The Mysteries of Otonoki
The Mysteries of Otonoki EventBanner
Start Wed, 19 Aug 2015 09:00:00 +0000
End Fri, 28 Aug 2015 08:00:00 +0000
B-Side Song Daring!!
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2 (Easy)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3 (Normal)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3SongStar3 (Hard)
  • SongStar1SongStar1SongStar1SongStar2SongStar2SongStar2SongStar3SongStar3SongStar3SongStar4 (Expert)
Token Token Ghost Ghost
Main Prize
Other Prizes

The Mysteries of Otonoki EventSplash

The Mysteries of Otonoki is the upcoming Live Show Event.

Event RulesEdit

Token Ghost

A Ghost, the token for this event.

  • A Live Show Event where you use Ghosts, gained from normal Live Shows and daily Live Shows, to play in a special event Live Show and collect Event Pts to earn various Rewards.
  • Collect lots of Event Pts in a Live Show event.
  • Live Show events cost Ghosts to play. These can be earned in normal Live Shows and daily Live Shows. (Live Show events do not consume LP.)
  • Total Event Pts are calculated from the number of Ghosts collected and the bonus Event Pts collected when a Live Show event is successfully cleared. The Ghosts paid to play the Live Show event will not be deducted from the overall Event Pt total.
  • Live Show events can be found by touching the "B-Sides" button in the upper-right corner of the Live Show selection screen. (Special daily Live Shows can also be selected from here.)
  • If an event finishes while a player is playing a Live Show, they will not gain Event Pts, so please keep this in mind. (EXP, G and Club Members are still rewarded.)
  • Make sure you collect Token Ghost!

About the RewardsEdit

  • There are three types of Rewards: "Event Achievement Rewards," "Event Ranking Rewards," and "Song Ranking Rewards."
  • "Event Achievement Rewards" are given during the duration of the event, immediately upon collecting a set total of Event Pts.
  • "Event Ranking Rewards" are given to the players who collected the highest total Event Pts, and are rewarded after the event is complete.
  • "Song Ranking Rewards" are given after the event is complete, to the players who achieved the highest scores on songs during the Live Show event.
  • "Event Ranking Rewards" and "Song Ranking Rewards" can be found in the Present box on the Home screen.
  • Honor Students and Regular Students given as Rewards can be Scouted through the Honor Student Scout and Regular Student Scout screens after the event is complete.

Event Point RewardsEdit

Total Event Pts Reward Qty
10 G 5000 G
50 Friend Pts 100 Pts
200 Love Gems 1 Unit
500 G 5000 G
1000 Love Gems 1 Unit
1500 Friend Pts 200 Pts
2000 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1
3000 G 10000 G
4000 Love Gems 1 Unit
5000 G 15000 G
6000 R Alpaca (#83) 1
7000 Friend Pts 300 Pts
8000 R Kyoko Sasahara (#148) 1
9000 G 20000 G
10000 Friend Pts 400 Pts
11000 SR Maki Nishikino (#399) 1
12000 Friend Pts 500 Pts
13000 G 25000 G
14000 Friend Pts 500 Pts
15000 Love Gems 1 Unit
16000 G 30000 G
17000 Friend Pts 750 Pts
18000 Love Gems 1 Unit
19000 G 40000 G
20000 Friend Pts 750 Pts
21000 Love Gems 1 Unit
22000 G 50000 G
23000 Friend Pts 1000 Pts
24000 G 60000 G
25000 Love Gems 2 Units
27500 Friend Pts 1000 Pts
30000 Love Gems 2 Units
35000 Love Gems 3 Units

Event Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Reward Qty
1 - 900 SR Maki Nishikino (#399) 2
R Satoko Miyama (#146) 1
901 - 4500 SR Maki Nishikino (#399) 1
R Satoko Miyama (#146) 1
4501 - 9000 R Satoko Miyama (#146) 1
Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
9001 - 20000 Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
20001 - 37000 Love Gems 3 Unit
37001 - 59000 Love Gems 2 Unit
59001 - 90000 Love Gems 1 Unit

Event Song Ranking RewardsEdit

Rank Reward Qty
1 - 900 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1
Scouting Tickets 2 Ticket
901 - 4500 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1
Scouting Tickets 1 Ticket
4501 - 9000 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1
Love Gems 3 Unit
9001 - 20000 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1
Love Gems 2 Unit
20001 - 37000 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1
Love Gems 1 Unit
37001 - 59000 N Sachiko Tanaka (#398) 1

Final ResultsEdit

Event RankingsEdit

Rank Event Points
1 550000
900 33239
4500 25812
9000 15293
20000 11494
37000 6332
59000 2018
90000 270

Event Song RankingsEdit

Rank Song Score
1 388170
900 302696
4500 285330
9000 275773
20000 254052
37000 216538
59000 151308

Event StoriesEdit

Story 1

Nozomi: Hey, Maki. Have you ever heard of the mysteries of Otonoki? Apparently there are a few reeeeeally scary ghost stories about the school.

