
Honoka: Hahaha... But the result has been that we've become a bit more active.
Umi: And it's good that μ's has become a bit more active as a result, but...
Kotori: It means that we've gotten really busy...
Honoka: Yeah. Kotori's even making our costumes...
Kotori: So we're looking for supporting members.
If it's alright, it would be great if you could lend us a hand.
Umi: That said, I don't think it's going to be all that difficult. It'll be OK.
We'll mainly be asking you to take over the Live Shows and Practices.
And we'd be happy if you gave us directions and such during the Live Shows.
Honoka: That might be tough to do at first, though...
Umi: But once you learn, you'll get the hang of it.
Honoka: All right. How about we start off with a Live Show!
Kotori: Ha ha ha...

Part 2Edit

Honoka: All right, thanks to you. I think we can do even better than usual.
Umi: I knew we were right to call on you.
Kotori: Even if it feels like we kind of dragged you into this...
Honoka: But hey, you can't sweat the small stuff!
Kotori: I don't know if that counts as "little"...
Umi: I'm sure we're not forcing you into anything, right?
Next, we want you to take over the Practices... Can you do that?
Honoka: Great Live Shows just wouldn't exist without Practice, right? Please!
Kotori: We'd be really happy if you could lend us a hand.
Honoka: You'll really agree to do it? Awesome!
Umi: Looking forward to working with you.
Kotori: Oh... That's great... Thank you.
Umi: We keep Practicing in order to get better.
Kotori: Who we're Partnered with for Practice is very important.
Honoka: All right, let's try it out!

Part 3Edit

Honoka: I really feel like we've improved!
Umi: Practice is really wonderful.
Kotori: I'm sorry we asked you to do this so suddenly.
But I'm really happy that you're helping us like this.
Honoka: That's right! I still have to introduce the other members!
Kotori: There are nine members in μ's.
The three of us are second-years, then there's the three first-years and the three third-years, for a total of nine.
Umi: But now that you mention it, nobody else is here right now.
Honoka: You're right... I wonder where they went?
Umi: First things first, we should go look for everyone.

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