You Watanabe
You Watanabe
Kanji 渡辺曜
School Uranohoshi Girls' School
Grade Second
Gender Female
Birthday April 17
Blood type Type AB
Height 157 cm
Three sizes B W H
Hobbies Weight Training
Kanji 斉藤朱夏
Romaji Shuka Saito

You Watanabe is a second-year student at Uranohoshi High School.

Background Edit

Personality Edit

Cards Edit

Rare Edit

You Watanabe (Rare #790)
You790 Max Level: 60 You790+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1520 PureIcon 3330 CoolIcon 1020
Appeal: Rhythmical Charm
There is a 36% chance that your Score will increase by 200 when you get a 17 Combo.
Center Skill: Pure Power
Pure pts. up by 3%

You Watanabe (Rare #914)
You914 Max Level: 60 You914+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 3380 PureIcon 1410 CoolIcon 1090
Appeal: Total Trick
Every 20 Rhythm Icons, there is a 36% chance that the timing window will ease slightly for 2 seconds.
Center Skill: Smile Power
Smile pts. up by 3%

You Watanabe (Rare #923)
You923 Max Level: 60 You923+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1030 PureIcon 1410 CoolIcon 3450
Appeal: Timer Yell
For every 10 secs, there's a 36% chance to recover Stamina by 1.
Center Skill: Cool Power
Cool pts. up by 3%

You Watanabe (Rare #1091)
You1091 Max Level: 60 You1091+
StaminaIcon 3 SmileIcon 1000 PureIcon 3310 CoolIcon 1560
Appeal: Perfect Yell
For every 15 Perfects, there's a 36% chance to recover Stamina by 1.
Center Skill: Pure Power
Pure pts. up by 3%

Ultra Rare Edit

You Watanabe (Ultra Rare #1082)
n/a Max Level: 100 You1082+
StaminaIcon 5 SmileIcon 1680 PureIcon 3870 CoolIcon 1450
Appeal: Rhythmical Charm
For every 17 Combo, there is a 36% chance you'll gain 200 Score points.
Center Skill: Pure Power
Pure pts. up by 3%

Side Stories Edit

PureIconGreetings (Rare #790)

You: Our course is set, and the tide is with us!

You: Oh! Sorry about that. Did I startle you? Exclaimationpoint

You: Is this your first time in Uchiura? Doesn't it feel delightful to see this beautiful seashore?

You: I'm You Watanabe, a second-year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Chika, I, and a bunch of other girls are gonna be school idols!

You: Hmm? Is sailing part of my school idol training? QuestionMark

You: Ha, ha! No, no. My dad's a sailor, so going out on a boat to look at the water's just a part of daily life for me. MusicNote

You: I've been swimming since I was a kid, too. I'm really good at it! I'd love to show you my reverse three and a half twist somersault sometime.

You: Imagine, a school idol group being formed in the quaint seaside town of Uchiura. It's like a dream come true!

You: There's no telling what kinda school idol group Aqours will become, but we won't know until we try!

You: *Giggle* 'Always press on, and never look back.' That's my motto! Let's give this our best shot. Like we say out at sea, full speed ahead! MusicNote

SmileIconBackstage Report (Rare #914)

You: Minutes before show time, it's You Watanabe with the backstage report!

You: Man, I'm getting hyped. Sure, I'm a little nervous, but mostly I'm just excited!

You: At first I was just doing the school idol thing to support Chika, and look at me now. Even I'm surprised at myself.

You: *Giggle* And I'm really proud of the costumes! I know I'm bragging, but all our brainstorming sessions produced some really incredible outfits! HeartBubble

You: All nine of us will be wearing the same outfits, looking out in the same direction.

You: This is like... the essence of being young, right? How cool is this?

You: Whatever storms I encounter on the ocean of life, I know I can ride them out if I've got the rest of Aqours by my side! MusicNote

You: Uh oh, the show's about to start.

You: Can you say a quick prayer for me? Pray that I don't mess up the choreography or get tongue-tied. Please!

You: All right... I'm off!

CoolIconWoman of the Sea! (Rare #923)

You: Ahh, what a day! Isn't the ocean wonderful? Of course it is!

You: What do you mean, it's an aquarium, not an ocean? Heh, heh, heh. You don't quite understand, do you?

You: Ito-Mizu Sea Paradise, also known as Mito-Sea, is laid out so that it incorporates the natural waters of the bay into its tanks!

You: So even though it's an aquarium, you can still feel the natural vibes of the sea. See?

You: Look, seals! Ha, ha, ha! They're always so laid-back. MusicNote

You: Since I come here so often, I've learned how to tell them all apart. They all have unique faces and voices. And each one moves around in his own way.

You: It's not just seals, though. I love the sea and all the creatures that live in it. It kinda touches my heart.

You: That's why I hope they consider me as one of their own. Actually, I'd say I'm already a sea creature! I just love the sea so much!

You: Although it's be weird if the aquarium opened up a You Watanabe exhibit. *Giggles* Sweatdrop

You: What say we go see the dolphin show after this? That's a great way to get to know a whole bunch of our marine pals!

PureIconWinter = Snowboarding (Ultra Rare #1082)

You: Yeah, winter's here! And winter equals snowboarding!

You: Uchiura doesn't get enough snow to go snowboarding on, so I'm really excited for this! MusicNote

You: Hmm? Are you still worried? Relax, relax! I'll teach you how to snowboard, just like I promised.

You: Leave everything to me, I'll turn you into an expert snowboarder in no time!

You: I mean, I taught Chika, and she picked it right up. I'm confident in my teaching skills. Hee, hee.

You: You look like a quick learner, too. I bet we'll be boarding together in no time!

You: Oh, and it's not just snowboarding itself that's fun. Riding the lift up to the top of the slope is a really neat experience, too.

You: I'm so lucky. I get to gaze at this beautiful scenery while I ride the lift with you. Something tells me this is going to be a very special winter break.

You: Oh, hopping off at the top can be dangerous, so make sure you time it right. We'll get off together, okay?

You: All you have to do is move when I say "go." Now then, let's get up there and hit the slopes! MusicNote

PureIconBuilding Stamina (Rare #1091)

You: You're too slow! Come on, no walking!

You: Walking isn't gonna build your stamina. We're almost at the finish line. Push, push, push!

You: We made it to the shore! Now it's time to swim. You brought your bathing suit, right? MusicNote

You: What was that about a breather? Hmm... Is this too much to jump into without a break? QuestionMark

You: All right, let's take a quick rest. I brought along some tea. Want a drink?

You: Ack! Don't chug it all down in one gulp, or you'll choke! See? Geez. Are you all right? Exclaimationpoint

You: It's important to drink slowly, especially when you're really thirsty. Otherwise it'll shock your body too much.

You: Huh? Aren't I tired?

You: I practice with Chika and Riko every morning, so this is nothing to me as long as I stay hydrated! MusicNote

You: You'll adapt quicker than you think. Seriously! You can do it if you try!


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