Yoshiko Tsushima
Yoshiko Tsushima
Kanji 津島善子
School Uranohoshi Girls' High School
Grade First
Gender Female
Birthday July 13
Blood type Type O
Height 156 cm
Three sizes B W H
Hobbies "Little devil"-style fashion
Kanji 小林 愛香
Romaji Aika Kobayashi
Yoshiko Tsushima is a first-year student at Uranohoshi High School.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Yoshiko often parades around under the guise of Yohane, a demon that has fallen from heaven.

Cards Edit

Rare Edit

Yoshiko Tsushima (Rare #791)
Yoshiko791 Max Level: 60 Yoshiko791+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1090 PureIcon 3380 CoolIcon 1410
Appeal: Timer Trick
For every 10 secs, there's a 36% chance that the timing window will ease for 2 secs.
Center Skill: Pure Power
Pure pts. up by 3%

Yoshiko Tsushima (Rare #915)
Yoshiko915 Max Level: 60 Yoshiko915+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 3470 PureIcon 1050 CoolIcon 1370
Appeal: Total Yell
Every 20 Rhythm Icons, there is a 36% chance that Stamina will recover by 1.
Center Skill: Smile Power
Smile pts. up by 3%

Yoshiko Tsushima (Rare #924)
Yoshiko924 Max Level: 60 Yoshiko924+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 980 PureIcon 1550 CoolIcon 3340
Appeal: Total Charm
Every 20 Rhythm Icons, there is a 36% chance that your Score will increase by 220.
Center Skill: Cool Power
Cool pts. up by 3%

Side Stories Edit

PureIconGreetings (Rare #791)

Yoshiko: What have we here? Are you one of the wandering little demons drawn to Yohane's love?

Yoshiko: Hmm? Oh please, don't tell me you've never heard of me. I'm Yohane. You know... THE Yohane? QuestionMark

Yoshiko: *Cackle* My, what an ignorant little demon you are. Very well. Allow me to enlighten you. MusicNote

Yoshiko: I am Yohane, the beautiful fallen angel. My overwhelming beauty had me cast down from the heavens. Suffice it to say, I've been quite naughty.

Yoshiko: Huh? Is Yohane my real name? O-Of course it is! Exclaimationpoint

Yoshiko: If I weren't Yohane, there wouldn't be a Yohane! How utterly ridiculous! What the heck're you even trying to say?

Yoshiko: Surely you're not suggesting Yohane's real name is... Y-Y... Yoshiko, or some other weird name! 'Cuz it's not! Anger

Yoshiko: This conversation is over. Don't talk back to me again, little demon!

Yoshiko: Hmm... Perhaps you'd like to accompany me on my fall from grace? You have a look on your face that's just begging to fall from the heavens.

Yoshiko: Come. We shall descend into the underworld together. I'll enchant you with an evil spell that'll make you only think of me! HeartBubble

SmileIconFallen Angel Live (Rare #915)

Yoshiko: Huh? It's not time yet. You just couldn't wait until the actual show to see me again, could you?

Yoshiko: *Chuckle* Quite the spoiled little demon, aren't you? MusicNote

Yoshiko: You'll have to wait for the show for the real fun, but as a special treat, I'll give you a peek at my outfit. Adorable, isn't it?

Yoshiko: I'll be joining everyone onstage momentarily. I'm sue everyone's hearts must be burning with desire to see their beloved Yohane!

Yoshiko: I'm the leader of the whole group of fallen angels... also known as Aqours.

Yoshiko: It will be the most devilish show you've ever seen. A fantastically demonic spectacle! HeartBubble

Yoshiko: Although I might get a bit nervous when it's for real...

Yoshiko: I-I'm okay! i"m not even one millimeter nervous! I mean, since I fell to Earth, I haven't failed at a single thing even once!

Yoshiko: *Pant* *Pant* I-I-I'm fine! Ahem. Don't you even thing of worrying about me, little demon! Sweatdrop

Yoshiko: Just enjoy the anticipation. Remember, you're about to see Yohane in action! I'll be eager to hear your opinion as member of the underworld.

CoolIconYohane's Beauty (Rare #924)

Yoshiko: Hello there. The oceanic fallen angel Yohane is here. So, you've come to see me again, little demon.

Yoshiko: Have I ever told you how I was punished by Heaven for being too beautiful? Sadly, I am doomed to forever wander the oceans.

Yoshiko: The sailors out at sea are all filled with lament! Listen to them crying. They're saying, "Oh, poor Yohane! Poor, sweet, beautiful Yohane!"

Yoshiko: *Chuckle* Since I'm doomed to wander the seas, I thought I'd spend today showing you around the aquarium.

Yoshiko: Hmm? Why does an aquarium have a frog house?

Yoshiko: How should I know? Yohane has no interest in frogs. I'm only going to show you the most beautiful sea-

Yoshiko: Wh-Why're all these frogs coming up to see me? Go away frogs. I'm not interested.

Yoshiko: Don't you ribbit at me! We're going to the aquarium, not the frog house.

Yoshiko: *Gasp* Wait a second! Maybe these frogs want to become my familiars!

Yoshiko: Well, if you insist that much, how can I say no? Welcome to the fold, little froggies. I'll bring you along on my journey across the sea!


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