Maki: Seriously? I know summer's kind of the season for ghost stories, but "the mysteries of Otonoki"? Isn't that a little cliche?
Nozomi: No way, they're actually reeeeeally scary!
Nozomi: If you go to the old well behind the school late at night and gaze into the water, you'll see your reflection. Only your face will be hideously burned!
Hanayo: EEEEEEEK! Nozomi, I'm scared!
Nozomi: Oops! Sorry, did I go overboard?
Rin: So, Nozomi, are there ghosts at our school?! Ooh, I want a really smart ghost to possess me!
Rin: He'd probably say something like "I am a spoooooooky ghooooooost. Now you'll geeeet a huuuundreeed points for suuuuure."
Hanayo: R-Rin, you really shouldn't...
Maki: Enough, you two! You're scaring Hanayo. Besides, you obviously made all that up.
Nico: Hey, hey, Nozomi! What about the rumor that there's a ghost who comes to the music room and plays the piano? Is that one true?
Nozomi: But of course.
Nico: You think it's an original song? If we could record it, we could upload it to the internet and make it a famous ghost song!

Story 2

Maki: Geez, how did I let you rope me into coming to the music room in the middle of the night?

Nico: Come on, Maki, you know you want to meet the ghost too.
Maki: Nope.
Nico: Besides, I can't read or write music. If there is a ghost, I'm gonna need you to record the score!
Maki: Th-That's why you dragged me here?! You know if you meet a ghost, you'll have a fever for a week.
Nico: So you DO believe it's real!
Maki: Wha... N-No, don't be ridiculous. Of course not! The whole thing's obviously made-up.
Maki: A haunted music room is as standard as they come. Someone just heard it from somewhere else and started repeating it.
Nico: Then it's no big deal, right? Wouldn't it be cool if it was true, though? If it is, I swear I'm gonna get that song!
Nico: Then I'll upload it to the internet and use it to get publicity for μ's. Everyone loves a good ghost story. I bet we'll get millions of views!
Maki: I can't take any more of this. Nico, I just realized I need to go take care of something. Let's call it a night.
Nico: You too, Maki? Thank goodness. I have to go too.
Maki: You do? Wait, go where?
Nico: To the bathroom! I've been holding it forever. But this is good, now we can go together and the toilet ghosts can't get us!
Maki: W-Wait, I wasn't talking about going to the bathroom. And I don't want to deal with any toilet ghosts!

Story 3

Maki: Nico, are you still in here? You'd better not leave me all by myself!

Nico: Yup, I'm still in here. You do realize you're standing by the sink and there's no way I could sneak past you.
Maki: Oh... Good point. Still, waiting here by the sink alone is reallAAAAAAAAH!
Nico: Wh-What happened?
Maki: I-I thought I saw a ghost, but it was just my reflection in the mirror.
Nico: Maki, calm down. Don't be such a scaredy-cat.
Maki: .......
Maki: Umm... Nico, I really think it's time to leave.
Nico: Geez! Maki, you're too impatient. Don't rush me.
Maki: S-Sorry.
Maki: But... umm... Nico?
Nico: I said HOLD ON a minute!
Maki: Okay.

Story 4

Maki: (Shoot.What do I do now?)

Maki: (Standing around here alone is kind of freaking me out. Even though I DEFINITELY don't believe any of Nozomi's silly so-called mysteries.)
Maki: Huh?
Maki: I... I hear something.
Maki: (Is it coming from the music room? It's a very smooth melody reminiscent of Satie, but at the same time it's strangely unnerving.)
Maki: (Oh geez, what do I do? Is one of Nozomi's mysteries actually real?)
Maki: (The little girl ghost who plays the piano at night lures her victims in with a seductive melody. If your eyes meet hers, within one week you will...)
Maki: Eeeek, no no no, go away, I hate you! I hate you! Mommy! Daddy! Anyone! SAVE ME!
Maki: (I HATE ghosts.)
Maki: (I run and run and run as fast as I can as tears of fright stream down my cheeks.)
Maki: (When I finally look up, I realize I've left the building and I'm in the middle of the school's courtyard.)
Maki: (Uh oh, I left Nico behind.)

Story 5

Maki: (I don't think I could be any more scared of ghosts than I am right now, but poor Nico's probably even more terrified being in there all alone.)

Maki: This won't do. I have to go back and get her!
Maki: Nico, where are you? I'm so sorry I ran off. Please, please don't be in some ghost's belly.
Maki: (At that exact moment, Nico appeared in front of me with tears streaming down her cheeks.)
Maki: I'm sorry! Oh, Nico, are you OK? Are you crying?
Nico: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! How could you leave me in there all by myself?!
Maki: I'm so sorry, I thought I heard someone playing the piano! And you didn't really seem like you were scared of ghosts, so I...
Nico: Of course I wasn't scared when you were with me! But on my own it was completely different!
Maki: Nico...
Nico: I got scared, then I tripped and skinned my knee. Now it hurts too much to walk.
Maki: Want me to take you home?
Nico: Give me a hand.
Maki: Sure.
Maki: (Nico's lip was still quivering as she took my hand. She held it tight the whole way home.)
Maki: (We stuck together that night until she was home safe and sound.)
Maki: (When I saw Nico crying like a small child, somehow the dark school and the thought of ghosts weren't quite so scary to me anymore.)
Maki: (And so our mystery-filled night came to an end. Nico was right. There's a big difference between going alone and going with a partner.)


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