The µ's Swimsuit Contest
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Start Tue, 21 Jul 2015 09:00:00 +0000
End Fri, 31 Jul 2015 08:00:00 +0000
B-Side Song Blueberry ♡ Train
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2 (Easy)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3 (Normal)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3SongStar3 (Hard)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3SongStar3SongStar3SongStar4 (Expert)
Token Token Flower Flower
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The µ's Swimsuit Contest EventSplash

The µ's Swimsuit Contest was a Live Show Event in the School Idol Diary series.

Event RulesEdit

Token Flower

A Flower, the token for this event.

  • A Live Show Event where you use Flowers, gained from normal Live Shows and daily Live Shows, to play in a special event Live Show and collect Event Pts to earn various Rewards.
  • Collect lots of Event Pts in a Live Show event.
  • Live Show events cost Flowers to play. These can be earned in normal Live Shows and daily Live Shows. (Live Show events do not consume LP.)
  • Total Event Pts are calculated from the number of Flowers collected and the bonus Event Pts collected when a Live Show event is successfully cleared. The Flowers paid to play the Live Show event will not be deducted from the overall Event Pt total.
  • Live Show events can be found by touching the "B-Sides" button in the upper-right corner of the Live Show selection screen. (Special daily Live Shows can also be selected from here.)
  • If an event finishes while a player is playing a Live Show, they will not gain Event Pts, so please keep this in mind. (EXP, G and Club Members are still rewarded.)
  • Make sure you collect Token Flower!

About the RewardsEdit

  • There are three types of Rewards: "Event Achievement Rewards," "Event Ranking Rewards," and "Song Ranking Rewards."
  • "Event Achievement Rewards" are given during the duration of the event, immediately upon collecting a set total of Event Pts.
  • "Event Ranking Rewards" are given to the players who collected the highest total Event Pts, and are rewarded after the event is complete.
  • "Song Ranking Rewards" are given after the event is complete, to the players who achieved the highest scores on songs during the Live Show event.
  • "Event Ranking Rewards" and "Song Ranking Rewards" can be found in the Present box on the Home screen.
  • Honor Students and Regular Students given as Rewards can be Scouted through the Honor Student Scout and Regular Student Scout screens after the event is complete.

Event Point RewardsEdit

Total Event Pts Reward Qty
10 G 5000 G
50 Friend Pts 100 Pts
200 Love Gems 1 Unit
500 G 5000 G
1000 Love Gems 1 Unit
1500 Friend Pts 200 Pts
2000 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1
3000 G 10000 G
4000 Love Gems 1 Unit
5000 G 15000 G
6000 R Alpaca (#83) 1
7000 Friend Pts 300 Pts
8000 R Nanako Yamauchi (#147) 1
9000 G 20000 G
10000 Friend Pts 400 Pts
11000 SR Kotori Minami (#369) 1
12000 Friend Pts 500 Pts
13000 G 25000 G
14000 Friend Pts 500 Pts
15000 Love Gems 1 Unit
16000 G 30000 G
17000 Friend Pts 750 Pts
18000 Love Gems 1 Unit
19000 G 40000 G
20000 Friend Pts 750 Pts
21000 Love Gems 1 Unit
22000 G 50000 G
23000 Friend Pts 1000 Pts
24000 G 60000 G
25000 Love Gems 2 Units
27500 Friend Pts 1000 Pts
30000 Love Gems 2 Units
35000 Love Gems 3 Units

Event Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Reward Qty
1 - 900 SR Kotori Minami (#369) 2
R Kyoko Sasahara (#148) 1
901 - 4500 SR Kotori Minami (#369) 1
R Kyoko Sasahara (#148) 1
4501 - 9000 R Kyoko Sasahara (#148) 1
Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
9001 - 20000 Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
20001 - 37000 Love Gems 3 Unit
37001 - 59000 Love Gems 2 Unit
59001 - 90000 Love Gems 1 Unit

Event Song Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Reward Qty
1 - 900 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1
Scouting Tickets 2 Ticket
901 - 4500 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1
Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
4501 - 9000 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1
Love Gems 3 Unit
9001 - 20000 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1
Love Gems 2 Unit
20001 - 37000 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1
Love Gems 1 Unit
37001 - 59000 N Yuu Aizawa (#368) 1

Final ResultsEdit

Event RankingsEdit

Rank Event Points
1 430000
900 32579
4500 25033
9000 16195
20000 11818
37000 6597
59000 2142
90000 327

Event Song RankingsEdit

Rank Song Score
1 344939
900 261076
4500 245003
9000 235422
20000 213653
37000 179577
59000 119569

Event StoriesEdit

Story 1

Kotori: (Summer vacation's coming to an end. It's the first long break we've had since μ's began. We spent the whole summer practicing like crazy.)

Kotori: (Every time we meet we remind ourselves it was to make the summer live show a success.)
Kotori: (Any time we all have a spare moment, weekday or weekend, we get together.)
Kotori: (We work on choreography, brainstorm ideas for the staging, and put together costumes or little things. It's been a huuuuge group effort!)
Kotori: (It makes me want to give everyone a reward for all their tireless efforts.)
Kotori: (Maybe I could sew a little matching handmade mascot dolls for everyone. Or throw a party and bake cakes and cookies?)
Kotori: (All sorts of ideas float around in my head as I make my way to this morning's practice session.)
Kotori: (Hmm? Hey, what's that poster on the bulletin board over there? Let's see... A swimsuit contest at the summer festival?)

Story 2

Kotori: (Oh, it's a notice for the stage event that the shopping mall holds during the summer festival.)

Kotori: (So it's a swimsuit contest this year, huh? *Giggle*)
Kotori: ("You, too, can be the heroine of the summer!" Gosh, that sounds like an old-fashioned idol talking!)
Kotori: (And yet, as I'm laughing in my head, I keep staring at the poster. And suddenly I find myself thinking that this is really awesome!)
Kotori: (They have nice prizes like big-screen TVs and day trips. Third place is a shopping voucher worth 500 bucks.)
Kotori: (Wow, if we had 500 dollars...)
Kotori: (Us blowing our budget on the summer show would no longer be an issue. I could buy whatever fabric I want and do twice the gatherings on the skirts!)
Kotori: (I could even get the expensive stretch lace that I'd give up on and do a bi-color satin lining.)
Kotori: (My head is swimming with images and my heart is pounding with excitement! All kinds of thoughts rush at me! I have to tell everyone else about this!)

Story 3

Kotori: So Maki, didn't you tell me the other day that the μ's budget is really tight? Were you serious?

Maki: Dead serious. We have to be frugal since μ's doesn't get any money from the school. We're funded by our own allowances. To be blunt, we're always broke!
Maki: Basically, we're dirt poor. In fact, our upcoming summer show has totally bankrupted us!
Kotori: I was afraid of that. What does that mean for the next live event after this one?
Maki: I guess we'll just have to abstain for a little. You know, until we can all pitch in enough to hold another show.
Kotori: Fair enough, but what about when people get hungry from practicing? Little expenses like that add up. It's still going to be tough.
Maki: True... But to do a live show we need equipment and posters and whatnot. It all costs money. We'll have to find things we can do for free, I guess.
Kotori: That'd be such a shame with the way everyone works so hard.
Maki: Kotori, remember what I told you last time, when you wanted to make higher quality costumes? Don't even think about paying for everything yourself.
Kotori: Oh, I know. Eli's told me that this is still a school activity and that I'm forbidden from shouldering the costs alone.
Maki: You're darn right you're forbidden! You already treat us to the most drinks and snacks, you handle cleanup, you repair and store the costumes...
Maki: And you do it in silence without a single complaint. I don't think it's right.
Kotori: I, umm... But there are so many other things I can't do that you and Eli do without breaking a sweat.
Kotori: Plus I don't have to help with any family business like Honoka or Umi. I feel like it's the least I can do.
Maki: I know, and that's one of my favorite qualities of yours. But remember, we're a group of nine, so don't do it all by yourself.
Kotori: Hmm... Oh right, right! Maki, the reason I even brought this up is because I wanted your opinion.

Story 4

Eli: A swimsuit contest? It'll take some work, but 500 dollars would be huge for us.

Honoka: And we could use the summer festival as free advertising for μ's!
Eli: Yes. And I certainly like the idea of letting Kotori really flex her creative muscles without having to worry about fiscal constraints.
Maki:So that means we're going to do it?
Kotori: Oh, I j-just wanted to help the group! I-It's not like this being my hobby and all had anything to do with it, you know?
Eli: *Giggle* All I have to do is watch you for a minute to see how passionate you are. Like the time you argued with Umi for over 2 centimeters' worth of skirt.
Umi: I'm kinda afraid to see what Kotori would do if she were totally unconstrained. I can already picture how short the skirts would be.
Nico: Yes! Yes yes yes! I'm in! I'll be the first to volunteer to enter!
Nozomi: Hmm, can we really win with you though? Your appeal is a bit too, err... niche?
Nico: It-it is not! Nozomi, someone as busty as you would be too intimidating. Right, Eli?
Eli: Was that a veiled shot at me as well?
Nico: I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to suggest...
Maki: Well I'M certainly not entering!
Umi: Me neither.
Hanayo: I definitely can't pull off a bikini. I've got the body of a little girl.
Nozomi: That leaves Honoka, Rin, and Kotori.
Maki: Which basically answers the question for us.
Eli: Right.

Story 5

Nico: I told you. Didn't I tell you? Entering Kotori was a strategic blunder. If I'd been the μ's representative, things never would've turned out like this.

Kotori: I'm so sorry, everyone. This is all my fault.
Maki: You've got nothing to apologize for, Kotori.
Honoka: For goodness sake, Kotori, regardless of anything else you came in first place! That's just incredible!
Umi: Swimsuit contests aren't exactly easy to win. You should be proud of yourself, Kotori.
Rin: Yeah! You were totally the cutest girl on stage. Plus I'm psyched about the grand prize, even if it's not exactly what I expected.
Nico: Not as psyched as Hanayo. She hasn't let go of the brand-new electric rice cooker grand prize!
Hanayo: Yes. It really is the best! I can use this every single day to cook the most delicious rice you can imagine!
Maki: Who knew the grand prize was a rice cooker? I guess it makes sense though. Some of the top-end models go for over 1,000 dollars nowadays.
Rin: I don't wanna eat rice balls every day. Let's at least have ramen once in a while!
Kotori: Oh, Rin!
Kotori: (Everyone had a good laugh over Rin's moaning as the day of the swimsuit contest came to an end.)
Kotori: (It certainly wasn't a normal day for μ's, but at the same time it didn't feel the least bit out of the ordinary.)
Kotori: (Summer vacation will end soon, and the season for Hanayo's extra yummy white rice is right around the corner.)


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